Monday, January 31, 2022

At these lonely hours

(2160)  Eso prabhu amar kache

Lord please come to my environs,
To this house most humble.
Just for You waiting am I,
At hours[1] free of slumber.

You are my ambition and accomplishment,
The light and wind of my existence.
Around You are advents and farewells,
Always, ever and forever.

I hold You in regard high;
Just with You I laugh and cry.
The moon's smile of a bright night
Sits upon Your lower lip.

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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Have it Your way

(2159)  Bhul ki keval amrai kari

Mistakes, is it only we who make;
Don't You remain making any?
We call out "Master", but You do not answer;
Be informed, from our side we speak errantly.

The child knows not the One Who is his;
Why cause him to cry– only that, exclusive?
The blossom who had laid up nectar in her bosom;
Do You deem it good that desiccated be the honey?

A visage that is smile-filled, fine does it feel;
Why make it dark, why make it weep?
Why bring gloom, quash its light-beams?
Plaintive cries You don't hear!

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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Silently You call me

(2158)  Priya tumi priya tumi

You are loved, You are cherished;
But one does not know when You appear.
When I think You've gone and forgotten,
Coming, You tell: "I did not forget thee."

When I search, Yourself to acquire...
In water-current, air, and sky...
I don't manage to observe at any site;
In frustration, the eyes weep.

At core of mind, You lie hid;
But You have gone on viewing in secret.
When speaking, You have been tight-lipped;
If You'll keep mute, You summon me.

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Thursday, January 27, 2022

We can only dance to His tune

(2157)  Ekii liila vishvamelay

Oh what love-sport, like a cosmic jamboree,
With Your own mind You have kept devising!
Somewhere You demolish, and somewhere You upbring;
Somewhere You are dragging into psyche.

There's no start of this creation;
Endless, there is no conclusion.
Drops of water from gigantic ocean,
Everybody dances; You've excited greatly.

Attaining You by way of reason
Or observing You by force,
They surpass strength to perform...
This fact You have made it clear.

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(2156)  Amar mane saungopane

Stealthily, into my psyche
You came, Lord, graciously.
In me is no intellect or learning;
I have no ability, but Yourself I please.

Those subsumed in the whole of this Creation;
Theirs is not a lack of accommodation.
It is only Your compassion;
With appreciation I am brimming.

By praise and adulation mind is not filled;
You are bottomless and unending Consciousness.
I just muse that even You, in some manner,
For some reason hold me dear?

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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Together we all live or die

(2155)  Alakar dut ese hese bale

Come smiling, the Harbinger of Plenty[1] speaks:
"I have come, yes, I have come.
The grief I've seen, feelings of pain I've fathomed;
Hence I've come in a rush.

"This clash among humans,
I don't know why it happens.
As far as the wealth of all,
That in measure I have given.

"For the sake of everybody, you are with everyone;
To stay alive or die is self-interest held in common.
Of the same family all of you are a portion;
This fact I've imparted."

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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Without You where would I be?

(2154)  Tomake jenechi marme bujhechi

Yourself I have known; at core I have understood
I belong to You, and You belong to me.
Neglecting You, I've floated on a shoreless ocean;[1]
I admit: It's my own deficiency.

Does milk persist when minus whiteness?
Revelry, does it exist in sorrow and in sadness?
The world is Yours only, You are the epitome;
For Your kindness, everyone is hoping.

On land and sea, and in sky intervening, You are replete;
Lovingly, with shape and color Earth You have kept filling.
Yourself taking with, Yourself having wished,
Everybody dances round Your feet.

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Monday, January 24, 2022

My anxiety

(2153)  Ami ja geyechi tumi shunecho ki

What I've sung, have You heard it,
The words of my heart and psyche?
From what waves of thought had awakened,
That linguistic form they had gotten,
Touching my core, they are all anxiety.

With shyness of autumn's night-jasmine, via lips tremulous,
The words that I've spoken, mouth having blossomed,
Unto Your ears do those words rise up?
They are my veiled history in its entirety.

Throughout my life, Yourself have I coveted;
I want You now on the brink of death.
On Your account my tears are shed;
Struck dumb is all verbosity.

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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Thee to please

(2152)  Gan bhese geche tane laye sure

Song has gone afloat with notes, tempo, melody,
In order to gratify Thee.
By Your satisfaction a mind gets replete;
Everyone You have held dear.

Heaven's splendor had descended;
Earth had got a sense of vigor.
At Your touch speech had awakened
With fresh tune of new meaning.

With a septa-colored hue, Your chariot proceeds,
It makes the cosmos sway to cadence and beat,
At both times, good and bad, above everybody,
On the other bank of fancy.

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Friday, January 21, 2022

An inner journey

(2151)  Tomare dekechi gane gane

I've called You via many songs;
I've witnessed You at heart.
Mind endorses nothing more:
Draw me in by Your attraction.

What hopes numerous[1] that were at core,
In sum all did become the same color.
Having lost enough, they merged as one,
Most Beloved, through Your meditation.

Amid the inert You are consciousness;
In myriad[2] molecules, Psyche's Enchantment.
Coming and going for Your pleasure,
I move, looking Your direction.

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Thursday, January 20, 2022

My anxious mind

(2150)  Aloker ei utsave

At this feast of splendor,
Yourself everybody wants.
In Your contemplation everyone,
They go and become vibrant.

You are close, and this I know;
In my life, I mind that also.
Nonetheless, psyche believes not;
With eyes anxious it looks on.

You listen to everybody's story;
You understand everyone's anxiety.
Please come down upon the earth;
Laugh like a fountain of ambrosia.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Don't mind the bedraggled appearance...

(2149)  Kabe tumi asbe priya

What time will You arrive, Dearheart?
Watching the path, I'm seated.
An altar decked with sundry kit,
On it I've poured mind's sweetness.

With mental flower-necklace
I have strung upon love's strand,
On Your account I'm vigilant,
Mopping eyes, sleepless.

At this final lookout[1] of the night,
With the kit made wet tears by,
Even now should You arrive,
Kindly sit adjacent.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

A change of strategy

(2148)  Tumi ele na, diner pare din je gelo

You arrived not...
Day after day elapsed,
But the time You had not.

Vain was the staying dressed up,
Sandal tilak, garland strung...
So many words composed in rhythm,
Filling the tongue.

To all I gave a palm of water;[1]
With hues charming is the tray offered in worship.
The sweetness of mind I lavish;
This time don't You come?

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Monday, January 17, 2022

By Your boundless kindness

(2147)  Apar ananta tumi kiba jani ami

You are vast, boundless; oh how I know it!
By Your grace my days go by.
Taking just Your name, singing just Your song,
An earthly way along, I move at Your desire.

Yourself I love; at Your name I laugh and weep;
Ofttimes for Your work, Lord, on Earth I appear.
What You go on doing, it is what You desire.

Scripture and commentary, science and philosophy,
They cannot detect You, not in the least.
All happens by Your will; by Your kindness it transpires.

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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Let me think on Thee

(2146)  Ceyechi tomare maneri mukure

In only a mental mirror I have viewed Thee,
Every moment making my existence replete.
Having thought about You is like Your perceiving,
With fruits and flowers at my heart's party.

My forever's Most Beloved,
In the mind of all, You are with the joy of liila.
Inside everybody, outside everybody,
Love overflowing, You have gone on dancing.

Yourself neither did I see nor I realized;
The reason I am loving Thee, that I did not theorize.
I did not beg answer either to this question "why";
In good times and bad, I just want a speck of mercy.

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Saturday, January 15, 2022

His conquest

(2145)  Tomay amay dekha hayechilo

Between You and me there had been a meeting,
On a golden-sanded shore.
With rows of waves engaged in dancing,
The great ocean roared.

Seated lackadaisically on a sandy beach,
I had been idling, counting stars constantly.
In my mind, at no time could I believe
That ever Yourself I'll receive.

Stealthily, suddenly You mattered to me;
You subdued my heart and psyche.
Coming near You whispered into my ear:
"All the time, with you I'm here."

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Friday, January 14, 2022

Only one place

(2144)  Aranye girishire khunje khunje tomare

Ever having sought Thee in forest, on mountain peak,
The day, it goes by; evening draws nigh.
You did not give reply, my words You did not hear;
What kind of heart is Yours cannot be divined.

I have sought in blossom, I have sought in nectar;
I have sought in every particle of pollen.
I found not anyplace, I could not apprehend;
You did not come and say where You reside.

To holy sites aplenty have I traveled;
I have bathed in many lakes and streams, and the ocean.
I did not find peace in mind through any immersion;
My heart unsatisfied, the eyes only cry.

Finally I've understood, mid psyche I've discovered;
In a mental pore have I seen a speck of Your luster.
In the midst of psyche only, finding You can happen;
Your ray of light, it flashes in a pristine mind.

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Thursday, January 13, 2022

The fact of You is adequate

(2143)  Ami tomay cini na, cinite cahi na

Recognize You I do not,
To recognize You, I want not.
I am Yours, and You are mine;
More than that, I know not;
I know not, I know not, I know not.

A cooling shadow neath the heat of summer;
Under blazing flames, the nature of sandalwood.[1]
Within You all desire-and-attainment is satisfied;
More than that I fathom not.

After the winter, after fog of inertia,
Months of spring You bring, on smiling anklets.
With bloom and fruit and juice, You fill the mind
There is not Your likeness!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

He has common purpose

(2142)  Sandhyatara sandhyatara

Venus, star of evening,
On remote firmament, why are you lonely...
You are unsleeping.
Whose path of entry are you watching?
Of Whom are you thinking?

Kindly tell, Who said not a thing,
Wistful one, eyes wet with tears.
Made to rise, brimming with vitality,
Dance you rhythmically.

I am your friend in need;
In same tune, the song I sing.
I like to move to the same beat;
Have you recognized Me?

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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Is this world now without love

(2141)  Jabe ei path diye tumi esechile

When this path originated, You had come;
The vista was awash with blossoms.
Frenzied by the scent, psyche had risen up;
Afloat had been a poetic current.

That bakul-lane, still today it is crossed;
But with dust have mixed floral petals cast off.
Unto where is going, vanishing, the aroma?
Everyone has forgot what indeed had been.

The bakul trees until today are living;
With history, they have gone on weeping.
Tear-soaked, the avenue, it has kept singing:
Is there not a one, did no one persist?

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Monday, January 10, 2022

Distracting are pleasures worldly

(2140)  Ami tomay bhule kiser chale

I was neglecting You for pointless tricks;
With Earth's breast I made time vanish.
Wrapped was it in some kind of black magic;
Hence I did not heed well-wishers.

When down the gloomy dark, it came,
And for support no one remained,
Then do I say now: "Please betide;
Save me from this risky plight."

Sense I had not in a timely fashion,
Yet I know that You are everyone's.
So draw me to You, make Your own;
Stay mine in both joy and sorrow.

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Sunday, January 9, 2022


(2139)  Tumi cupicupi ghare asio

Oh You, come to the home in secret;
My lengthy slumber, do break it asunder.
Work forgot, if nodding I fall into sleep;
With thundrous invocation, kindly awaken.

"On a forest avenue littered with Spanish cherries,
And when morning sun come smiling, it does speak...
At all times, both good and bad, with you I am here;
Remember that hopeful assurance.

"In a corner of the sky, like a fire blazing,
That magical enchantment, a rainbow it weaves...
It is not benign speech, the sun is a reality;
This eternal message, to it please listen."

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Saturday, January 8, 2022

By the power vested in me

(2138)  Dustara kalasamudra pare

On far shore of time's ocean, hard-to-cross,
You had roused, You had wakened.
What had been night dark as pitch, it went out the exit
In an instant by some power of mantra.

That which had not been did come;
With a throbbing vigor it was.
Life surged with dance-song;
Mid the hush, a message You delivered.

To the inert came awareness, progress and prosperity appeared;
Earth got filled with laughter and with glee.
Out of endless kindness, measureless sense of kinship,
You bound everybody with sacred thread of love.

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Friday, January 7, 2022

And yet

(2137)  Kon se atiite tumi esechile

Which was that age of yore when You'd appeared?
I have forgot its day and its moment...
They've sunk to the floor of some pit very deep;
Only the yoke of memory has been preserved.

That hoary past, there is no record scribed in history,
In any adumbration, in any line of writing on a leaf.
Those ancient times, they're kept alive in the mind only;
Made wet by tears is affection's necklace.

The ancient past, once again it won't come back;
Flower-filled won't return affectionate assemblage.
But You will just persist, kissing both the sky and earth;
And that's why I bow to You many times, myriad.

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Thursday, January 6, 2022

His ambit

(2136)  Sandhyagagane mrdu samiirane

With temperate air neath twilight's welkin,
At my mind, Who are You that came in?
I could not identify, I could not realize
For what reason... I could not fathom it.

With respect to myself I'd become inattentive;
Hidden was guarded my every blemish.
All my feelings I see that You perceive;
Everything is in range of Your notice.[1]

I understood that nothing gets concealed;
Secret thoughts move on unto Your ear.
In the realm of everyone, both inner and outer,
You've remained, at mind's pleasure garden.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

He never leaves

(2135)  Alo tumi tule dharo sabari samane

In front of each and everybody, You hold out a light;
Through knowledge intellectual, knowing You does not arise.

When I think that wise I've gotten,
Then I see that I'm in darkness.
Through surrender do I grasp: You are in the mind.

On a night of sorrow amid burning flames,
With mourning and with grief, with a heart pained,
Having been invited I behold: You are in mode clandestine.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Another option

(2134)  Bhala jadi na basile

If You do not hold me dear,
No harm is there; just please come nigh.
And if in my humble abode You don't take a seat,
Then simply having set Your feet, gently smile.

For You, Lord, inside heart all remain yearning;
And I too crave only that, with humility.
If to my supplication You don't listen, then just
Having come nigh say to me: "I love you not, even a mite!"

From life to life, with songs aplenty,
I'll stay merged in only Your reverie.
These words to speak, I won't be able:
"Sit You in my meditation, I don't desire."

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Monday, January 3, 2022

His dependents

(2133)  Shashvata satta prabhu tumi

Lord, You are the Everlasting Entity;
By Your grace all others exist.
In Your color and Your form, in Your love,
At Your dispatch everybody dances.

The lamp of life You keep lighting;
Decked You've kept a tray of floral offerings.
Perplexed by melancholy or smiling in happiness,
By way of Your kindness everybody lives.

Hey Master, forever You are with us;
At core of a tiny heart, You are enormous.
On thunderclap, in frenzied wind,
All pray for Your fearlessness.

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Sunday, January 2, 2022


(2132)  Shudhu tomar priitir aloke

Only neath Your love's effulgence
Knowing You and fathoming succeed.
Scientific intellect, it has no effect;
Everything comes by Your kind mercy.

As much as creatures may know, hedged is their knowledge;
In a vessel restricted is intelligence also restricted.
But You are eternal, Your everything is beyond limit,
Vibrant with implicit meaning.

As such, what reason for vanity; why oh why stay oblivious?
What motive to conceal one's own ignorance with verbiage?
Through Your effulgence cognition You waken within people,
Consciousness personified by Your sympathy.

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