Thursday, November 29, 2018


(1172)  Darashana lagi jage ankhi

Watchful to catch sight,
These eyes of mine,
Any burden they don't mind.
With tears are they ever deluged...
What am I to do?

Please come Thou into my dwelling;
I'll keep You bound with love's strings.
Never will I forsake Thee;
I am Yours only.

Your formless splendor, new and sublime,
The sweet flute lets me realize.
I am Yours, and You are mine;
Just one plays the Game Divine.

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My true self

(1171)  Patre puspe tumi acho

You exist in leaf and in blossom;
Light with light You have wed.
You dwell with, from dawn to dusk...
You abide; so color into color You have stuffed.

Anywhere, whatever anyone has done,
On any path, whoever has got lost...
When in peril, You have answered everyone;
Pouring out Your heart, You have given love.

No one is alone in Your universe,
None is helpless, concealed by the mist...
Most Reverend Lord, everyone's beloved,
With everybody You are familiar.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Finally I give up

(1170)  Palash vane tomar sane

With You in a palash forest
It had been noticed...
Sometime in the past...
Privately into my ears
Love-filled words You'd whispered.

On a spring month,[1] fire exuding
In the palash forest's every corner,
Élan vital had awakened,
Willful in the morning.

About the capture of an Unknown Traveler,
Near to all, yet remaining afar...
Having given thought and made a reasoned judgment,
Thee I cannot apprehend.

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Monday, November 26, 2018

Lower the drawbridge

(1169)  Ami chinu base balukabelay

I had been sitting on a sandy beach,
Pondering Thee on shore of ascension's sea.
In high dudgeon, You had been
In who-knows-what distant country...
Was it in a remote niche of psyche?
Tell me, tell me please.

Then, a flight of geese, their wings outspread,
Had flown off to some far-flung realm,
Where ocean meets the heavens.
In flower-garlands, essence of sweet scent
Had danced with exuberance
In hope of Your attainment.

I've not kept in mind days' reckoning,
Auspicious dates are not within my memory...
Never was the journal made in writing.
Unexpected Guest, when last You were seen,
Was it on shore of declension's sea?
How does Agastya cross the mountain peak?

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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Every day

(1168)  Amar e gan divase nishiithe

Day and night, this my song
I've composed for You, my Lord.
With music's language, my life's basket
I have kept arranged in layers.

To my fore the light has smiled;
Your sweetness is what's left behind.
Ambrosial rows of blooms and leaves,
Just Your story they tell to me.

The air has come with touch that's sweet,
Your tale only to tell happily.
Unending is Your love-honey;
It's been dispensed unstintingly.

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Friendless and aimless

(1167)  Amar calar pathe andhara rate

One dark night on my pathway,
Lamp in hand, Who are You that came?
I know You not, but near You came;
Effusively, love You gave.

In darkness, recognize the path I don't;
And none was with to call my own.
So I went on, summoning allies unknown...
You poured in my ear the mantra to invoke.

A penchant for movement, addicted to the road I've roamed;
Nonstop I have raced about without existential goal.
Then Yourself You appeared, and the light You showed;
To journey on the righteous path, me You told.

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Friday, November 23, 2018

He brings the new

(1166)  Nutaneri alo eseche

Now, the light of novelty has come;
The black fog has met with naught.
The universe, brimming with life's passion,
Has assumed invincible momentum.

We will brook no obstruction, nowhere will we pause;
We will never be subdued, fearing scowls from anyone.
On this day we'll move ahead;
Flood tide has been awakened.

Only moving on, that we've known to be life;
Looking behind, it but calls to death, we've realized.
Dropping luster on the lids of our eyes,
Shattering the slumber, Who has arrived!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Agent of splendor

(1165)  Gahan andhakare vartavaha

In darkness dense, You are the messenger;
My Beloved, You are the agent of splendor.
Waiving all my degradation,
Please take me, making Your own.

I have pined for You night and day,
In dense fog and pouring rain.
Now I've found You on a morn gold-dripping;
Make my heart and mind complete.

I have pined for You age after age,
In barren desert and on ancient-mountain plain.
Now I've found You in a necklace of gems unbodied;
Go on taking everyone to the realm of splendid beauty.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018


(1164)  Andhareri javanika thele

The curtain of utter gloom pushing aside,
Effulgent One, Who are You that arrived?
Ignoring obstacles along the way,
As if treading on mere pebbles You came.

Hitches besieged Your every step;
Whoosh, steadily You tore through them.
Like a free bird, You emerged;
Wings outspread, You flew unimpeded.

Nobody on Your path will live in fear
Of tricksters' insincere duplicity.
Seeing Your splendor, they'll dismiss the black mist;
They'll heed the light that appeared on Earth's surface.

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Monday, November 19, 2018

I capitulate

(1163)  Maneri gahane je eseche nije theke

The One Who came by Himself in my psychic niche,
All day long He goes on calling me.
Pray tell, how do I stay far from Him?
All day long He goes on calling me.

From my first morning that summons is happening,
Oft by day and oft by night with a crimson gleam.
From sunrise through the star of evening,[1]
He keeps calling, dabbing sweetness on my psyche.

Deeming Him unknown, I never gave reply;
I did not submit when doubt was in my mind.
Hesitation broken, I'm coming at this moment bright;
I have been inspired, inspired to comply.

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I want You near

(1162)  Pranera devata kache eso

God of life, please come nigh.
With painted eyes and lips dyed,
Ever-Stainless One,[1] sit by my side.

Age after age, alert for Your coming,
I await, having renounced sleep.
Night gave way to morning, oh Heart-Thief,[2]
Not a trace of jasmine[3] scent remaining.

What game is Yours, this play of light and shade...
Sometimes love, sometimes disdain!
Magnanimous One, I am just Your tiny grain;
With this particle's sensation, kindly integrate.

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Saturday, November 17, 2018

As You please

(1161)  Ami tomake bhalabasiyachi

Yourself I am cherishing.
In Your splendor and my love,
The sweetness of existence I am finding.

Appear in my psyche secretly and alone,
Such that none on Earth or in heaven knows.
In heart's casket I will tend to Thee;
For You a place I keep making.

Do not hold me dear, there's no harm;
I ask only for Your vision from afar.
Don't come near; laugh at a distance...
I have decorated Your arrival path.

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Friday, November 16, 2018

My Plus-One

(1160)  Bhavatiita tumi bhavaloke eso

Transcendental One, come to the realm of existence
With experience of benign thoughts.
Into a flowered forest, into human notions,
Stooping down, enter life's celebration.

Whatever is outmoded, kindly do remove;
Saturate all with light of the new.
Inside of me grant Your embrace
In ever-fresh forms and fresh states.

From birth to death You are my bosom friend, I know;
So why do You cast me away, leaving me on my own?
With Your touch, Your illumination,
Take me to Your mahábháv.[1]

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

In a flower

(1159)  Rauner melay esechile tumi

You'd arrived with a festival of color;
In a flower-show, is there such glamor?
With enchanting magic You had risen,
Smiling in both youthfulness and sweetness.

On the first morning You had been solitary;
Stealthily You'd let Yourself get revealed.
With Your glee, Your touch of vitality,
Earth had filled with greenery.

With jingling sounds You had capered,
Ever executing diverse steps.
With entranced bliss under Your spell,
The mortal world's been enthused by what grandeur?

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Nothing is hidden

(1158)  Gane gane eso

In song after song please arrive,
Pulverizing psyche's pride.
Life after life, please commingle,
Ridding the limits of meanness.

In whose mind what exists
That is thought in secret?
You know everything equally;
You proceed, scrutinizing everybody.

Outside You there is nothing;
In both joy and sorrow You are everybody's sanctuary.
Everybody's history in like manner You consider;
You proceed, keeping watch on everyone.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

His mercy

(1157)  Ke go ele sudha jhara

Oh Who did come, dripping moonlight?
All darkness pushing aside,
You made the earth bright.

With You is my acquaintance
Of so many ages, but who knows anyway!
With a glitter of new light today,
You did generate a cascade.

Come into my life, come into my psyche,
With a form enchanting, in complete privacy.
All hopes to satisfy and the mind to fill,
Lovely One, You are full of sweetness.

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Monday, November 12, 2018

No mere IOU

(1156)  Ke go tumi ele maneri majhe

Oh Who arrived inside my mind?
Sky and air, upon Your music,
Vibrated, they've grown feverish therein.

You desire nothing, nothing do You ask;
Always giving something, You don't want to grab.
Yet, for the sake of giving something, I am awake;
But even by mistake, Your kindly eyes don't crave.

Nothing small do You desire from my side,
I realize You but want my sense of "I".
I have loved, in the mind have I been frenzied;
To give everything, mind is now ready.

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

So far away

(1155)  Jyotsna nishiithe niirave nibhrte, tomar lagiya racechi gan

At moonlit midnight, silently and privately,
I've composed a song for Thee.
Listen to my story, understand my agony;
Bring to a close anxiety.

There's just one thing I am saying:
I'm in love, so why don't You come near?
So much distance is far too severe;
Now let there be an end to it.

Just one pain needs explaining:
For pranam[1] to make, I don't get near.
Whatever's there for me to speak,
I would present at yonder feet.

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Friday, November 9, 2018


(1153)  Aji mor vasanta jhariya jay avahelay

Today, my springtime is declining... by neglect.
The extant honey dribbling, leaves are getting shed.
And blossoms, before time they are wizened... by neglect.

From floral grove the gentle breeze has gone away.
With dust-storm its throbbing grace has got encased.
Where oh where are You... in these evil days?

With new beauty please arrive; cast a smile full of life.
Come to make understand, to guide those who are mystified.
Oh my, except for you none exists... at this baleful time.

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Thursday, November 8, 2018


(1152)  Maneri majhare gopane agocare

Within the mind, secretly and unnoticed,
You'd arrived, oh my Darling Dearest.
None did see, none did know,
That love of Yours, oh Peerless One.

On autumn eves and upon dusk in summer,
In smiling spring with its floral fragrance,
You had laughed and sung a song;
One can't fathom my emotions!

The sweet jingle of Your ankle-bells,
It overwhelms all thoughts perplexed.
You had danced and uttered words–
Those words heavenly, like ambrosia!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Anandamurti was here

(1151)  Ei svapnasudha bhara dhara

This very Earth, filled with dream-nectar,
By Your touch has become dulcet,
Exuding a resplendent sweetness.

Flood tide has occurred in Earth's oceans;
It has roused a gigantic fluctuation...
You had watched, and You had laughed;
And so the Earth, ecstatic it has waxed.

At Earth's pleasure groves with fond emotions,
In the flowers blooming with love's pollen,
Everything is forgotten; with heart's passion,
Adrift is a fragrant current.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Joy's true nature

(1150)  Dhara diyechile manera mukure

In mind's mirror You had acquiesced;
That kindness I cannot forget.
Earth had become profoundly blissful,
Witnessing delight's true nature.

Sweetness had kept brimming in a blossom;
With its honey had a bosom overspilled.
Privately, in a niche of psyche's garden,
Bumblebee had come a-hummin'.

Light had arrived, piercing the dark;
A crazed mind had been dabbed with nectar.
With contented eyes and blazing fervor,
I've gained You; my heart is full.

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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Making sense of it all

(1149)  Tumi jadi na aso priya

In case You are not coming, my Dear,
For Whom shall I keep waiting?
All alone in flower garden,
For Whom shall I weave a garland?

Seated am I in seclusion,
Absorbed in Your meditation.
Thinking, thinking of tales Thine,
That's how I'll make time go by.

The image of You constantly
Floats within my memory;
Stories of the days gone by
To contemplate it likes.
Presently this heart of mine,
A damp night-jasmine alike,
It emits a scent that's sweet,
Your blessed touch to receive.

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Saturday, November 3, 2018

He fills my senses

(1148)  Tumi anu anute acho

In each minute particle You exist;
On lonesome morns, with crimson luster
Mind and heart You've kept filled.

Outside Your vision, anything I go to do...
With eyes open I perceive it is not unknown to You.
From birth to death, at every step,
You are dancing in each fluctuation.

Have mercy that I may keep You in mind,
In thought and memory stay by Your side.
All around You may my heart sing;
At the end, in the beginning, You are witnessing.

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Friday, November 2, 2018


(1147)  Ami bhule gechi sei din ksan

I've forgot the precise day and moment
When Yourself I beheld, oh Peerless One;
But even now love's honey gives a swing in psyche
When about You I do think, my Darling.

From the vibrance of blue firmament,
What a sound comes floating on the wind!
I lose myself in its form and color,
In the heavens' fond obsession.
Life got kneaded with that pollen,
Its sweet scent, a fragrance that with psyche mixed.
In that selfsame tune was the song You sang today;
Immaculate the impure one became.

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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Enough to go around

(1146)  Tumi esecho bhalobesecho, andhar sagar pare tarii beyecho

You have come, and You have loved;
Across the dark sea You have steered the boat.
You have filled Earth with floral collections;
You have relieved thirst and hunger's throes.

The foremost of those who've arrived,
Your mercy's speck they have acquired.
Those yet to come, they all will earn
Compassion's stream in this universe.
Yourself having attended,
You have brought a flood with shower of effulgence.

In eternal abode You dwell, and in liila You descend;
So in the flow of liila, Yourself we will all possess.
By Your grace, we will sail across the darkness;
Mind and heart You have filled with confidence.

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