Thursday, June 30, 2016


(543)  Kahara lagiya ucatana mana

For what Person was my mind unsettled?
For what Reason did my heart surge?
I don't see Him, don't recognize Him;
Oh, Who is He, unknown and inscrutable?

In a cavern of the mind He lies hidden;
Hence He's privy to all psychic information.
His acquaintance covered by life's pollen,
He gets smeared with all the powder's sweetness.
Unknown to me, He's the one that I've loved;
By dint of churning, my nectar He carried off.

With His torch of wisdom ousting gloom,
To me did He reveal the Truth.
Lost in light was blind attachment's inkstream,
And so the flow of intuition has increased.
All ask-and-get, all give-and-take,
Blended and become one are they.

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(542)  Ami dur niilimar balaka

I am a swan[1] of yon azure;
All of the news from very far—
It is coursing through me
And inscribed upon my feathers.

On a dreamy night by the moon's light,
I ascend into blue sky.
When flowers laugh in a heavy wind,
It's with their grin I make connection.
Never do I lose my way,
For with me my Lord does remain,
A bosom friend in storms of dust and rain.

Across the heavens drifts a brilliant beauty;
In that lightstream I go on sailing.
Eyelids dark, on my flightpath there's no sleep;
Toward the nest I gaze continuously.
The One with Whom I am enamored,
It is He, Who is my co-traveler;
Unaccompanied am I never.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Speak up

(541)  Mukhar prate niirav kena

On a boisterous morn, why be still;
Won't You speak Your mind to me?
One who gave to You his everything,
Why keep aloof even from him?

On the blue sky of a moonlit night
I've diffused the nectar of my life;
And with the gloom of a new moon,
That pitch-black have I assumed.
Transcending blame and accolade,
In Your melody was the tune I made.

You are the smile upon my bloom...
On happy days, an enchanting flute,
On troubled nights, a gala of lights.
Everything of mine You circumscribe.

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Monday, June 27, 2016


(540)  Tumi kothay chile kothay thako

Where You've been and where You stay,
There's no one who knows that.
Those who want You, You assimilate;
But, boundless, You evade their catch.

A southern breeze or a lovely smile,
A flower laughing or a placid sky—
None of those is the full exhibit,
And so the Infinite brooks no limit.

Particles, they cavort;
And motes[1] appear in the stream of thought.[2]
You play a flute in perpetuum;
Measureless is Your consequence.

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Sunday, June 26, 2016


(539)  Bandhu tomar rupera chatay

Abiding Friend, by Your radiant beauty,
The world was bathed in light.
Hearts aslumber You inspired;
To the crass You gave feeling.

Upon yon lotus dais, with Your perfect knowledge,
The threefold[1] torment You would swipe.
With Your lifeblood, You would furnish
Honor to the despised and deprived.

Ignite Your all-consuming fire,
And unleash an earthquake fearsome,
When human beings forget what's right,
Striving for destruction.

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Pure devotion

(538)  Alo jhara kon sudur prabhate

On what morn, ancient and effulgent,
Did I realize Your accompaniment?
I don't know how to know the day;
I cannot divine it in any way.

Overcome by ego I was conceited,
Judgement marred by scarred intellect.
I fell to my knees; but to know and to see,
Still I could not out of shame, out of fear.

I got but little in quest of philosophy;
In science, demolished was my humanity.
Through pure devotion[1] I've come to see
You had arrived within my reach.

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Friday, June 24, 2016


(537)  Tomar talete tal melate

For our rhythms to unite,
Cancelled will be mine,
Time after time,
Please tell me why.
Those who love You,
With them, why the ruse?

I see You in my mental mirror
And in the cooling river water.
In a smooth and deep-blue heaven,
I'm in love; I forget You never.

You're in the flower's honeyed pollen
And in the heart's love and devotion.
Awake within my psychic garden
Constant is Your ideation.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Comes a new sun

(536)  Taruna tapana tandra tyajiya

Discarding drowsiness, a new sun
Was aroused by Your cadence.
Such a conjuration!
The heart of pitch-dark night was pierced;
Lethargy demolished, light appeared.

Flowerbuds blossomed with bright laughter;
Where went the time of slumber, shattered?
Washed off were all idle attachments
In the warm tide of Your tenderness.

Dying creatures regained life;
Inquiring minds were satisfied.
Those who chose obtained salvation;
Oh Lord, by Your causeless grace.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Here comes the sun

(535)  Amar e bhalabasa tomari lagi

This love of mine is for You only,
Oh Lord, it is only for Thee.
In candles and incense my hope's attired;
I await, awake throughout the night.

So many ages have gone by in despair;
Many fallen stars, they did frustrate.
Still, with but remote hope, I have kept alert;
My anguish, that won't You ever discern?

After darkest night, the light does shine;
After rain-filled clouds, the moon does rise.
Laughter does come back to hearts downcast;
About this liila, there's nothing more to grasp.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Golden age

(534)  Mamatar madhurima makhiya

Spraying affection's sweetness
On the core of hearts and minds,
You've arrived, yes, You've arrived.
Donning the essence of all nectar
At dusk of a fragrant stream,
You have beamed, yes, You have beamed.

With the gently blowing vernal breeze,
Earth's body You were caressing.
Atingle from the fondling,
All cut loose in rhythmic dance;
You'd poured ambrosia, yes, You'd poured ambrosia.

On Your lovely countenance
Was a lively new expression.
With Your charming smile and flute vibrant,
Impartial love You gave to all;
You gave love, yes, You gave love.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Water currents

(533)  Aji shravan ghana gahan rate

Now, on a cloud-heavy Shravan night,
Sleep does not come to eyelids mine.
Thinking and thinking about You,
My heart rides out this deluge.

Silent are Your holy footsteps;
If You came, it was in secret.
With the sounds of rain and wind,
Nobody would realize it.

Mind's every word is known to You;
So please hearken to this my suit.
The tears I weep form a stream;
Let it mingle with the flow of sea.

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hint of grace

(532)  Marmaramukhara madhavii mayate

Madhavii is murmuring affectionately,
And so the peacock of my mind is prancing.
In a fickle wind flirting with the shade,
My heart, what does it crave?

Many times I've come, and much I've loved;
Still You won't be held by me nor take my proffered seat.
Today, in sunlight's play with cloud's embrace,
Silently, I summon Thee inside my heart.

No more can I bear the torment,
Searching constantly, time and again.
Having now dispensed a speck of mercy,
Please come near, You please come near.

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Saturday, June 18, 2016


(531)  Tomare dekhechi jabe canpara vane

When I saw You inside the champak garden,
Until then under the petals nectar was hidden.
Why kept You seated lackadaisically
As hope-filled eyes gazed Your way in vain?

Having stepped on fallen leaves intentionally,
That hearing the sound You'd wonder who had come,
Until that time my lamp of hope was still alight.

Abrim with bashful sweetness, I was striding slowly;
Hope remained, although You failed to look at me.
Up to then, on flower petals a scent was there.

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Your world

(530)  Sakala maner tumi je raja

You are the sovereign of all hearts—
All belong to You, and You belong to all.
Yours are the crimson rays at daybreak,
And You belong to all.

What games You know, Lord beyond time;
Light You bring into the bosom of the vile.
With Your form the earth is replete,
And yet we cannot comprehend Thee.

When there was none, still You were there;
Alone, You went and became many.
So, because it serves Your pleasure,
You're extolled around the world.

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pathetic and yet

(529)  Manera duyare argal diye

Having barred my heart's entry
Still asleep was I,
Though through the window peeped
Morning's early light.

With space-time shifts full was my mind,
Ringed by distinctions felt among persons.
Above all else, truth is mankind—
Such words I never thought.

Governed by sentiment, I forgot rationality;
With worldliness I was befuddled.
Forgotten was the peace of clear reasoning;
Conception also was unsettled.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


(528)  Sabay niye sabar majhe

With everyone yet amid everybody,
You have persevered.
So much divine sport You devise;
You do it day and night.

You thoroughly like to play;
So You come from age to age.
The playmate whom You fancy,
Oh, that I will be.

If ever all the games You cease,
Please don't neglect me.
Stay with me at that twilight time,
Dismissing distinction twixt "You" and "I".

Love is boundless and perpetual;
The flow of grace, it never fails.
What I desire is just Your footdust
When down to earth You've come.

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(527)  Tumi jeo na tumi jeo na

Don't You leave, no, don't You leave;
Please don't go far away from me.
My heart won't yield, no, it won't yield;
To be home alone, my heart won't agree.

A honeybee cannot help but hum
On thinking of just a blossom.
A waterfall dances as downward it speeds;
It discerns nothing, nothing but sea.

A thunderbolt descends with a roar;
It wants to penetrate the earth's core.
And even a cloud in distant sky yearns for
A pleasant particle of surface dust.[1]

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Candles and incense

(526)  Dhupe diipe manera madhute

With candles, incense, and the honey of my psyche,
I am making an altar for Thee.
My Darling, being late You only
Leave me swimming in tears.

Taking pains, a garland I am stringing;
I've laid out my flower tray sincerely.
With but a tender smile, come sit so near
That all my wanting and receiving is complete.

With restless thoughts, toward You I am moving;
But with steady incantation, of You I am thinking.
With pollen that love and devotion sprinkled,
With nectar's essence, a song I am composing.

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

My friend, my confidant

(525)  Bandhu amar nikata amar

My friend, my confidant,
How will I sing Your song?
You are love and honey-coated hope;
You alone are the breath of my life.

Since the day that I recognized You,
I've understood You're my sole companion.
On that same day, my friend, with Your touch,
You made the gift of new existence.

On that very day with Your gentle hand
On this budding lotus at its inception,
You pulled me into Your effulgence;
You performed on me the muktisnán.[1]

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Saturday, June 11, 2016


(524)  Maner madhu praner bandhu

Honey of the mind, sweetheart for life,
You are the ruby of every eye.
In the melody surrounding Thee,
Sung loudly is the sound of poetry.

Despite the reckoning of time,
In every soul alert You bide.
You go on loving everybody,
Viewing as Your own everything.

By light of day and dark of night,
You dole out nectar at any time.
Upon Your lap everyone You bring,
Not caring how that makes You weary.

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Friday, June 10, 2016


(523)  Ke go tumi nam na jana

Who are You, as yet unnamed?
Unhailed You came;
You came today unhailed.
Covered in sweet floral scent,
With a brisk dance rhythm,
Unhailed You came;
You came today unhailed.

The fire of my arid wilderness,
On getting Thee, it became green.
The silence, it was swept away
Under Your darling sway.

In hope of Whom, both night and day
With steadiness I gazed—
Oh, it is He Who came today,
Unlocking my heart's gate.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Circle of love

(522)  Sajabo bale mala parabo bale

As I will dress You, make You wear my wreath,
I've gone and brought flowers for Thee.
Frangipani and fallen bakul blossoms,
Among them I have strung some kadam.

Into the forest dancing I went;
My hair I'd braided atop my head.
Thinking of You, I grew intent;
With such mind have I filled my flower basket.[1]

From the forest I came back, chuckling;
Your loving image in my mind, ever it did please.
When no one else was on this earth, I was still with Thee;
So in my meditation it's just to You I cling.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016


(521)  Dure kena acho prabhu

Lord, why do You keep afar?
Come closer, please come closer.
Why bind me with melody's trance?
Rather, wrap me in a lilting dance.

Attune me to the play of lightning,
To a pageant of colors on eastern sky.
A charming song, a happy memory,
Is everything but occasionally.

Spreading a fragrance of flowers
Is the gentle, southern breeze.
A bundle of moonlight, the star-beam
Is dressed in dreams of love.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Who goes there?

(520)  Ke go palash vane

Who goes there inside the palash grove?
Catching a glimpse, it seems as if I recognize Thee.
You've arrived within a niche of my mind;
My mind You have tinted, so why keep Your distance?

Today, in the flower garden, there's a southern wind;
Satisfied are all of my desires.
A tide of delight now gains ground,
Dancing, dancing, all around Thee.

Filled with Your beauty is the universe;
You enlighten every mind.
In every thought, ambrosia You exude;
Musing on Thee, I drift in bliss, tearfully.

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Cup of life

(519)  Ke go asiyacho, madhu dhaliyacho

Who has arrived?
You've poured honey
On every molecule of our lives.

You've brought sweetness
And made us forget the anguish,
With Your kind and loving smile.

You've made us oblivious to who's a friend or foe;
You've made one both parts unknown and home.
You have strewn heartfelt affection
In every corner of the universe.

Unfair are exploitation and prejudice;
In this world they'll not persist.
You have filled life's vessel
With a flow of nectar to the very brim.

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Sunday, June 5, 2016


(518)  Ami diip jvele jai caliya

Lamp lit, I keep on moving
At the foot of Your altar.
I've strung a garland of kadam flowers;
Soon I will have You wear it.

The time for idleness has gone;
In my heart of hearts has come momentum.
A dam has burst in the sea of life;
Lord, You arrive, having drawn nigh.

In my mental mirror I have seen
That I've been loving You only.
Except for You I've renounced everything;
Into my guru cakra[1] come, my Sweet.

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Saturday, June 4, 2016


(517)  Ami tomay kabhu bhulibo na

I will never forget You.
Your charming, love-filled look,
I'll never be able to put out of mind.

At end of night on a dappled morn,
When flow of light goes wild with color and form,
Your manifestation is immaculate,
I won't remain with my eyes shut.

At end of day as spring draws nigh,
When hoofprints of cows fade in twilight,
Daubed with sweetness is Your tranquility,
I won't destroy it cruelly.

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Leap of faith

(516)  Je tomare cay toma pane cay

Those who long for You, who look to You,
Them why don't You see?
At darkest night and in bright morning,
Why do You keep mute?

On sky and sea, in light, in gloom,
A band of flowers, they have moved;
But many hundred-petaled loti[1] droop.
For the good of all, to be impartial,
Why not let Yourself be held?

With many colors, approaching silently,
Hopeful blossoms gaze toward Thee;
Neglected is much yearning.
In a soundless heaven keeping mum,
What is that lute You strum?

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016


(515)  Tomar katha ogo prabhu

Lord, Your story,
As there's never a close,
Whenever I speak, thereon I see:
As much is spoke, that much is untold.

The nebulae of the distant sky,
In their every rift, there too You are writ.
As much as Your message celestial,
It does descend, still I don't comprehend.
With folded hands I stand gazing,
A stream of tears flowing quietly.

In the dungeons of hell
Mid honey-coated resin scents,
Or with harpstrings resounding
On moonlit nights intoxicating,
Even so, many tales and many pains,
For endless time, mute they remain.

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