Thursday, June 30, 2016


(543)  Kahara lagiya ucatana mana

For what Person was my mind unsettled?
For what Reason did my heart surge?
I don't see Him, don't recognize Him;
Oh, Who is He, unknown and inscrutable?

In a cavern of the mind He lies hidden;
Hence He's privy to all psychic information.
His acquaintance covered by life's pollen,
He gets smeared with all the powder's sweetness.
Unknown to me, He's the one that I've loved;
By dint of churning, my nectar He carried off.

With His torch of wisdom ousting gloom,
To me did He reveal the Truth.
Lost in light was blind attachment's inkstream,
And so the flow of intuition has increased.
All ask-and-get, all give-and-take,
Blended and become one are they.

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