Friday, October 30, 2020

He is the Spring

(1744)  Kuyasha katiye dile

The mist You excised...
Oh Who arrived
With the scent of sandal charged?
In spring You thrilled the mind
And ignited light...
Oh Who are You exuding nectar?

Felt is a vernal breeze;
Seen is love's presence indistinct.
In form is the month of Chaitra smiling,
Lost in its own thought.

You are boundless ecstasy,
Kissing the realm unseen.
You have filled inner feelings' repertory,
Bosom is flooded.

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Wisdom mine

(1743)  Masiikrsna tamasate

Inside ignorance black as ink,
Who arrived with light replete?
Not only unthinkably unique,
But in the eyes there's no belief.

After many ages in pious austerity,
On this day at night You appeared.
In the mind's bright reverie,
Full of song, You rose blooming.

Eyes opened, now looking I see
Along with me You are staying.
Age to age You've filled psyche,
Lighting a lamp, hey Wisdom Embodied.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

I don't ask much

(1742)  Tumi amay bhule theko na

Toward me please don't stay oblivious...
Okay, You don't love me... there's no harm;
But from mind, don't obliterate and cast off.

On Your path I am not a thorn;
Rather, by the roadside am I fallen.
By just seeing You through eyes tearful,
In the mind I get consolation.

Any glory from the past, I do not have;
Within heart I don't find a flower's fragrance.
Yet am I in love; mid a hundred hardships I still laugh...
Don't leave me abandoned, lonely and without support.

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One of a kind

(1741)  Priyatama anirvacaniiya

Most Beloved, You are indescribable;
Your honeyed smile and flute magic–
Even in a dreamland, they surpass imagination.

To attain You I perform acts of worship;
For Your sake is my whole endeavor.
From Your hue and beauty I produce diverse...
This multicolored earth, it is idyllic.

The world is suffused with Your love;
On fervent wish for You, hymns are issued forth.
Your perpetual affection, exuding nectar...
Beyond comprehension, You are fit to be welcomed.

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Monday, October 26, 2020

This cursed mind

(1740)  Bedaradii tumi jadi

Even if You be unsympathetic,
To just one subject please pay heed.
Why in mind at every moment,
So much pain You give to me?

In which ancient past with liila's trick,
Mistakenly, a mind to me You've given.
By that same blunder, each and every minute
A tornado You make blow inside of my psyche.

While there was no mind of mine,
I wanted nothing at that time.
Through the mind You gave me ties;
Why do You stay blind to this difficulty?

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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Such a liila

(1739)  Tomar tare ashru jhare

On account of You tears run...
For Your sake garland is strung,
Due to You tears run;
And yet, oh Deity, not a word You tell;
Don't You grasp my mental distress?

On a skyward path, upon light's chariot,
You keep rising on a stream of thought.
To eye's pupil, You do not submit;
My anxiety, don't You consider?

You are in complete hiding
Within psyche, within the heart's deeps,
Inside of each cavity, confusingly,
With a lost song's rehearsed melody.

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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Give me the energy

(1738)  Calar pather klanti amar

My fatigue from the journey
Please relieve, Lord, with a blessing,
By Your unearned blessing.
A basket full of floral wreaths
Dries up not from hot breathing.

Gazing at Your face, I will go on working;
Yourself to entertain, songs I'll go on singing.
My heart is Your abode;
From this moment, Lord, let it be so!

On the path I will not pause, onward I'll proceed;
I will not look behind at the time of moving.
From fear I won't tremble, ever stopping suddenly;
I'll press on to the end, my having merged in Thee.

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A mystery to be achieved

(1737)  Tumi nandana amiya makha

You are coated with heaven's ambrosia;
Hey beloved bosom friend.
So close are You, mind You've kept full;
But still You don't reveal Yourself.

You have stayed at ocean deeps
And sung in dark cloud's melody.
You've kept all bound with love's string;
No one is unaccompanied.

None can go outside of Thee;
You don't resign to science or philosophy.
From time immemorial, You're the one austerity,
And abstinence just cannot be.

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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Oh my Sacred Hymn

(1736)  Kon prabhate tomar sathe

With You on which day's break
Acquaintance had taken place?
Surely it was not today, not today,
Acquaintance had taken place.
With a string of memories on a flower tray,
Down it was not written, out of love made.

Life's river flows upstream;
About You is all that we think.
So with a convoluted pursuing,
Dancing, mind proceeds, oh the Holy Poetry.

From early morning's crimson color
Into my cognition You did come.
You wakened me to what state conscious,
Hey Arcadia's Embodiment of Song!

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Wanting Thee

(1735)  Tumi sundar varaniiya

You are beautiful, worthy to be revered;
You are openhearted, generous to the needy.
With a stream of love, at my home please appear.

You are Heaven's diffusion of ambrosia,
Ecstasy most uncommon from the cosmic sport.
In a wink You make us cry, in a wink You make us grin,
All-pervading One, beyond measurement.

You get not tied by tribute or eulogy,
Nor do You yield to the sea of beauty.
Even while staying aloof, when appraised, You matter,
One Who is impeccable, beyond articulation.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Real wealth

(1734)  Nayane eso gopane

Before my eyes come privately;
Pour out love inside the mind.
Lying down or in dream,
Croon a song in my ear day and night.

The little that was there, it belongs not to me,
A hostage of dust, impoverished.
With a cascade of hope a-streaming,
With cadence and music, my life please do fill.

You are a flower, I am but a thorn;
You are the high tide, I am its decline.
You are light, and You love;
In dawn's crimson dye, beautify and make bright.

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If You permit

(1733)  Ami tomar tare sab karibo priya

Beloved, for You I will do everything;
Throw lightning bolts, bring thunderstorms...
You may rain down meteors...
Everything will I do, my Dear.

Onto path, with Your name I am come;
By the warm golden glow was I charmed.
With Your song, mind I brightened,
I know You are one with no second.

In summer heat or winter severity,
Neath shade of tree or desert fury...
In a dark pit lacking light-beams,
Please provide strength to psyche.

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Sunday, October 18, 2020

That Lover mine

(1732)  Akash aji aloy bhara

Now the sky is full of light;
The air is full of honey.
Secretly, in a corner of the mind,
What does that Sweetheart fancy?

I want to give Him everything,
But He tells me not a thing.
An easy smile He exudes like nectar,
That Avatar of Happiness.

In every season, He's the Spring,
Mental altar's King of Kings.
Today He stooped in person,
Like the full moon of love.

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Saturday, October 17, 2020


(1731)  Oi ucchala priitisagare

In that surging sea of love,
Rumbling are You, my Darling.
On this fickle pond of psyche,
I have made an unsurpassed lotus blossom.

With the brilliance of light You smile;
On pure floral resin You rise.
Everyone You love with whole heart and mind,
Oh the Most Intimate One.

In both joy and sadness You have been along;
And sinful or virtuous, You do not abhor.
You have viewed everyone in the same fashion;
Oh God, unto You humble salutation!

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Could He be more gracious

(1730)  Alo jhara bhore dhara dile more

One morning light-dripping, You did yield to me;
I told You not that I am Yours...
Instead You'd said, love surging,
You'd been mine since time eternal.

"You've forgot how many hundreds of ages
Going on is the Unknown and Unplayed.
I had been along with you always;
But you saw not once, while craving it."

I replied: "That is my transgression;
There was no awareness of another way to look.
Any lapse or blemish, it is surely not Yours;
Often for my own sins I have suffered."

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

To resolve a blissful mystery

(1729)  Phuler saji niye ke

Who, having brought a flower tray,
Who are You that came today?
To the mind, Who gave a shake,
Decking it with paint and shape?

Your elegance, it drops overflowing,
Overspreading Earth, a smiling tapestry.
And so, moon of sky and sweetness of breeze,
They do seek, to rhythm and song capering.

Into the formless sea You have kept flowing;
You have effused in form's lovely artistry.
You have moved, enticing like a psychic honeybee,
For what reason beseeching a needless beauty?

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

To be free

(1728)  Tandra nave ankhite

Drowsiness descends on eyes
Even with a mild splendor.
Hey Master, on flute Thine
Giving call, please make conscious.

Like a stream of heaven's nectar,
To infuse still more luster,
With Your many modes of music
Please emit a surging current.

I have nothing more to wish;
Gloomy dark, Lord, You've abolished.
My net of illusion You have ripped;
Please make heard the song of freedom.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Hey there

(1727)  Alor sarita beye

Having plied a stream of light
And on a breeze having hied,
Hey You, pilgrim of which odd type,
Singing songs have You passed by?

Any impediment You never heed,
For not a thing do You cease,
Naught but love do You perceive...
You proceed, in whose direction gazing?

Of Your pathway there's no closure,
Nor aversion, fear, or demur.
Hence, at everyone's fore,
You have been shielding the world.

A start, end, or middle is not there;
We fail to cling with words of eulogy.
Stricken dumb we just go on musing...
By giving what will we be pleasing Thee?

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Monday, October 12, 2020

We will be as one

(1726)  Aj sakale chande tale

Today at the dawning, with cadence and beat
Who are You that came and thrilled the psyche?
Hey my Deity, not a word did I speak;
I said not how much is the pain constantly.

The bashful wind makes known its yearning;
This my song-singing is not unavailing.
With tune after tune, layer upon layer,
A flower will bloom, ambrosia exuded.

Oh Mind-Pleasing One, love's delight
Watches You with entranced eyes.
In hope of You only, filled with great passion,
Upon heart-sky a lantern is ignited.

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Lord of Light, Lord of Love

(1725)  Tomare shata namaskar

Unto You one hundred salutations...
You are close, at mind's core,
Hey everlasting Boundless One.

In the house of gloom, a light You spark;
Love You pour out o'er the heart.
You blind us to the sense of near or far;
You remove all of the dark.

There's nobody whom You despise;
Even the vile sinner You hold high.
So Yourself as well all desire;
Without You everything's futile.

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Saturday, October 10, 2020

I could not see anything

(1724)  Chande chande madhuranande

With many rhythms and sweet ecstasy,
You'd arrived inside my psyche...
At a lonesome place, my Dear, a location lonely.
As witness, there had been no other...
With two people, You and me.

The bela, chameli, and champak buds,
Spreading their petals, offered welcome.
Eyes opening, You had observed;
But I had sat unmindful...

In spring there was a gentle wind,
And none was there to hinder it.
From Sourceless does it run to Endless,
Having crooned Your song in whispers.

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Friday, October 9, 2020

Like a mother

(1723)  Ghor timire ruddha ghare

Enclosed in a room, in extreme darkness,
Completely solitary, I had been dozing.
Lo, You Who arrived suddenly...
Rending sleep, You showed Yourself.

Throughout the ages that slumber on me,
It had made me totally gloomy.
Hey, Luminous Entity, in a wink,
Lattice You opened, bringing light-beams.

There is just light on light at present;
Nowhere is there ebony, not even a bit.
With a life awakened, You did lavish
Love's ambrosia, coated with affection.

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You sustain life and make us thrive

(1722)  Puspita tumi madhuvane

You dwell at a blooming pleasure garden
In a divine paradise packed with rhythm.
Throughout the cosmos You are welcomed
By an everlasting psychic vibration.

Shining whiteness on a mountain,
Placid visage on a silver ocean,
You make all that's mute resonant
With a horn heard by everyone.

You have been, You are now, You will go on staying
The All-Pervading One, kissing Lakshmi.[1]
And so a thousand times I bow before Thee;
With love's ties, You have bound me.

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Thursday, October 8, 2020

I had a strategy

(1721)  Maner gahane dake ke

Who calls from alcove of psyche?
I don't know; Him I don't recognize.
In gaps of my thought He calls most privately;
But I don't comprehend– I don't fathom why.

As much as I imagine I won't give reply to Him
However much He may call moment after moment,
However much He emits in many light-flashes,
Still that flow of luster, it is known not.

That summoning of His, there is no end to it...
With tempo, tune, and beat, it is full of sweetness;
And even though it be unknown, psyche gets vanquished...
To understand the mind, one simply cannot.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

In the cloud

(1720)  Tomar katha pare mane

Thoughts of You spring to mind
On this moonlight-dripping night
Riding clouds silvery white.
Flights of crane unrestrained
Go singing songs throughout the night
Riding clouds silvery white.

By moon's light the stars are veiled;
Smeared with nectar are both sky and air.
Nowhere is anyone alone today,
Your loving touch is realized
Riding clouds silvery white.

Opened are all gates of mind;
To You I call, leaving self behind.
Oh Supreme Lord, eyes wide,
Look my way with beauty and feelings kind
Riding clouds silvery white.

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My Lord asks, and I reply

(1719)  Shiuli jhara prate

At jasmine-dropping dawn,
Along a path dew-washed,
Incognito, you came for the sake of Whom alone...
Who like a kush-kash color
On the stag of heart's thought
Races prancing far-far off.

You heed not constraints of occasion right or wrong;
To go on a rocky road you do not pause.
You don't take rest for a short interval...
No, you remain gripping the bridle.

In love with you am I;
Drawn by heart, in a rush do I arrive.
For a moment I cry; the next moment I smile,
Bound by affection's ties.

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Sunday, October 4, 2020

We are God's family

(1718)  Ganer jagate bhese calecho

You have gone skating in the field of song,
By Yourself, my Sweetheart...
Without cause from Your start,
On a route unbounded, painted with love.

Having grown lively to tempo, beat, and tune,
The sweetness of mood, it has got diffused...
Contemplation goes on mingling with the Absolute,
And made to vibrate is the nebula.

Like a place without song, there is none anywhere;
Lightrays of existence we find in the heart only...
And the heart's pollen that we go on scattering,
By love is it smeared through amity's elixir.

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Behind the scenes

(1717)  Tomar svarup, bujhe otha day

Your true nature–
It is tough to discern.
Sometimes soft, sometimes stern...
Sometimes brightly it does glitter.

At the gloomy home You light a lamp;
You rid the psyche's static black.
On arid heart You pour ambrosia...
Where You stay You never say.

You alone are the store of all wisdom;
You're the base of all cognition.
On all heads, the soul's seat blossomed...
In each state[1] You are an aid.

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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Much to unlearn, still more to do

(1716)  Arjita vidya bhule gechi

I have forgotten the acquired learning,
Hey Bearer Of Knowledge, on obtaining Thee.
I've achieved the coveted all-round prosperity,
Yourself having wished it, oh Basis of Everything.

Strange-Unfamiliar One, You're no more a mystery,
Having been well-publicized, wholeheartedly.
In homeland and other lands, in all countries overseas,
All the lines of demarcation, they have gotten cleared.
Your coming close has had meaning;
Ignorance You are removing,
Having raised consciousness in the narrow psyche.

I'll go out and do Your deeds;
I shall ignore shame and fear.
Now I've come with light-beams,
Clear apprehension carrying.

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Friday, October 2, 2020

Who goes there?

(1715)  Tomake kache peye

Having sensed that You are near,
Mind sails on a shoreless ocean.
Vigilant I remain steadfastly,
Thought-realm's door wide open.

Close You stay, yet for what reason
It seems like You grant no reach?
You come nigh and quickly leave;
Hide-and-seek You go on playin'.

Acumen and intuition are not mine;
All I know is that You are essential.
For Your sake, tears do fall;
I want You as basis of my life.

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