Tuesday, October 6, 2020

My Lord asks, and I reply

(1719)  Shiuli jhara prate

At jasmine-dropping dawn,
Along a path dew-washed,
Incognito, you came for the sake of Whom alone...
Who like a kush-kash color
On the stag of heart's thought
Races prancing far-far off.

You heed not constraints of occasion right or wrong;
To go on a rocky road you do not pause.
You don't take rest for a short interval...
No, you remain gripping the bridle.

In love with you am I;
Drawn by heart, in a rush do I arrive.
For a moment I cry; the next moment I smile,
Bound by affection's ties.

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  1. For You alone do I come; and I know You will come too. Though short be our rendezvous, it makes the whole of life worthwhile.