Saturday, October 3, 2020

Much to unlearn, still more to do

(1716)  Arjita vidya bhule gechi

I have forgotten the acquired learning,
Hey Bearer Of Knowledge, on obtaining Thee.
I've achieved the coveted all-round prosperity,
Yourself having wished it, oh Basis of Everything.

Strange-Unfamiliar One, You're no more a mystery,
Having been well-publicized, wholeheartedly.
In homeland and other lands, in all countries overseas,
All the lines of demarcation, they have gotten cleared.
Your coming close has had meaning;
Ignorance You are removing,
Having raised consciousness in the narrow psyche.

I'll go out and do Your deeds;
I shall ignore shame and fear.
Now I've come with light-beams,
Clear apprehension carrying.

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