Wednesday, February 28, 2018

It is tiring

(906)  Eso tumi amar ghare

Come You into my home;
Take Your seat on my heart's throne.
With love's flowers I've adorned
The altar I've fashioned in isolation.

For a very long time, coming and going,
Even in respite, I get no relief.
In hope of You, on what early dawn
Did my inner journey start?

Frequently upon this odyssey,
Exhaustion drops on my body and psyche.
Please forgive my fatigue;
Bestowing on me a speck of mercy.

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Over and above

(905)  Tumi sabar praner priya

You are the love of everyone's life;
Compared to You, there is none like.
Without cause You grant affection;
You pamper with immense compassion.

Within the mind You are hid;
What happens there is per Your wish.
Unbidden, You have given everything;
And, still, You keep inspiring.

The sparkle in every heart's sky
And hope's light in desperate lives,
On our footpath You move, having made gush
Desire for righteous, all-round progress.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Inside out

(904)  Krpa karecho dhara diyecho

You've bestowed grace, granted Your embrace;
The universe You've filled with beauty and melody.
Not even the tiniest thing is outside Thee;
Within Your mind, You've maintained everything.

Perpetually, only You are the Creator;
With Your splendor the world is luminous.
In every atom You go on making cosmic sport,
Timeless and lovely, personifying consciousness.
You've loved us, and You've thrilled our hearts;
You've demonstrated Your true form.

On every leaf is Your writing;
Your painting's on the flower's body.
With the thunder of clouds and the twanging of bows,
With the jingling of lutes, in bloom You've rose.

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

When you came

(903)  Tumi jakhan esechile

When you came
The moon was full.
Playing peekaboo with the moon
Was the motion of the clouds.

Nebulae of the distant sky
Were drawn in sandalpaste.
One newly arrived swan[1]
Had forgotten the way.

So many moonlit nights came and went;
The seat of my heart remained empty.
With the sound of your footsteps,
My heart was filled with moonlight.
That swan came again;
He recognized the path and took it.

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He goes

(902)  O ke cale jay o ke cale jay

Ah, Who is leaving, going away,
Wringing a corner of my psyche,
Setting ablaze its dense woodlands,
And battering me so?
He goes, goes, goes; goes, goes, goes.

Many Fall and Spring evenings
And many fair mornings have passed;
But many storms and thunderclaps
Rolled by, my burning eyes crying.

In flower gardens is but His luster;
In distant heavens, the sun's just He;
Only for Him I suffer everything,
Countless trials and tribulations.

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Saturday, February 24, 2018

With just a memory

(901)  Apar payodhi par haye ele

You arrived, having crossed the shoreless sea,
For my sake bestowing so much mercy,
Respecting all lowly creatures
And forgetting Your own lofty stature.

Numerous ages have elapsed thenceforth,
And from the sky many a star was lost;
But calling to mind those rosy feet of Yours,
I've simply swum past every obstruction.

Tempests have come to put out the lantern,
And comets wanted to burn the flower;
Time's vicious teeth have been hankering
To devour all of my sweetness.

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Friday, February 23, 2018

Moving on

(100)  Kamalanebur varne gandhe

With the color and smell of oranges,
You've come today in new fashion.
Having roused blizzards mid snowdrifts,
You've brought an arctic chill.

For You no longer is there respite;
You bring shivers, huge and incessant.
Now, having brought a quake with song of frost,
Having made Your divine sport, You have moved along.

On drumstick trees flowers have clung;
With fruit the jujube trees are laden.
Today, those who repose in hibernation,
Have You contemplated them?

On this wintry night, silent and lonely,
You've been seized with transcendental feeling.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Seize the day

(99)  Bhavi niko asbe tumi shiiter rate

I never thought You would arrive on a night wintry,
On a chilly night, the rain falling;
But You had come so very near,
Much closer than I ever asked You to appear.

Outside, so biting was the wind,
My every door was fastened.
Cracking a bolt I did not ask You in...
Please come into my cabin.

Your eyes were turned toward my face,
Oh, who could know the reason You did gaze.
At that time I noticed not You felt aggrieved;
Not even once did I beg You to speak.

You went away, far removed,
Made a companion of the lonesome route.
Dismissing biting wind outside,
Not even once Your stay indoors did I invite.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Painting pictures

(98)  Shiit asiyache sathe aniyache

Winter has come and brought with it
A colored flower's portrait...
A flower without scent and without wine,
A sun with scant sunshine.

When sun was near, I used to think,
I cannot bear such extreme heat...
Oh Wrathful Lord, please show mercy,
Granting my desire for rain.
When sun was near, then clime was fair...
This is what I think today.

Listen all my cousins, hear me please,
The sun that's distant will come near...
Have no worry, do not fear.
In Earth's winter with hope's paean,
We sketch a picture of change.

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Winter of devotion

(97)  Shiite shiuli kena phote na

In winter, why are night jasmines not blooming;
The lilies, why do they not speak?
No, no, no, they do not speak...
From the cold they did shrink.

Those who remain, of You they think;
In their mind, it’s You that all beseech.
No, no, no, they do not speak...
From the cold they did shrink.

Today, within, the Earth makes merry;
Maybe it has taken note of Thee
No, no, no, it does not speak...
From the cold it did shrink.

Mind's blossom unfolds in a hundred streams;
In mind alone they've lain concealed.
No, no, no, they do not speak...
From the cold they did shrink.

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Ascetic Earth

(96)  Shishirsikta kharjuraviithi

In a dew-drenched line the date-palm trees,
With gooseflesh they are shivering.
Winter's arrived with frost freezing;
New glaciers it's constructing.

The birds and beasts, they flee
Far away to distant countries.
To survive, urgently seeking heat,
For fresh sun they are hoping.
And gentle water lilies bloom no longer,
Diffusing their shy sweetness.

Tell me now at whose beckoning
Was such trembling roused with morning?
Multicolored Earth, barren it became,
Taking a disheveled yogi's shape.

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

No pain, no gain

(95)  Candanaviithi kuyasay dhaki

Shrouding lines of sandalwood with mist,
And darkening the light of dawn,
You have come with concept of newness,
Assuming an awesome form.

Having cloaked in gloom familiar routes,
All sweetness keeping hidden,
Winter transitions have begun,
Carrying affliction.

On the far bank of darkness
Stay sunrays 'bruptly halted.
Then for but a brief moment,
The Lord of Light opens His eyes,
And makes black fog meet infinite.
Winter comes, my cousin, and so the light does rise,
Causing all things to become more and more fine.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Winter madness

(94)  Shiiter kanpuni niye ele

Bringing winter shivers, You appeared...
Oh, Who are You,
And what is this, Your beauty?
Shrouding with snow the green fields,
Oh, Who are You,
And what is this, Your sweetness?

With a biting northern wind
On leafless roadside-tree bodies,
What unknown maxim have You writ...
Oh, what is this, Your indigence,
What is this, Your stinginess?

With blizzards setting hearts aquiver,
All herbs and creepers losing glamor,
What unknown song is getting sung;
Amid the love what is this callousness?

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

His bounty

(93)  Hemanteri dhaner gandhe

With prewinter's scent of paddy rice,
The harvest fest[1] comes to mind.
The crop is offered with devotion,
In Your supplication.

Filled with many stars are the heavens;
Sweet and gentle are the mild winds.
The river's full and in spate,
Streaming out a hundred ways.

In the sky, in water, and on land,
Everything today is scintillant.
On everybody's face is a sweet smile;
Worn is the crown of delight.

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(92)  Hemanta aji prate eseche

This morning prewinter has come;
Bathing in frost, it has come.
Why has it come, why has it come?
Because it will embellish you, it has come.

Dahlias and chrysanthemums it has brought,
And it has laughed with paddy's golden stalks.

Sweetness of pomelo it has brought,
And it has laughed with orange trees, touched by color.

Scent of jujube flowers it has brought,
And it has laughed with juice-exuding date palms.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Dare to dream

(91)  Shes hemante himel haoyay

In the frosty air at prewinter's end,
Why does the lotus not blossom?
On flowers nectarless,
Why do the bees not gather?

Loti may not blossom in the woods,
But in the mind, a lotus blooms!
Bees may not gather on flowers,
But in the psyche bees assemble.

In the doleful strains of prewinter,
With woeful songs the grove is filled.
Yet thinking of Him anyplace,
No trace of pain remains.

Though sweet scent may not remain,
Sweet scent may still be proclaimed.
With His blessing we will build
A new world order.

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Your flower, Your bird

(90)  Hemante mor phuler saji bharbe go

In prewinter, oh my flower-tray, it will be full;
It will be full of Your vital touch.

All the flowers are withdrawing
From neglect, from inattention.
Among them there are some
Who will wear colored garments...
They will dress in Your vital touch.

Upon the trees, names unknown,
The birds all in tiny abodes,
They'll deem Your name as their own,
They'll think so by Your vital touch.

In Your mind do I exist...
I've made my hue mingle with Yours;
In Your tune, my tune is mixed...
Oh it will exude nectar;
It will drip with Your vital touch.

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Monday, February 12, 2018


(89)  Kichu phul cay hat barate

Some flowers, their hand would they reach,
Unto prewinter, ever holding.
Even now no trace of winter does appear...
Prewinter, they don't let it leave;
Not falling yet are the tree leaves.
Suspended in this atmosphere I do sing:
"Let me always get You near!"

As of yet winter's torpor, it has not arrived...
Breath still does not float 'fore the eyes,
And with colors orange groves are not bright...
Suspended in this atmosphere I ask of Thee:
"Incessantly why do You speak, 'I leave, leave, leave'?"

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

There He comes

(88)  Hemante shirshire haoyate

With a bracing prewinter[1] breeze,
He is coming... there He appears.

In the garden, dropping are the honeysuckles;
Where have gone the medlars, jasmines, and cestrums?
Chrysanthemums, their arms outstretching,
Keep on calling Him with smiles aplenty.

Rosebuds go on blossoming,
And ginger lilies spread with drunk vitality.
Buzzing bumblebees, in great expectation,
They depart, drifting toward the heavens.

In cloudfree sky, the star-flecks twinkle,
All of them are on qui vive, hoping for Him.

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Saturday, February 10, 2018


(87)  Kata janamer pratiiksa pare

After waiting many lives,
You have finally arrived.
Today Your advent has transpired;
Your advent has transpired.

Dried up have so many flower garlands;
Countless flower buds have fallen.

In crying many days have gone,
And countless nights have gotten lost.
Deluged are ebullient heart's two banks...
The Lord of Life has come today.

Between hope and despair to attain,
So many years have gone in vain.
But when the firm resolve to get arose,
Only then the door has opened—
Your closed door has opened.

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Friday, February 9, 2018


(86)  Megher majhe agun jvele

Mid the clouds, lighting a fire,
Like thunderbolt You have arrived.
With the hail You hold giving a shake,
You have danced upon earthquake.

To Your liila there's no termination;
From infinity comes the far horizon.
With sound and touch, with form and flavor,
And with scent, You've blossomed in the heart.

You are the pollen of the humblest flower,
The unplumbed bottom of the ocean.
Your color mixed with that of all,
In what divine sport have You indulged!

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Thursday, February 8, 2018


(85)  Dinguli cale jay

Days are passing by,
Etching memories on the mirror of the mind.

I have forgot the day when I arrived;
Why I'd come, that too I haven't realized.
A pleasant breeze is blowing;
Streaming is a bundle of light beams.

In just one corner of Your mind,
My psyche resides.
In just one granule of Your heart,
I exist forever.
Many moonbeams stay adrift,
But they fade inside Your current.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Our savior has arrived

(84)  Sumukhe asiya danraiya chile

Standing in front You had come;
With You were a hundred suns.
I was off to one side,
In my hand, a tiny earthen light.

Wave after wave crashes down
Upon the billowy ocean...
War cry stirring, the star does rise
From frothy stream of life.

About are countless atoms racing
To a music unruly...
From near to far and far to near,
In thunder and in lightning.

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Meeting of minds

(83)  Cira nutaner ahvane

Upon summons by the Ever-New,
My penchant is to race in dance
Toward far-away azure.
Today, just marching on's my song;
My life is but His smiling invitation.

Looking behind and waiting 'round in vain...
The One Who's drawing me, that's what I crave.

My will inside His will, my wish inside His wish...
Into one melody they do mingle and merge.

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Monday, February 5, 2018

And suddenly

(82)  Tumi esecho prane esecho

You have arrived, in my life arrived...
Making the world bright, You have come into my life.

The sound of Your ankle bells, penetrating heart's core,
That made me forget all of my troubles.

You are with me, stay with me;
In blissful tremors,[1] please abide with me.
Your sweet smile, the heart overwhelming,
It did snatch my everything.

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Nothing and no one is lost

(81)  Svapner ghore din cale jay

The day goes by in dreamlike trance;
The rule is that it must elapse.
The day goes by, never coming back;
The rule is it's unseen again.

Spoken words and suffered pains,
In Great Beyond, they fade away;
Onward flow the days.

That which began in times gone by,
Even its archaic story,
On the dreamy strings of spirit's lyre,
Has abided, twined in melody.
Those who are lost to us
Exist in Your sublime expression.

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Saturday, February 3, 2018


(80)  Svapane esecho anandaghana tumi

Bliss so deep, You’ve appeared in dream;
A joy You are to everybody.

With the vast and lovely sky, magnanimous You mingle;
You are rhythm transcendent, incomparably beautiful.

In Your eyes is affection, at Your feet salvation;
Beyond conceit, You are a cascade of nectar.

Knowingly or not, I'm in love with just one Person;
That love mine, it knows no restriction.

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Friday, February 2, 2018


(79)  Svapanera chonya lege

By the touch of Your dream,
My life has got a fresh vitality.
With hope my song resounds,
With lyrics the notes vibrate now...
My love has passed beyond all bounds.

Dabbed with the magic of Your dream,
Heart's core was filled with honey.
In my tune the beat's exuberant,
In my bloom the scent, ecstatic...
One gone astray discovered the polestar.

Glazed with the sweetness of Your dream,
The world's received a speed-stream.
On every side the light is bright;
All I see, it just feels right.
Particles and atoms have been energized;
And predilections, they've been satisfied...
The Earth became full of delight.

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