Thursday, February 22, 2018

Seize the day

(99)  Bhavi niko asbe tumi shiiter rate

I never thought You would arrive on a night wintry,
On a chilly night, the rain falling;
But You had come so very near,
Much closer than I ever asked You to appear.

Outside, so biting was the wind,
My every door was fastened.
Cracking a bolt I did not ask You in...
Please come into my cabin.

Your eyes were turned toward my face,
Oh, who could know the reason You did gaze.
At that time I noticed not You felt aggrieved;
Not even once did I beg You to speak.

You went away, far removed,
Made a companion of the lonesome route.
Dismissing biting wind outside,
Not even once Your stay indoors did I invite.

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  1. The Lord comes as an uninvited guest, and the gates of heaven open for but a brief and unanticipated moment. Should we not rise to the occasion, we live thereafter with regret, striving to learn from our mistake.