Friday, February 2, 2018


(79)  Svapanera chonya lege

By the touch of Your dream,
My life has got a fresh vitality.
With hope my song resounds,
With lyrics the notes vibrate now...
My love has passed beyond all bounds.

Dabbed with the magic of Your dream,
Heart's core was filled with honey.
In my tune the beat's exuberant,
In my bloom the scent, ecstatic...
One gone astray discovered the polestar.

Glazed with the sweetness of Your dream,
The world's received a speed-stream.
On every side the light is bright;
All I see, it just feels right.
Particles and atoms have been energized;
And predilections, they've been satisfied...
The Earth became full of delight.

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  1. With a mere glimpse of Him in dream, my whole world is transformed.