Sunday, January 31, 2021

Mea culpa

(1827)  Bhul kare dure thekechi

Mistakenly, I have stayed away;
You please obliterate the fault.
Your boundless affection I've obtained;
Likewise, please do take my love.

In sky there is the color blue;
In life, a ruddy red's continued.
In the yon azure of distant future,
Please amalgamate a reddish hue.

In mood there is an ardent yearning;
Its sweetness has endured in melody.
The sweetness is a song's entreaty;
To Your hue and music,[1] make it more rosy.

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Saturday, January 30, 2021

My tour of duty is complete

(1826)  Sajaye rekhechi malika

Arrayed I have kept a garland,
Hey my Dear, for Your assignation.
I can be slain, yes, I am ephemeral;
But my love is deathless, like essence of nectar.

Any tune or longing that had been,
Whatever had been the concept or expression,
I've placed all of them inside a necklace of resin
With Your jingling timbre, grave but gently pleasant.

I am just a tiny grain of Your kindness;
I descend within a gush of gold effulgence.
Now I've been sanctified; I am free of color...
Graciously pick me up and lift me above.

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Friday, January 29, 2021

None are illegitimate

(1825)  Puspashakha anamika

The nameless floral offshoot,
Feeling like an earring, she swings back and forth.
Arrived the Caring One, and what did He do?
Plucked He the blossom of love.

She begins swaying as in a drowsy stupor;
The bud is smiling in both form and color.
What I imagine is therefore she feels good...
A silver pendant inside dew's cradle.

There is no day or date, or any fixed abode...
The mind is effusive with cadence manifold.
Dancing she's proceeded, name unknown,
Conception's riverbank inundated.

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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Nothing else matters

(1824)  Sagara saekate sonalii prabhate

At the sandy seashore on a golden morning,
With You was a vision, sudden and surprising.
The mass of blue waters, surging and ever-smiling,
It had danced adjacent to acclaim Thee.

Hour of day, now it is unknown to me;
Upon mental plate it fails to spring.
Both day and date, blissfully,
Floated away on Whose stream?

You stated: "Don't give it a thought;
After blind infatuation do not rush.
Constantly, I am in your company
To watch over thee."

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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Indivisible are we

(1823)  Chilum base base ami eka

All alone had I been waiting, waiting ever;
You placed the sacred mark of triumph on my forehead.
Oh Beloved, mine was not a bundle of qualities,
My sole virtue being that I am in love with Thee.
You are my bosom friend.

In the world with its three spheres[1] I am very tiny;
Except for You I have no alternate velocity.
By Your kindness to me go the wheels of my chariot.

From break of day to night's ending,
Each microsecond Yourself do I heed.
Wrapped in Thee is my every molecule and atom.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

My love cannot be stymied

(1822)  Bhalo basi ami priya

Darling, I hold You dear,
Though I perceive, fondness You don't feel.
Of the reason for my love I know almost nothing,
But toward You I can't be unloving.

A bloom does not know why for it the bee yearns;
And a bee does not know that sweet scent inviting it.
In the fancy of a fickle heart effusive,
Longing surpasses both logic and reasoning.

Such as I comprehend, to that extent I cogitate;
But though I don't know You, I chase only You always.
This same mad pursuit is owing to what You give straight;
So with psyche, please don't make duplicity.

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Monday, January 25, 2021

Whose will is done?

(1821)  Ganer deshe elo sabuj parii

In the land of songs a fresh Fairy did appear,
Having sung that song telling "I go back presently".
Everybody replied "You're in-country; don't return;
By us all surrounding You, Yourself we will keep."

Through Your songs, green shade You have brought;
In the mind a painted magic You have wrought.
So Yourself we won't allow to depart;
We'll go on hearing songs that are life-filling.

At kingdom of vocal music had arrived a demon,
He had pulverized each and every song.
But You break enough and make enough;
Now we are vigilant and hoping.

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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Earnestly I study

(1820)  Vatayane basi bhavi divanishi

Sitting by the window, I muse night and day...
Who is He that thinks about me
In His idle hours?
Abed and dreaming, asleep or awake,
I just consider Him.

Regardless Who You be, oh Lord, there is no relief–
All day and all night, constantly busy.
I just think of You only;
The whole world You contemplate.

I am insignificant, but You are superb–
Protector of the helpless, life of the universe.
By Your kindness, everyone in concert,
With same aspiration, Yourself they appraise.

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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Birdcalls and other spring activity

(1819)  Phalgune priya je raun dhelecho

Darling, at spring's advent, pigment You have poured,
Its touch gets felt in the psychic garden.
On Your own, You have strewn it in both form and flavor,
Rhythmical in its tune and in mode of music.

Risen has the dormant bud awakening;
By hue it's been whelmed, forgetting surroundings.
Flower petals, they have begun capering
In the dense affection of You only.

The mist has retreated, tints are adhering;
Winter sluggishness, it has gone far afield.
Upon painted branch, the bird has appealed;
With that call Your love ditches sleep.

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Friday, January 22, 2021

Where the light of sun and moon don't go

(1818)  Tamasar parapare

On far bank of darkness dreary,
Oh Who are You with light's lantern,
Bearing for eternity?

A spark of luster has gone sailing,
Piercing the gloom world-deluging...
What one has been thinking, has been doing,
Undetected, You are seeing everything.

Hey Lustrous Consciousness, Supreme Objective,
There is none who is Your equal...
To demolish or construct, like celestial maker,[1]
In a trice You break or build, imperceptibly.

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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Because I'm so tiny

(1817)  Tumi bhule gecho more

You have gone and forgotten me;
What's the reason, tell me kindly.
Even though I am paltry, myself You have sent
To this Earth, upon it to be.

I am not the sun-and-moon, nor planet or meteor,
Or nebula made up of stars by the many thousands.
I am just a puny flower-bud;
Keep me clinging to Your feet.

I am not the vast ocean, nor a massive glacier,
Or a misty current come floating from the firmament.
I am just a tiny dewdrop, ringed by hot conflagration;
Please watch over me, graciously.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

His invitation

(1816)  Banshiir sure sure more tane

Myself in tow to the bamboo pipe's many melodies,
Mind does not recognize any kind of constrainment.
In between laughter's gaps brought was the calling;
Everything torn asunder, what's this wondrous invitation!

The pollen of flowers summons me,
Blooms having blossomed at every tier.
Should I tarry, not responding, what is achieved?
No, I proceed double-time, rapid ambulation.

With the sky and air has it kept on mingling;
Upon heart's firmament it has gone a-sailing.
Now the psychic peacock tail has got unleashed,
Having found in song and dance only its vibration!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Fair warning and right beginning

(1815)  Shono rauna kishalay

Tender shoot, reddish green, do pay heed,
Who has sent you, tell me please,
Messenger of novelty,
What have you brought today for whose sake this morning?

Impediments will appear, they will come all around;
Leaves will be, fronds will be, they'll drop to the ground.

"Oh my cousin, rainstorm or hurricane, come what may,
Obstacles will I fight, I will proceed; indeed, this I crave!
But now at break of day and my journey, I greet all respectfully."

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Monday, January 18, 2021

Absolutely ineffable

(1814)  Avarna dhara raunin hayeche

Drab earth has become colorful,
Hey Master, at Your touch,
Gleefully with essence of ambrosia.
Everything appeared amid that which is ephemeral,
In a wink, hey Font of Consciousness and Bliss.

Hey Supreme Decorator, everyone's creator,
With the world's phenomena did You fashion.
For You there's no bondage of time or space,
And containers You shape ever with smiling face.[1]

Sky, air, and light, they had not been;
Of ocean and land there was no existence.
You alone had been these seven worlds,[2]
But with disorder You'd been merged.

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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Let me represent the weeping willow

(1813)  Sara jadi nai ba dile prabhu

Master, though You did not answer,
I will go on calling Thee.
My job is to go on calling;
What's Your work, I will learn.

Restless breeze and din of trees
To You they keep calling incessantly.
Whether You grant their reply,
Privately of them I'll inquire.

Affliction's wreath, a fire burning...
Do You understand sorrow, the snow melting?
In case You don't fathom; via many songs
Life after life, I will betoken.

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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Nothing left for or of me

(1812)  Shinjita nupure maneri madhukare

With anklets ajingle for my psychic black bee,
Who are You that keeps on calling?
You keep on calling in flute's melody.
I cannot fail to listen...
Dam-bursting is this implication;
I respond, mental petals naked.

I have no other work, just that myself You are calling!
Is there not somebody else in a world without me?
When You want, take me with; dress me to Your liking;
Dress me in Your container of beauty.

Any passion or devotion, any wind or pollen,
Mixed with tune and beat, remaining cadence of my music,
You went and strewed upon the earth whatever may be this,
Having caught the form beyond form, ideation-filled.

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Friday, January 15, 2021

The world excites with joy of life

(1811)  Sarpila kutila pathe

On a winding, zigzag path,
Those who'd gone, they have come back.
Filth and darkness dismissed,
They have dressed in hues resplendent.

Having relinquished You, it does not endure;
Having forgotten You, it does not feel good.
On Your touch, with love's delight,
All have come rushing nearby.

Who wants to stay hidden by mist?
A flash of light, the mind it thrills.
Every single moment, atingle it goes by
For those who have held You in mind.

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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Don't be deceived

(1810)  Ke baleche kathor tumi

Who has claimed You are severe,
Oh Tender One, a flower's only creed?
The mistake have I been clarifying.
Sweetly smiling having neared,
You inquire how I'm doing.

On outside stays a covering;
It's not Your innate property.
Under the severity lies concealed
Tenderness, I have perceived.

Fruit's tasty juice, honey-sweet,
And floral pollen's touch refreshing...
Had You not remained tied to the dreary,
I would not have got what I've received.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Just curious

(1809)  Tomake paboi prane prane

Life after life, Yourself I'll get certainly
In the charming tent of psyche
With many a song, my Dear, with songs aplenty.
My existence, it is not unavailing...
I am in love with You, having perceived.

The bud that's awakened at mind's core;
You make it blossom by Your touch.
With that flower Your altar I'll adorn,
Privately, in the depths of heart.

Going on giving vigor, You gave aspiration;
And You gave satisfaction to every thirst.
Just this one question, only it did linger:
When will You look in my direction?

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

I've got nothing

(1808)  Bhul kare eso priya

By mistake please arrive, my Darling,
At this modest hut of mine.
I have nothing like a virtuous quality,
By whose dint Yourself I invite.

I've no knowledge like an ocean,
Nor an intellect in much measure.
Shamefaced, I stay meritless;
Nobody wants me changed.

You alone are my shelter;
Painted hope in life dejected.
What I crave is adoration;
Round You only is it always.

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Monday, January 11, 2021

Ever in His company

(1807)  He priya amar pran sabakar

Hey my Beloved, the life of everybody;
Unto You which song will I sing?
With Your body of music from Heaven,
Tunes ever-new, they come floating in.

From the cascade of what unknown place,
On only time's current I have sailed.
Privately, in solitude and quiet way,
Life You imbued, oh Radiant One.

Never do You leave me helpless or alone;
In company You've kept me, making Your own.
Unworthy though I be, having drawn me close,
You prepared with love a bath of liberation.

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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Of Thee I sing

(1806)  Tumi je gan geyechile phulavane

The song You had sung in the flower garden,
Its jingle, in the mind it still abides;
It is in the mind.
In the trappings You had worn with a smiling visage,
That form, even now it rises every moment.

Having been affixed to mind, You are life-filling;
Having been a ray of light, You are pain-vanquishing.
At the start You were mine; afterward, everyone's...
Night and day, kindly stay with me.

From Heaven came a strange but splendid beauty
To deluge with a stream unseen.
You are always mine; You are the quintessence...
I love You, knowing-or-unknowingly.

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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Cannot do

(1805)  Bendhe rekhecho je more

Tied You have kept me,
Master, with Your love-strings.
I, to stay forgetful of Thee...
No, I cannot be.
With fervent tears,
I recall Your words only.

You are my day's light,
And You are my dark of night.
You are my wrong and right,
Stern and tender Thief Divine.
Under the summer heat or winter sunbeams,
Myself You are enveloping.

Never You am I forsaking;
You're the Master, world-pervading.
Hopes demolished though I'm weeding,
Inside memory You stay fixed and filling.
You are what is lost and what is reaped,
Blanketing everything.

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Friday, January 8, 2021

Be it I, or be it He

(1804)  Viithikay cala kale je giitika geye gele

While walking on the road that song you went on singing,
Even now she has remained within psyche.
That creeper of love, even though she's momentary,
Still today, in mind she has gone on swaying.

In your song had blossomed a flower;
With a dot of golden light was the kumkum it had worn.
But sleep had snatched the enraptured grandeur;
The heart had been overpowered.

Days pass, moments pass... time belongs to no one;
With their hopes and despairs, acquaintance gets established.
But in their smiles and tears, a line stays in memory flashes;
Upon history, who had engraved it?

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Thursday, January 7, 2021


(1803)  Amar katha dher hayeche

Talk of me has been sufficient;
Please tell just Your story.
Having bathed me in light's current,
Carry me on Your path only.

Occupied with myself had I been;
I had gone on singing my own lyrics.
Today, the boat of God's Name I did launch;
Please hoist the sail of Your song.

Oh Lovely One, You exist;
All else, I know, it is transient.
You alone are forever luminous.
High tide arrived; untie the ship.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

I will brook no interference

(1802)  Tomare bhavi shudhu

Of You I think only,
Now on this sweet night.
Also the south wind, having arrived,
It floats smiling on four sides.

On the ground today,
Anxious, restless,
Mind's tender petals
Cry aloud from separation's pangs.

Sweet smile of Yours only,
On canvas of memory it rises;
And Your visage fragmentary,
No attempt does expunge.

About You I will go on thinking;
Only Your song will I sing.
Hey Beloved, I will get Thee;
Sleepless am I with this resolution.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Intellect's defeat

(1801)  Malay vatase madhu nihshvase

With a gentle southern wind, with a sweet sigh,
In my flower garden who are You that arrived?
I could not imagine, I did not look and see...
I had been sitting inattentively.

Any sound of Your feet I failed to hear;
I gave not a sidelong peek, no, not the least;
Your auspicious advent I did not even greet...
Uninvited, with face smiling You appeared.

Burdensome it is to realize Your liila;
Stern for a moment, wreath of love in an instant.
Vast beyond measure, You are inconceivable...
So myself I surrender, upon reflection.

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