Monday, December 31, 2018

Come on, let's go

(1203)  Mor kanthe je samarthya diyecha

In my throat the power You have given me,
With that I keep calling;
I keep calling Thee.
Light's target that You've shown,
Toward it I proceed; along the path I go.

On ocean's other shore the kingdom does appear;
Piercing the dark's bosom, its bright splendor beams.
In everything You exist, so dread I do not feel;
I know there is nothing to fear.

Until now, in the bud is the unshed honey;
Until now, in the mind has hung the unsaid speech.
Within Thee is everyone, happily asleep.
As You wished, I receive all of them;
To take them I hasten.

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Sunday, December 30, 2018

A child no more?

(1202)  Amar sedin hariye geche, jabe nijeke hariyechi

Those days of mine are gone
When myself I have lost.
The flower bud fell off
When with salty hand I've touched.

Night arrives, and day also comes;
But the smile does not smile in such fashion
As it was smiling before
When, heart gifted, I have loved.

Even now I hear music of spring,
And to heart's swelling I pay heed.
In the rustle of dry-sapless leaves,
I've heard the sound of leaves tender and green.

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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Get up and go forth

(1201)  Ele ele ele andhar hrdaye alo jvalale

You came, You came, sparking light in dark hearts;
The light You sparked, You sparked.
You caused the dormant buds to blossom;
Petal-covered nectar You awakened.

Those who were soundly asleep,
At Your touch sense they received.
The birds who were in nests abiding
You did treat to spirited samgiit.

Dark earth with colors You made ornate;
Yourself You entertained with color-play.
And at the core of wakened hearts You rose;
You removed the fear and fulfilled hope.

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Friday, December 28, 2018

Mission accomplished

(1200)  Kon shalakay pradiip jvele

With which stick did you light the lamp
You have brought today?
Is that lamp kept ablaze,
Arrayed as countless flames?

It illuminates the seven spheres[1]
And makes all darkness obsolete.
It pleases every living being,
Their wicker trays decked colorfully.

At the end of very long austerity,
You lit the lamp that never blinks.
Finally, with that light only,
You finished your complete duty.

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Thursday, December 27, 2018

O frabjous day

(1199)  Nikkane nikkane shiinjita carane

With bells sweetly tinkling, jingling on Your feet,
Come, come, please come, Matchless One Supreme.
Into the vast firmament, into unfettered heavens,
Expel, expel, please expel my sins.

Today, the southern wind wants to go somewhere;
And the peacock of my psyche races, frolicking.
Toward You they speed, at You they peer,
Oh my Darling Dear!

Today, the splendid chariot proceeds;
And a thrilling current whispers very gently.
At Your touch, they are gleaming,
Having been on bended knee.

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He dwells on high

(1198)  Sudurera sakha kache eso

Steadfast Friend from afar, do come near;
From closeby please hold us dear.
Receiving welcome to Your rosy feet,
Gently smile with face that's sweet.

This whole universe is but Your image;
With paintbrush to draw, we don't find a likeness.
Why there's no comparison in all that we imagine:
Above everything of ours You drift.

For You there is not a fetter;
We can't bind You with our supplication.
Every atom of Your being is a place of pilgrimage,
And so You never come under any kind of bondage.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2018


(1197)  Tomari bhavana bhavite bhavite

Always pondering Your ideology,
I am loving Thee.
Always moving, holding You in memory,
Your refuge I'm receiving.

Eyes opening, You look at me;
From Your song I am in frenzy.
With Your thinking, neath Your feet,
To Your music[1] I am dancing.

All that's mine allegedly
Is consigned to Your proximity.
I am Yours, and You are mine only;
This certain truth I am fathoming.

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Monday, December 24, 2018


(1196)  Sonalii rather ogo sarathi

Oh Driver of the Gilded Chariot,
May You steer it with a golden magic.
Even when sun has sunk behind western mountain,
May You rid all darkness with Your effulgence.

Everyone needs a vessel, but You are container-free;
In every realm is Your movement with incessant speed.
Having gone along the spirit-path, taking everybody,
May You lead us to the formless sphere.

For You there's no judgment hard-to-reach or impossible;
There is just an aggregate of intense love and bliss.
All torment overlooked with same basic consciousness,
Everyone, may You give them Your shelter.

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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Is it a dream?

(1195)  Vishva bhuvan ghuriya ghuriya

Roving round and round the universe,
I've arrived at one location...
Coming to far shore of black fog,
With light have I been blessed.

Here there is no bashfulness mundane;
Hatred and scorn get no scope to remain...
In the heaven above blame and praise,
Shelter at His feet have I attained.

Sense of birthright or culture, respect or calumny,
Fear or fright, and whatever vanity...
All things that had bound me formerly,
I have torn apart their fastening.

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Abiding Friend

(1194)  Thako tumi thakiya jao

You abide, and You also persevere;
Don't depart, from afar neglecting me.
My secrets, to whom would I speak
Other than You, won't You say please?

Having come, those who stay, they go away;
Where get lost Earth's heaps of shapes?
I know You'd been and will remain;
Coming-and-going You never make.

Those confined to date and place,
Changing with each visit are they.
But You transcend both time and space,
No constraint do You obey.

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Saturday, December 22, 2018

And two became one

(1193)  Niirava carane esechile gopane

On silent feet, You'd arrived secretly;
In my eyes You be, my Dearest Dear.
None could know, and none could see...
This they fathomed not, Your love most sweet.

Then, pitter-patter, water had been falling;
And in bursts, bolts of thunder had been dancing.
Outside raging, inside charming...
This mode Yours was most fruitful formerly.

Jasmine fragrance on the humid breeze
Had come floating all about the darkness deep.
In one corner of my heart, a recess of psyche,
Oh the Innermost, You became my own property.

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Friday, December 21, 2018

Even if

(1192)  Tomar asar patha ceye

Gazing at the path of Your advent,
I have let my life get spent.
But, being called, I'll go ahead,
In Your deaf ears my voice awakened,
My voice awakened.

Many a Fall had arrived,
And the Springtime had smiled...
With blooms an avenue they'd filled;
But You did not appear...
I am left awaiting.

The scent of flowers drifted off;
The moon of psyche laughs no more.
From above the sands of time's ocean,
I am getting watched;
Yes, I am getting watched.

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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Here all along

(1191)  Kon sudurer sur aji bajalo bajalo

From what distant place notes echoed today,
Reverberating in both the sky and air?
The world-mind rose up dancing, it arose,
All fear and shame cast far away.

In kadam stamens a thrill was awakened,
And legions of rattan went frantic with vibration.
Screwpine pollen rode upon a moistened wind...
To what unknown place were they racing, racing?

With dance beat a peacock lured the Formless One,
And the scent of jasmine threw open heaven's door.
A sweet and gentle breeze whispered into every ear:
At the gate, the Unfamiliar Traveler's been standing.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018


(1190)  Manus manus haraye hunsh

People, your senses having lost,
Where oh where have you gone?
Air and sky getting poisoned,
Made a hell is the mortal world.

You maintain that you are best...
That vegetation, birds, and beasts,
Compared to you they all are less...
Sky-kissing, you proceed arrogantly.
Don't you see time's shadow–
At a rapid speed it does approach
To subdue all your speed.

Due to Providence, the greatest of bodies,
By strength of intellect, the sky it's plying.
Carry on racing from star to star,
Never ceasing, ever unbarred.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Do stay please

(1189)  Tumi je praner priyatama mama

Oh You, my heart's dearest dear...
With jingle sweet the anklets on Your feet
Are a balm to my eyes, a peerless ecstasy.

The age of this world that's gone...
Even in that age You had been with everyone,
Oh Traveler Unknown, pilgrim without origin,
With radiance to remove the darkness within.

Please keep very close, do not go far from...
Lighting up life with Your love,
When You will stay, then too will love
And also enlightenment, oh my Sweetest One.

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Monday, December 17, 2018

Stunning symmetry

(1188)  Nayaner ghum kere niye

Having snatched the sleep out of eyes
And crammed fragrance into shrines,
Washing darkness far aside,
In the late night He'd arrived.

With clouds the sky was abounding;
With concern the air was heavy.
To tell welcome none was there,
Hopefully then Him awaiting.

He had shown up notwithstanding;
He had romped with lute a-jingling.
But quietly He did leave,
No one coming to bid Him Godspeed.

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Sunday, December 16, 2018

How can I forget?

(1187)  Tomari priitite gara

Formed out of Your love
And filled with Your song...
Even now that thought is unflawed,
Stirring me to the core.

That smile so preoccupies,
And that flute does mesmerize
With its music love-suffused...
When it calls, consumed am I.

That love gives the mind a swing;
That song makes one self-forgetting.
That splendor, having roused consciousness,
Creates a world full of light-beams.

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Saturday, December 15, 2018

He is innate

(1299)  Acho chande acho tane

You are in the beat, You are in the key,
You are in the dance, and You are in the melody.[1]
In the melody, You are in the beat.
You are in the hopelessness of ignominy;
And You are in the wounded pride, heart-filling.

On a dry riverbed in bosom of the desert,
Or on a tree-branch with fresh color,
In the love brimming with speech
At early morning's invocation...

Like unto You there is nothing;
All that I attain, it is by Your mercy.
Bearing trace of Your grace, I promenade.
With each breath of life,
With each thought of mine...

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Open up, let Him in

(1186)  Tumi esecho krpa karecho

You have come and granted mercy;
With Your smile, light You've been casting.
You have loved and shown the path;
You have brought adherence with firm hand.

The world had been engrossed in sin;
Lost were friendship, kindness, and discernment.
Then You struck a blow, dabbed with affection;
You've awakened dharmic consciousness.

With both hands You pulled back the dark curtain;
Thoroughly You laid waste to dogma.
In those psyches budding and resonant,
The place made at their core You have taken.

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

All it takes

(1185)  Tava karunar kana

A jot of Your compassion,
Those who've got in earthly life,
Coming and going gratified,
Forever has theirs been.

That loving grace exquisite,
Of which none is equivalent,
Having but gone to think of it,
Mind lacks the power to consider.

Oh that smile from heaven,
That celestial fragrance,
Your heartfelt affection,
They have got time and again.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Look at me

(1184)  Cao cao ogo priya

Look, look at me, Beloved mine;
Forget Your wounded pride.
In west the setting sun retires;
Forgive me, and come nearby.

I've arrayed my house with floral decoration;
Laying out Your seat, I am awaiting.
From fresh flowers a wreath I have strung;
With kindly eyes, gaze at me just once.

God of Light, please remove my black color;
Go on making me still better.
Filling life, infuse love's ambrosia;
Ignite a lamp within my dark heart.

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Odd one out

(1183)  Eso go durera bandhu hiyara madhu

Come, my remote friend and heart's sweetness;
For You only I have strung a garland.
With today's spring wind, the One heart craves,
Of Him I have become aware.

For all the living there is but one lover;
Everybody would be near to Him.
Just one moon in the vast firmament,
And all stars would be next to it.

So I also do not want to be distant,
To keep far from Him any longer.
With my psyche's jeweled necklace,
I am vigilant to place it round His neck.

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Monday, December 10, 2018

The impossible dream

(1182)  Tumi uttal sindhute naco

You dance upon the surging sea.
To hold You I cannot proceed;
With high waves You are ringed.

Yourself everybody wants but cannot get easily;
They rush forth to grasp and turn back in fear;
Had You but wished, You'd have let them reach.

Scriptures I am reading and their explanation hearing,
Ample pilgrimages I am taking,
Still I don't find You; yet, having made You mine,
I see You've been hiding in the mind.

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Sunday, December 9, 2018

His delight

(1181)  Tomar pulak dyuloker pane dhay

Toward heaven does Your joyous thrill race,
Leaving Earth nectar-bathed.
The sweetness of Providence and celestial moon,
As one, they sing in praise of You.

Earth's heart, full of love and affection,
Taken with You, it is bursting with emotion.
Glittering, psyche's pearl does rise
Upon the lake of Your delight.

Contempt, disdain, and neglect,
None of their wiles has effect.
The shadow of sin dissipates,
Like a mirage, far away.

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Saturday, December 8, 2018

A theory of everything

(1180)  Tomar maner karnikate

In the pericarp of Your psychic lotus,
You are building the whole universe.
Oh Lord, the flowers You are making blossom;
You are pouring out ambrosia.

The verdant beauty of green grass
And the whiteness atop peak of mountain,
Remote sky's yonder blue tint...
In Your mind, You're drawing them.

With screwpine's floral pollen
And with gentle wind's affection,
With peacock tail's ornate colors,
You've been making minds oblivious...
Been emanating Your effulgence.

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Regarding Him

(1179)  Mahavishveri trata

Cosmic Protector,
You're the universal savior.
In a niche of psyche and confidentially in heart,
You go on composing liila, oh Divine Director.

You're the closest person, and You're the star most distant;
By Your own majesty, the awakened get filled with effulgence.
Not a thing do You ask; You just move on, having given.
At our faces You do gaze, always granting salvation.

You were in the past, and You've remained at present;
Oh Immortal Being, only You exist.
Very tenderly You laugh as affection You do give;
To Your attributes the universe sings ballads.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Love is its own reward

(1178)  Ami tomarei bhalabasiyachi

I am loving You only,
But You've forgotten me.
Having left everything I am coming
Just to make You happy.

To bear a wasteland harshness,
To endure flames of volcano crater,
To keep doing work of the whole universe
For the sake of Your amusement.

Now on eastern sky the sun has smiled;
With blooms and fruits Earth has been colored.
I'll adorn You with adjunct of lotus flower
To my heart's content.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Light liberates

(1177)  Alor devata eseche

The God of Light has arrived;
He's erased the stain of ignorance and vice.
In the sky and on the air these sweet tidings
Have been spread in a trice.

The gloom that had been Cimmerian,
Whose crossing had been nigh impossible,
In an instant it's became amenable...
Nighttime's penance has been fruitful.

Living beings are delirious with bliss;
The flowers have become self-reliant...
Ambrosia's river is full to the brim;
It has risen and become effusive.

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Monday, December 3, 2018

In His debt

(1176)  Priitir dharay

In loving fashion please do come,
With desolate mind's essence of ambrosia.
Enter my eyes' pupils with the heart's cadamba,
Having flooded my seedpod with sweetness.

Whatever I have offered, still more have I taken;
And what I've received is beyond expectation.
In excess have You given;
My life's vessel has been filled to the brim.

What You have given, it cannot be measured;
And You took from me nothing in donation.
Exclusively You did give,
Making me Your irredeemable debtor.

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Sunday, December 2, 2018

One tiny desire

(1175)  Sakal asha bharasa tumi

You are all hope and surety,
A pleasant night in spring.
You are the emblem of love's longing,
Prospect of a wretched psyche.

To every door having roved in vain,
At long last, I arrived at Your gate.
There, my prayer, good was it made;
Confirmation of result You gave.

To gain You I do not crave;
I'd but wished for more to take.
Having found You, I appreciate:
My hope fulfilled, everything I've obtained.

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Saturday, December 1, 2018

One day He will come

(1174)  Alaka lok hate e madhuvanete

From the realm celestial to this pleasure garden
His arrival in hope of, I count the moments.
On this lovely night, with agony unspoken,
Having thought of Him, my defeat I acknowledge.

That same distant lover is the moon of remote heavens;
He has snatched away my heart's sweetness.
Even though I be lost, still I yearn for Him;
For His footfall ever do I listen.

How will He not appear, not sing for me His song!
Will He never look upon my face again?
A lamp of hope tells: "He will surely come;
He's your budding flower's gem."

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My arms open wide

(1173)  Jyotsna bhara raunin rate

On a multicolored night awash with moonlight,
Wings outspread, Who are You that arrived?
Observing You in my mind, it seems that I recognize;
Then maya's lampblack You applied.

In whispers the screwpine speaks:
"Such a chameleon is my Darling!
Always He feigns a man who is near;
But, any time, He goes into hiding."

The honeybee with words so sweet,
Humming in a way that's heartening,
Intimates: "Even though He's concealed,
Embrace is granted when implored persistently."

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Thursday, November 29, 2018


(1172)  Darashana lagi jage ankhi

Watchful to catch sight,
These eyes of mine,
Any burden they don't mind.
With tears are they ever deluged...
What am I to do?

Please come Thou into my dwelling;
I'll keep You bound with love's strings.
Never will I forsake Thee;
I am Yours only.

Your formless splendor, new and sublime,
The sweet flute lets me realize.
I am Yours, and You are mine;
Just one plays the Game Divine.

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My true self

(1171)  Patre puspe tumi acho

You exist in leaf and in blossom;
Light with light You have wed.
You dwell with, from dawn to dusk...
You abide; so color into color You have stuffed.

Anywhere, whatever anyone has done,
On any path, whoever has got lost...
When in peril, You have answered everyone;
Pouring out Your heart, You have given love.

No one is alone in Your universe,
None is helpless, concealed by the mist...
Most Reverend Lord, everyone's beloved,
With everybody You are familiar.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Finally I give up

(1170)  Palash vane tomar sane

With You in a palash forest
It had been noticed...
Sometime in the past...
Privately into my ears
Love-filled words You'd whispered.

On a spring month,[1] fire exuding
In the palash forest's every corner,
Élan vital had awakened,
Willful in the morning.

About the capture of an Unknown Traveler,
Near to all, yet remaining afar...
Having given thought and made a reasoned judgment,
Thee I cannot apprehend.

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Monday, November 26, 2018

Lower the drawbridge

(1169)  Ami chinu base balukabelay

I had been sitting on a sandy beach,
Pondering Thee on shore of ascension's sea.
In high dudgeon, You had been
In who-knows-what distant country...
Was it in a remote niche of psyche?
Tell me, tell me please.

Then, a flight of geese, their wings outspread,
Had flown off to some far-flung realm,
Where ocean meets the heavens.
In flower-garlands, essence of sweet scent
Had danced with exuberance
In hope of Your attainment.

I've not kept in mind days' reckoning,
Auspicious dates are not within my memory...
Never was the journal made in writing.
Unexpected Guest, when last You were seen,
Was it on shore of declension's sea?
How does Agastya cross the mountain peak?

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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Every day

(1168)  Amar e gan divase nishiithe

Day and night, this my song
I've composed for You, my Lord.
With music's language, my life's basket
I have kept arranged in layers.

To my fore the light has smiled;
Your sweetness is what's left behind.
Ambrosial rows of blooms and leaves,
Just Your story they tell to me.

The air has come with touch that's sweet,
Your tale only to tell happily.
Unending is Your love-honey;
It's been dispensed unstintingly.

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Friendless and aimless

(1167)  Amar calar pathe andhara rate

One dark night on my pathway,
Lamp in hand, Who are You that came?
I know You not, but near You came;
Effusively, love You gave.

In darkness, recognize the path I don't;
And none was with to call my own.
So I went on, summoning allies unknown...
You poured in my ear the mantra to invoke.

A penchant for movement, addicted to the road I've roamed;
Nonstop I have raced about without existential goal.
Then Yourself You appeared, and the light You showed;
To journey on the righteous path, me You told.

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Friday, November 23, 2018

He brings the new

(1166)  Nutaneri alo eseche

Now, the light of novelty has come;
The black fog has met with naught.
The universe, brimming with life's passion,
Has assumed invincible momentum.

We will brook no obstruction, nowhere will we pause;
We will never be subdued, fearing scowls from anyone.
On this day we'll move ahead;
Flood tide has been awakened.

Only moving on, that we've known to be life;
Looking behind, it but calls to death, we've realized.
Dropping luster on the lids of our eyes,
Shattering the slumber, Who has arrived!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Agent of splendor

(1165)  Gahan andhakare vartavaha

In darkness dense, You are the messenger;
My Beloved, You are the agent of splendor.
Waiving all my degradation,
Please take me, making Your own.

I have pined for You night and day,
In dense fog and pouring rain.
Now I've found You on a morn gold-dripping;
Make my heart and mind complete.

I have pined for You age after age,
In barren desert and on ancient-mountain plain.
Now I've found You in a necklace of gems unbodied;
Go on taking everyone to the realm of splendid beauty.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018


(1164)  Andhareri javanika thele

The curtain of utter gloom pushing aside,
Effulgent One, Who are You that arrived?
Ignoring obstacles along the way,
As if treading on mere pebbles You came.

Hitches besieged Your every step;
Whoosh, steadily You tore through them.
Like a free bird, You emerged;
Wings outspread, You flew unimpeded.

Nobody on Your path will live in fear
Of tricksters' insincere duplicity.
Seeing Your splendor, they'll dismiss the black mist;
They'll heed the light that appeared on Earth's surface.

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Monday, November 19, 2018

I capitulate

(1163)  Maneri gahane je eseche nije theke

The One Who came by Himself in my psychic niche,
All day long He goes on calling me.
Pray tell, how do I stay far from Him?
All day long He goes on calling me.

From my first morning that summons is happening,
Oft by day and oft by night with a crimson gleam.
From sunrise through the star of evening,[1]
He keeps calling, dabbing sweetness on my psyche.

Deeming Him unknown, I never gave reply;
I did not submit when doubt was in my mind.
Hesitation broken, I'm coming at this moment bright;
I have been inspired, inspired to comply.

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I want You near

(1162)  Pranera devata kache eso

God of life, please come nigh.
With painted eyes and lips dyed,
Ever-Stainless One,[1] sit by my side.

Age after age, alert for Your coming,
I await, having renounced sleep.
Night gave way to morning, oh Heart-Thief,[2]
Not a trace of jasmine[3] scent remaining.

What game is Yours, this play of light and shade...
Sometimes love, sometimes disdain!
Magnanimous One, I am just Your tiny grain;
With this particle's sensation, kindly integrate.

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Saturday, November 17, 2018

As You please

(1161)  Ami tomake bhalabasiyachi

Yourself I am cherishing.
In Your splendor and my love,
The sweetness of existence I am finding.

Appear in my psyche secretly and alone,
Such that none on Earth or in heaven knows.
In heart's casket I will tend to Thee;
For You a place I keep making.

Do not hold me dear, there's no harm;
I ask only for Your vision from afar.
Don't come near; laugh at a distance...
I have decorated Your arrival path.

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Friday, November 16, 2018

My Plus-One

(1160)  Bhavatiita tumi bhavaloke eso

Transcendental One, come to the realm of existence
With experience of benign thoughts.
Into a flowered forest, into human notions,
Stooping down, enter life's celebration.

Whatever is outmoded, kindly do remove;
Saturate all with light of the new.
Inside of me grant Your embrace
In ever-fresh forms and fresh states.

From birth to death You are my bosom friend, I know;
So why do You cast me away, leaving me on my own?
With Your touch, Your illumination,
Take me to Your mahábháv.[1]

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

In a flower

(1159)  Rauner melay esechile tumi

You'd arrived with a festival of color;
In a flower-show, is there such glamor?
With enchanting magic You had risen,
Smiling in both youthfulness and sweetness.

On the first morning You had been solitary;
Stealthily You'd let Yourself get revealed.
With Your glee, Your touch of vitality,
Earth had filled with greenery.

With jingling sounds You had capered,
Ever executing diverse steps.
With entranced bliss under Your spell,
The mortal world's been enthused by what grandeur?

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Nothing is hidden

(1158)  Gane gane eso

In song after song please arrive,
Pulverizing psyche's pride.
Life after life, please commingle,
Ridding the limits of meanness.

In whose mind what exists
That is thought in secret?
You know everything equally;
You proceed, scrutinizing everybody.

Outside You there is nothing;
In both joy and sorrow You are everybody's sanctuary.
Everybody's history in like manner You consider;
You proceed, keeping watch on everyone.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

His mercy

(1157)  Ke go ele sudha jhara

Oh Who did come, dripping moonlight?
All darkness pushing aside,
You made the earth bright.

With You is my acquaintance
Of so many ages, but who knows anyway!
With a glitter of new light today,
You did generate a cascade.

Come into my life, come into my psyche,
With a form enchanting, in complete privacy.
All hopes to satisfy and the mind to fill,
Lovely One, You are full of sweetness.

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Monday, November 12, 2018

No mere IOU

(1156)  Ke go tumi ele maneri majhe

Oh Who arrived inside my mind?
Sky and air, upon Your music,
Vibrated, they've grown feverish therein.

You desire nothing, nothing do You ask;
Always giving something, You don't want to grab.
Yet, for the sake of giving something, I am awake;
But even by mistake, Your kindly eyes don't crave.

Nothing small do You desire from my side,
I realize You but want my sense of "I".
I have loved, in the mind have I been frenzied;
To give everything, mind is now ready.

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

So far away

(1155)  Jyotsna nishiithe niirave nibhrte, tomar lagiya racechi gan

At moonlit midnight, silently and privately,
I've composed a song for Thee.
Listen to my story, understand my agony;
Bring to a close anxiety.

There's just one thing I am saying:
I'm in love, so why don't You come near?
So much distance is far too severe;
Now let there be an end to it.

Just one pain needs explaining:
For pranam[1] to make, I don't get near.
Whatever's there for me to speak,
I would present at yonder feet.

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