Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Nothing is hidden

(1158)  Gane gane eso

In song after song please arrive,
Pulverizing psyche's pride.
Life after life, please commingle,
Ridding the limits of meanness.

In whose mind what exists
That is thought in secret?
You know everything equally;
You proceed, scrutinizing everybody.

Outside You there is nothing;
In both joy and sorrow You are everybody's sanctuary.
Everybody's history in like manner You consider;
You proceed, keeping watch on everyone.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

His mercy

(1157)  Ke go ele sudha jhara

Oh Who did come, dripping moonlight?
All darkness pushing aside,
You made the earth bright.

With You is my acquaintance
Of so many ages, but who knows anyway!
With a glitter of new light today,
You did generate a cascade.

Come into my life, come into my psyche,
With a form enchanting, in complete privacy.
All hopes to satisfy and the mind to fill,
Lovely One, You are full of sweetness.

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Monday, November 12, 2018

No mere IOU

(1156)  Ke go tumi ele maneri majhe

Oh Who arrived inside my mind?
Sky and air, upon Your music,
Vibrated, they've grown feverish therein.

You desire nothing, nothing do You ask;
Always giving something, You don't want to grab.
Yet, for the sake of giving something, I am awake;
But even by mistake, Your kindly eyes don't crave.

Nothing small do You desire from my side,
I realize You but want my sense of "I".
I have loved, in the mind have I been frenzied;
To give everything, mind is now ready.

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

So far away

(1155)  Jyotsna nishiithe niirave nibhrte, tomar lagiya racechi gan

At moonlit midnight, silently and privately,
I've composed a song for Thee.
Listen to my story, understand my agony;
Bring to a close anxiety.

There's just one thing I am saying:
I'm in love, so why don't You come near?
So much distance is far too severe;
Now let there be an end to it.

Just one pain needs explaining:
For pranam[1] to make, I don't get near.
Whatever's there for me to speak,
I would present at yonder feet.

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Friday, November 9, 2018


(1153)  Aji mor vasanta jhariya jay avahelay

Today, my springtime is declining... by neglect.
The extant honey dribbling, leaves are getting shed.
And blossoms, before time they are wizened... by neglect.

From floral grove the gentle breeze has gone away.
With dust-storm its throbbing grace has got encased.
Where oh where are You... in these evil days?

With new beauty please arrive; cast a smile full of life.
Come to make understand, to guide those who are mystified.
Oh my, except for you none exists... at this baleful time.

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Thursday, November 8, 2018


(1152)  Maneri majhare gopane agocare

Within the mind, secretly and unnoticed,
You'd arrived, oh my Darling Dearest.
None did see, none did know,
That love of Yours, oh Peerless One.

On autumn eves and upon dusk in summer,
In smiling spring with its floral fragrance,
You had laughed and sung a song;
One can't fathom my emotions!

The sweet jingle of Your ankle-bells,
It overwhelms all thoughts perplexed.
You had danced and uttered words–
Those words heavenly, like ambrosia!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Anandamurti was here

(1151)  Ei svapnasudha bhara dhara

This very Earth, filled with dream-nectar,
By Your touch has become dulcet,
Exuding a resplendent sweetness.

Flood tide has occurred in Earth's oceans;
It has roused a gigantic fluctuation...
You had watched, and You had laughed;
And so the Earth, ecstatic it has waxed.

At Earth's pleasure groves with fond emotions,
In the flowers blooming with love's pollen,
Everything is forgotten; with heart's passion,
Adrift is a fragrant current.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Joy's true nature

(1150)  Dhara diyechile manera mukure

In mind's mirror You had acquiesced;
That kindness I cannot forget.
Earth had become profoundly blissful,
Witnessing delight's true nature.

Sweetness had kept brimming in a blossom;
With its honey had a bosom overspilled.
Privately, in a niche of psyche's garden,
Bumblebee had come a-hummin'.

Light had arrived, piercing the dark;
A crazed mind had been dabbed with nectar.
With contented eyes and blazing fervor,
I've gained You; my heart is full.

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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Making sense of it all

(1149)  Tumi jadi na aso priya

In case You are not coming, my Dear,
For Whom shall I keep waiting?
All alone in flower garden,
For Whom shall I weave a garland?

Seated am I in seclusion,
Absorbed in Your meditation.
Thinking, thinking of tales Thine,
That's how I'll make time go by.

The image of You constantly
Floats within my memory;
Stories of the days gone by
To contemplate it likes.
Presently this heart of mine,
A damp night-jasmine alike,
It emits a scent that's sweet,
Your blessed touch to receive.

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Saturday, November 3, 2018

He fills my senses

(1148)  Tumi anu anute acho

In each minute particle You exist;
On lonesome morns, with crimson luster
Mind and heart You've kept filled.

Outside Your vision, anything I go to do...
With eyes open I perceive it is not unknown to You.
From birth to death, at every step,
You are dancing in each fluctuation.

Have mercy that I may keep You in mind,
In thought and memory stay by Your side.
All around You may my heart sing;
At the end, in the beginning, You are witnessing.

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Friday, November 2, 2018


(1147)  Ami bhule gechi sei din ksan

I've forgot the precise day and moment
When Yourself I beheld, oh Peerless One;
But even now love's honey gives a swing in psyche
When about You I do think, my Darling.

From the vibrance of blue firmament,
What a sound comes floating on the wind!
I lose myself in its form and color,
In the heavens' fond obsession.
Life got kneaded with that pollen,
Its sweet scent, a fragrance that with psyche mixed.
In that selfsame tune was the song You sang today;
Immaculate the impure one became.

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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Enough to go around

(1146)  Tumi esecho bhalobesecho, andhar sagar pare tarii beyecho

You have come, and You have loved;
Across the dark sea You have steered the boat.
You have filled Earth with floral collections;
You have relieved thirst and hunger's throes.

The foremost of those who've arrived,
Your mercy's speck they have acquired.
Those yet to come, they all will earn
Compassion's stream in this universe.
Yourself having attended,
You have brought a flood with shower of effulgence.

In eternal abode You dwell, and in liila You descend;
So in the flow of liila, Yourself we will all possess.
By Your grace, we will sail across the darkness;
Mind and heart You have filled with confidence.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Who loves last loves best

(1145)  Tomar parashe praner pradiip

On Your touch the flame of life,
Shining brightly, had climbed.
The dry-wood lampstand of mine,
Full of consciousness, had died.

No precious gems or jewels had I,
No diamond necklace dazzling to the eyes;
With me was but love, huge and vast...
That had brought You in my grasp.

No knowledge of doctrine did I have
Nor worth of piety by pilgrimage;
In poverty, I've begged for Your grace...
Your unearned grace had taken place;
My painful heart, it did sate.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018


(1144)  Tumi amar ashar alo, tomar tarei mala gantha

You are my ray of hope;
Just for You garlands are wove.
You know how to love me;
Constantly of You I speak.

On silent nights and lonesome mornings,
I want You with mind and body.
In my heart, hoping for Thee,
Eagerness is overflowing;
All my agony is bittersweet.

Day of light or day of shadow,
I have played a game of joy and sorrow.
All my sport, it is with Thee,
Intent engagement with You only;
That is my romantic history.

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The look of love

(1143)  Desh kalatiita priitite nihita

Beyond space and time, imposed with love,
Your abode is in a devout heart.
In both animate and inanimate, each and every moment,
Your majesty sways to and fro, like a pendulum.

You're not bound by thoughts or sense-organs,
Yet I would bind You through my love.
You let me snare You with love's fetters,
Gifting me Your grace unearned.

Human genius is produced by You;
With that genius, vision gets mature.
By Your grace, Your compassion,
They are set afloat on love's flood.

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Never fear

(1142)  Andhakare hime kuyashay nahi theme

Never making halt for darkness, frost, or fog
You had come, Effulgent One.
With dance, beat, and tune, into the gloom of then,
You had brought a rhythmic song.

Touched by morning's sun, the Earth got colored crimson;
Vital current came into its still doldrums.
All intense yearning gained form, taste, and tongue;
A thousand thanks to You, oh Conscious One!

Countless ages passed; Creation's flow has persevered;
Vast beyond limits has endured the stream of mercy.
With Your tender blessing, blending love and sweetness,
You said smiling: "I am here; there will be no final dissolution.
Know that there won't be a cosmic cataclysm."

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Traveling northeast

(1141)  Van paharer aral diye

By forest and hills concealed,
The sun, it is setting.
Light is fading, darkness thickens;
Daytime, where does it go missing?

When the sun had been risen,
Colors had formed on the darkness.
Along with the setting sun,
They pass into oblivion.

Upon a seven-shaded chariot,
Sun arrives in white heavens.
Crimson-colored mind, intoxicated,
Takes a look skyward.

Come sun once more, please do appear;
On earth's bosom, cast a smile sweet.
Living beings, your warmth chasing,
They gaze to the east.

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Friday, October 26, 2018

Can we not all get along?

(1140)  Tumi dhruva dharanar sarathi

You're the fixed concentration's chauffeur;
You're the lifelong visitor.
Unknown Traveler, You're the token of vigor;
But does anybody really know Your nature?

Your affection cannot be forgotten;
Your compassion, it is filling to the brim.
You exist, and so there is Creation;
Love for the macrocosm, it is in Your vision.

Within You has endured the fount of effulgence;
But within You runs amuck the "I", full of virtues and vices.
Your radiance, Your friendly sentiments,
May they bring on Earth heavenly hymns.

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Our day will come again

(1139)  Tomar sathe kon atiite

With You in what ancient past
Had occurred acquaintance?
I've forgot the day and date,
The sweet anniversary;
But will that memory ever get erased?

A hundred trumpets play at Your victory procession;
From afar I hear the grave and sonorous assemblage.
I want to go near, but I just cannot set out;
Insignificance is a block hard to surmount.

I am aware that You are great; I know that I am small.
But sporting with the paltry, indeed it's Your liila...
Trading hearts with the meager!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Must I die first?

(1138)  Shata badha utkrami tumi eso

I've crossed a hundred obstacles; You please appear...
Upon a southern breeze, please do appear.
Arise with beauty in mind's mansion;
Kindly smile with a soothing touch.

Those who come then go, wanting nothing,
They don't cast a return glance to the rear...
With form and flavor their sweetness is full.
Kindly favor the living with Your affection.

There is no invocation or immersion,
Formalistic sacrifice, or circumambulation...
You had been, You are now, and staying You will be.
Without waiting for my immolation, kindly do appear.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Not exactly complaining...

(1137)  Ami bhalobese tomay pabo

Through love will I attain You;
I'll be engaged in Your work only.
Your smile, Your enchanting flute...
With them will I engross my psyche.

So many births have elapsed;
So many autumns, they have passed.
In constant hope, my time's been pared away;
How many more days will I count, do say?

Come stay with me age after age;
I keep awake just for Your sake.
Open Your eyes and look at me;
How much longer must I journey?

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Monday, October 22, 2018


(1136)  Gane eso prane

Oh You, please come into my life with song,
Omni-Transcendent One in a world of form.
There's nothing You cannot materialize
In the seven spheres[1] constructed in Your mind.

What cannot be done, You accomplish;
Only one, You take shapes innumerous.
You commence even after there's a finish,
Having filled the world with magic.

You are even better than beneficent;
Fit for both welcoming and worship.
Though closeby, You are unknowable,
Like a war-trumpet in realm of music.

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Through incense and candles

(1135)  Tomare dekhechi shata rupe

I have seen You in myriad forms,
In countless shapes to meet mind's expectations.
I have watched You through incense and candles
To mingle in one all sweetness.

You have come in many different garments,
With concerns and actions various,
Each moment with a southern breeze,
Day and night with lost memories.

To rhythm and beat You have danced,
And You have loved in good times and bad.
In mind's depths and in a lonesome forest,
I have found You, smiling with effulgence.

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(1134)  Ami tomar katha bhavi divarati

I think about You constantly;
Psyche wants to muse on Thee.
Glad memory of Your sweet smile alone,
In downcast heart, it rouses hope.

Oh Driver of the Splendid Chariot,
I know You don't hold any day auspicious.
As it's so, please enter my home every day;
Let golden light make nectar emanate.

By my ideation on the Other, oh my, what has happened!
What's that ambrosia in the mind... it woke intoxication.
Forsaking all, to the One my mind did race;
What anyone may say, toward that it does not gaze.

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Like the moon

(1133)  Snigdha samiire ese

Arriving on a breeze refreshing,
To which flower did You give a shaking?
At the end of pride and vanity,
Whose sweetness did You take without asking?

You arrived and left without warning;
Oh the Moon, better that feels!
By dint of You having appeared,
Disquietude, it simply does increase.
But You came not for that indeed;
With form and color You delighted psyche.

Such a liila, so extraordinary,
Every minute new, continually!
In Your love, all hope exceeding,
You gave everything and asked for nothing.

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Is music the answer?

(1132)  Ele alor vane

You came on a spate of light;
Giving a sway, where did You hide?
On a wind pleasing and mild,
Fragrance infusing, You excited mind.

Still more of You everyone wants to receive;
They don't wish to let go for even a few hours.
Within mind, the sweetness that is there,
To fulfill desire, it would be poured out.

In a mode so sweet, oh come You;
Surpassing One, rectify every dearth.
With meter, lyrics, tempo, and new tunes,
Having made hearts swell, appear in fresh musical measures.

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Raison d'ĂȘtre

(1131)  Tumi acho tai mora achi

Lord, as You exist, so we exist.
With life You've filled the green grass, young and tender;
Now all of us, we but pray for Your compassion.

The azure beyond measure of the firmament,
The wrathful grandeur of the wilderness,
The woodland plants, the well-proportioned leaves...
Along with all of them, we go on living.

So that we don't keep forgetting Thee,
Under the spell of egoism's fetters and enemies,[1]
With the strength of just Your name, filling our bosom,
We will obliterate the power of sin.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

When God is the bride...

(1130)  Jar asmita shes haye geche

One whose vanity has ceased
He gains You wholeheartedly.
With everything of his You've seized,
He makes it all Your offering.

In a prison gloomy, it's You he perceives;
On evening's stars, Your love he smears.
With golden light at crimson morning,
In Your form and color he is bathing.

By his side nothing is frightening;
Loving kindness is the one song there.
Lively and broad prosperity is abiding
With ambrosia's essence, honey-sweet.[1]

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Monday, October 15, 2018

Racing joyously toward Him

(1129)  Vasante anu anute

In the Spring, for atoms each and every,
On what stream did You keep giving them a swing?
At core of tune after tune,
What sorcery did You imbue?

A drunken atmosphere, it speaks of what craving?
In the music what is missing, and what is received?
Silently and secretly,
On sweet night Your touch You kept applying.

What I've lost, that I have left behind;
What I've found, it lifts and fills the mind.
My avid heart's outpouring
Won't be held shrouded by any means.

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So that's what it's about

(1128)  Alote chayate duhkha sukhete

In light and shade, pleasure and pain,
So many lifetimes have gone by.
What I've attained, that I've mislaid;
But I've endured, hope entwined.

Storms have come, tearing to pieces,
Setting adrift my existence.
Graciously once more I've got the same...
To fill my psyche I have craved;
And, path ignored, I've gone astray...
But I don't comprehend much of it.

I've divined You now, I've found the path;
I've learned to move in radiance celestial.
That very grace provide; please give more light,
Having effaced all blemishes of mine.

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Here shines like the sun

(1127)  Aloke aloke aloke tumi esecho

With divine light You've arrived;
Like a kind sun, You've smiled.

You've made fall the old and withered leaves;
With tender green leaves You've brought beauty.
The burden of dogmatism, You've left it colorless.

Inertia's yellowed curtain You have torn;
On rosy cheeks red luster You have brought.
Speed You have filled with dynamism.

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Hope beyond hope

(1126)  Balechile more gan shonabe

You'd said You'll sing a song to me;
The days I count, expectantly.
With smile sweet, You had assured:
"At once I shall return."

Many times has Earth gone round its path;
So many Falls and Springs have passed!
You did not come, You did not sing;
Anxious for Thee, fake webs I weave.

The saplings, they've grown into trees;
Mountains eroded have become ant-heaps!
Time's reckoning has reached its limit;
Still I do believe footfall approaches.

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Merciful Lord

(1124)  Tumi amay bhule gecho

You have forgotten me...
You've forgot, You've forgot, my Dear.
In light and shade, with me You had been;
Are You ever thinking of that history?

So many golden dawns have gone;
The flower-string I've wove got torn.
You had been, You are now, remaining You will be;
But You've expunged me from Your memory.

Close to me, come, please come... no more of Your liila!
No more games... having come near, kindly do be seated.
By Your mercy, by Your favor and affection,
I exist, and also You are present.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Swimming upstream

(1123)  Aloke tomar liila

With effulgence lies Your game divine...
On seeing darkness why do You give fright?
In the heart are many states of mind...
When mood's forgot, why make sense of want arise?

Those who, Yourself in alluring dress
Have witnessed in the midst of fondness...
About them have You got some other view
Such that You have kept far removed?

Those who cherish You,
Hoping just to give You pleasure...
Toward them a look You don't take,
As if, forgetting, You have gone away.

I am an atom; You are Cosmic Being,
Without any limit, any boundary...
But for an atom to get rid,
That You cannot; well You know it!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

On the eve of destruction

(1122)  Varasar rate ketakiisuvase mate

On a monsoon night, redolent with scent screwpine,
On feet rose-color dyed,
Inside my home You had arrived.
Stricken by the three afflictions,[1] Earth's bosom
You suffused with peacefulness.

At the time, around that night had streamed
A heady southern wind, exhilarating.
It had sung with a music jingling,
Megh Malhar resonating.
Seized with love was I in that very atmosphere;
I had bowed and paid respect deliberately.

That day I don't forget, I don't forget the moment;
In my heart its memory resounds at each instant.
That same sweetness, it surrounds my consciousness;
On melody it sets me adrift.

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(1121)  Jyotisamudre ek anu tava

Inside of light's ocean, I am Your one particle;
Everything that I keep getting, it is without equal...
It is beyond anything that I can comprehend.

You are in me and around me to an infinite extent,
From before time began until after time does end...
And so You are without limit, One With No Precedent.

On Creation's game of deceit, You move dancing, all-pervading;
But mid sounds raised by birds warbling and the peacocks calling...
Listening for Thee, I hear nothing, One So Very Hard To Reach.

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Sunday, October 7, 2018

What remains

(1120)  Sharada nishiithe shephalii sudhate

Late on an autumn night, with the jasmine[1] nectar,
You had arrived, oh Thou Immaculate!
With a pleasing fragrance, casting a sweet laugh,
Effulgence You did emanate, my Dearest Beloved.

Like the waving kash, my heart You swayed;
In clean white frost, my path You bathed.
Love You'd bestowed, mind You had vanquished;
Innermost, You were my Intimate.

You went away, but Your sweet scent remains;
Many hundreds are the new sensations.
You lavished love, my mind You took;
You left behind matchless recollections.

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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Taking the baton

(1119)  Ei bhalabasa bhara madhu sandhyay

On this sweet, love-filled evening,
To some far-off place, mind drifts away.

Many a rose has bloomed in forests aplenty;
A rose has also bloomed at Your rosy feet.
Upon such beauty my heart and soul grow faint;
My eyes, they don't want to disengage.

Many stars have risen in the distant heavens;
To Your song of love a voice they give.
Those stars keep falling, such a burden!
So much love, oh will it get forgotten?

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(1118)  Bhramar elo gharer majhe

A bumblebee entered the house
On whose account, oh yes, on whose account?
Flowers of forest he did leave behind
In favor of a blossom of the mind.

Either the forest's nectar does not please,
Or it is not the equal of mind's honey.
One who has given you his psyche,
His honey it exudes constantly.

With love is the honey groomed;
Listen well, you who pursue the moon.
In corner of habitation seated in meditation,
Honey emanates in torrents.

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

All my trials, Lord

(1117)  Alo andhare hay din kete jay

Alas, with light and dark, day goes by;
Until now, still You did not arrive.
Though I see dense black concealed by light,
The dark curtain, it draws not aside.

The flower's tender smile becomes frowsy,
Silently, within the night's obscurity.
Full-moon's light is consumed by time's hunger...
Moon, a morsel when the demon Rahu swaggers.
Viewing all, in the mind such pain I get;
Even a bit of it I can't express.

Inwardly, I ask of You in the utmost privacy:
What purpose serves this light-and-shade fancy?
Won't You please tell, won't You tell me
Why this world came into being?

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

In His absence

(1116)  Akashe aj tarar mala

Today on sky is the garland of a star;
Within its mind is darkness.
Night and day in absence of its Maker,
The sea of woe is immense beyond measure.

In flower garden there is no sweet fragrance;
Without moon, the heavens are indifferent.
In frost there is no soothing coolness;
Flavorless, the honey lacks its substance.

Without his tail, the peacock is glum;
Crying, he spurns life's exuberance.
A pair of feet once restless to dance,
Now they've become cadence-oblivious.

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Who knows?

(1115)  Akasher tara bale ekmatra

In yonder cascade of effulgence,
Oh Who came, You Unknown One?
With that sublime, golden luster,
You kept giving me inspiration.

My entire past You perceive,
And future's mesh You do weave.
You fathom all the stories of my psyche,
Whereas of them I grasp nothing.

On Your account I execute what work I do,
And by Your grace I remember only You.
Master, the day when You'll let me catch hold...
You have knowledge, whereas I don't know.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

My eternal visitor

(1114)  Akasher tara bale ekmatra

A star of sky says: "One only...
Only He is my companion."
Dancing, speaks Earth's speck of dust,
It says: "I yearn for Him constantly."

South wind speaks with mild air-current:
"Without Him there is no one else."
Uneven ocean's wave does say:
"Toward Him alone always I gaze."
Tiny dots, light-orbs in distant heavens,
With their glow they swing a lamp to greet Him.[1]

Tears of love are His dewdrops;
Rain showers, His love and affection.
With the pollen floral fragrance spreads its wings;
Its message drifts into infinity.
Each atom of the human psyche goes on singing:
"Life after life, He is the guest unforeseen."[2]

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Monday, October 1, 2018

Immeasurable greatness

(1113)  Vishver cakranabhi tumi

The cosmic hub, that You be;
I acknowledge Thee as my each and everything.
At my start You were there; till my finish You'll survive...
Your end I don't recognize.

In a flower's fragrance and in a heart's ardent emotion,
In the vista of a hymn and in a honeyed wind,
Hidden from everyone and casting a gentle grin,
You go on weaving the mesh of Your will.

On some day at a distance, at some time not yet arrived,
Your majesty on land, on sea, and in the sky,
In times both good and not-so-fine, it is going to abide...
It will be without measure; and the days count I.

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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Naming the game

(1112)  Hrday bhariya ele

Filling the heart, You came;
Without notice, You went away.
So what's the reason for this advent?
Having spoken sweetly, why You left?

Within Your endless universe,
Countless creatures in loving postures...
Eternally, they've been dancing;
Honey-sweet is Your liila's deceit.

Perpetual coming and going,
Jilted hearts just gazing at the path...
Is only this Your ambition,
The sole thing on account of liila?

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Saturday, September 29, 2018


(1111)  Sabar saunge tumi acho

You are with everybody;
You are there, Lord, You are there.
With love You have vanquished psyche.

Mid fierce tempests, in death's grip,
At final moment, the Grim Reaper closing in,
Getting devoured by callous foes,
You dance in a smiling pose.

When Creation had not yet begun, was still to come,
By no means the days were getting reckoned;
Nor was there hope-and-desperation's deception.
Then You had been, and still now You exist...
In liila's flow You are present; You appraise affection.

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Friday, September 28, 2018

Within Him

(1110)  Nandanamadhunisyanda

Delighting honey-cascade,
With love You are inlaid.
Sandal-paste soaked in ambrosial essence,
You're the one anointed with a gentle wind.

For those with no one, You alone are theirs;
You're the orphan's guardian, coated with sweetness.
Worshiped by the universe,
You are ever-involved in benign action.

In Creation's game, waves in billions emanate;
Yet to outside of You, not even one ever leaves.
On the far side of darkness transitory,
You are streaming light, never-ending.

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Hail to my King

(1109)  Tumi tumi tumi

You, oh You, oh You...
Please come near and nearer still.
With many prosodies I weave Your wreath of victory,
With but fragrant emotions I fill up my wicker basket,[1]
And, at times, to the ground I place my ear.

With sweet touch, please liven me;
With heart's flame, please brighten me
To Your cadence and Your song, in ambrosial stream,
Please utilize me for Your deeds.

I am but Your atom, and You are always novel;
Within You, I receive love's nectar ever-fresh.
All my yearning and my hundred salutations,
Incessantly they beg Your compassion.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Dwell in me

(1108)  Eso eso tumi

Arrive, please arrive
Inside this my shrine.
Mind's shrine, with bright hues
I have beautified for You.

I have cleansed it with love's incense
And I have embellished with colors.
All affection and devotion that was there,
Made empty now, I've dedicated fully.

Only You listen to my inner-speech;
My heartaches, only You perceive.
Having heard me, having known me,
Graciously, enter my psyche.

Touchstone-black on all four sides,
Amid the darkness, only You are light.
Whatever's any good with me,
Capering, it moves round Thee.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018


(1107)  Tandrahata ankhipallave

On eyelids whelmed by sleep,
With luster's touch Who wakened me?
In the wretched shrine of psyche,
You set lamps alight everywhere.

Inside mind was no luster;
Sadhana was unenlightened.
With the lanterns of jewel-casket,[1]
You made me illumined.

My life lacked exuberance,
Walking a path with few provisions.
Cloud-cast slumber You did burst asunder;
You told me to heed Your invitation.

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