Tuesday, November 20, 2018


(1164)  Andhareri javanika thele

The curtain of utter gloom pushing aside,
Effulgent One, Who are You that arrived?
Ignoring obstacles along the way,
As if treading on mere pebbles You came.

Hitches besieged Your every step;
Whoosh, steadily You tore through them.
Like a free bird, You emerged;
Wings outspread, You flew unimpeded.

Nobody on Your path will live in fear
Of tricksters' insincere duplicity.
Seeing Your splendor, they'll dismiss the black mist;
They'll heed the light that appeared on Earth's surface.

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  1. Those who've seen the light may be tricked or robbed, but ultimately they can't be fooled. Their priorities are blissful.