Wednesday, January 31, 2018

No formalities

(78)  Svapane se esechilo

In a dream He had appeared;
He went away in that same dream.
Unspeaking, He departed;
He had come uninvited.

Inside my heart, in a private niche,
Silently He took His seat.
His own hand a-strumming,
He'd played a tune on my lute-strings.

Lifting His eyes toward my face,
What is it He had wished to say?
I know not due to what offense,
Without informing me He left.

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The power of a dream

(77)  Svapane tare cinechi

In dream Him have I recognized!
In dream was I on moonlit night,
In my hand a faint lamplight;
Adrift was I on a melodic stream;
Then a new life have I received.
In dream Him have I seen,
I have seen, oh, I have seen!

This world is full, deluged with life,
Exuding pearls with His sweet smile...
With song and dance to His lute-strains,
A heady scent is in the air.
My life's been dabbed with His life-touch,
And with new light I've run amuck...
In dream Him have I received,
I've received, oh, I've received!

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Monday, January 29, 2018

In a dream

(76)  Svapane khonj peyechinu

In a dream I have discovered;
In but a dream, I have cherished.
Acquaintance that was but in dream,
All that was known, did I leave?

Tell me do, when the dream was finished,
Whereto did He vanish?
With wakeful state's happening,
He went away, just grinning.

Such golden dream, will it recur...
In my life will it return?
With but that hope do I abide,
With but that hope awake am I.

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

What we were missing

(75)  Ke ele aji ke ele

Who came, Who came today?
Rocking the world's cradle, You came.

From the realm of thought, down You came;
You mingled, bearing Earth's embrace.

You came most near, a star from faraway;
The mind You thrilled, music from a distant place.

The lost tune floating into ears, You came;
The lost beat that makes us dance You gave.

The tears that were filling eyes You wiped away;
Oh, Jewel of the Sea, our hearts You assuaged.

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God's army

(74)  Cal cal cal cal gan geye cal

March on, march on, march on, singing;
The flame of hope is shining very brightly.

Lifting the world to be a region that is free,
March on, house to house; march on, singing.

The enemy of sin and the strength of decency,
We protect everyone, everyone who is weak.

Whatever tongue, whatever creed, whatever path there be,
Everybody we esteem, never wavering.

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(73)  Ogo priya ogo priya, ogo priya amay bhulio na tumi

Darling, oh my Darling—
Oh Darling, that You don't forget me,
To gain Thee, on the path of light I journey.

To execute Your work, I have come to this world;
I have liked to make Your song be heard!

In every atom is Your play;
In every tune is Your game.

In every beat You dance;
In every pore You're under wraps.

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Friday, January 26, 2018


(72)  Maomachi gunguniye

The bees with their buzzing,
In the garden what tale are they telling?
With the colors and the scents of Earth,
With melodic rhythms dropping in abundance,
Those tunes are not lost in the desert...
Sitting amid them, I keep threading a garland,
Filled with all of life's ambrosia.

The nectar that is hidden in the flower,
The fragrance that is coated with pollen,
The fondness that is stored in heart's core...
All of them aroused, the song that I keep singing,
It has crossed the bounds of every harpstring.

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Your property

(71)  Jagatta nay mithye maya

The world is not unreal deception,
A diversion falsely tinged.
This play of God, my cousin,
Is a sportive and enchanting exhibition.

The sun arrives, and morning smiles;
Flooded with color is every side.
Flashes of gaiety blend with life
In coloration that excites.

Day and night in hope of Him only,
Steadfastly I remain gazing.
Cousin, this my wish will be fulfilled
When I am merged in Him.
With many, varied flowers in diverse hues aplenty,
My basket[1] of dyes, it will be replete.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The bosom of music

(70)  Jabo na ami jabo na jabo na re

I'll not quit; no, I'll not quit; I'll never quit
This rhythmic world of music.

In my mental sphere, in my spiritual sphere,
I keep alive, having entwined with melody.

In the atmosphere of music I seek Him;
Under the shelter of music, I get Him.
With the cadence of melody, joyful and sweet,
In my every pore, lying in wait is He.

For my every desire and my every achievement,
The last word resides in the bosom of music.

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Monday, January 22, 2018

Surprise visit

(69)  Ke ele na bale ele

Who are You Who came, came undemanded?
Rousing from deep slumber, issued was the summons...
Issued was the summons, issued was the summons.

Moving gracefully on restless winds,
Sung was the song of complete attainment...
The song was sung, issued was the summons.

In the sky is the sun, underfoot the Earth;
The trumpets have resounded, noisy are the streets.
Staying asleep and wasting time in weeping–
The lethargy has been forgotten...
It has been forgotten, issued was the summons.

Toward yonder stream of splendor–
With rhythm, song, and dance–
The path of progress was steered...
The path was steered, issued was the summons.

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Because He loves us

(68)  I love this tiny green island

I love this tiny green island
Surrounded by the sea.
Touched by the sea,
Decorated by sea.
I love this tiny green island
Surrounded by the sea.

Am I a secluded figure,
In the vast, a little, a meager?
No, no, no, no I'm not alone.
Great is with me.
The Great is with me.

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Friday, January 19, 2018

What is this?

(67)  Tari patha pane man chute jay

My mind keeps racing toward the way of His passage;
Gazing at His pathway eyes are fixed, my eyes are fixed.

On His account my heart, lo it's in spate;
Because of Him, abstracted I remain, oh I remain.

Today my bed, it is a bed of thorns;
As to my look, all modesty's been lost.
My garments, they're lackluster clothes;
My sorrow, where to stow, oh where to stow?

He loves so much, and yet He does not visit;
Wholly soft and hard, what is this, oh what is this!

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Thursday, January 18, 2018


(66)  Rumjhum rumjhum nupura bajaye

Rumjhum, rumjhum... ankle bells ajingle,
Who are You that entered the core of my heart?
Instigating billows in my thought waves,
Who appeared in such charming apparel?

Making Earth perfumed with sweet laugh,
With flute on lips resounding...
Making all things bright on every side,
Who arrived with both rhythm and dance?

Rumjhum, rumjhum... the sound of Your ankle bells–
Would that they ring constantly inside of my heart.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

How it is

(65)  Kache ele bale gele na

You came close without disclosing
Who You are; oh, Who are You?
In love, all things You did provide,
Without informing Who am I.

The flower blooming in the garden
Knows not who she is.
In music's magic, the mind dances,
Knowing not why dances it.

When the moon is bright, high tide arrives;
Though it arrives, moon knows not why.
In this cosmic play, the penchants You supply;
Oh Who are You? Both day and night.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018


(64)  Akashe aj rauner mela

In the sky today there is a color fest,
And in the mind now there is effulgence.
Today the air's suffused with sweet perfume,
And everything seems opportune.

The Unknown Maker having come,
Hearts are filled with rhythm and song.
The One Who gave touch of existence,
He dispels all of the darkness.

On this day so fine, everyone alike,
Light the lamp of life!

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Monday, January 15, 2018

A candle

(63)  Diipavalii sajayechi prabhu

I've laid out a row of lamps, my Lord,
For You to make welcome.

Come into my heart, daily in new clothing,
Striding majestically.

Come into my mind with more song and dance,
Casting Your gentle laugh.

Come into my fancy with a beat and new lightbeams,
Rousing enchanted fluttering.

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Not enough

(62)  Nayane esechile svapane

Before my eyes in dream came You;
What's this, Your game of peekaboo?
Awake, You've moved off into solitude;
Such is Your divine sport so cruel!

In sky, You are my bright star,
A lantern blazing in my heart.
But in Your absence, I'm a cobra without gem;[1]
Unbearable is the isolation.

With chiaroscuro on a rainbow,
What is this mind-deluding expo?

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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Dancing with Thee

(61)  Paran dhariya dii tomari carane

My life I would submit only at Your feet.

Come and stay within my heart in new apparel daily;
Thus, my life I would make full, contemplating You only.

Come and stay in song and dance, more and more near;
Thus, my life I would entrust, entertaining You only.

From melody to melody, far away You've carried me;
Thus, my life I would invest, considering You only.

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Friday, January 12, 2018


(60)  Tomar jinis tomake diyechi

Your object I've consigned to Thee;
Onto Your lap, Lord, please receive.
Tearfully have I entrusted, mournfully endured;
My only solace is that You're the One Who took.

Those who had come, they've all remained;
Within the Great Beyond, all are awake.
Yet, constantly we feel bereaved;
We fret and weep, oh Lord, having forgotten Thee.

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Thursday, January 11, 2018


(59)  Naniir putul tutul tutul

A butter-doll is this cute baby,
Always laughing, waving are its hands and feet.
Its digits are magnolia buds;
Celestial beauty shines in its eyes.

A blossom plucked from its bower,
It has come to a new realm.

This infant we will rear and make great–
Upon our lap with love we will take.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

One family

(58)  Dujane jakhan miliche takhan

When two persons are wedding, then
All of you, give your blessing to them.
Mid scorching flames and strings of flowers,
In their grief and joy, abide with them.

Human society is indivisible;
No family nest can be abandoned.
Unitedly, dancing and singing everyone,
All of you, recognize and receive them.

As voice of earth and message of affection,
Offer them a brightened existence.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Karma Yoga

(57)  Chanda amar nrtyera tale tale cale

My penchant moves in many a dance rhythm;
My struggle gets subsumed in the cosmic ideation.

Whatever I have thought, I am thinking for everyone;
Whatever I have done, I am doing, viewing everyone.
Fragrance of magnolia– door to door and home to home,
Heart to heart, I've been spreading fragrance of magnolia.

My penchant is to make all dance,
My struggle, to nurture everyone...
With sweet-beated melody, I've gone a long distance;
And I've brought back with me the fountain of sweetness.

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Monday, January 8, 2018

To be and not to be

(56)  Ke go tumi pathapashe danriye eka

Who are you all alone, standing by the wayside,
Your eyes so tearful, eyes so tearful?
Who are you all alone, gazing toward the sky,
Your arms raised upward, arms raised upward?

What you've wanted, you don't get;
What you've gotten, you don't want.
Your fervent, gut-yearnings are unsatisfied;
The love that filled your heart, it has gone dry.

To everyone you have viewed, you have given love;
From their side, you have received scorn.
You have lost everything, and what have you accomplished?
Your store is but a song, the song with which your throat is filled.

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

For everyone

(55)  Surasaptake madhuri bhari

Packing the octave with sweetness,
I sing of my forward march.

Coating the mind's temple with affection,
I say there's nobody unrelated!

The whole set of heaven's thrills,
They dance today upon the earth.
The combined nectar of the seven worlds,[1]
It's blended into one, my cousin.

Casting sweet magnolia fragrance,
I pay my respects to all.

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Do it now

(54)  Ami rjupathe cale cali bhai

I walk along an upright path, my cousin;
No nonsense, candid words,
I would speak today.

In the heavens a display of rainbows has begun;
Upon the earth diverse beauties abound–
Twixt the two an exhilarating wind is blowing...
I want to preserve them all, sustain everybody.

All the shapes, tastes, and bouquets in the world,
And all the love and affection in the heart—
To make them all clean and pure,
Come forthwith, together let us work.

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Friday, January 5, 2018

Quite simply

(53)  Ogo prabhu tomake ami

It is You, oh my Lord,
Whom I cherish and adore.

Constantly, it strikes my mind,
Your smile, Your sweet smile.
You I do love,
I cherish and adore.

At dark of night, You are the cynosure;
In desert-thirst, You are a stream of water.
With fortune and misfortune, You accompany,
Right by my side, extremely near.

Though I don't deserve it, You draw me close-by;
You seat me at Your side and satisfy my appetite,
Constantly, day and night.

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(52)  Tumi ujjvala dhruvatara

You are the shining polestar;
You are song celestial.

The fragrance of magnolia,
The glory of gemmed luster,
The clamor of a waterfall...
You exceed them all;
You are life divine.

The clouds roaring,
The bows twanging,
The clatter of lightning...
All of them You exceed;
You are life divine.

Night and day I've found Thee
In life's rhythm and its stream,
At core of each reverie,
Residing inside everybody...
All of them You exceed;
You are the creation's life.

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

He is our joy

(51)  Madhukar vane spandana ene

A shake came in mahuwa garden mine;
The Lord of Light arrived...
He did arrive, oh, He arrived.

Amid the countless forms and flows of life,
Shining bright, He arrived;
He did arrive, oh, He arrived.

It's not the time for idly weeping,
Nor the day for breaking journey.
All the sorrow, all the wailing,
He made me forget today...
Carefreeness He gave, He gave.

There is no waste of energy;
My blood, it sways in action's swing.
Viewing all sides, sweetness of psyche,
It's gone racing toward infinity...
Rushing forth, it speeds, it speeds.

With lamp of life and heart's neep,
He took from me everything...
My all He seized, He seized.

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