Thursday, January 25, 2018

Your property

(71)  Jagatta nay mithye maya

The world is not unreal deception,
A diversion falsely tinged.
This play of God, my cousin,
Is a sportive and enchanting exhibition.

The sun arrives, and morning smiles;
Flooded with color is every side.
Flashes of gaiety blend with life
In coloration that excites.

Day and night in hope of Him only,
Steadfastly I remain gazing.
Cousin, this my wish will be fulfilled
When I am merged in Him.
With many, varied flowers in diverse hues aplenty,
My basket[1] of dyes, it will be replete.

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  1. Lord, the wealth of colors I've received, it is Yours only; and I give it back to Thee.