Saturday, August 18, 2018

Just one request

(1068)  Toma tare nishi jaga

Because of You I've been awake at night,
Gazing at that pathway Thine.
You did not appear.
You were in an unfamiliar sphere,
You went to some strange station;
You left without a word.

So many days passed, many nights elapsed;
Withered is the jasmine[1] garland.
The flower in my hairbun's fallen off,
But You permitted no embrace at all.

To come or to remain I do not implore;
I take no offense should You ignore me more.
If You prefer, then stay always;
But don't forget my love.

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Friday, August 17, 2018

A moth's fate

(1067)  Tumi kalatiita deshatiita go

Oh You beyond space and time,
To no chains do You concede.
Above all matters worldly,
Into the gloomy You bring light.

The tear-laden heart's distress
Who else can fathom, please do tell.
The inner feelings of a seething psyche,
Except for You, whom do we make hear?
In desperate lives, You're the lamp-flame;
You entice the ones in pain.

In consequence of love, heaven's glory
The speed within You has achieved.
As You exist, everything is there;
You know everybody.

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

The pangs of separation

(1066)  Virahii hiya akashe cahiya

Lovesick heart, skyward gazing,
Tell me please, for Whom are you waiting?
On hushed nights, with the moon,
Tell me please, about Whom have you been speaking?

He Who made a dark world bright,
Who won with love the glum mind,
He filled with song the unsung heart;
Do tell, is it His garland you've been stringing?

You don't care a jot for loss or gain;
Earnest affection, that alone is retained.
Your psyche rushes toward Him without pause,
Toward Him Whom you've been cherishing.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Making and breaking

(1065)  Andhar sagar pare ke go ele

From far shore of the dark sea, oh, Who arrived?
You made flowers bloom, and You disseminated light.
Shattering the chains of death, You infused life,
You removed the fright.

Along with me on my pathway You have remained;
My fear of getting lost You've not maintained.
You are vigilant both night and day...
Mistakes You crushed; hopes bright You made.

Whatever has been needed, everything You gave;
All provision for my life You have arranged.
With crimson color of daybreak, smiling You've engaged...
Yearning You did rouse; yearning You did terminate.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Significant Other

(1064)  Mor nayane

Before my eyes,
Before my eyes, You'd arrived.
At the end of gloomy night,
You scattered light.

My door had been sealed;
My eyes were without sight.
Suddenly, on life's stream,
My heart You satisfied.

I'd been bound in a small psyche,
Undertaking only lowly actions.
Giving a jerk that roused from sleep,
You set me to work.

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Can't help myself

(1063)  Tumi jadi nahi ele

As You did not come,
What was my use to have lit a lamp?
What was my use, on water and land,
To have picked colorful blossoms?

Having cultivated raag and raginii,[1]
What was my use for song's melody?
Your arrival, persistently anticipating,
What was my use for a floral wreath?

Ergo steadfast, I'll resolve not to stay;
And yet, forgetting, I continue to speculate.
In hope of Your coming, toward the path I gaze;
I keep open my heart's gate.

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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Streak of light

(1062)  Praner chanda alakananda

Pulse of life and celestial glee,
You're the streak of light in a dark sea.
With Your touch the fearful erase
Their last writings of gloom and pain.

You've kept us refreshed with nectar's stream;
Contentedly, You've received love's offerings.
You've made heard within heart innermost:
"At no time am I ever alone."

On Your ideation, fragrant is the psyche;
Upon Your vibration, the three worlds are smiling.
Forest, garden, and intoxicated wind...
All are smeared with Your sweetness.

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Saturday, August 11, 2018


(1061)  Tomarei bhalobasiyai dhara

Only by loving Thee, Earth
Became beautiful in both form and flavor.
On budding of a grace-mote Thine,
With the flag of compassion, Earth does smile.

In the flower pollen, manifest with affection,
On a breeze devotion-filled,
A sweet scent is churning the world-consciousness;
It blows with such rush of emotion.

Earth's sweetness, coated with greenery,
Casting upward all its glory,
It professes its own love to welcome Thee;
It runs to You with such glee.

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Friday, August 10, 2018


(1060)  Andhakarer vaksa bhediya

Piercing the breast of darkness,
Light's tempest has come.
It has proclaimed many strangers,
It has kindled lamps in many homes.

Now none is foreign to anyone;
Each one is everybody's relative.
Nourished with nectar from the same Earth,
With the same garb all are dressed.

Nobody exploits other persons;
Objects of contentment no one threatens.
With resplendent face and noble heart,
All have set forth toward Greatness.

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

The darkest hour

(1059)  Eso eso jyotir chatay tumi eso eso

Please come; please do come in radiant splendor
On the seven-horsed[1] chariot with solar course.
Upon Your arrival, please love everyone.

At the close of pitch-dark night, in hope of Your coming,
Everyone is transfixed, gazing intently to the east.
On the skyline, cast a tender smile please.

This time, let there be an end to all dark's misery;
Worldly depravity, let it now be gone completely.
With the thrill of light, on the sky please do appear.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

I want only You

(1058)  Manasa kamale thako ciratare

Dwell forever in the lotus of my mind;
Your splendor and Your two sweet eyes,
They fill my heart with delight.

Thinking of Your alluring garments I get shame;
They make me drift in some dreamlike refrain.

Alas, I cannot put in words mind's misery...
My heart weeps; how hard this is for me!
Kindly bring me to Your city heavenly.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

What matters

(1057)  Bhalabasi tomay ami

I am in love with You;
With heart and soul love You I do.
I've blossomed like flowers and fruits,
On only Your ten-thousand boons.

With eyes open, I never see
You're my own decidedly.
You've given to me much and sundry,
Honey-coated, colored dreams.
Finally, I have made Your acquaintance,
Come to know You through my meditation.

My time's been squandered in many useless things,
Like blades of grass floating on a stream.
Now I'm awakened to what matters;
I pass the day in Your ballad.

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Monday, August 6, 2018

The never-ending study

(1056)  Tomare cineo cena day

Needed is knowledge even after knowing Thee.

When I think that I've perceived–
By strength of brain grasped everything–
Then slapping me down privately,
You make me see my stupidity.

When I think that I've acquired–
Bought everything with riches mine–
Then showing a gem beyond price,
My poverty You make me realize.

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Sunday, August 5, 2018


(1055)  Tomay chere kothay jai bala

Tell me, having renounced Thee, where do I go?
By Your glow the world is bright,
And life glitters with delight.

Since the first morn, with non-stop existence,
From birth to death art Thou ubiquitous.
In both mind and heart, in every atom,
Tranquil Lord, You are pervasive.

Is there anywhere that You are not;
Is there any guise that You wear not?
Is there any tune that You sing not,
With just Your pulse surging in all?

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Saturday, August 4, 2018

He has work for all

(1054)  Tava manasa madhaviikuinje

In Your mind's myrtle bower,[1]
I'd been sitting isolated.
In that lonesome nighttime arbor,
Had full moon been creeping in?

A vernal breeze in transit to elsewhere,
Softly, very softly, it did speak to me:
"Go from here, or keep knowing misery;
Heed what the peacock's call is saying.

"Use your idle hours for good deeds;
Lay aside former depravity.
Gaze forward with audacity;
Disregard all that was temporary."

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Friday, August 3, 2018

A PROUT fairy tale

(1053)  Alor desher parii eseche

From the realm of light came a sprite;
Her colored wings she opened wide.
After doing just good deeds, she moved on;
But, lo, she's snatched the mind's black spots.

No one hates anybody now;
No one grabs food from another's mouth.
Education, medication, and a house...
And clothing too all have found.

Among the humans, all are cousins;
There are no mutual conflicts.
Grief of one is everybody's sadness;
Let there be a smile, and everybody laughs.

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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Even icebergs melt

(1052)  Tahari madhura bhave

On only His sweet ideation,
Within psyche, oh what happened!
All of mine that was routine
Got washed somehow into Infinity.

My tears are simply streaming;
The heart conceded its defeat.
In an instant, unexpectedly,
It was vanquished by the Mind-Thief.

Crying and smiling again and again,
Coming and going is now at an end.
This time, the Love-Game is over;
The prize, did He surrender?

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Wednesday, August 1, 2018


(1051)  Ogo sundar tumi esechile

You had arrived, oh my Beauty;
A smile so sweet was what You'd beamed.
You'd brought a glow quite heavenly;
On my heart's throne, You took Your seat.

Then, in a grove with soft green leaves
The golden bud had been concealed.
My psychic bee, for the sweetness of Thee,
Had kept alert, hoping to get smeared.
With touch of life in love's atmosphere,
As flower pollen You had appeared.

Then, he was dancing in the breeze–
A charmed peacock in ecstasy.
Mid the glow divine, it was swaying–
Back and forth the sea did swing.
All Your grandeur, all Your majesty,
You set aside when in my life You did arise.

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