Wednesday, August 1, 2018


(1051)  Ogo sundar tumi esechile

You had arrived, oh my Beauty;
A smile so sweet was what You'd beamed.
You'd brought a glow quite heavenly;
On my heart's throne, You took Your seat.

Then, in a grove with soft green leaves
The golden bud had been concealed.
My psychic bee, for the sweetness of Thee,
Had kept alert, hoping to get smeared.
With touch of life in love's atmosphere,
As flower pollen You had appeared.

Then, he was dancing in the breeze–
A charmed peacock in ecstasy.
Mid the glow divine, it was swaying–
Back and forth the sea did swing.
All Your grandeur, all Your majesty,
You set aside when in my life You did arise.

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