Friday, July 31, 2015

Guru dhyan

(312)  Eso go eso go mor manete

Come, please come, into my mind
To emanate light that removes all pain.

The cosmos conveys the sound of Your ankle bells;
With Your jingling appeal, the blood thrills.
Be seated, please be seated, in my dhyán.[1]

At Your sweet pleasure, everyone sings harmoniously;
The peacock of mind dances in a hundred streams.[2]
Look, please look, at me.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dancing with the Lord

(311)  Tumi kata liila jano

Lord, how much sport do You know?
Treating me to many different games,
You delight my mind in many different ways.

No deed occurs that is hidden from You;
In each and every action, You reside.
No thought occurs that is hidden from You;
In secret nothing has the power to abide.
According to Your liila, according to Your game,
The cosmos dances, Your holy feet embraced.

You unleash floods of laughter, and You make tears flow;
You bring radiant joy, and You animate distress.
Consciously and unconsciously, it is You I adore;
Songs of love You scatter across the universe.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Head over heels

(310)  Mukhete hasi bale bhalabasi

The smile on His face speaks of love;
His two eyes are full of affection.
Outwardly severe is the stealer of my mind,
Yet my heart longs to see Him more and more.

Whenever I tell Him, "I'll ignore You",
He repeats, "You forget, you forget...
You never take your eyes off of Me."
With eyes open, I cannot neglect Him;
Shamelessly, I stay infatuated.

Whenever I tell Him, "I'll give nothing",
He repeats, "I don't need anything."
Irresistibly, my heart pours out;
In contemplation of Him, I surrender.

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

On His ankle, at His feet

(309)  Sumukhe asiya danrao prabhu tumi

Lord, come and stand before me;
Filling my eyes, let me look at Thee.
In my mental garden, with a fragrant jingle,
Flowers of many colors twinkle.

Universalism – make it fill my mind;
Purify with the sandalpaste of nebulae.
Come stately on a gentle breeze,
With ringing of ankle bells at Your feet.

Honey-coated sweetness – this mental spring,
With dance and song, oh it brings cheer.
Your smile and Your enchanting flute –
To get bliss, let them infatuate me.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015


(308)  Niil ainjan ankhite ankiya

Painting my eyes with blue eyeliner,
The rains have arrived with new finery.
To welcome You they have come now
With a convergence of cooling clouds.

The peacock fans its tail today
With a clamoring call in the forest.
Floating on is the pollen of kadam;
In my mental world, the pollen of life.
Today's festivities surround You;
You pervade the atmosphere.

The bamboos in the palm grove stoop down,
Bowing in deference to You all around.
The sweetly dancing lotus petals
Speak profusely of a love tryst.
At this grand assembly, You are the king;
You enthrall my eyes with Your royal attire.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


(307)  Sabakar ati priya adaraniiya

Everyone's most beloved and revered,
You are the kaostubha gem[1] on the bosom of all.
Everyone is within You, You are never apart;
Unknowingly, we come to know only Thee.

In every flower, You are the fragrance;
For all Creation, You are the padmanabhi.[2]
By Your divine touch, Your grace and affection,
Amid all that is unknown, we know only Thee.

You are the luster of jewels and the light of stars;
You are the nectar of earth, and always we salute You.
Without coming or going, Your liila is constantly new;
Embodiment of Supreme Consciousness, we honor only Thee.

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Sunday, July 19, 2015


(306)  Sundara madhuprabhate

On a fine sweet morn,
You came, Thou most revered.

With Your honey-coating smiles,
You perfumed the way, Thou without peer.

By Your touch, buds bloom in myriad fashions;
At Your delight, the garden madly dances.

On a rain-drenched night,
You went away, Thou unforgettable.

With Your warm and tender eyes,
You crushed my heart, Thou most beloved.

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Come the sun

(305)  Eso tumi aji prate

Please come now at break of day
To blend Your hue with the crimson light.
And carry a flower basket in hand
To gather blossoms of diverse colors.

Paint a picture on our minds,
With new lines and new designs;
Awaken new and newer thoughts
With a fresh passion for life.
In this ever-new atmosphere,
Enchant us with the brightness of Your smile.

Convey the news of a new age
At daybreak's festival of light.
Dispel all afflictions
With new emanations of love.
Pulverize the dark shadows
With resplendence from Your golden chariot.

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Saturday, July 18, 2015


(304)  Tomakei ami bhalabasiyachi, kena basiyachi jani na

I am loving only Thee;
Why I feel so, I don't know.
Your way, I chose to follow;
Why I did so, I can't conceive.

My eyes, looking for You day and night,
They keep gazing toward the path.
My mind, to remember You in virtue and in vice,
Ever and always it remains vigilant.
Come into my mind while awake and while asleep;
None other than You do I heed.

However high the waves that appear,
However deep the hardships that befall,
I will carry on, overcoming all.
I don't want anything but Thee.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Eight brothers

(303)  Rajar kumar paksiiraje

The crown prince seated on a bird,
Where has he gone on heavenly flight?
The gold-embroidered blue turban
Tied round his head has passed out of sight.

Seven champa brothers came back, asking,[1]
"Our dear sister, where has she gone?
Sister Parul,[2] where can she be?"

The crown prince, seated on a bird,
Delivered sister Parul;
To her brothers he delivered.

Seven champa brothers on their seven seats,
With seven plates they sat eating.
With them the royal prince they brought;
And on their foreheads, sister Parul
Applied there a Brothers' Day[3] phota.

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Gusts of wind

(302)  Damka haoyay dak diye jay

Gusts of wind keep urging me
To travel a distant, unknown road.
Why tie me down, saying "Stay, stay",
Telling me to halt at a corner of my home?

Oh, Ruler of Psyche, galvanize my mind;
Let me always move onward through all my deeds.
Only by Your inspiration and Your dispatch,
My stream of life shall flow unto the sea.

Oh, Lord of Dhyána,[1] permeate my meditation;
Let my recollection and reflection be progressive.
I will ever go forward, I will never look back,
In all Your chores throughout the wide world.

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Helpless love

(301)  Asbe bale gecha je cale

On going, You said You would return;
Tell me, why did You not come?
Into dust, into dust have crumbled
The flower petals composing Your garland.

Callous Lord, what is this liila of Thine—
A strange new game of friendship's guile?
Having gone away, why then do You remain
Awake in my mind, day and night?

As much as I want to forget, forget I cannot;
Wherever I look, I see tokens of Your splendor.
Why have you bound me with a fanfare of tunes,
Thoughts born on the strings of mind's violin?

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Ever onward

(300)  Alori deshete jegechi ami go

Oh, I awoke in the land of light;
From the other side of darkness,[1] I am singing.
Those who lie in jet-black sleep–
For their sake, I issue a clarion call.

Awake, my brothers, awake– go toward the light;
Imbue the gloomy night with your luster.
Toward your face with desperate eyes,
Suffering humanity constantly peers.

To march ever onward is the dharma of life;
To rescue the wretched is the heart of morality.
The time that has passed, it will never return;
The time at hand, we utilize that.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Time to go

(299)  Tomakei bhalabasiyachi, tomakei sar jenechi

I'm in love with You alone—
You're the essence of all I've known.
I committed my life to Thee;
Pledged I've been to do Thy deeds.

From the dawn of consciousness,
I have ridden Your current.
Oh, I'm a flower of the stream;
On Your ripples I've been dancing.

At the evening twilight of my days,
In Thy love let me dissipate.
Smeared by the sweetness of Your pollen,
I've come to know the Unbodied Gem.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Old and new

(298)  Esechile prabhu megha garjane

Lord, You had come with a thunderclap,
When storm clouds spewed out heavy rain.
Today, a scorched earth got
You anew as a refuge.

The peacock feathers of my psyche
Go on dancing to a hundred beats.
A dialogue without words found speech;
It pursues infinity.
Today, with mind expanded on attaining Thee,
The ten directions pulsate with profundity.

Today, I cannot help but be
Rapt on witnessing Your beauty.
The hunger of the three worlds[1]
And nectar of the three vedas[2]
Have blended and become one.

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Merciful majesty

(297)  Tomari liilar majhe ajuta rupe saje

Throughout Your liila, with myriad forms and ornaments,
Lord, You have kept Yourself concealed.
In Your lyrics, melodies, and compelling rhythms,
Lord, Yourself You have diffused.

Whatever I am seeing with eyes wide open,
Whatever I do realize by mental deliberation—
At every single point, You lie hidden,
Pregnant with potential, covered in sweetness.

Amid woeful gloom, Your light ever prevails;
Amid ongoing loss, recovery is newly arrayed.
Regarding what is and isn't, above all reigns
Your splendor, eradicating all pain.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


(296)  Prabhu tomara parash

Lord, Your divine touch
On my insight has given rise to high tide.
Throughout the universe, Your delight
Has brought a heavenly splendor.

When I gaze into the great blue yonder,
In the gentle breeze of mind's springtime,
Apart from You there is nothing at all.
Today, I want not what once I desired;
In Thee everything has dissolved.

My mental secrets, my private garden—
All that I've kept concealed—
Out of love for You and in Your new melody,
I've lavished that on the world.
Today, in exchange for all, I've found You;
I've seen the quintessence is only Thee.

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