Friday, July 25, 2014

His hiding place

(70)  Jabo na ami jabo na jabo na re

I will not leave, no I will not leave
This metrical world of music.

In my mental realm, in my spiritual realm,
I persevere by clinging to music.

In the currents of music, I seek Him.
In the contours of music, I find Him.
In the exquisite metrics of music
Within every pore of my being, He lies in wait.

In all my yearning, in all my attainment,
The last word lies in the bosom of music.

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Without notice

(69)  Ke ele na bale ele

You came without notice—
To break our deep sleep, You gave a clarion call.

Gliding on wayward winds,
You sang the song of total attainment.

In the sky is the sun; underfoot is the earth;
Sounding are the horns; bustling are the roads.
We were asleep, losing urgent time—
You shook off our negligent lethargy.

Toward the stream of effulgence,
In rhythm, you danced and sang.
You ascended the path of progress—
You climbed the path; You gave a clarion call.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tough love

(67)  Tari patha pane man chute jay

My attention flows ineluctably toward His pathway;
Oh my eyes remain fixed on His pathway.

On account of Him, my heart is overwhelmed;
Oh I remain abstracted on account of Him.

Today, my bed, it is a bed of thorns;
Before my eyes is the disgrace of defeat.
My attire, it is a lackluster raiment;
Oh where to stow my sorrow?

He loves me so much, and yet He does not come.
Oh how is He thoroughly both tender and severe?

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Divine accouterments

(66)  Rumjhum rumjhum nupura bajaye

Rumjhum, rumjhum... with the ringing of ankle bells,
Who are You, Lord, that came into my heart?
Giving meter to the turbulent waves of my mind,
Who are You, Lord, that came with such enchanting trappings.

Imbuing the world with the aroma of Your sweet smile,
Creating resonance with the flute at Your lips,
Radiating light in all directions—
Who are You, Lord, that came in rhythm and dance?

Rumjhum, rumjhum... the sound of Your ankle bells—
Would that it always rings in my heart.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Eternal questions

(65)  Kache ele bale gele na

You came close but did not say
Who You are, Lord— Who are You?
Everything is on account of love,
But that does not explain who I am.

The flower blossoming in the garden—
She knows not who she is.
In the magic of music, the mind dances;
She knows not why she dances.

With the moon's brightness, the tide rises;
The moon knows not why it approaches.
In this universal sport, You provide yearnings;
But who are You, Lord, day and night?

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Feelin' groovy

(64)  Akashe aj rauner mela

In the sky today is a festival of color.
In my mind today is effulgence.
In the air today is a scintillating fragrance.
Everything feels good.

With the coming of the Unknown Maker,
My heart is filled with rhythm and song.
He Who gave the touch of soul
Dispels everything dark.

On such a day in our collective journey,
Let us light the lamp of life.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Arranging lights

(63)  Diipavalii sajayechi prabhu

I am arranging lights, my Lord,
To welcome Thee.

Come, Thou, into my heart in raiment ever-new,
Striding with deliberate footsteps.

Come, Thou, into my mind with more song and more dance,
Radiating Your tender, paternal smile.

Come, Thou, into my fancy with rhythm and novelty,
Inspiring me with Your alluring vibrance.

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My cruel Lord

(62)  Nayane esechile svapane

In dream, You are coming within my sight.
What is this peekaboo game of Yours?
On awakening, You have gone off alone.
What is this cruel sport of Yours?

In my sky, You are the brightest star;
In my mind, You are the lamp of effulgence.
In Your absence, the cobra is without its precious jewel.[1]
Unbearable, unbearable is this loneliness.

With light and shade and a rainbow of colors,
What is this gala that makes my mind oblivious?

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Life with You

(61)  Paran dhariya dii tomari carane

I offer my life at Your feet.

Come dwell in my heart in raiment ever-new,
So I may saturate my life with remembering You.

Come stay with me in song and dance, closer and closer,
So I may occupy my life with welcoming You.

From tune to tune You transport me far away,
So I may dedicate my life to thinking about You.

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Go with His flow

(173)  Dyuloke bhuloke tari padadhvani

In the mundane and the supramundane is His footfall,
Resonating in accordance with just His tone.
On the pristine peaks of snowcapped mountains
And on the ocean wavecrests is His imprint.

Through vines and leaves, the contour of flowers,
The festivals of color produced by the angles of mind—
Through the last of all forgotten thoughts—
Through all those course only His vibration.

So I am constantly issuing the clarion call:
Go with His flow.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

To grave

(60)  Tomar jinis tomake diyechi

Your creature I am consigning to You.
Lord, receive Your own onto Your lap.

Tearfully, I am entrusting; mournfully, I am enduring—
My only solace is that You accept Your own.

Everyone who has come is remaining—
In the infinite they exist even now.
Nevertheless we feel bereaved, bereaved;
Forgetting how great You are, we worry and weep.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

From cradle...

(59)  Naniir putul tutul tutul

Our puppet of cream is dancing majestically,
Hands and feet waving as it laughs and laughs.

Its fingers are like magnolia buds;
A heavenly glow fills its eyes.

A budding flower plucked from its bower,
Our baby has arrived in a new land.

This infant will be protected; this infant will be nurtured—
This infant will be raised on our lap with love.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wedding song

(58)  Dujane jakhan miliche takhan

When two people are uniting, then
Everyone, give them your blessing.
In scorching flames and flower laurels,
In sorrow and happiness, remain with them.

Human society is indivisible,
Overlooking not a single home.
All together, dancing and singing,
Offer them your respect.

Global chorus, messengers of love—
Brighten their lives.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

That dulcet refrain

(57)  Chanda amar nrtyera tale tale cale

My rhythm moves in the cadence of dance;
My struggle converges on a core intent.

Whatever I am thinking is thought for all.
Whatever I am doing is done for all.
Magnolia fragrance— from door to door and house to house,
I am disseminating magnolia fragrance from heart to heart.

My rhythm makes everyone romp;
My struggle nurtures all.
On that dulcet refrain I am swept far away;
I am bringing back the essence of sweetness.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

One father, one family

(55)  Surasaptake madhuri bhari

Filling the octave with sweetness,
We march on, singing songs.

Coating the temple of our minds with affection,
We question whether anyone is not our kin.

All the ecstasy of the divine world
Is dancing in the human world today.
The combined ambrosia of the seven realms[1]
Has blended into one, cousins.

Diffusing the sweet fragrance of magnolia,
We offer salutations to all.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

A gala of graces

(54)  Ami rjupathe cale cali bhai

I move on a straight path, brother.
No nonsense, just candor
I would speak today.

In the sky, exhibition of rainbows has begun.
On the ground, there is a gala of graces.
Having experienced this exhilarating atmosphere,
I would preserve it all.

The forms, flavors, and aromas that exist on earth;
The affection and love that exist in mind—
To keep them pure and undefiled,
Come, let us do that work hand in hand, side by side.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Within and without

(53)  Ogo prabhu tomake ami

O Lord, it is You that I
Adore, I adore.

Ever in my mind is viewed
Only Your smile, Your sweet smile.
It is You that I adore,
I adore, I adore.

In darkest night, You are the polestar.
In desert thirst, You are the stream of water.
In both prosperity and adversity, You remain with me,
Close-at-hand, by my side.

I don't have any quality, yet You draw me near,
Seat me at Your side and sate my hunger,
Day and night, day and night.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

You transcend all

(52)  Tumi ujjvala dhruvatara

You are the brilliant polestar.
You are the celestial music.

The fragrance of magnolia,
The riches of lustrous jewels,
The clamor of waterfalls—
You transcend all.
You are the celestial life breath.

The roaring of clouds,
The twanging of bows,
The clattering of thunderbolts—
You transcend all.
You are the celestial life breath.

I find You day and night
In the rhythm and current of life,
In the very essence of meditation.
From the nucleus of all,
You transcend all.
You are the cosmic life breath.

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Monday, July 7, 2014

In my butter-tree grove

(51)  Madhukar vane spandana ene

In my butter-tree grove quivering was brought.
The Lord of light, He came;
He came, came, came.

Amid life's countless flows, countless forms,
Resplendent and paternal He came;
He came, came, came.

There is no time for sitting and weeping;
This is not the day to pause on the path.
All sorrows, all lamentations,
He made me forget today;
He did, did, did.

There is no waste of any energy;
Blood is surging in the cadence of action.
In all directions the sweetness of my mind—
It went racing toward infinity;
It went, went, went.

In the heart-flower and the life-flame,
There, He took my everything;
He took, took, took.

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

A reddish tender leaf

(50)  Raktim kishalay

I am a reddish tender leaf.
I walk a straight path,
Never a crooked path.

To my front is verdant beauty;
On my two sides is a crimson glow.
I walk with head held high,
Never with a bowed head.

In my arms is the power of thunder.
In my eyes is unclouded vision.
I think straight thoughts,
Never crooked thoughts.

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Baba's exposition:
People should always remember that they are like kishalay, reddish tender leaves. You know, when leaves are very tender, they are reddish; and those reddish leaves are called kishalay in Saḿskrta. When, after some time, those leaves become green, they are called patra. And when the leaves become old and yellowish, they are called parn’a. Now, here it is said, "I am kishalay. I am a reddish leaf. And I always move forward along a straight path, and not along any curved line. My thoughts are always clear and concise. And I keep my thoughts and sentiments above all impurities."

Friday, July 4, 2014

Clarion call

(49)  Dak diye jai jai jai

I send out a clarion call.

Those who want to move along the path of light—
I want to get acquainted with them.

Humanity is enduring many ailments, sorrows, and afflictions.
Humanity is enduring much mourning and bereavement.
Those who want to wipe away humanity's tears—
I want to know them.

Humanity is suffering the pangs of starvation,
Tolerating insults and neglect.
Those who want to salve humanity's wounds—
I want to acknowledge them.

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Baba's exposition:
My call, my clarion call, is for you, oh human beings, who want to do something for the suffering humanity, who want to move along the path of light, who want to remove the sorrows, pains, and agonies of the human society. I want to know them, I want to accept them as My own; for they are the very leaders of the human society.


(48)  Alo jhare pare jhalake jhalake

Light falls, glinting, glinting;
For the Lord of light has come.
The Lord of light has come today;
The Lord of light has come.

All dark shadows are receding;
They tremble in trepidation.

With requisite thunderbolts, the storm rages
As the Supreme Destroyer proclaims:
"Have no fear, no fear—
All fogs are lifting."

Amid thunderclouds, the stars and the moon
And the entire universe are roused.

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Baba's exposition:
The Lord of effulgence has come today. And, due to His presence, due to His august visit, the dark shades of immorality are fast vanishing away in fear. And, in this moment, in this juncture, the Supreme Puruśa, the Lord of all strength and vigor, is saying comfortingly, "Oh human beings, don't be afraid; the fogs are fast disappearing." In the stars, moon, and other planets, life is dancing. There is no fear, no fear. The Lord of light has come.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Enemy of my enemy

(678)  Hrdaya kamale salajje kamale

Into my heart's lotus, the bashful lotus
With honey-coated petals, come Lord—
Come, Lord, slayer of demons.
With Your sweet smile and complete love,
Come, please come, heart-teaser—
Come, Lord, slayer of demons.

You never tolerate vanity,
But You cannot ignore devotion.
I love You, and so I say:
Take me, and make me Your own.

At the nucleus of the universe, You reside alone.
So, Lord, why do You keep me far away?
Draw me close, and teach me
How I may serve You.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Every lotus wants

(47)  Kuinjavanete guinjaranete

In the arbor with their buzzing sound,
What do the honeybees want to say?
They want to speak about God, they do.

Playing on the strings of heart's harp—
Mystics, what yearnings do they want heard?

For such ideation, there is no language.
For such longing, as there is no capacity to express
All the divine majesty and all the divine glory,
So they want to lie prostrate at Your feet.

Pure or impure, every lotus
Wants to be offered as oblation to You.

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Baba's exposition:
What are the buzzing bees trying to say? They want to say something about Paramapuruśa. And those who can hear the language of the heart, they also want to say something. Everybody wants to express something. But the difficulty is that where there is depth of ideas, depth of feelings, there language fails to express it. There may be so much desire, so much inner longing to express something, but there is no stamina for expression. So, under such circumstances, there is no other alternative but to surrender at His altar and offer all the lotuses of human expression unto Him. These lotuses may be clean and pure, or they may be dirty. But, even if they are dirty, still Paramapuruśa will accept them. He will accept them.