Friday, March 31, 2023

Stay with me always...

(2590)  Mane rekho saunge theko

Please keep in mind and stay along;
Don't cast aside, forlorn.
On sleepless eyelids
Remain mixed, the kohl having become.

Constantly, only on Your story I reminisce;
Pray tell, forgetting You what do I accomplish?
Just because of You I survive and I perish;
Hence, please keep me filled with Your contemplation.

In black of night with hue and scent,
With all of my bad- and good-ness,
Neath the bright light of thought's realm,
Witness me in happiness or remorse.

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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Lord, let there be an encore

(2589)  Tumi ar ami sedin pradose

That day, You and I in the evening
Had been sitting underneath a bakul tree.[1]
With the moon's smile and a mild fragrance sweet,
I have floated upon billows of melody.

You had told: "See, I am come;
Such trackless deserts I have crossed.
I have passed o'er mountains lofty,
Having heard your call on azure soaring."

Another meeting since then did not happen;
That moon-trail did not rise on firmament.
On blooms I did not see that stripe of loveliness,
That which You had traced formerly.

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To me You are enigma

(2588)  Tomay ami bhalabasi, tumi ki ta jano

With You I am in love;
Are You aware of that?
Why keep me flung afar?
Nearby why don't You draw?

Colossal is Your theater;
I am an atom in its midst...
Yourself unknown, unfamiliar;
I request: do tell the reason.

Mine is no proximity; the answer why,
That alone from You, Dear, I inquire...
Coming nigh, sitting in my meditation,
May You please start to inform.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Having come, please don't leave

(2587)  Tumi ele tumi ele tumi ele, karuna kare

You came, You came, You appeared,
Having taken pity.
Then, my door had been barred;
Bolt You opened, Your own making.

The vine that was mine, withering it had been;
Dropping to the ground was every bud of it...
Flowers making bloom, desire fulfilling,
Yourself, to heart's content I received.

Do not depart, You please stay near;
So many words have remained for saying...
So many songs, much ego injured,
Discharging to make You hear.

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Monday, March 27, 2023

Just between You and me

(2586)  Mor nayane mrdu carane

Before my eyes on silent feet,
You had arrived... does anybody know it!
Wholeheartedly, underneath my canopy,
You'd chosen me... but the world heeds not.

That day has kept slipping away, far afield;
With form and hue it sailed off on tunes aplenty.
Even still I am here, I am alive by Your grace;
Fruitful You had made my sadhana.

Even now, in mind is that day's story;
Memory of it still dances in my psyche.
You came and departed, giving love redeeming;
On the earth, that has no equal.

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Hear me please

(2585)  Kache kena aso nako

Why don't You come close?
You stay withdrawn and remote.
With many games, so much sport,
Love's pollen You coat!

I ask You halt the chariot wheels;
With You alone I want to be.
Don't frustrate my summoning;
This supplication do uphold.

I ask that You come closer still;
Much more to say there is.
It has been stored for ages;
Raise unto ear You don't!

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Saturday, March 25, 2023

My personal Savior

(2584)  Vanamajhe giye patha hariye

Having lost my way going through the forest,
That evening I have cried;
And You perceive.
I've asked You to give me guidance;
I hold dear... that do You heed?

The moon had been concealed by tree-branches,
Like black clouds with brown and green foliage.
Out had gone the lantern-flame suffocating;
In the dark I call to You... and You hear!

You came and cast aside both leaves and branches;
The black clouds You set adrift on remote firmament.
Coming close, my hand You held;
Without hesitation, You protected me.

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Friday, March 24, 2023

I exist for You only

(2583)  Kusumita vane ekla vijane

At a garden blooming, alone and lonely,
For You I'd been waiting.
Bird's chirping and a zephyr's fan,
They had kept on calling me.

In my sky two moons aren't there;
Mind drifts upon Your moonlight smiling,
In mirth and in sorrow, in both grins and tears,
All around You only, hey Divinity.

In life and death I have pined for Thee
At each and every moment of my being;
Remembering just You I float in tears,
Time and again on the shrine of psyche.

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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Please don't turn off the light

(2582)  Tandraghore chilo ankhi

Eyes had grown lethargic;
On Your light they rose awakened.
Admitting defeat by moonbeams,
They let coating by life's pollen.

Much as I mean to forget, I'm unable;
Mind of mine became absorbed.
As for Your love and affection,
Like a forest-doe I am nervous.
Oh the One fit to adore, You please come;
Gazing at Your path alone, I'm accustomed.

Arrival and departure, it is common,
Staying only for time short.
In my moment, with light constant,
Please fulfill; grace I implore.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

By only Your mercy

(2581)  Tomay amay pratham dekha, kabe halo go nei mane

Twixt You and me, our first meeting,
When it was, oh long ago, it is not in mind.
Day, date, and the time, morning or evening,
Absentmindedly, in oblivion was I.

Time flows ever on, in the rhythm of movement;
It tarries not, pausing for impediment.
The sun sets, and moon also is defeated;
But in private, You continue to smile.

They come and leave, ages after ages;
The sun that sets, once again shows itself.
A vanquished heart gets life afresh,
By only Your mercy; who does not realize!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The details I forget...

(2580)  Tomay amay dekha halo, kon tithite nei mane

Between us occurred a meeting;
On which day is not in mind.
I recall I was forgetting
Each and every mundane tie.

That subject I cannot forget;
In joy and grief, today I still recollect.
A lapse of memory and forgotten
Aren't the same thing, all realize.

It did feel good, Your light-beams;
They cast aside my mental ebony.
Blended were both bad and fitting
In the pulse of love sublime.

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Monday, March 20, 2023

Bedazzled and amazed

(2579)  Niil akashe tarar pradiip

On blue sky, a lamp of stars
You came igniting.
Sunk in sleep, the firmament in stupor,
It became glittering.

Your beauty has no equal;
The depth of Your virtue is unplumbed.
In Your ideation, all my needs
I can stay forgetting.

When there'd been no Creation,
In what way were You back then?
Do go on, whisper to me,
Please relate that story.
That same string of words I'll preserve
At base of my altar to Your memory.

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Sunday, March 19, 2023


(2578)  Cand hesechilo

Moon had grinned;
Cloud had drifted
To the far sky on a mild breeze.
Nectar of consciousness had arisen.

Everyone has craved the moon's light
On Earth and in heaven, and in the realm of mind.
With a song fortuitous and thrilling vitality,
A pleasing spring season had capered.

Mind has gone a-sailing in this same atmosphere,
From distant to remote, in direction of Thee.
Looking, I see: Closer, You had been behind me,
When the moon and cloud had played together.

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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Only those who love

(2577)  Tumi ele dhulir samsare

On a dusty world You appeared,
Together with light-beams
In a gloom-dark dwelling.

Some have recognized, but some did not;
Some have known, but some knew not.
Some, loving, have come close; but some even came not.
Arrive or not, You invite everybody.

Some say You are tenderhearted;
Some say no one else so ruthless does exist.
Often sweetness embodied, but disaster for a bit;
You set those created afloat on tears.

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Friday, March 17, 2023

When I feel melancholy...

(2576)  Eso tumi amar prane

Come You into my life,
Exhilaration surging,
Amassing and getting saved,
Satisfied and bright-shining.

Via eyelids sleep-deprived,
For You I search day and night.
Upon distressed, touch of delight,
You are unwavering.

I'm unable to say a word;
The heart is in a somber mood...
But soul's harpstrings are only Yours,
Like rays of light glittering.

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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Oh Lord, please come to me

(2575)  Gopane ceyechi mane prane

With all my heart I've requested privately;
Why did You not give reply?
Into core don't I invite bashfully,
Though speechless I remain, being shy.

You keep company in both light and darkness;
You've kept enveloping in weeping and in happiness.
You are everybody's Lover, fit to be admired;
But what's this style of love– You don't come nigh.

You'd been at my origin, at everyone's beginning;
You're in the middle; to the end You'll go on staying.
Yourself deprived I don't survive; thus mercy I implore–
Losing myself, in Your contemplation I abide.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Caught up in Your melody

(2574)  Phule phule sajale vanabhumi

The woodlands You decked with many a bloom;
Oh Who are You?
You arrived in my midst unannounced, without telling
Of Your visit or Your sweet smile;
This mind of mine went with that unknowingly.

You have kept surrounding me in a hundred manners;
Your love, Your songs, You have lavished.
I know that You are mine, but I could not capture;
You go on drifting in liila-type with what acting!

Knowing You is possible, but holding can't occur;
With a puny capacity, understood does not emerge.
To Your ocean of effulgence, You allure kindly
With a vast and measureless tempo-rhythm-beat.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Ours is a private affair

(2573)  Eso maneri gahane

Enter my mental depths;
Carefully Your seat I'll set.
Be kind to me and spotless make
My very thought process.

I've a hundred flaws of commission and omission;
I am getting stupefied by my own languor.
Dazzle me with Your thoughts
And with devotion every moment.

Through Your ideation kindly illuminate;
Hold out before me Your lantern-flame.
By that same lamplight myself do shape,
Privately and in secret.

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Please take my everything

(2572)  Bhalo besechilo se amay

Myself He had valued and adored...
I could not grasp, I could not know
Why He looks in my direction.

I'd inquired repeatedly:
"Oh Dearest, pray tell graciously–
Make known what You want from me;
To You what will I accord?"

He had told me finally,
With smiling lips pearl-dripping:
"My motive is not for your things;
What more the heart wants, you inform."

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Sunday, March 12, 2023

To be absorbed

(2571)  Arupa ratan tumi priya

Oh the Unembodied Gem, You are dear;
You grin in sky, You drift on breeze...
Your own kindly take and make me;
You are my Darling.

Ever Your kindness I implore;
Except for You mine is none...
Within You resides fortune of everyone;
Please look on with eyes of mercy.

Time and again I have come to the earth,
But I can't tell how often I've traveled...
In just Your mind, everything is present;
So You're the One fit to revere.

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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Forecasting fair weather

(2570)  Jiivaner ei khelaghare

In this same earthly life,
Who are You that came asudden?
Yourself I don't know, don't recognize;
Nonetheless You gave me confidence.

In my association with You is a chasm,
Like unto an atom and Himalayan mountain.
Even then You came near, Magnanimous One;
On a broken heart You conferred prospect.

I have noticed You time after time,
Sometimes afar and sometimes nigh.
You've spread Yourself along a hundred lines,
With light having removed the darkness.

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Friday, March 10, 2023

Does it have to be so hard?

(2569)  Ami pathe pathe khunji tomare

From path to path for You I search–
At forest and mountain, on the bank of river,
At many a holy place, by mistake or on purpose.
Filling eyes, I have wanted to observe.

Yourself incarnate, nowhere did I find;
Cradle of consciousness, nowhere did it arise.
Moving about mechanically and incessantly,
I've called out with eyes streaming in torrents.

Upon eyes keeping a cloth for binding,
I have gone on making days of penance and fasting.
The one for Whom everything's made ready,
I did not seek Him within.

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Thursday, March 9, 2023


(2568)  Phuler vane parii elo, gandhe matal kare dilo

Inside a flower's garden the Sprite entered,
And with scent He intoxicated.
Any bees that had been aslumber,
Wakened they came racing to the fragrance.

At depths of mind in the floral garden,
Constantly He had grinned.
With His smile on His reed pipe,
What a clatter He had sounded!

About Him I can't forget;
In the world is not His likeness.
Past imagination, beauty and virtue decked,
In my midst embrace had He granted.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Lord, grant mercy

(2567)  Ei smita jyotsnate tumi

Oh You, by this same bright moonlight,
You had come into my mind.
Myself You had prized;
I don't recall how I'd replied.

I am an atom; You are the Omnipresent Being–
On every side, my boundaries;
Endless and boundless, Your majesty.
Known is this by all mankind.

My craving and my obtaining–
Only frailty is it proclaiming.
Take me and make Thine
A cadence and tune, music-mode and outcry.

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Lord, I am Yours

(2566)  Punyera bhar neiko amar

I have no virtue in large quantity,
And so I beg earnestly for Your mercy.
My shelter is Your boon and assurance of safety;[1]
Mine is no refuge except for Thee.

My source is Your circular roaming;
In Your shadow is my sanctuary.
Graceful death lies in Your perfect peace,
An end to the cycle of coming and going.

Your compassion is life's ease;
Living without You, insufferable grief.
You played the veena on my strings,
On all the earth's ambrosial streams.

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Monday, March 6, 2023

His tidings

(2565)  Dur ambare sandhyasayare, kar jyotihkana bhese ase

From distant sky on twilight's sea,
Whose particles of light come floating?
What words do they tell; what news do they convey?
Not with language but through glow they speak.

To fathom all that talk, I cannot;
And I cannot preserve that call in my heart.
It comes and goes, then hides in an instant;
But I can understand that He loves me.

Whose are those sparks, oh Who is that Numen;
He conquers mind, and He removes defilement.
Even getting I don't get, even knowing I know not;
I only grasp that He is mixed in everything.

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Sunday, March 5, 2023

Focused let me be

(2564)  Tumi sakal praner priya

You are the Darling of every heart;
In the world, one without second.
Ridding mental darkness and earth's fog,
Please remove ignorance with the stick of knowledge.

In Creation's flow, so many ages have gone by;
So many stars have fallen untold times!
Many goings and arrivals, many the tears and the smiles
Lie in dust of Your feet, hey Lord to be worshiped.

So many gloomy nights and moonbeams,
Many rivers of glee, many streams of misery,
Many ways to get glum face, and so much desire–
Around You alone they dance, hey the One to be remembered.

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Saturday, March 4, 2023

Filling all hearts

(2563)  Svarnakamal tumi manasa sarovare

A golden lotus are You on the lake of psyche;
You go to and fro in a form that's buoyant,
Form-free state remembering.

There is no sorrow or fatigue, there is no gloom;
Hence with air unbridled, free and smiling You move.
You're the heart's beloved;
How can I forget Thee?

On water, land, and sky, beauty You have scattered;
On giving dawn's red tint, the mind of all You've filled.
You are the One Transcendent;
You dance playfully.

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Friday, March 3, 2023


(2562)  Tomake bhalabesechi

Yourself have I cherished;
In the mind just You are here.
On mental sky is but one moon;
You have endured, my Dear.

In the universe[1] is no one other,
Whose origin and finish I don't discover.
Everyone, having come, mingles with oblivion;
You alone have gone on remaining.

After the day, nighttime comes;
Then night's gloom is consumed by dawn.
But endlessly flows Your splendor,
Even though You've gone on pouring.

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Station high

(2561)  Ei smita jyotsnay man bhese jay

On this same bright moonlight mind goes sailing;
Whereto, I don't perceive.
It moves ever contemplating, speaking measured words;
Yet peace goes unobtained by psyche.

You've given me a legacy of expectation;
I failed to do the work, my riches so much.
I have kept holding, I've wanted to extend;
But for whom I know not, unfortunately.

I've kept making mistakes even after blunders;
I've not investigated consciousness.
But today I've discovered Your effulgence;
Bondage being rent gave that thing.

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Thursday, March 2, 2023

How is it possible?

(2560)  Utala pavane madhuvane

In pleasure grove, with anxious air,
Oh Who did leave, giving a shake?
It seems that I note a bit, I know a bit;
But in the end, I admit: Close He remains.

In fire is He, like capacity to blaze;
In milk, like its whiteness He has stayed.
He has stayed in the mental jewel-case,
Mixed like a light-dripping break of day.

Inside lightning He is its locomotion;
On a painted morn, its crimson-colored love.
Scattered over the world, He has bestowed affection;
But in the cosmos He is not– I know not in which way.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Joy's embodiment

(2559)  Bhramar elo gunguniye

The Bumblebee arrived a-hummin',
At a flower-grove, tell the reason–
And is it in a floral or mental garden?
Smile of moon, delight of blooms–
Both effuse in company with only Him.

Today, drunken are the air and sky;
In many hues they rose attired.
Searching for strings of Whose lyre,
Desolate, a melody they did give.

The Bumblebee, why, having come asudden,
Upon a psychic flower He now sits?
He keeps staying until everybody's finish;
Who knows why oh why that is!

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