Thursday, January 31, 2019

Deep funk

(1232)  Amar bhuvan kalo haye ache

Black is become my world;
Still the Lord of Light did not show up.
The floral seedling cannot blossom,
As no honey was infused in the bud.

The flower garden, the grass carpet,
From shortage of water they did not persist.
With scorching sun and biting wind,
The pouring rain, it did not happen.

I can't sing the song that's been rehearsed,
Nor can I move along the path that's fixed.
Without Your grace nothing exists,
So I don't see how mercy didn't trickle.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

No other way

(1231)  Cande meghete khela

The game between moon and the clouds,
In yonder firmament a dream does rise.
Forgotten is worldly enchantment;
I keep gazing toward the sky.

On the resplendent moonlit night,
From afar it beckons...
I cannot remain at home while
Dances the whole ocean of effulgence.

Oh Who are You, my Unknown Friend?
You go away, having poured life's nectar.
You leave, after just calling me...
In my heart, how can I bear this separation?

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Love's consummation

(1230)  Bhalabasi tomay ami, shatek juge juge

With You I am in love
Throughout countless ages,
In many hues, in many forms,
Rapt in boundless passion.

I have spoke of many topics,
The heart's hidden afflictions...
A colored flambeau's legends
From ardor for fulfillment.

I have sung so many hymns,
Tear-sodden love-songs...
Sweet memories of nights moonlit
In tunes of floral pollen.

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Monday, January 28, 2019

Too demanding

(1229)  Ami bhalobasiyachi durer tarake

I'm attached to a star of someplace remote;
Oh, I don't find it up close.
Why it's so, I don't know, I don't know.
In psyche was the hope that I'll receive love,
But You did not come down at all.
Why it's so, I don't follow, I don't follow.

A shrine I've adorned, a hymn I've composed...
With pleasing flowers I am threading a garland.
Maybe the way You have forgotten...
Or perhaps You forget nothing whatsoever.

Maybe somewhere a fault's still abiding;
Perhaps in love there's some vanity.
You could come to rectify the deficiency,
But that small mercy You did not concede.

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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Go inside

(1228)  Tomar amar majhe rekho na kona praciir

Please don't keep any wall between You and me;
Let me proceed into Your presence.
I've no knowledge of dualism or non-dualism;
I know only yon two feet exist.

Those who've built up walls, why have they done it?
And please explain why it has been tolerated.

Your tiny atom, it will only love Thee;
Mind and body, they want but to come into Your proximity.
This simple truth, eternally it has been acknowledged:
Manifest art Thou at the core of heart.

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Saturday, January 26, 2019

I'd found You

(1227)  Jana ajanar shes paravare

An end to known and unknown on the sea
In You I had received...
Breaking ties both primordial and worldly
That in my heart I'd held tightly.

I did not have wisdom philosophical–
What is essential and what, non-essential.
I had merely understood the mercy has been Yours,
And I'd obtained that very kindness.

At late night the light had come,
Nigh making faint pitch darkness.
On that ebony midnight, silently in private,
The lamp of love I had ignited.

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Friday, January 25, 2019

I have seen the light...

(1226)  Vishver pran bhariye

Filled with cosmic vitality,
Seized with the song of novelty,
Go ahead, do proceed,
Mingling with sublime peace.
The universe acknowledging
And taking stock of psychic needs,
Lay it bare, do reveal...
Make known the grace of the Supreme.

Having dropped the old and worn-out slough,
With a new light two eyes opened,
Ever-radiant and all-proficient,
Pay heed to the Causal Matrix.[1]

The light of the new at frontier's door
Gives glimpse through peephole at the border.
Both arms outspread in supplication,
On this very day welcome it.

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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Let me be color-free

(1225)  Ami tomay bhalabesechilum

I had been in love with You;
Why so at the time, I don't know.
On my psyche You had painted colors;
Ever since, those hues I don't expunge.

I'd been weeping in my dark shrine,
Thinking that there is nobody mine.
From the sky of light You'd spoken, bidding:
You are here, why do I fear...
That I had been forgetting You,
But You don't take any umbrage.

Under daylight I'd been smiling,
But at dusk my countenance I've concealed.
With two hands my face You'd raised;
You had said: "I have remained;
You, notice Me, understand Me!"
But still, I don't recognize Thee.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Let Him be

(1224)  Maner majhe lukiye acho

You are out of sight inside the mind;
The mind that's searching does not find.
The aim of meditation for mankind,
In every heart do You reside.

No holy place can constrain You;
No song of praise can placate with its tune.
Indescribable Lord, Transcendental Master,
You dangle liila[1] before Your Creation.

In each creature, in each thought, You are there;
Equally in particle and Supreme Being, You are manifesting.
From Creator to a blade of grass, You are God unprecedented;
In Your mind the intellect gets lost.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Hari Baba

(1223)  Maner vane cor eseche

Into mind's garden has come a thief;
His capture He is not permitting.
He took with Him all the honey;
To no constraint does He pay heed.

Day and night this thief arrives;
Beside flower's pollen He does hide.
Going to nab this thief, meantime,
Mind gets rapt in the vast sky.

This thief knows well how to like;
This thief lays waste darkness of mind.
This very thief's candied smile,
The whole world it makes bright.

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Healthy society

(1222)  Asiyache sedin ogo ashrayhiin

The time is coming, oh homeless ones;
For you His door has been unfastened...
It has opened, it has opened.
Who of you is without food or garments,
For you mass distribution has begun.

Nobody will remain sick and helpless;
All alike will receive His affection.
To humanity more heads are bowing;
None will perish neath a tree.

Pangs of thirst and hunger won't be brooked;
No longer will downtrodden's wails endure.
Pitch-dark ignorance will not persist;
In human mind, divinity has awakened.

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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Having fun?

(1221)  Aguneri parasha niye

Bearing touch of fire,
Now spring[1] has arrived.
Creating stir within blood,
In new tunes it has sung.

Red-tinted are the fresh green leaves;
Today the guelder rose is fascinating.
Inside ashok groves, in legion
Bumblebees have assembled.

Who arises on this day within psyche,
Having painted with the phág of spring?
With seven-colored water-stream,
He has triggered revelry.

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Friday, January 18, 2019

Let the winds blow

(1220)  Smrti buke niye base achi

I bide my time, bearing in breast a memory;
Departed are those days that I am missing.
With eyes traced by kohl, awake am I
In expectation of Your arrival.

In winter's piercing northern wind
And in the red-hot wind of summer...
Under every circumstance, it is You in my heart,
At all times, in every wish and attainment.

On autumn evenings in the golden clouds
And in dry season,[1] frost-wet nights aroused...
Coming with wind's roaring speed in winter,
I get Your touch with a shiver.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Law of Reciprocity

(1219)  Kon svarger surabhi enecha

Which heavenly fragrance have You brought;
In which rapture are You absorbed?
What is the heart-Elysium
That passionately You do cherish?

Those who love You, pure and simple...
Are You theirs exclusively, oh Dear Friend?
Those who do not dote on Thee,
For them what is it You're doing?

Some are there who do not love You consciously;
Yet, unknowingly, they do love wholeheartedly.
Between these two is there any borderline,
And are You drawing it at any time?

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For Thee I dance and sing

(1218)  Tomar tare malatii mala gantha

For You threaded is the wreath of malatii;
For You recited is the melody.
Worn are floral items to entice Your notice;
The weeping is for getting Thee.

Whatever I have received is only by Your grace;
What I have not received, that You don't desire.
Myself You have steered only for my welfare;
Any disservice You don't ever contemplate.
So, to Your metric beat my heart is tied.

Conscience, intellect, and intuition You have given;
Piercing the seven worlds,[1] the mind You have lifted up.
So that birth after birth Your peerless affection
May go on kissing my cheek,
You are the savior from every fear and apprehension...
Toward Thee I proceed, trampling underfoot all difficulties.

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Sunday, January 13, 2019

It's a celebration

(1217)  Sona jhara e usay

Now, on this gold-dripping morning,
With honeyed throat the tattlers sing.
You are where, currently?

The pitch-dark night, whither has it gotten lost;
Faded has become the dark fog.
Today, the black curtain gets withdrawn.

Kadam pollen races toward the heavens;
A crazed peacock dances to the damru cadence.
There's no trace of despair at present.

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Sentient peace

(1216)  Bujhi ba amar diirgha jaminii

My drawn-out night, could it be
At long last it's reached an end?
With new color has come morning,
Leaving me overwhelmed.

Gone is the night blanketing everything;
It had held sway for ages many.
Gone is the lightning with its sudden streaks,
Making bosoms heave, a-quivering.
Scrapped are those who were creatures of darkness,
Needlessly creating a commotion.

Serpents' froth does not poison the air;
Lifespans are not devoured by hooded fangs.
In the lively glee and shining light,
Mind's chukor,[1] it gets satisfied.

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Friday, January 11, 2019


(1215)  Esecho esecho tumi esecho

You have come, Lord, You've appeared,
Affection devastating.
The arid wilderness, the sapless trees...
On them You have smiled, animating, making green.

You suffused the earth with a juicy sweetness,
And a smile You sprouted on the gloomy visage.
The tearful heart, it rose up humming...
There was honey in the buds; Your touch You have given.

Floating comes the sweet scent of gardens in blossom,
Floating comes the chirping of lively tattler-birds,
Floating comes clusters of the full moon's grin;
Into everybody's core, You have poured ambrosia.

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

All for the best

(1214)  Ami tomay bhalabasi tomake cai

In love with You am I, it's You that I need;
In Your presence I don't lack for anything.
In sky and ocean, in the whole wide world,
Your second having sought, that I don't discover.

You have given light, You have given wind,
You provided food and drink, and You've supplied dwelling.
What I do not want, even that You have granted;
Stinginess, not a bit of it You practice.

You are in the fire and air under life's foundation...
At base of the altar to man's intellect and intuition.
Oh my Master, nobody, small or great, ever goes missing:
There's a place for everyone at Your lotus feet.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019


(1213)  Nayane thako prabhu thako abiram

Dwell in my eyes, Lord; stay there unremittingly.
Just Your thoughts I consider so that always
With Your name I be consumed, oh Paragon of Virtue.

Unavailing, my birth has elapsed times numerous
In frame of so many animals and, alas, creepers and shrubs.
But today, by Your grace, a human body I've attained;
This time, please satisfy what my heart craves.

With delusion abundant I'd been stricken;
I had drifted far, far off in dogmatism.
Now I've understood what's real, not a doubt lingers...
My everything I've dedicated.

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Comedy or tragedy?

(1212)  Aloker path dhare tumi esecho

Along the path of light You have come,
Casting thunderbolts with dulcet notes.
All blemishes far away You have flung.

Everlasting was the dark, or so all had thought;
Its filth accumulated on the skull of everyone.
But You removed all that, You gave love;
The path's pebbles You have crushed.

Life's flame was extinguished, or so all had thought;
That forest fire of the past, it had got lost.
But all that You awakened, You made sport;
Having gazed at every face, a smile You have worn.

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Monday, January 7, 2019

We all depart...

(1211)  Abelay dak diye ke go cale jay

At day's end, call given, oh who leaves
Neath melodic sorcery?
I think inwardly that I won't pay heed,
But I listen secretly;
Keeping deaf does not succeed.

So much time– so many minutes, seconds–[1] passed me by...
Behind western mountain,[2] bit by bit the sun declined;
Now the nightfall thickens on four sides.

The bird with its chirping, to the nest it came back...
The golden field of paddy, it got drowned in black.
Still, You did not come near, alack and alas!

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Age of Bliss

(1210)  Tumi ele tamah sarale alo jvalale

You arrived, removed darkness, lit the light;
Distant ones You drew nigh.
You purged sins, conferred love;
You stirred hope in hearts forlorn.

In fear of darkness flowers did not blossom...
As there was no honey, bees did not assemble.
With effulgence You bathed everybody
In the beauty You did bring, the beauty You did bring.

After the gloom, a radiant age arrived;
Heavenly glow arose on four sides.
On Your own You made happen, managed single-handed...
Graciously You bestowed a flow of ambrosia.

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(1209)  Tomar namer ruper melay

With a gala of Your names and forms,
You are cramming the whole universe.
Formless One, in Your play of beauty,
I fail to understand anything.

When I think that something is the finish,
Thereupon I see beginning's image.
Even after the end, there again is inception;
The wheel turns, kissing the vast firmament.

When about which is the best of all
Pondering, I get lost.
Afterward, there's still much more;
It appears, even more precious.

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Saturday, January 5, 2019


(1208)  Tomar namer ruper bhelay

On the raft of Your name and forms,
Who is that singing a song?
From forms unto formlessness,
The raft floats along.

Many cities and mountain peaks,
Much land surface and chasm deep...
Having crossed all that or overleaped,
Toward the unknown it proceeds.

In one corner of that raft only,
Please spare a solitary place for me.
Having engaged me with Your name wholly,
Do set me a-sailing.

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Thursday, January 3, 2019

The silent revolution

(1207)  Alokeri van dekeche

A flood of splendor, it has summoned
All the darkness on this earth.
Those who had been veiled neath ebony,
In light their eyes crave opening.

There was dark and more dark still,
Each and every thing like cinder.
A touch of light, the joy of life,
Awakened those in that plight.

Upon the light came still more light;
It painted both the air and sky.
On yonder light eyes are kept peeled;
The bent knee that we offer is to Thee.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

His timeless light

(1206)  Kon se ajana prabhate

On some unknown morning
You'd ignited a light.
Even now that light is shining,
Minding not restraint of day or time.

In that same light came out life,
Heady-scented woods and gardens.
With the forms and colors from that light,
You'd made earth a celestial nymph.

In that same light is everybody's life;
That very light, great it is making.
With just that light, opened are eyes;
You'd given to the living spiritual awakening.

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Inside and out

(1205)  Ami tomakei bhalabesechi, jatai dure thaka

You alone have I loved.
Whatever distance You maintain,
However hidden You may stay,
You are the breath of life... I have understood.

In blue sky, You are the moon;
You are honey in the bloom.
In the wind You are the cool,
You are unblown flower's jewel.
Superhuman are You... I have realized.

You're the thunder and the lightning,
And the woodland scented sweet.
I am just a speck of Thee... I have understood.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Drab no more

(1204)  Tumi ele alo jvalale

You came and lit a light;
You have loved effusively.
You opened eyes and gently smiled;
All sorrow You have sent elsewhere.

Neglected and disdained,
How many nights and days are passing!
You discerned the pain, and so You came;
With both hands You have wiped away the tears.

In sky is the moon, in the bloom is nectar;
But in my vicinity, just despair was there.
Then You arrived and applied color;
You've suffused the world with color's beauty.

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