Thursday, January 17, 2019

For Thee I dance and sing

(1218)  Tomar tare malatii mala gantha

For You threaded is the wreath of malatii;
For You recited is the melody.
Worn are floral items to entice Your notice;
The weeping is for getting Thee.

Whatever I have received is only by Your grace;
What I have not received, that You don't desire.
Myself You have steered only for my welfare;
Any disservice You don't ever contemplate.
So, to Your metric beat my heart is tied.

Conscience, intellect, and intuition You have given;
Piercing the seven worlds,[1] the mind You have lifted up.
So that birth after birth Your peerless affection
May go on kissing my cheek,
You are the savior from every fear and apprehension...
Toward Thee I proceed, trampling underfoot all difficulties.

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