Thursday, January 24, 2019

Let me be color-free

(1225)  Ami tomay bhalabesechilum

I had been in love with You;
Why so at the time, I don't know.
On my psyche You had painted colors;
Ever since, those hues I don't expunge.

I'd been weeping in my dark shrine,
Thinking that there is nobody mine.
From the sky of light You'd spoken, bidding:
You are here, why do I fear...
That I had been forgetting You,
But You don't take any umbrage.

Under daylight I'd been smiling,
But at dusk my countenance I've concealed.
With two hands my face You'd raised;
You had said: "I have remained;
You, notice Me, understand Me!"
But still, I don't recognize Thee.

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