Monday, October 15, 2018

So that's what it's about

(1128)  Alote chayate duhkha sukhete

In light and shade, pleasure and pain,
So many lifetimes have gone by.
What I've attained, that I've mislaid;
But I've endured, hope entwined.

Storms have come, tearing to pieces,
Setting adrift my existence.
Graciously once more I've got the same...
To fill my psyche I have craved;
And, path ignored, I've gone astray...
But I don't comprehend much of it.

I've divined You now, I've found the path;
I've learned to move in radiance celestial.
That very grace provide; please give more light,
Having effaced all blemishes of mine.

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Here shines like the sun

(1127)  Aloke aloke aloke tumi esecho

With divine light You've arrived;
Like a kind sun, You've smiled.

You've made fall the old and withered leaves;
With tender green leaves You've brought beauty.
The burden of dogmatism, You've left it colorless.

Inertia's yellowed curtain You have torn;
On rosy cheeks red luster You have brought.
Speed You have filled with dynamism.

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Hope beyond hope

(1126)  Balechile more gan shonabe

You'd said You'll sing a song to me;
The days I count, expectantly.
With smile sweet, You had assured:
"At once I shall return."

Many times has Earth gone round its path;
So many Falls and Springs have passed!
You did not come, You did not sing;
Anxious for Thee, fake webs I weave.

The saplings, they've grown into trees;
Mountains eroded have become ant-heaps!
Time's reckoning has reached its limit;
Still I do believe footfall approaches.

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Merciful Lord

(1124)  Tumi amay bhule gecho

You have forgotten me...
You've forgot, You've forgot, my Dear.
In light and shade, with me You had been;
Are You ever thinking of that history?

So many golden dawns have gone;
The flower-string I've wove got torn.
You had been, You are now, remaining You will be;
But You've expunged me from Your memory.

Close to me, come, please come... no more of Your liila!
No more games... having come near, kindly do be seated.
By Your mercy, by Your favor and affection,
I exist, and also You are present.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Swimming upstream

(1123)  Aloke tomar liila

With effulgence lies Your game divine...
On seeing darkness why do You give fright?
In the heart are many states of mind...
When mood's forgot, why make sense of want arise?

Those who, Yourself in alluring dress
Have witnessed in the midst of fondness...
About them have You got some other view
Such that You have kept far removed?

Those who cherish You,
Hoping just to give You pleasure...
Toward them a look You don't take,
As if, forgetting, You have gone away.

I am an atom; You are Cosmic Being,
Without any limit, any boundary...
But for an atom to get rid,
That You cannot; well You know it!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

On the eve of destruction

(1122)  Varasar rate ketakiisuvase mate

On a monsoon night, redolent with scent screwpine,
On feet rose-color dyed,
Inside my home You had arrived.
Stricken by the three afflictions,[1] Earth's bosom
You suffused with peacefulness.

At the time, around that night had streamed
A heady southern wind, exhilarating.
It had sung with a music jingling,
Megh Malhar resonating.
Seized with love was I in that very atmosphere;
I had bowed and paid respect deliberately.

That day I don't forget, I don't forget the moment;
In my heart its memory resounds at each instant.
That same sweetness, it surrounds my consciousness;
On melody it sets me adrift.

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(1121)  Jyotisamudre ek anu tava

Inside of light's ocean, I am Your one particle;
Everything that I keep getting, it is without equal...
It is beyond anything that I can comprehend.

You are in me and around me to an infinite extent,
From before time began until after time does end...
And so You are without limit, One With No Precedent.

On Creation's game of deceit, You move dancing, all-pervading;
But mid sounds raised by birds warbling and the peacocks calling...
Listening for Thee, I hear nothing, One So Very Hard To Reach.

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