Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Krsna universal

(1251)  Vrajer kanu abar ki re

The Kanu[1] of Braj, is He again
Come back to Vrndavan?
The milkmaids' pain, their inmost thoughts,
They did strike mind once more.

Today the Jamuna flows upstream;
With zest for life it's overflowing.
The peacock with its parted golden crest...
Does anyone know where it went?

In a pleasure-grove, ecstatic
Was the Darling of gopiis' devotion.
From that bower with love abounding,
He dispersed to crannies of the psyche.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Krsna returns

(1250)  Ei phagune saungopane

On this very Phalgun[1] secretly,
Did Shyama[2] come to Vrndavan?
The love of yore,
It sprang to mind for all gopiis.

Taking clouds in hand
And sprinkling vital nectar,
Attuned to beat in groves of bay-leaf,
Dancing, You arrived this morning.

With mind-whelming flute's musical notes,
In this cosmos You set us afloat.
The phág[3] that was in Vrndavan,
It spread through pysche of the universe.

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Sunday, February 17, 2019

But what about the children?

(1249)  Ei bhule jaoya vrajabhumite

To this neglected land of Braja,[1]
Oh Demon-Slayer,[2] please do come again.
Today the Jamuna[3] flows not upstream,
Nor does Your sweet flute resound there.

Under the kadam tree, no play happens
Of the Braja boys with Yourself.
The dairymaids in fear of butter's theft,
No longer do they hide their goblets;
But till now nonetheless, they feel deeply
You are always theirs only.

In markets of cosmetics on the banks of Jamuna,
In groves of bay-leaf trees upon the Gokul paths,
The milkmaid's daughter, face encased by orna,
Regarding Thee does she ask?

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

None can long block my progress

(1248)  Shata badhar praciir bheunge egiye jabo

Breaking countless boundary walls, I'll proceed
With Your name, Lord, with Your song.
At dark night's end, certainly I'll get opportunity
On the crimson-colored dawn.

However proud of strength the demons be,
In Your hand is all their energy.
However much ablaze the fire be,
Its capability is stored in Thee.
I move upon Your path and fear not anybody
In this life infused with Your stream of blessings.

Those who poison both the air and sky,
Who make worm-eaten the buds of the mind,
No lenience, no mercy do they acquire...
You give firm conviction in my psyche, in my life.

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Friday, February 15, 2019

Lady at night

(1247)  Nayane varasa ela

In your eyes the rains, they came;
Why so, my doe-eyed maiden?
You've plucked flowers, rehearsed strains;
But lo He still doesn't come!

Stained red from the betel leaf,
Your lips, their speech, it is weak.
With what despair at twilight,
You don't don evening attire?

You are gazing toward the sky;
Braided tresses, You've untied.
With meters Mandákrántá,[1]
You don't make the peacock dance;
You don't sound the conch of dusk.

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Time to come out

(1246)  Nayane lukiye acho

Within His eye you lie hidden,
Every instant, every moment...
All the time, yes, each moment.
Secretly, His song you're singing
To His melody and beat majestically...
With grandeur, yes, majestically.

Great or small, all are your own–
Those who are new, those who are old.
With the heart's touch from everyone,
You scattered merriment in heaven,
In the heaven, yes, in heaven.

Life that's suffused with affection,
It is pure and holy, upright and unrivaled.
The world is yoked to melodies;
So dance ahead, glittering
Glittering, yes, glittering.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

He gives me strength

(1245)  Divya dyutite prajinari pathe

With radiance divine on the chariot of wisdom,
Who are You that's come, oh Gracious One!
With tender rapt-attention, in reverberating heavens
Having heard Your varábhaya[1] message, I go onward.

To You nothing is remote or close;
All are alike, everyone Your own.
With smile sweet and flute enchanting,
Having called, ever pleasing You proceed.

You are attentive day and night;
By my head You've stayed, 'ware of my mind.
Your kind compassion I beseech,
Knowing I will surely gain that mercy.

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