Sunday, January 26, 2020

I will find You

(1493)  Rupe rage ele bhuvan bharale

With form and color You arrived; and You filled the world.
For what reason did You go and stay behind a curtain?
Holding back You came, and standoffish You left...
Just like a stranger, an unfamiliar person.

Maybe You don't wish to be well assimilated;
And so You've taken to seeking a safe haven.
Your mind never wants, Lord; but my mind desires...
Tween these two appetites, You must know a compromise.

You're the maker of the universe and its controller;
You're the arbiter of truth and its firmament.
To lay hidden from the truth You simply won't succeed...
So why do You try to accomplish such a thing?

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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Burning time

(1492)  Raktima prate alo jhara hate

At crimson morning, with light-dripping hands,
You had come, being compassionate.
In two eyes the honeyed smile had been;
And the sweet flute was upon rosy lips.

Just arrived, You said: "I go;
For lingering, I've no scope.
I have no temporal bondage–
How will you hold in time's vessel?"

I said: "Take me with;
Please make me timeless.
Bringing me outside of time,
Know that Your work is done fine."

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Friday, January 24, 2020

Go inside

(1491)  Tomay khunje beriyechi

I have roamed in search of You,
Through wilderness and atop mountain...
Mid the gloom on night of new moon,
With lampstand of ghee-flame.

Everybody says: "Not here, not here–
Why do you seek in vain?
His abode is over there...
Why don't you go to that holy place?"

The temple having entered, I observe
Such wondrous articles of worship!
Devout laity is there and also clergy,
But the Worshiped One has gone off where?

Searching at heart's core, I perceive
Oh my, You are in hiding!
No priest is there or any worshiper,
Not even a wicker tray, laden with flowers.

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

His boundless grace

(1490)  Alor dhara nece cale

The stream of light keeps on dancing
On this dusty Earth.
The Lord of Splendor has appeared
In everybody's heart.

With rays made in a heady dream,
The light-cascade falls beaming.
All darkness is dispelled by light,
Externally and on the inside.

Amid the gloom, light's tremors,
Is Shiva's dancing in dark's bosom.
Dhurjati,[1] matted locks unloosed today,
He came to grant embrace.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Even for deplorables

(1489)  Tumi tamasar sagare jyoti anile

You brought luster to gloom's ocean;
Into dark earth, You infused effulgence.
You painted the flower's petals;
In her bosom You dispensed nectar.

When You arrived on chariot of colors seven,
With the clouds You brightened daybreak's fringes.
Misgivings of living beings You dismissed;
In consequence, everybody's love You did win.

Those who were drowned in blind ignorance,
Fast asleep to humanity's foundation they had been.
Their slumber You shattered, their heart You awakened;
So You became the monarch of mentality cosmic.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020


(1488)  Tomare bhalabase je jan

The person who holds You dear,
Can she remain tranquil?
For the sake of gaining Thee,
She drops, exuding tears.

Daytime or nighttime, leaving or arriving,
Weeping or smiling, night of the wedding,
With His proximity, all become identical;
And everybody drifts on essence of nectar.

She gets fastened by the cord of love,
Like that between the moon and chukor.[1]
Round and round she's bound to whirl,
At moonlit night's love-tryst.

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Monday, January 20, 2020

The life of a flower

(1487)  Phuleri raja esecho

You have come, oh Ruler of the flowers;
Today, why are You in the floral garden?
Has a flower yearned for You,
And to that have You been obedient?

A flower looks in Your direction;
With two eyes, You also look upon it.
This mutual observation, this familiarity,
Ever it is dressed in fresh clothing.

For a brief span of time a flower blossoms;
Afterward, in the dust she sprawls.
Her coming-and-going is only momentary;
Yet, with a smile, she rises up dancing.

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