Sunday, May 19, 2024

From the beginning

(3011)  Chilo na kichui jakhan

There'd not been, when there'd not been a thing at all,
You had been alone, my Love, You'd had no help.
Everything had been at standstill
On that new moon night's darkness dense.

In gloom, in gloom You had been unattended;
No occasion, bad or good, had there been.
There was not the floral garland,
Nor someone to place it upon neck.

The colored exhibition did You want, You wanted:
"I won't stay alone any longer;
Oscillation will I wake through a universe
Upon the shore of love's ocean
At the consequent Creation's first moment."

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Saturday, May 18, 2024

I cannot imagine it

(3010)  Gan geye gechi, sur sedhe gechi

A song I've gone on singing;
I've rehearsed a melody.
I have wished to make You hear
That I've held You dear.

You are there in sphere of light;
You've been hid, the darkness by.
But You've remained ever nigh;
This fact I have conceived.

You've provided hunger's rice;[1]
Misery by sympathy You've wiped from mind.
In sorrow solace You've supplied;
How do I survive forgetting Thee?

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Friday, May 17, 2024

Being on Your path

(3009)  Venuvane nupura pay

In bamboo[1] grove, ankle-bells on feet,
Oh Who came, won't You tell me?
Rejoicing of the lower lip, lampblack of the eyes,
Made to rain is Heaven's splendid beauty.

From grove a flute echoes upon beach and forest path;
The darkness blazes with light beams.

Ones lost in Your melody from ocean to land,
They're made to faint, deluged by ecstasy.

Everything You do whereby kindness You show;
Lovingly, a cradle awareness-filled You make swing.

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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Don't just alight, make it all right

(3008)  Mayaloke eso ajana pathik

Passer-by Unknown, please come to the realm of Maya,
To my home, having strayed intentionally,
At my eyes entwined with sleep,
The veil of mist sundering.

Except for You there's none else to desire;
By anything other I don't get satisfied.
And so each moment from dawn's rise,
Through liila do deceive by a hundred means...

Not a bit will I ignore that play divine;
In the thought of You my mind wants to abide.
I go on singing a single tune in darkness and in light,
Wholeheartedly: Please arrive with pride and glory...

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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

He advised...

(3007)  Ke jena asiya marme pashiya

Like Someone coming and piercing heart,
He said that in springtime He will arrive...
The anger latent within mind and my every flaw,
Forgiving them, He will be kind.

You've shown the path, a path I'm understanding;
But I've disregarded it, out of lethargy.
Knowingly, an unsound way I'm following,
My faith was that sweetly You will smile.

To call my own, I know that not a thing is there;
Yet I keep claiming Your things belong to me.
This infatuation, an errant and painful fraud,
Pray do tell, You will rid it at what time.

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Sunday, May 12, 2024

Both far and near

(3006)  Tomari katha bheve marmik anubhave

Having thought of You alone, with feelings poignant,
The dam is broken, to Infinite my mind goes floating.
You are Master of Heaven-and-Earth, refuge to the helpless;
A particle of Your love fills the heart with ecstasy.

With unrivaled cadence and with mind-pleasing scent,
With a throbbing mood-mounted, everyone's Most Beloved...
For blooms You're the garland, on necklace You're the gem;
Unattached You laugh with affection and exquisite beauty.

In extreme summer heat, the first flow of water;
In gaps between thunderclouds, the polestar splendid.
A tree's shadow under sun, in darkness the moon's magic;
Though staying remote You live in a paradise of mind-honey.

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Hey You

(3005)  Asiimer majhe siima nihita ache

Amid the Infinite, limit is innate;
In both the two are You, oh Master.
Everyone You envelop, mind You pervade;
Nonetheless, proximity You don't give.

Having swayed, off You go on a swing of entertainment;
When starting to fathom You, away You take the sense.
It keeps filling existence, oh that flame;
Never do You let it get extinguished.

You are on azure sky, in fire, in air;
By star-smile, You're combined with mental state.
That grain of love, a sweetness on mind it paints;
You are the Almighty and also Its contemplation fit.

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