Friday, January 15, 2021

The world excites with joy of life

(1811)  Sarpila kutila pathe

On a winding, zigzag path,
Those who'd gone, they have come back.
Filth and darkness dismissed,
They have dressed in hues resplendent.

Having relinquished You, it does not endure;
Having forgotten You, it does not feel good.
On Your touch, with love's delight,
All have come rushing nearby.

Who wants to stay hidden by mist?
A flash of light, the mind it thrills.
Every single moment, atingle it goes by
For those who have held You in mind.

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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Don't be deceived

(1810)  Ke baleche kathor tumi

Who has claimed You are severe,
Oh Tender One, a flower's only creed?
The mistake have I been clarifying.
Sweetly smiling having neared,
You inquire how I'm doing.

On outside stays a covering;
It's not Your innate property.
Under the severity lies concealed
Tenderness, I have perceived.

Fruit's tasty juice, honey-sweet,
And floral pollen's touch refreshing...
Had You not remained tied to the dreary,
I would not have got what I've received.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Just curious

(1809)  Tomake paboi prane prane

Life after life, Yourself I'll get certainly
In the charming tent of psyche
With many a song, my Dear, with songs aplenty.
My existence, it is not unavailing...
I am in love with You, having perceived.

The bud that's awakened at mind's core;
You make it blossom by Your touch.
With that flower Your altar I'll adorn,
Privately, in the depths of heart.

Going on giving vigor, You gave aspiration;
And You gave satisfaction to every thirst.
Just this one question, only it did linger:
When will You look in my direction?

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

I've got nothing

(1808)  Bhul kare eso priya

By mistake please arrive, my Darling,
At this modest hut of mine.
I have nothing like a virtuous quality,
By whose dint Yourself I invite.

I've no knowledge like an ocean,
Nor an intellect in much measure.
Shamefaced, I stay meritless;
Nobody wants me changed.

You alone are my shelter;
Painted hope in life dejected.
What I crave is adoration;
Round You only is it always.

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Monday, January 11, 2021

Ever in His company

(1807)  He priya amar pran sabakar

Hey my Beloved, the life of everybody;
Unto You which song will I sing?
With Your body of music from Heaven,
Tunes ever-new, they come floating in.

From the cascade of what unknown place,
On only time's current I have sailed.
Privately, in solitude and quiet way,
Life You imbued, oh Radiant One.

Never do You leave me helpless or alone;
In company You've kept me, making Your own.
Unworthy though I be, having drawn me close,
You prepared with love a bath of liberation.

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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Of Thee I sing

(1806)  Tumi je gan geyechile phulavane

The song You had sung in the flower garden,
Its jingle, in the mind it still abides;
It is in the mind.
In the trappings You had worn with a smiling visage,
That form, even now it rises every moment.

Having been affixed to mind, You are life-filling;
Having been a ray of light, You are pain-vanquishing.
At the start You were mine; afterward, everyone's...
Night and day, kindly stay with me.

From Heaven came a strange but splendid beauty
To deluge with a stream unseen.
You are always mine; You are the quintessence...
I love You, knowing-or-unknowingly.

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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Cannot do

(1805)  Bendhe rekhecho je more

Tied You have kept me,
Master, with Your love-strings.
I, to stay forgetful of Thee...
No, I cannot be.
With fervent tears,
I recall Your words only.

You are my day's light,
And You are my dark of night.
You are my wrong and right,
Stern and tender Thief Divine.
Under the summer heat or winter sunbeams,
Myself You are enveloping.

Never You am I forsaking;
You're the Master, world-pervading.
Hopes demolished though I'm weeding,
Inside memory You stay fixed and filling.
You are what is lost and what is reaped,
Blanketing everything.

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