Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Spring has come

(1368)  Phulera phutalo kena upavane

Why did flowers blossom in the garden?
Who knows, oh who knows?
Who knows that, who knows?
And not just in the floral garden...
In mind's garden flowers also blossomed.

Under the cruel fog of winter,
With its sluggishness of inertia,
That eruption could not happen!
Into life now it got swiveled.

Heart's nectar, petal-hemmed,
Now it found its bosom friend.
The august moon of blue firmament
Wants to move in only its direction.
On moonlit nights in company with it,
That tale is told in notes of rapid music.

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Spring has come...

(1367)  Amramukule kimshukaphule

In mango bud and guelder rose
You are wearing cheery clothes.
The woodland laughs with blooms of spring,
And now with modesty the psychic realm is smiling.

Dropping are the compound leaves of hog-plum trees;[1]
Abounding is the fragrance of gooseberry.
Along with the golden light on golden peak of mountain,
A golden crown sits atop the magnolia flower.

Over the rose-apple blossom with its bitter nectar,
The bumblebees are humming from all the four directions.
With a scent of licorice upon their hair-bun clasp,
Young women have forgotten household tasks.
With moonlit dreams and southern winds,
A brazen moon keeps calling them.

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One song, one love

(1366)  Jyotsna rate niilodadhisrote

With the moonlit night on streaming blue ocean,
On a beach of golden sand
I will speak to You in song after song, my Beloved.
On a gentle wind, outspread are the petals
Of a sweet flower with my musical recital.

Rehearsed by me is only one melody;
With that melody, the heart is replete.
With its rhythm, in celestial bliss,
At Eden is a new vibration.

On my one-stringed lute is just one tune;
With all my love it is suffused.
With all my pollen and a blossoming devotion,
Into every ear I will sing a hymn.

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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Why so?

(1365)  Sabar maner manane rayecho

You have dwelt in every mind's cogitation;
Why then do You want to stay hidden?
Yours is so much fragrance, so immaculate...
Why look on from afar, notwithstanding that?

For those who have nobody, You belong to them;
And You have infused virtue inside of the meritless.
Being transcendent, by attribute You are unchecked;
But remaining unseen, why do You choose that?

A shelter to everyone, You are without refuge;
And knowing everybody, their pain You remove.
Remaining above all, even then, what's the reason
You dab honey through connection, unit and collective?

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Saturday, June 15, 2019


(1364)  Andhar sagar par haye ele, aloker tumi pratibhu

You arrived from across the gloomy sea;
Of light You are the guarantee.
You removed each bit of darkness;
On this earth for benefit, You are the Master.

Doing great austerities age after age,
Saints and sages, You they could not embrace.
But in an instant, with touch of a little grace,
Into the heart of all, oh Lord, You came.

When light appears, then dark will vanish;
When life comes, then death will perish.
In this divine game, the universe is cradled;
There can never be an end to it.

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Friday, June 14, 2019

My all

(1363)  Brhat tumi ksudra ami

You are great, I am tiny;
Toward You dancing I proceed.
You're the wave, I'm dust of street;
Your refuge I beseech.

Since time out of mind between us is a link,
With love oft smeared on unit and Supreme.
Without me, You once were and You can be;
Without You, I am nothing.

Without You, I'll not manage to think anything;
You're my polestar, my sadhana is You only.
Grant devotion, grant deep longing,
That I sing hymns to Your glory.

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Let us conclude this game

(1362)  Manera raja mane eso

Ruler of mind, enter my psyche...
On the mental flower of embellished tree,
Mid heart's core, do smile please.

I ask for nothing in Your presence;
To confer my fealty is all I wish.
Please arrive on silent footsteps...
Do not keep Your distance, not one bit.

To no avail, many births have passed;
Such sweetness has floated off, Peerless One.
This time let it be the last...
Do be seated on mind's lotus.

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