Sunday, June 17, 2018

It's a wonderful world

(1006)  Calar pathe eta kanta

So many thorns on the footpath...
Why is that, I don't grasp.
My time that goes in clearing thorns
Could have been used for doing work.

When obstructions come in the lead,
That wakens power, so I hear.
With Your zeal the mind gets filled;
Mayhap that's why You give so many obstacles.

If darkness were not present,
Light's worth, who would comprehend?
With pain and sorrow distressed,
Mind understands joy's abundance.

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Once in a while

(1005)  Jyotitaraunge tumi eso

With a wave of light, please arrive;
Arrive, arrive, please arrive.

Should melancholy encompass
And no sympathizer persist,
With a call to me piercing the darkness,
Time to time, gently smile.

By Your grace have I gone on;
I've overlooked obstruction...
I have crossed the trackless mountains,
For I know that movement's what You like.

There was no start to my movement,
Nor has it even any finish.

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Never leave

(1004)  Tumi eta dakar pare aji esecha

Today, after so much calling, You've appeared;
Having come, You've promptly begun saying: "I will leave."
I have built my heart's altar to Your liking;
I won't let You go immediately.

From flowers durable I have strung a wreath;
My wicker tray[1] I've brought with love's offerings.
Please do stay, and simply see...
I shall adorn You wholeheartedly.

With essence of sandalpaste and distilled psychic nectar,
With a carefully selected and longlasting jeweled necklace,
I am awake, and I cling to Thee...
With fresh-minted passion I'll behold Your rosy feet.

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Could it be?

(1003)  Tumi esechile bhalobesechile

Come You had, and loved You had;
Afterward You went away, oh why, please say.
Coming and then going, it only gives pain;
Not coming would have been more pleasant than that.

The garland You had worn, spreading its fragrance...
The flowers have all fallen; the string is become vacant.
But even now that memory, in my mind it's radiant.

The seat on which You'd sat, coating with sweetness...
Even now a sigh it elicits in heart's niche.
With both pleasure and pain, it remains copious.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Love me true

(1002)  Tumi je baste bhalo bhulo na

Don't You fail to hold dear,
Tear not my strung and tendered wreath.
Please don't fail to hold dear...
Don't neglect to love me.

From the propitious moment of sunrise,
I've kept that nectar active in my mind.
In fiery heat, under sunshine,
Don't let it run dry.

On moonlit nights, bathed in light,
A song we've sung combined.
With toss of storm or fall of aerolite,
That line of memory, please don't wipe.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Love, love, love

(1001)  Tomar katha anek shunechi

About You have I heard a great deal;
And still I can't perceive, what a pity!
After thinking much, this alone have I conceived:
There is no way without Your mercy.

What does a drop achieve; will it attain the ocean?
Having gone to get, it but dissolves therein.
The glow of a lamp, to hold the moon,
Into moonlight will it go and get subsumed.

Between You and me, throughout the ages,
Known or unknown, there is love...
That very love which You awaken,
Ignorance replacing with eternal knowledge.

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Monday, June 11, 2018

He is love

(1000)  Arunodaye rauniin hrdaye

At daybreak, in a painted mind,
My first meeting materialized
With an empyreal lightray.
Till then I could not appreciate,
As yet I did not realize,
The things that lovers say.

You were the only one upon my sky;
Hid by the light were those on every side.
By Your bright splendor, with boundless delight,
I became preoccupied.

Rhythm and song, my heart drenched by,
It went on dancing only in direction Thine.
By Your touch sublime, with bliss entire,
I've got Consciousness Personified.

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