Saturday, July 14, 2018

Looking for Him

(1125)  Vishva majhe tomay khunje

Within the world on seeking Thee,
Finding, it is hard indeed.
Attainment happens when there's mercy,
Oh Mercy's Repertory.

You're the one with countless heads,
Boundless intellect resides in them.
By dint of intellect and knowledge,
You alone are higher than the highest.

With eyes innumerous You observe;
Affection without end You preserve.
For everyone, both unit and collective,
Their abode You have constructed.

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Friday, July 13, 2018

At a loss

(1033)  Alor ei agnirathe

Upon this lustrous chariot of fire,
All darkness You did set alight.
On a new morn, oh Who arrived?
You banished our sorrowful night.

Nobody is unknown to Thee;
Nobody is outside of Thee.
You came and went with everybody;
Amid us all, You'd lain in hiding.

You know us, but we don't know Thee;
You heed us, but we don't heed Thee.
You know and heed; and so for us, accordingly,
You accompany, along with liila's deceit.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

In the heart of darkness

(1032)  Aloker ei uttarane, maran kupe jiivan rupe

For this splendid ascending
From death's pit to life's beauty,
Who are You that appeared?
Unfastening my gloomy home's entry,
You were standing right before me.

Having closed the windows,
On the door I'd set a bolt.
I'd been asleep in a darkened abode,
When, calling, myself You awoke.

In my mind I'd been thinking
That I know what none conceives.
In royal dress, You entered my psyche;
My ignorance, You made evident to me.

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I love Him, and He loves me

(1031)  Basiya vijane tahari dhyane

Sitting alone, musing on Him,
All on my own, I have strung a garland.
Upon riverbank, neath southern breeze,
Only His contour was there.

The flowing stream, making sounds of lapping,
Had told to me: "Girlfriend, listen please...
Your Sweetheart is everybody's Darling;
Unaccompanied, Him you won't get to see."

The southern wind had blown by, saying:
"Not to love Him, better that would be.
He is a star of the sky, a far-off galaxy;
He smiles sweetly while great distance keeping."

Nonetheless, I'll earn Him through love only,
The love that's been learned in His company.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Everything has changed

(1030)  Tumi ke go ele, ke go ele

Who are You that came;
Oh Who came?
My long-standing slumber You did break;
My gloomy heart with light You did bathe.

On the withered branch a bud You waked;
A flood You made the dried-up stream convey.
With golden hues my existence You did paint.

On getting Thee I've attained everything;
With Your arrival my desires I've achieved.
You obliterated the long trip's fatigue
With mind-enthralling meter and melody.

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Monday, July 9, 2018


(1029)  Ami tomar tare ghure ghure

For Thee am I rambling, rambling;
How much shall I journey?
If this birth be spent, still on my quest,
When will I let You take rest?

In love with You am I;
For Your sake I laugh and cry.
I remain listening...
Your flute, will I ever hear?

Day and night thinking of Thee,
Of all defeats, it's my sole agony...
All love is one,
Strung on one thread, oh Pristine Lord.

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Sunday, July 8, 2018

What I've learned

(1028)  Tomake buddhibale balo ke ba pabe

Do say, will anyone attain You by intellect's ability?
Everyone gets intellect only by Your mercy.

Many times I have paid a visit to this Earth;
Everything I have viewed with intellect's assessment.
At each step what I've known is my own ignorance...
I've understood that You're the essence of existence.

In my eyes and face, in my conduct, ignorance I have hid;
Neath the vile yoke of that veil, I've become degraded.
Now I've received awakening, and I've fathomed only this:
Grace unmerited, it descended.

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