Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Divine Mother

(1278)  Keu alokei mishe jay

Some mingle with the light only,
And some in gloom go missing.
Some want to find You only,
And some look for Your offerings.

Some make haste to the light-heaps
In Elysian Fields;
And some with an old bone weep
In a grove wrecked by reeds.
Then some who deem just You as cream,
They go in search of Thee.

Some, amid Your kind light-stream,
Ignite the lamp of reasoning;
Some skip along expansively.
For them, with anything but Thee,
Satisfaction cannot be achieved.

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Monday, March 18, 2019

How could You?

(1277)  Bhalo jadi na basite

Had You not held us dear,
Nor laughed gently-sweetly,
In that case, to attain Thee,
We would not have been worried.

Why had You loved,
And why oh why had You laughed...
Ensnaring in a fraud,
Why did You make Your liila?

You know so much cosmic sport,
Many games with hue and form...
With colors of a cloud,
Such affection pouring out.

In liila's deception You come near,
And having come You sit in psyche...
In that same cosmic game You go far away;
Do You perceive heart's burning pain?

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Sunday, March 17, 2019

My Krsna

(1276)  Kii ba haraiya giyache tomar

Oh what of yours has gone missing,
For whom do you weep constantly?
Who took the string of pearls round your neck?
Eyes watering, whose garland do you thread?

From a throat choked up with tears,
No true notes can emerge.
Still, feelings by both hands checked,
Why rehearse tune to the last breath?

Who's that mind-thief whose sweet flute
Snatched the smile from your two lips?
Seated by the jalousie with whose love-thread,
With what passion and grace do you braid your tress?

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Carry me away

(1275)  Tomar gane tomar sure

On Your song, on Your strain,
I do travel far away.
You're my heart's Beloved;
At Your love-tryst...
I do travel far away.

Please don't render me confined
To tiny room devoid of light.
Tormented on account of Thee,
Set me adrift upon Your melodies.

My bosom friend, time out of mind,
With only thoughts of You, preoccupy.
The dark night will become morning
Through Your song's essence of honey.

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Friday, March 15, 2019

His favorite

(1274)  Esechile prabhu surera mayay

Lord, with melodic magic come You had,
Ever singing songs upon the path.
None was there to welcome Thee;
At daybreak all were fast asleep.

You don't discern greetings or wreathes,
And by devotees You weren't ringed.
On Your mouth was a grin, tuneful flute in company;
You appeared, assuming shape with rhythmic beats.

With anklets jingling on sweet feet,
You took the readied place in niche of psyche.
In mind's Vrndavan, privately and in a trice,
You arrived, kohl on Your eyes,
Filling the heart of a favorite.

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

My playful Master

(1273)  Amay niye e kii khela

With me such fantastic sport
You've kept making, oh Merciful Lord.
You gave to me residence and victuals,
What You gave is more than I can tell.

You gave a mother's warm affection
And the shelter in a father's heart.
You gave an ally-friend-benefactor,
And, through life, knowledge of all sorts.

You gave romantic love's caress
And moonlit night's joyfulness.
You gave the heady wine of spring
And music full of poetry.

You disclosed the final destination,
And bestowed supreme accomplishment.
You wiped away my doubts and bondages,
And did make me stout-hearted...
Oh Playful Master, my Playful Master.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

And so He is the heart-thief

(1272)  Amar gopan katha jene niyeche

He has taken note of my secrets;
My heartache He knows that.
He knows both my good and bad;
Everything is at His fingertips.

I have wanted to conceal,
And I have not forsaken hiding;
But everything to light He brings.

In the depths of heart He dwells there,
And sweetness of psyche on life He does smear;
Words of love He speaks into every ear.

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