Wednesday, April 25, 2018

To infinity and beyond

(954)  Tomar e bhalabasa asiime melamesha

This love of Yours, an intimacy with infinity,
Upon time's mirror it emerges, rising intangibly.
From form into the formless, in rhythm and in song,
Wherefrom did it come, and whereto is it going?

Ancient Lover, having doled out life's ambrosia, You depart;
Asking for naught, You just smile in a heaven of the heart.

What's occurred in the three worlds,[1] it transpires for all time;
What is yet to be expressed, in Your mind it shines.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Everyone but me

(953)  Tomari lagiya achi je jagiya

Because of You awake am I;
On my joined eyelids there's no sleep.
I have but one desire, and it's unsatisfied;
Why this stinginess with me only?

In air and sky, Your hymns Earth sings;
Amid the fragrance, floral pollen swoons.
Your splendor is amazing in each molecule
And in the private crannies of the psyche.

The sweet smile of stars, the lamp of the moon...
Among life's light-rays, they are all good;
Yet in this climate, even more nectar You pour,
Making hearts brim with a gentle footfall,
With southern wind wrapped in a tender touch.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Wanting You

(952)  Tumi esecho madhu dhelecho

You have come, nectar conferring;
You've made bright my psyche.
Gently You've smiled, eyes opening;
You've expelled all my fatigue.

My love is what perceives Thee;
My song is what allures Thee.
My memory whispers in both ears
That never You've forgotten me.

Even now on my chignon is the blossom You've bequeathed;
Even now the night makes me very uneasy.
Gripped by the Raag Purabi, I am with yearning;
Though You've moved on, have You gone on listening?

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Existential questions

(951)  Phulbagane bhomara elo

The bumblebee came to a flower garden,
But why was he buzzing?
Please tell me the reason.
To make petals unfold what does he say,
And why the honey did he take away?
Oh what is this pain!

In flowers, why was there honey;
And where did it come from?
The honey called to bumblebee,
But why had it that fancy?

Come bumblebee and flowers laugh,
With the wish for give-and-take.
All honey blends, becoming one,
The meshed web of the One's liila.

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Circle of love

(950)  Tomar patha pane sabai ceye

Toward Your path everyone's attentive;
Everybody is attuned to Your inclinations.
Each song's beat circles Thee,
Rehearsed to Your charming melody.

It's such a chore being adored, impossible to ignore;
Entwined within mind is the saga of Your love.

Clouds are rumbling, and lightning fire is striking;
But still Your ballad the unperturbed heart sings.

Steadfast is Your gaze, Your beauty is undefiled;
Oh Lord, You have made some kind of paradise.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Somewhere in the universe it is 1500 BCE

(949)  Tumi amay niye ele

Myself You did bring
Inside some realm heavenly.
With sweetness You imbued
My heart's Jamuna.[1]

Brimming with love is Jamuna's flow
On eyelids bright with divine kohl.
Within rejoicing hearts, in ever-new attire,
At some Mathura as the king You have just arrived.

In heaven and on earth, everything You eclipsed;
On heartskies throbbing, You let flow streams of ambrosia.
With notes of enchanting flute, with transcendental song,
This very day, You bore me away, making me Your own.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Love play

(948)  Tomarei ami bhalobasiyachi

I've been loving you only;
For ages aplenty, in many forms and love-streams,
With my spiderweb I go on binding.

Gathering all the sweetness of mind
Into love's collyrium traced on the eyes,
I keep waiting for you all the time,
A smile on my lips and with desire.

Carefully my hair I've kept braiding;
A heavenly song I've kept rehearsing;
With dance's speech, to cymbals' beat,
Beside your path I've remained standing.

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