Tuesday, January 21, 2020


(1488)  Tomare bhalabase je jan

The person who holds You dear,
Can she remain tranquil?
For the sake of gaining Thee,
She drops, exuding tears.

Daytime or nighttime, leaving or arriving,
Weeping or smiling, night of the wedding,
With His proximity, all become identical;
And everybody drifts on essence of nectar.

She gets fastened by the cord of love,
Like that between the moon and chukor.[1]
Round and round she's bound to whirl,
At moonlit night's love-tryst.

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Monday, January 20, 2020

The life of a flower

(1487)  Phuleri raja esecho

You have come, oh Ruler of the flowers;
Today, why are You in the floral garden?
Has a flower yearned for You,
And to that have You been obedient?

A flower looks in Your direction;
With two eyes, You also look upon it.
This mutual observation, this familiarity,
Ever it is dressed in fresh clothing.

For a brief span of time a flower blossoms;
Afterward, in the dust she sprawls.
Her coming-and-going is only momentary;
Yet, with a smile, she rises up dancing.

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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Within and without

(1486)  E kii madhurata pavane

What is this sweetness on the wind;
What is this ecstasy in contemplation!
In what melodies does the bird sing;
What is this love in worldly sphere!

Lord, You've suffused the universe
With Your color, form, and music;
Everywhere You've dispersed
Your glamor with affection.
On tune after tune You float along
To Your own rhythm and song.

Come into my heart with smile sweet,
With magic flute resounding.
And why keep out of sight inside of psyche;
Please appear in song and dance before me!

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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Longing for what must be

(1485)  Eso eso eso, eso amar prane mane

Please come... arrive, arrive;
Come into my heart and mind.
With Your fondness and devotion, and Your floral pollen,
Gladdened am I every moment.

Resonate inside of me the sound of Your anklets;
Make me bloom with Your tender, ambrosial liquid.
Your undetected splendor, Your eternal love...
With their vibration they must bring heaven's kingdom.

From experience I am learning: there is nothing except You;
At my core I am grasping: there is no "I" in me too.
Through Your goodwill and Your beauty, Your pleasant touch,
In Your song the mortal world has been absorbed.

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Friday, January 17, 2020

Fading into Him

(1484)  Tumi eka chile koti koti hale

Unattended You had been, then You became billions;
With contours You got scattered.
You Who'd been ineffable sank into name and form;
You came within realm of detection.

You'd been giving expectation over many ages;
Fulfilling that expectation, You descended.
You arrived within psyche, You arrived within heart...
You brought with You acquisition, more than needed.

The unmanifest condition is upheld by Your liila,
Well-achieved through Your echoing vibrations.
With Your cadence and song in everybody's mind and heart,
Dancing to Your many beats, they all depart.

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Into Infinity

(1483)  Mukta vihaga bhese jay

The free bird moves along, carried aloft...
She knows not on what current, wherefrom it has come
And whereto it does run, run, run.

In which corner of the firmament the trip began
And where appeared its conclusion...
All of this, who even knows or understands;
To learn that, who really wants, wants, wants?

This bird exists within the mind of everybody,
Known or unknown, silently, inscrutably...
This bird, constantly He holds her dear;
At first, releasing her is the need, need, need.

The goose, into transcendence she does fly, fly, fly.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Light of my life

(1482)  Khadyot majhe tumi candera alo

Within the firefly You are light of the moon;
That is why I have been cherishing You.
Disseminating luster, making everybody bright,
You remove the darkness, inside and outside.

Utter gloom had surrounded the realm uncreated;
From the gloom was getting spewed gloom into darkness.
Upon that very gloom You applied ointment of light–
Even now You keep pouring out sweetness of life.

In that inauspicious realm when there was not a thing,
Birth or death, day or night, which of them would be?
Lord, You alone dwelt in that realm beyond bounds of time–
You will remain; You will go on pouring out more light.

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