Tuesday, May 28, 2024

I stand in awe

(3021)  Akashe vatase mahima

In the sky, upon air, majesty
Has been spread of Thee.
All around the cosmos is considered:
Who is the same as You; another I don't see.

From fount of the Beginningless,
On days and nights unnumbered,
You exist, with me ever;
You are the aggregate of every quality.

Your chronicle does not finish;
Can an atom tell it?
So many lifetimes vanish,
Hoping for iota of Your mercy.

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Down and dirty

(3020)  Marava pathe smita jharana

The smiling cataract on a desert path,
At end of flames from days struck by grief,
To the blazing fire, You gave a cool soothing.
Each and every sweetness is blended with Thee.

You are renunciation of all desire,
The chief propensity for all that is acquired.
For ages after ages, Yourself have I fancied;
Today You came in fascinating clothing.

That which I am doing beggars imagination;
Happiness mine, it shatters obstruction.
Formless You had been, but to form You did yield,
Upon dusty terra firma, having appeared.

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Monday, May 27, 2024

To a cruel world am I delivered

(3019)  Aungane mor nahi ele jadi

To my compound, since You did not come,
On the mental mirror, do appear.
If wanting not a word to utter,
Beam a smile honey-sweet.

How many ages penance has transpired;
Passed has the last day of the dark fortnight.
Today, this very morning, with a crimson luster,
Raze that same darkness gloomy.

There is no wastage in the world of thought;
So I long for You alone with a firm conviction.
Having wiped me out by flow of kindness,
Without merit, I also hold dear.

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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Now that I'm awake

(3018)  Jiivaner pratham dine

On first day of existence,
That ambrosia You'd cascaded—
Through it only, rapt and excited,
Movement You goaded.

With passion, upon path I entered;
The goal had been a mystery.
I'd been feeling anxious;
Yourself I did not see.
Even yet I did not forget that story;
Regret and remorse had been awakened.

Gone away have many ages;
In the past how much has been?
Many flowers, they have fallen—
In the mind whatever had blossomed.

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Saturday, May 25, 2024

You are such a mystery

(3017)  Aso na katha balo na

You don't come, not a word You utter;
This is love? Surely, it wasn't!
You don't hear, pain do not fathom;
How it is intelligence, I fail to discern.

Inwardly, You are with me,
But I never get to see.
You are hearing, all-pervading,
But talk not... what avail hidden?

Eye having kept to eye,
Is it You cannot advise?
There's not much more time;
Worship of Thee, will it be accomplished?

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Friday, May 24, 2024

None so blind

(3016)  Jiivaner utsa hate

From the wellspring of existence;
Buoyant had I been a-drifting.
You've remained in that current;
But Yourself I'd not been viewing.

Ever with me You had been,
Day and night sleepless.
Light in hand in darkness;
But Yourself I had not been knowing.

You have accompanied even today;
On eyelids You assume a hundred shapes.
Pulsating You dance always;
But I saw not, eyes I'd been veiling.

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What did I neglect?

(3015)  Amar din cale jay, din cale jay

My days elapse,
The days pass–
Moon's light on night's ebon,
From mind having got erased,
Whereto did they get lost?

I had thought that in work I'll be engaged;
Amid everybody absorbed will I stay.
Dressed in diverse garments I will remain,
Whatever may suit Your heart.

I had thought that You will speak;
Crucial history will You reveal.
I'll go on conveying those same tidings
The whole Earth across.

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