Sunday, July 21, 2024

Hard love is Your blessing

(3077)  Tomare bhaviya cali rati din

Musing on You I continue day and night;
Why remote You went and stayed?
Affection and hope of mine,
With ease You let be thrown away.

The moon in a heart gloomy,
In a desert, myrtle's honey,
But me You made cry exclusively;
What did You do by ruse of Cosmic Play?

Understanding You, onerous it is;
Thorn and flower, only both are a gift.
Without one, the other does not persist;
Through the gist of liila, what did You create?

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Saturday, July 20, 2024

At last

(3076)  Kal sandhyay pratham tomay

Yestereve for the first time, Yourself,
I have witnessed under moonlight.
Hundred lifetimes' hope-fulfillment,
I've been seized, that bliss thereby.

You had simply been observing;
Upon lower lip there'd been honey.
Tender moon of moonlit evening,
Yourself I've obtained nigh.

You did not utter a word,
Know: from that is not my dolor.
With the King of Kings in mind's midst,
I've taken and made You mine.

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Friday, July 19, 2024

By Your grace I transcend

(3075)  Tumi je bhalabasa dhaliya diyacho

Oh You, the love You've dispensed,
In the world its equal is not there.
Who accepts or not, having no care,
Mercy embodied I get to see.

Affectionate sweetness conceives in excess
An ocean of love with a life ebullient.
Via rows of waves it obliterates the worldly;
I lose myself in the form-sea.

Mingled with atom and molecule You've dwelt;
At no place vacant space have You kept.
So through Your name, both asleep and awake,
A flame I ignite, fueled by dream.

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Thursday, July 18, 2024

My consolation prize

(3074)  Tumi jadi nahi ele, kena alo jharale

When You did not arrive,
Why did You exude light?
Why did You make blooms rise?
Why did You fondly like?
Why the mind You did excite?

On a scent of belá and júthi jasmines You float in;
Having called the mental bee, with rapture You grin.
Both drowsiness and darkness You rid;
Sweetness did You coat on mind.

At every step of life, You exist;
Heart's crystal, resplendent You've made it.
Through cadence, song, and dance, You've been avid;
Lively is the memory that shines.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Only one savior...

(3073)  Tava karunay paoya jay

Via Your kindness attaining succeeds...
Master, by way of Thee.
Strength of learning-and-intellect, financial assets,
Alas, none of that can reach.

Those who have no mundane articles of worship,
Or store of fame, prestige, praise, or cleverness,
Yourself, even they go and receive.

By giving to charity and hundred trips to shrines,
The mind's blemishes can't be excised;
In a darkness just their own, they go missing.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

No more detours or byways

(3072)  Path bechechi tomar ami

Your path I have chosen;
More I won't stray, even a jot.
A crooked way I will not walk upon...
No, no, surely not.
Time of mine has gone away;
Further for that sake I'll cry not!

Straight ahead on Your path only
I'll proceed with Your songs many.
Minding You wholeheartedly,
At any block I'll waver not!

You are my Pole Star,
My endless flow existential.
In Your thought I be lost;
Rhythmic slump will happen not!

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Monday, July 15, 2024

Do not fret

(3071)  Kata kache chilo se je

He Who'd been so very nigh,
At present He is so remote;
Come again, won't He–
Close by He'll appear!
Even still He's mid the mind,
Loaded with mementos;
A word won't He speak!

Many nights of fall and spring,
Many eves and many mornings,
He had been along, rhythm excited by,
Another song won't He sing!

A time of sunshine, time sun-screened,
He's made a game of joy and grief.
By stormy wind, by lightning strike,
His sleep, broke again won't it be!

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