Saturday, October 19, 2019

Under shelter of Your love

(200)  Tumi esecho man je kerecho

You've arrived, and the mind You have enticed;
From memory You've banished one hundred fires.
Day and night, in the stream of reverie,
You have strung a wreath of songs with their melody.

The comet-flames turned into sandalpaste,
Your vital touch having obtained;
The desert-thirst, losing its way,
Went off somewhere neath verdant shade.
Today, all torments and all pains,
A flower-basket,[1] I see they became.

Waiting and waiting, the heart churning,
Lonesome and ever soul-searching,
This alone I've come to know and concede:
You give love effusively.

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Friday, October 18, 2019

Turning tables

(199)  Hiyara majhare niirava prahare

At core of heart, on hours silent,
Who is calling through song lyrics?
He says: "Come, be seated by My side;
Why are you far away at this late time?"

"Gone are many colored dawns
And many high-upsurging nightfalls.
Why came you not, why sat you not...
To One inviting you, why gave no response?"

Oh Lord Gone Far, with such type of magic
Today You bound me with a strand of flowers.
After so long, to me was owed a great debt;
This Your floral garland I will wear around the neck.

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

The elusive tune

(198)  Amar e manoviina chandahiina

This my mental lute is rhythmless;
It will sound only when He plays it.
A melody made to mingle with His tune,
It will have to be, to play on the lute.

In every psychic state, He simply smiles;
When offered seat, He does not sit beside.
Where does heart's laughter go, floating off...
In some land exotic, oh it just gets lost!

Eyes gaze toward Him, but He fails to submit;
He dances away with melodic magic.

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When You I'm with

(197)  Sathii amar bandhu amar

My Companion, my Abiding Friend,
You had been in some strange location.
My entire heart's dike, it gets shattered,
Yourself having seen and fallen in love with.

You exist, and I am here;
In Your rocking cradle, I have gone on dancing.
On this day, dropping everything, close to me
You came for what reason, smiling and laughing?

Now, heart poured out, to Your melody
I go on dancing, buoyant and floating.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Clear the way, open the gate

(196)  Amare ke nebe bhai

Who will take from Me, oh My kin,
That which I want to give,
To every mind distributed?
Your doors, they are fastened...
Path obstructed,
How do I go ahead?

Come, Brother, all of us, everybody,
We are ready
From You to receive.
Entrance-pebbles moved aside,
Psyches bright
We have made with light.

Then, My kin, I excite everyone,
One and all, oh please come,
In recollection and reflection.[2]

None of You are distant,
Within Me you exist,
In amity's vibration.

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Fair trade

(195)  Eso mor prane eso mor mane

My life and mind, please enter;
Come with dance-gestures.
Oh Sea of Beauty, heart's pitcher
Fill up to the brim.

All flower-buds are half-opened
In hope of Your luster.
At far blue yon, all are struck dumb
With Your tune's expectation.
Through Your light, through Your music,
New pulsation You bring unto Earth.

Those who love, You love them;
Those who don't, them too You feel for.
In exchange for a mind, at each chance,
You suffuse with heart's nectar.

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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Life of my life

(194)  Tomake bhuliya, ke kotha thakibe balo

Unmindful of Thee,
Please say, who will be anywhere?
This same realm of life becomes lively
With You only, glittering.

Unmindful of Thee, all that I think,
It becomes mere fantasy;
All that I speak, mere prattling.
Without Your touch, everything's a web of lies,
All the world's laughter and light.

Your blessing having coveted
And Your touch having received,
Each and everything feels good.

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