Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Let Him be

(1224)  Maner majhe lukiye acho

You are out of sight inside the mind;
The mind that's searching does not find.
The aim of meditation for mankind,
In every heart do You reside.

No holy place can constrain You;
No song of praise can placate with its tune.
Indescribable Lord, Transcendental Master,
You dangle liila[1] before Your Creation.

In each creature, in each thought, You are there;
Equally in particle and Supreme Being, You are manifesting.
From Creator to a blade of grass, You are God unprecedented;
In Your mind the intellect gets lost.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Hari Baba

(1223)  Maner vane cor eseche

Into mind's garden has come a thief;
His capture He is not permitting.
He took with Him all the honey;
To no constraint does He pay heed.

Day and night this thief arrives;
Beside flower's pollen He does hide.
Going to nab this thief, meantime,
Mind gets rapt in the vast sky.

This thief knows well how to like;
This thief lays waste darkness of mind.
This very thief's candied smile,
The whole world it makes bright.

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Healthy society

(1222)  Asiyache sedin ogo ashrayhiin

The time is coming, oh homeless ones;
For you His door has been unfastened...
It has opened, it has opened.
Who of you is without food or garments,
For you mass distribution has begun.

Nobody will remain sick and helpless;
All alike will receive His affection.
To humanity more heads are bowing;
None will perish neath a tree.

Pangs of thirst and hunger won't be brooked;
No longer will downtrodden's wails endure.
Pitch-dark ignorance will not persist;
In human mind, divinity has awakened.

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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Having fun?

(1221)  Aguneri parasha niye

Bearing touch of fire,
Now spring[1] has arrived.
Creating stir within blood,
In new tunes it has sung.

Red-tinted are the fresh green leaves;
Today the guelder rose is fascinating.
Inside ashok groves, in legion
Bumblebees have assembled.

Who arises on this day within psyche,
Having painted with the phág of spring?
With seven-colored water-stream,
He has triggered revelry.

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Friday, January 18, 2019

Let the winds blow

(1220)  Smrti buke niye base achi

I bide my time, bearing in breast a memory;
Departed are those days that I am missing.
With eyes traced by kohl, awake am I
In expectation of Your arrival.

In winter's piercing northern wind
And in the red-hot wind of summer...
Under every circumstance, it is You in my heart,
At all times, in every wish and attainment.

On autumn evenings in the golden clouds
And in dry season,[1] frost-wet nights aroused...
Coming with wind's roaring speed in winter,
I get Your touch with a shiver.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Law of Reciprocity

(1219)  Kon svarger surabhi enecha

Which heavenly fragrance have You brought;
In which rapture are You absorbed?
What is the heart-Elysium
That passionately You do cherish?

Those who love You, pure and simple...
Are You theirs exclusively, oh Dear Friend?
Those who do not dote on Thee,
For them what is it You're doing?

Some are there who do not love You consciously;
Yet, unknowingly, they do love wholeheartedly.
Between these two is there any borderline,
And are You drawing it at any time?

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For Thee I dance and sing

(1218)  Tomar tare malatii mala gantha

For You threaded is the wreath of malatii;
For You recited is the melody.
Worn are floral items to entice Your notice;
The weeping is for getting Thee.

Whatever I have received is only by Your grace;
What I have not received, that You don't desire.
Myself You have steered only for my welfare;
Any disservice You don't ever contemplate.
So, to Your metric beat my heart is tied.

Conscience, intellect, and intuition You have given;
Piercing the seven worlds,[1] the mind You have lifted up.
So that birth after birth Your peerless affection
May go on kissing my cheek,
You are the savior from every fear and apprehension...
Toward Thee I proceed, trampling underfoot all difficulties.

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