Thursday, April 11, 2024

Ignorance and longing

(2973)  Bhuvane raye gecho gopane

Secretly You've remained in the cosmos;
Oh so abstruse is Your sport!
You do not approach, why– who knows;
Game You make of many colors.

With eyes full of hope I pine;
To see somewhere, I don't find.
Like a musk deer, upon woodland path race I;[1]
I don't know why You make me anxious.

You stay beyond the range of language;
On thought's pollen You coat nectar.
In both joy and sorrow, You keep a constant watch;
How You go on alone, I don't fathom.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

I am Yours anyhow

(2972)  Tomari name gan dharechi

For just Your fame a song have I borne;
On just Your path only, I have gone.
With Your divine thought become profuse,
Just Your lamp in hand I've brought.

You alone are the quintessence;
Fathoming Your nature is a challenge.
Naught having understood through intellect,
For a trace of Your grace I've implored.

You are always with, mind You have filled;
On earth and in heaven, colors You've affixed.
The Bodiless Guest, You heed not days auspicious,
Hence, I have surrendered my all.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

No more the critic

(2971)  Tomare khunjite giye bare bar

Time after time I have gone in search of You;
I've returned, having become stymied.
For a moment, look on with eyes of compassion;
A tiny speck of mercy I have kept imploring.

To promote myself,
Unknowingly, I achieve only self-wreck.
Henceforth I'll evoke unit mind's development;
Gloomy ignorance I have been rending.

Nothing do I possess, that I know well;
Yet Your things, mine I go on calling them.
I believe naught is there, suffering from indigence;
I don't view closely what I have received.

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Monday, April 8, 2024

A small sacrifice

(2970)  Diip jvele jai andhare sadai

Against darkness a lamp I always set alight;
I would stay forgetting ignorance of mind.
Lord, kindly grant a matchstick in my hand;
Igniting light I go on gliding, skein like.

The ruin of all darkness, to everyone magnanimous,
Ever novel songs Your proximity affords.
Cadence and keynotes it imbues in the whole cosmos;
Speechless and surprised, I look on high.

With Your flame, Lord, just Your lamp I ignite;
It's Your ghee and Your wick, not a thing have I.
Having produced that light, the dark I cast far aside;
Other than You no one do I spy.

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Sunday, April 7, 2024

Wanting what I have already

(2969)  Jene na jene ami ceyechi tomay

Knowingly unknowingly Yourself have I spied,
In the casket of my mind.
Nearby You'll appear, on this I had relied;
I am full of hope day and night.

Many days did retire, many evenings came;
Many dyed flowers, neath sunshine fell away.
By many a solar eclipse the sun got veiled;
But this same history, forgotten have I.

Many nights ended, lost was so much moonlight;
Fragrance of the garden flew off to the sky.
By many a lunar eclipse, with gloom the moon combined,
Through ignorance, impervious and unkind.

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Saturday, April 6, 2024

I don't know if You'd been sleeping

(2968)  Andharnisha pohalo

Dark night expired;
Light arrived, it arrived.
A florid sun's colored luster,
Atop eastern morn-mountain[nb 2] it did strike.

What I never conceived, it is only that I witness;
So much did it brighten my mind and existence!
By just its complexion, with just its affection,
It coated nectar upon everything of mine.

I don't find a place to stay concealed;
It's as if someone keeps saying: "I want you only".
Due to You alone, a crimson dawn arrived,
The birds called to bid You rise;
By just Your intention, on Your perception,
Love thrived.

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You won't get rid of me so easily

(2967)  Cidakashe tumi esechile

Upon sky of mind You'd appeared,
Strewing sweetness, filling psyche.
At which place hard to reach did You go hiding?

Why continue playing this hide-and-seek game;
Maddening with delight, cry profusely You make.
You beckon only from far away,
Having discarded me through what kind of sorcery!

Not having come near, more calls I'll hear not;
But that, Your beckoning, I will forget not.
Though to hold Your lotus feet, You allowed not,
Each moment I'll keep them bound through thinking.

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