Friday, December 14, 2018

Open up, let Him in

(1186)  Tumi esecho krpa karecho

You have come and granted mercy;
With Your smile, light You've been casting.
You have loved and shown the path;
You have brought adherence with firm hand.

The world had been engrossed in sin;
Lost were friendship, kindness, and discernment.
Then You struck a blow, dabbed with affection;
You've awakened dharmic consciousness.

With both hands You pulled back the dark curtain;
Thoroughly You laid waste to dogma.
In those psyches budding and resonant,
The place made at their core You have taken.

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

All it takes

(1185)  Tava karunar kana

A jot of Your compassion,
Those who've got in earthly life,
Coming and going gratified,
Forever has theirs been.

That loving grace exquisite,
Of which none is equivalent,
Having but gone to think of it,
Mind lacks the power to consider.

Oh that smile from heaven,
That celestial fragrance,
Your heartfelt affection,
They have got time and again.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Look at me

(1184)  Cao cao ogo priya

Look, look at me, Beloved mine;
Forget Your wounded pride.
In west the setting sun retires;
Forgive me, and come nearby.

I've arrayed my house with floral decoration;
Laying out Your seat, I am awaiting.
From fresh flowers a wreath I have strung;
With kindly eyes, gaze at me just once.

God of Light, please remove my black color;
Go on making me still better.
Filling life, infuse love's ambrosia;
Ignite a lamp within my dark heart.

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Odd one out

(1183)  Eso go durera bandhu hiyara madhu

Come, my remote friend and heart's sweetness;
For You only I have strung a garland.
With today's spring wind, the One heart craves,
Of Him I have become aware.

For all the living there is but one lover;
Everybody would be near to Him.
Just one moon in the vast firmament,
And all stars would be next to it.

So I also do not want to be distant,
To keep far from Him any longer.
With my psyche's jeweled necklace,
I am vigilant to place it round His neck.

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Monday, December 10, 2018

The impossible dream

(1182)  Tumi uttal sindhute naco

You dance upon the surging sea.
To hold You I cannot proceed;
With high waves You are ringed.

Yourself everybody wants but cannot get easily;
They rush forth to grasp and turn back in fear;
Had You but wished, You'd have let them reach.

Scriptures I am reading and their explanation hearing,
Ample pilgrimages I am taking,
Still I don't find You; yet, having made You mine,
I see You've been hiding in the mind.

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Sunday, December 9, 2018

His delight

(1181)  Tomar pulak dyuloker pane dhay

Toward heaven does Your joyous thrill race,
Leaving Earth nectar-bathed.
The sweetness of Providence and celestial moon,
As one, they sing in praise of You.

Earth's heart, full of love and affection,
Taken with You, it is bursting with emotion.
Glittering, psyche's pearl does rise
Upon the lake of Your delight.

Contempt, disdain, and neglect,
None of their wiles has effect.
The shadow of sin dissipates,
Like a mirage, far away.

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Saturday, December 8, 2018

A theory of everything

(1180)  Tomar maner karnikate

In the pericarp of Your psychic lotus,
You are building the whole universe.
Oh Lord, the flowers You are making blossom;
You are pouring out ambrosia.

The verdant beauty of green grass
And the whiteness atop peak of mountain,
Remote sky's yonder blue tint...
In Your mind, You're drawing them.

With screwpine's floral pollen
And with gentle wind's affection,
With peacock tail's ornate colors,
You've been making minds oblivious...
Been emanating Your effulgence.

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