Tuesday, October 26, 2021

My tolerant Master

(2065)  Tumi kon atiite more pathiyechile

In which ancient past had You dispatched me
On a circumambulation of Creation?
Until now that orbit did not finish;
Days pass, ages elapse.

From You I have come, and I will go to Thee;
Yet Yourself forgotten, by matter am I frenzied.
That action for which I came to keep on doing,
Due to my neglect, it did not get done.

Though failings are countless, You continue to forgive;
At my face You gaze, despite knowing my hundred sins.
Yes, You cherish and with smiling eyes take notice...
You make me mend my ways on stream of compassion.

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Monday, October 25, 2021

In comparison

(2064)  Jyotsna rate canderi sathe

On a moonlit night with just the moon along,
You I have thought about, You I have found,
In only Your rhythm, in only Your song.

Light upon the darkness You alone pour;
Ourselves, we bring whets of ebon.
With all sincerity You adore;
While, among us, all is devious...
At mouth we say one thing; and in deeds, another–
Pots of poison without candor.

Only You know how to love,
As You deem everyone Your own person.
You fetch near those who are distant;
Friend or foe, You don't make distinction.

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Sunday, October 24, 2021

If You were to look at me

(2063)  Tava asa patha cahiya

Gazing at Your path of advent,
I am sitting, counting, counting days.
Floating on a wind that's diffident,
I go on contemplating Your traits.

Your active nature, it cannot be fathomed;
Though You've been evident, what is Your manner!
You don't grant embrace, and such is Your ethic:
You don't even look at my face.

I keep hearing tales of Your loving kinship;
But at time of action, I see the opposite.
Fondness, does even one person call it...
A rock motionless (like You) on an esplanade?

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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Our Savior works stealthily

(2062)  Tumi esechile nava varata dile

You had come; a new message You delivered–
A lantern You set alight, and You made conscious.
Those who had been asleep, Yourself they'd forgotten;
Having wakened them, You imparted inspiration.

Whenever the darkness comes down over Earth,
Doctrines of humanity wallow in the dust.
By only Your mercy comes awakened consciousness;
And having aroused, You provide implication.

Hey You Beyond Gloom, the Avatar of Compassion,
Never do You speak of Your own actions.
Silently You go on staying, You hide at heart's core;
Due to any obstruction, You don't ever pause.

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Friday, October 22, 2021

What I offer

(2061)  Ganer bhela bhasiye dilum

I cast adrift a raft of song,
Directed at the sea of music.
Near to You it would travel,
By Your heart's enticement.

Neglecting differences of self and other
Is the song's own litter;
That same crib, to the cosmic cradle
I affixed it, intermingled.

Hey Beloved mine, fit for worship,
At all times to be remembered,
Grant the way of Your effulgence
To this gift of wretchedness.

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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Outside or in?

(2060)  Tumi priiti dhele dile kon vane

On which arbor did You bestow love,
A floral grove or a mental one?
Awakening, flower-buds have blossomed;
To beat after beat they dance, oblivious.

Full of Your honey are their petals;
They have chosen You as partner.
Heart's longing and cordial affection
They're diffusing every second.

As to pollen of the mind, when You did come,
It is kissing psychic sky at Your touch.
Amid the infinite, it has gotten scattered,
Like wind-chime notes of great import.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Make my life complete

(2059)  Tumi andhar ghare mor ogo priya

Oh You, my Darling, in a gloomy house,
A lantern please do kindle.
In the dark, a chair is spread out;
Spying it, kindly be seated.

For Your sake, eyes full of rapt eagerness
Are on watch throughout many ages.
Having satisfied their entire ambition,
With smiling face, please look on.

In Your proximity, there is no little-or-big;
From craving-and-gaining, there's not any anguish.
Of You going wholly missing, I don't have a phobia;
So You please varnish with sweetness.

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