Sunday, July 14, 2019

My container and infrastructure

(1395)  Tumi je amar pranera adhar

You are the foundation of my life,
My rhythm of movement, the azure of blue sky–
Atomic and cosmic, Yours and my
Love-ocean's incandescent lines.

On the fully moonlit night, You are rays of nectar;
Of crimson sun at morn, You are the sculptor...
I have known You at my core, Your coating I have worn;
In light and darkness, You are my companion.

My polestar on the sable night,
With hot thunderclap, the flow of ice...
You are sun, I am glow of firefly;
I am but a grain of dust in Your stream of kindness.

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

His timeless bliss

(1394)  Acin parii madhuvane

At paradise the fairy unfamiliar
Entered a floral pavilion.
Diffusing honey from own bosom,
He amplified flowers' nectar.

Oh what notes from his laughing pipe,
And such flood of tears from all eyes...
Without taking nectar that sweet fairy
Went away after only pouring honey.

After darkness, flash of light,
It felt good in everybody's eyes...
Likewise the good from gloom's removing,
It made time accept defeat.

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Friday, July 12, 2019

Take comfort

(1393)  Sabar asha bhalabasa

The hope and love of everybody,
I will keep on fulfilling.
I abide very near...
Affection's nectar I will smear.

As with the flower is its honey–
Just one heart, just one psyche–
Likewise, with everybody
I will stay eternally.

Compared to amount of moonbeams,
Many more do I hold dear;
And likewise, the moon's grin
Through each mouth will I make seep.

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Was it all for naught?

(1392)  Asbe bale, gele je cale ele na

Having said You will return,
You left; and, having gone, You never came.
The jasmine garland has withered;
You accepted not the sandalpaste.

The song composed was just for Thee;
Its tune was practiced round the clock.
The One for Whom that song and melody,
He did not hear it... He came not.

All the flowers have dropped away;
Only a piece of string has endured.
At end of day, like a bloom disgraced,[1]
Is the song that was not heard.

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As one thinks, so it becomes

(1391)  Tomar katha bheve din kete jay

Thinking of You my day goes by;
Your image rises in the mind...
Your sweet love, a charming reminiscence
The mind likes to consider.

I've forgot the days when, on my own, I've got lost;
Oft thinking of You, full of You have I become.
Moving round Thee, imitating Thee...
In my psyche that shines brightly.

Your lute am I, and You are the player;
Your drop am I, and You are the ocean.
I am diffused in You, oh Lord absorbed in wisdom,
In every breath of mine You remain present.

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Mission of love

(1390)  Tomar pathe cali ami

Upon Your path I proceed,
From no obstacle will I retreat.
You are my Darling Dear;[1]
My sadhana is You only.

Having lit the wick of puny lantern,
I march on by Your name's power.
The strength dwelling in that appellation,
To it there is no comparison.

How many are the days gone by–
The counting also slips from mind.
You exist, and I exist...
I know nothing else but this.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Out and back

(1389)  Aloker van bahaye diyecho

You've let loose a flood of effulgence,
And in dark wilderness life has awakened.
Victory be Yours only, victory be Yours only;
Oh Master, always be Your victory.
Salvation at the core of unexpressed,
You made a batch of flowers blossom.

The spring that had died in the desert,
The bud that had mingled with the dust...
Even they got back their life once more
Through Your undeserved compassion.

The intellect that by obstruction had been rent,
The practiced tune that had become suppressed...
By Your hand's tender touch,
With the octave they arrived on Earth.

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