Sunday, July 14, 2024

This world has its charms

(3069)  Jyotsna dile phul photale

Moonlight You gave, blooms to grow You made;
Why Yourself, oh You came not?
Mind having drenched, far away You remained;
Why embrace You granted not?

Like the rise of early morn You are revealed;
The crimson hue is produced by You only.
In all qualities You are excelling;
Your equivalent, there is not.

Why do You stay unseen, kindly come before me;
With mind's stylish grace, close by take a seat.
Fascinating flute in hand, please smile sweetly;
Bide no longer yon.

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Saturday, July 13, 2024

In every season of life

(3068)  Ei ghana nabha niile ele

Upon the same sky-blue deep, You appeared
To a heart love-replete.
Month, season, and year, far behind they all leave
An inapt time's dwelling.

In Phalgun You are perfume in the mind of myrtle;
In the flaming palash arbor, the colorful luster.
You are everything I know and what I don't discern;
This today You revealed.

Under Summer's heat You are the shooting star;
On silvery clouds, a buoyant flight of geese in Fall.
In the Spring, covered by fresh green leaves delicate,
The path upon, You proceed.

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Friday, July 12, 2024

My nectar is all for Thee

(3067)  Ceyechi ami tomare shudhu

You alone have I craved;
You're the floral dust of love,
The smiling moon in outer space.

Through many ages it's You I have wanted,
Though that is not written inside chronicles.
Emitted in vain is a lot of eye-water
For just You, the Lover from but remote place.

In a dense forest or in the mind's recess,
Stealthily I've kept on calling Yourself.
Inside a hopeful psyche even at present,
My thought's honey I store and retain.

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Thursday, July 11, 2024

Don't be blind

(3066)  Akash shonay gan chande sure

Sky croons a song in rhythm and melody;
Ever from the air exudes Your majesty.
Perfume is infusing a floral assembly,
Stooped under the weight of honey.

A divine atmosphere have You brought;
Upon Earth's dust You've poured out love.
To a mute mouth You've given dulcet tongue;
Resounding through the lips two, smiling.

Master, You are beauty's agent,
The gemmed lamp that's never quenched.
Without sense, foolish we cry nonetheless,
Blindfolded and cooped up in dwelling.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

On wings of song was I set free

(3065)  Ganeri sur bhese elo

Only a song's melody came floating;
Into my mind did it come.
It gave a jolt to the psyche;
I know not the reason.

Wrapped in dust had been that mind of mine;
To remote place its wings could not fly.
Coated had they been by low thought trite,
But to the far sky they do soar.

Confined at home had been my thought;
Restrictive ties broken, it sails far off.
To rhythm and melody dances a bird caged up;
He goes flying toward the Only One.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

My devotion won't abate

(3064)  Je vahnishalaka jvalale

The torch You ignited
Won't be quenched at any time.
By way of Your love and fondness,
Be aware that flame will shine.

With amity's passion You abide;
You've been rapt in great delight...
You stay dancing mid the mind,
A dense sweetness honey-like.

What endures and what's departed,
What is still to come as yet...
In Your mind all things are present;
Ancient One, You do not die.

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Monday, July 8, 2024

When You arrive

(3063)  Tumi esechile esechile esechile

You had come, You had come, You'd arrived,
Hurt pride having ignored.
This earth had been filth-slippery;
A golden flood You brought.

Amid sweetness You poured a fragrant scent;
Love's luster set aside the threat.
The sun appeared on darkness dense;
It became light's expedition.

Life came floating to the undeveloped,
A tune in the river, dulcet notes in arbor.
With a lyre's jingle is the mind's pavilion;
Sang it Your triumphant song.

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