Saturday, September 22, 2018

My love has gone

(1104)  Kende kende tava kabarii bandha

Crying and crying, your braided hair
Got unloosed on account of whom, please say.
With mournful eyes, the shrouded anxiety–
That you cannot hold in music-mode and melody.

The daylight has got faded;
Gloaming's sun has begun.
Alone now, why are you in jungle?
Whose memory has been stirred, do tell.

A stork[1] soars away, very far away...
Then to its nest comes back again.
Your sweetheart, if indeed he went away,
He will return again someday.

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Friday, September 21, 2018


(1103)  Dharma amari sathii

Dharma is my companion;
Dharma is my life.
Supreme Consciousness I worship;
I am Dharma's sacrifice.

From my life's first morning,
Dharma has been with me;
And with me It shall abide
Till life's final point in time.
I have walked on Its path only,
Not forgetting I'm Its offering.

In this universe wherever you may be,
Everybody, dance in Dharma's glory.
All of you, stay in Its reverie;
Its song please go on singing.

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Thursday, September 20, 2018


(1102)  Jiivane eso prabhu

Come into my life, Lord,
Dressing Yourself in form and color.
Smile upon my thoughts, Lord,
Manifesting in a thousand manners.

In refulgent wave-series,
Many things they come, and many things do leave.
May You keep on staying,
Becoming mine in private reverie.

The celestial cradle swings;
Many things they dance, and many things do sing.
With rhythm may You persevere,
Infusing tune, tempo, and beat.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The impossible dream

(1101)  Ashoke palashe durva ghase

Within ashok and palash, and in the crabgrass too,
Whimsical are You, oh my Lovely You...
You are beautiful, so very beautiful.
In the chirping of a bird in deserted forest,
In the murmur of a spring, You are enchanting.

With deep blue garb of far azure
On ruby sunrise in the eastern heavens...
With play of hues at fest of sweetness,
In color You trickle on the seashore.

Yourself can anyone else catch?
You are the Lord, immensely vast.
Only by Your grace the world proceeds,
And yet with words and thought You are beyond reach.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Is our love real?

(1099)  Dur akasher niiharika

Distant sky's nebula,
Why'd You go and stay afar?
Mind's precious gem that You are,
My psychic contact have You got?

The abstract acquaintance tween us,
It's a long and cordial friendship.
Have You forgotten in whose residence...
In which heaven... a lamp You have kindled?

In love with You am I;
For You do I laugh and cry.
My wicker basket[1] holds a wreath,
And I am waiting... have You seen everything?

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(1098)  Tumi alakadyuti ami diipashikha

You are heaven's splendor, I am a lampflame;
I am a lampflame, I am a lampflame.
You are the prime focus of all cogitation;
You dwell in so many deeds but don't allow perception.

Outside of me there is the whole cosmos;
Having borne all inside, You are so enormous.
More respected than the reverend, You are that magnificent;
There is no one who's alone in Your universe.

On some night out of memory, having neglected Thee,
I'd gone traveling down some erroneous streets.
Today my blunder burst; I've come back again in Your vicinity.
Now I see, spinning round joy and sorrow, only Your wheels,
Only Your car-wheels.

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

The sole solution

(1097)  Gharer andhar pradiip jvele

Having lit a lamp, home's darkness,
I am able to dispel it.
But mind's darkness to banish,
By no means can I accomplish.

Outside, oh what dark-moon night,
But joined with it are star-smiles.
Due to stinginess the mind's darkness
Is only made still darker.

At the core of mind in utter privacy,
Having retrieved thought's lamp of ghee
From tiers of waves in form's sea,
Impinging on the sky of psyche,
Every instant I remember Thee.

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