Saturday, October 24, 2020

A mystery to be achieved

(1737)  Tumi nandana amiya makha

You are coated with heaven's ambrosia;
Hey beloved bosom friend.
So close are You, mind You've kept full;
But still You don't reveal Yourself.

You've remained at ocean deeps
And sung in dark cloud's melody.
Bound with love's cords You've kept everybody;
None is unaccompanied.

None can go outside of Thee;
You don't resign to science or philosophy.
From time immemorial, You're the one austerity,
And abstinence just cannot be.

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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Oh my Sacred Hymn

(1736)  Kon prabhate tomar sathe

With You on which day's break
Acquaintance had taken place?
Surely it was not today, not today,
Acquaintance had taken place.
With a string of memories on a flower tray,
Down it was not written, out of love made.

Life's river flows upstream;
About You is all that we think.
So with a convoluted pursuing,
Dancing, mind proceeds, oh the Holy Poetry.

From early morning's crimson color
Into my cognition You did come.
You wakened me to what state conscious,
Hey Arcadia's Embodiment of Song!

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Wanting Thee

(1735)  Tumi sundar varaniiya

You are beautiful, worthy to be revered;
You are openhearted, generous to the needy.
With a stream of love, at my home please appear.

You are Heaven's diffusion of ambrosia,
Ecstasy most uncommon from the cosmic sport.
In a wink You make us cry, in a wink You make us grin,
All-pervading One, beyond measurement.

You get not tied by tribute or eulogy,
Nor do You yield to the sea of beauty.
Even while staying aloof, when appraised, You matter,
One Who is impeccable, beyond articulation.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Real wealth

(1734)  Nayane eso gopane

Before my eyes come privately;
Pour out love inside the mind.
Lying down or in dream,
Croon a song in my ear day and night.

The little that was there, it belongs not to me,
A hostage of dust, impoverished.
With a cascade of hope a-streaming,
With cadence and music, my life please do fill.

You are a flower, I am but a thorn;
You are the high tide, I am its decline.
You are light, and You love;
In dawn's crimson dye, beautify and make bright.

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If You permit

(1733)  Ami tomar tare sab karibo priya

Beloved, for You I will do everything;
Throw lightning bolts, bring thunderstorms...
You may rain down meteors...
Everything will I do, my Dear.

Onto path, with Your name I am come;
By the warm golden glow was I charmed.
With Your song, mind I brightened,
I know You are one with no second.

In summer heat or winter severity,
Neath shade of tree or desert fury...
In a dark pit lacking light-beams,
Please provide strength to psyche.

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Sunday, October 18, 2020

That Lover mine

(1732)  Akash aji aloy bhara

Now the sky is full of light;
The air is full of honey.
Secretly, in a corner of the mind,
What does that Sweetheart fancy?

I want to give Him everything,
But He tells me not a thing.
An easy smile He exudes like nectar,
That Avatar of Happiness.

In every season, He's the Spring,
Mental altar's King of Kings.
Today He stooped in person,
Like the full moon of love.

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Saturday, October 17, 2020


(1731)  Oi ucchala priitisagare

In that surging sea of love,
Rumbling are You, my Darling.
On this fickle pond of psyche,
I have made an unsurpassed lotus blossom.

With the brilliance of light You smile;
On pure floral resin You rise.
Everyone You love with whole heart and mind,
Oh the Most Intimate One.

In both joy and sadness You have been along;
And sinful or virtuous, You do not abhor.
You have viewed everyone in the same fashion;
Oh God, unto You humble salutation!

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