Wednesday, September 18, 2019


(165)  Paye calar pathera katha

The footpath's history–
There is more, oh, more is there.
In just His direction go the ones who proceed
On the path of splendor, with dance of light-beams.

Hand in hand with everybody,
We who travel, go ahead will we.
Holding their hand we will prop
Whoever may start to drop,
The trek's rhythmic song
At core of both mind and heart.

The one I want, oh He wants me;
At journey's end, He reigns supreme.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Come and get it

(164)  Ke nivi ay ay chute ay

Who would make profit, come running, come;
Life's merchandise has arrived.
Imbuing pleasantness and painting mind,
A new morn has come.

On dry land and water; and on air and firmament,
Each moment, each split second, on a heady fragrance,
With a hundred lamps lit, a splendrous garland
It has brought to a modern region.

With a rapture blissful and enchanting,
The whole universe has beamed.

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A new world, a new me

(163)  Manke kona chota kajei nabte dobo na

I won't let mind sink to any deed that's mean;
No, no, no, I won't let it sink.
I will get it seated in the light of meditation;
A new world I will create.

Reliant on just me, the earth and heaven,
They are anxious, with passion suppressed.
Their hopes having fulfilled,
I will make life's fountain flow.

After wiping off the tears, I will draw a smile out;
When the crying is removed, oh the flute, it will resound.
Upon the earth good days will come;
Sorrow, torment, and adversity, they won't remain.

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Monday, September 16, 2019

My path also leads to Thee

(162)  Kichu kaye jao kichu shune jao

Speak on a bit; hear on a bit;
Do not leave so quick.
In the vast azure, Your universe,
Myself don't desert.

Grant that You and I, we tally,
'Cross hundred paths, gripped by a hundred streams.
The nectar of mind's flower-bud
Please don't let dry up.

Yourself only am I loving,
Night and day, in grief and glee.
In the mud, full-blown I've kept a lotus–
Don't tear off its petals.

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Divine song

(161)  Ganer sure

With Your song's melody
Far away my life goes sailing.

It's composed in each particle;
On ocean high are but its lyrics.
In a cadence grand with cosmic magic packed,
At everything's interior, it imbues to the brim.

In mind's room bejeweled is its seat;
In the swaying of psyche is its swing.
Heart's excitement is its vibration;
Outside and inside, it is surrounding.

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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Sun salutation

(160)  Tomake peyechi prabhu smarane manane

I have got You, Lord, in memory and contemplation.
In a cloudless firmament with magnolia fragrance;
In a lonesome heart, filled with love and devotion;
I have got You, Lord, in memory and contemplation.

In a touch of affection with delight of effulgence;
In a throbbing echo of the earth, full of tenderness;
I have got You, Lord, in memory and contemplation.

The sky-kissing mountain prostrating before Thee,
With head bent is in need, frosty snow melting.
I have got You, Lord, in memory and contemplation.

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His smile rises

(159)  Tomay bhalabasi, prabhu ami bhalabasi

I am in love with Thee;
Oh my Master, I love Thee;
Your honeyed smile, eye-bewitching,
I do hold dear.

In floral dust, in vine and tree,
In azure sky, in river-stream,
You've dispersed a smile sweet,
All dark night dispelling.

In mountain cave, on floor of sea,
In molecules, in humors deep,
Ever-watchful You are keeping,
Rising in sweet bud of psyche.

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