Sunday, July 12, 2020


(1637)  Andhar nishay tumi diipavalii

On the dark night You are light's festivity,
Oh Beloved... You, my Dear.
In the dense forest, a low-sweet murmuring...

At bosom of dry wilderness, You alone are water's stream...
On the dull and haggard visage, radiant hope-filled beauty.
The defeatist weariness, it gets lost in Thee.

What I do not wish at all, Yourself does it besiege;
And what I do not get at all, in You it is replete.
After giving You what I deserve, then I will be leaving.

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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Clouds cannot hold the moon

(1636)  Bhalabesecho amare tumi

Myself You have loved,
Therefore You encircle me through a hundred forms.
Despite being truth absolute, everlasting,
Down to Earth You descend, to state of duality.

Your cosmic game is profound and vast;
Even grasping that, to understand is a task!
Intellect and intuition that observe and contemplate,
To them also, with own hand, You give shape.

You do not submit to cobwebs of argument,
But You get trussed up by heart's shackles.
With philosophers and orators,
Like the moon with clouds, ever You sport.

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Friday, July 10, 2020

A flute of bamboo

(1635)  Dakhina pavane anamane

Under a southern breeze, absentmindedly,
For You only, I had strung a garland, my Dear.
By a window, murmuring,
Bumblebees had amassed, tier after tier.

Mind had gone off floating to some remote site;
Like a spore of screwpine at the tune of bamboo pipe.
Myself forgetting on a love-stream overflowing,
In my heart's deep, I have searched for Thee.

So many days have passed; the time, it has flown...
Upon psyche's looking glass, images aplenty have rode.
With form and color, they've all granted their embrace,
Hey Elixir of Ambrosia, undying always.

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Noumenon and phenomenon

(1634)  Madhura carane anupa ranane

With sweet feet, matchless in sonority,
On a gentle wind, oh Who did appear,
Oh You Who appeared, oh Who did appear?
On light-sleep's placidity at psyche's depths,
Like a pearl necklace You bedecked.

On Your contact, the south wind gets rapt,
At Your pleasure, nectar is entranced.
Preserved is that rumbling, Mohan's[1] echoing,
Upon life's golden beach.

The bud soundly sleeping arose blossoming;
Exuding was the honey, once petal-concealed.
With the touch of love, existence got filled...
On blue firmament, soul's ornamental girdle.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Take a break

(1633)  Tomari asar ashe

With expectation of Your arrival,
In many gardens flowers have blossomed.
Stepping slowly You please come
With cadence and melody, meter and song.

To attain You, that's what everybody wants;
With Your hue, their color mingles.
The whole world sways to Your liila;
One and all, they race in Your direction.

You are Supreme and everyone just atoms,
Core pollen spores, stimulated by Your rhythm.
Motionless, their speed becomes rapid,
Having thought about You in a mental corner.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

When He enters

(1632)  Madhur parashe harase

With influence, sweet and joyous,
You entered the room, Most Beloved.
Delighted and smiling,
The flowers welcome Thee.

Amid all the honey, love is overflowing;
Amid songs aplenty showers down ambrosia.
With novel implication and much prosody,
My homage I embellish with articles of worship.

The dance-sweetness in my psyche,
In both leaf and flower it does spark.
From Paradise the Mohan[1] of memory,
His splendor rises, piercing the dark.

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Monday, July 6, 2020

Singer of Light

(1631)  Tumi esechile diip jvelechile

You had come; a lantern You had kindled.
With what force of incantation You dispelled the darkness!
In mind's mirror You embellished, layer after layer,
With thought and form, ringed by tune and music-measure.

You told: "Have no fear;
A love-song I sing.
By the moment, by the instant, I desire purity.

"Arriving am I;
Into mortal sphere I dive.
I stay night and day, heedless of right or wrong time."

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