Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Target and chariot

(1768)  Kabe tumi asbe priyatama

When will You arrive, oh the Dearest Dear,
Inside of my lyrics, inside of my prosody?
Having laughed to heart's delight, You will speak:
"A melodic flow am I, like unto gold shining."

You won't ever neglect me, that You will say...
Under any circumstance You won't keep faraway.
Having stayed with me always, coated with thought's grace,
Like the pollen inside blossom, sailing You will go.

In love that is but Yours, by dancing Earth is replete;
Within Your song, the finite gets lost inside Infinity.
Mind's chariot for everybody is Your path of morality,
For it does carry to the sweetest goal.

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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Himalayan mountain mine

(1767)  Tumi himagiri tuhine dhaka

You are the snow-covered Himalaya.
Emanating from the immense firmament,
With affection the white snow is coated.

Out of kindness the snow melts,
Only a stream of water, it descends.
Lavishly fostering grass and greenness,
It goes on creating a realm of great wealth.

Oh Mountain King, to you I offer salutation,
You are the cloud-master at Lord Shiva's residence.
Unstintingly, you go on dispensing your benediction
With a water flow perpetual, hey my bosom friend.

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Saturday, November 21, 2020

My place or Yours?

(1766)  Phulavane ami tomay ceyechi

In a flower garden I have looked at Thee;
Like my honeybee, please go on staying.
Having submitted to a heart that's tiny,
A song of the Infinite do sing.

Mid a jungle of ferocious beasts,
May Your anklets always ring.
Among fearsome specters, utterly gloomy,
Light's path, please reveal.

This my aspiration is not at all hopeless;
Is there any other who will quench my thirst?
If You be not come to my heart,
Lift me up then into Yours.

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The invitation that You bring

(1765)  Priitir ketane ke go ele mane

Who are You that came to psyche under love's banner
With a far-flung invitation from the Infinite...
Thoroughly pervasive in the guise of being absent,
But by kindly disposition mind having vanquished.

Even though I don't want it, You wish to escape;
I want to hold on to You inside of my heart always...
No matter how many hundreds of rows of waves
Raising a clatter, I do not care.

Hey my dear Charioteer, at this time do steer
Oh Your chariot all-penetrating...
Both form and formless, as one let them be
Yanked by Your reins only.

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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Vision of true beauty

(1764)  Kalapacur bhrngamukur

Armband of peacock feathers, looking glass for the black bee,
Who are You that came dancing and today still is dancing,
Dressed in beauty world-effacing,
Candy-coated streak on vision,
Pouring an assortment of ambrosia onto the Creation?

Those who know You, they have become Yours;
Those who don't know, You take also their burden.
Instantly delighted, unbodied and unseen,
Onward You glide, dancing rhythmically.

Hey Expert in Couture, oh my Target,
There is none else who's Your equal.
You are boundless... infinite, without limit;
I will surely attain You, vying with impediments.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Bumblebee whispers in ear

(1763)  Malay vatase oi cand bhase

On a gentle gust of wind yonder moon does rise
Upon the remote sky with ambrosial smile.
With Fall's exposition, what do the jasmine of night express
To the Kans grass, wholly manifest?

Encircling a flower hums the Bumblebee;
My psyche dances on observing Thee.
A brimming heart, it goes on telling,
With emotion swelling, the story of Your deeds.

At present, impediments the mind wants to cleave,
To continue doing just Your work constantly,
Flinging behind me all shyness and fear...
And coating with sweetness, exultantly.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

In disguise, an eternal blessing

(1762)  Sammukhe chile arale lukole

You had been front and center, but You hid behind a screen;
Did You go off and lose sight of me?
Such is Your Cosmic Game, a sport with the heart!
Tender One, why did You become severe?

Inside the flower bud You had been in shape of spring;
With anguish about thunderbolts, You became a ghastly heat.
Upon lightning's thunderclap, affection went a-sailing,
The pollen having become stonelike, unfeeling.

Now Your particulars I have conceived;
Staying hardhearted, it is not Your thing.
Once more You'll be tender, You will be full of honey;
You will smile at heart's core with melody and beat.

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