Friday, May 24, 2019


(1342)  Nutanera alo elo aji

Today the light of the new arrived...
With your appearance in my life,
My need for warmth got satisfied.

Drifted away is any predilection for dogma...
With a space-time sense built by aggregate vessels.[1]
All my burden, forthwith it got banished;
On this day my heart was filled.

With You was acquaintance in new manner...
All sentient existence became Hari's embodiment.[2]
All that's left to me is supplication at Your feet;
On this day You made the flow of devotion stream.

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Thursday, May 23, 2019


(1341)  Ami cai na ei sabhyata

I don't want this kind of civilization;
I don't want dissimulation.
On an unleashed wind I want to drift
With the simplicity of a bird.

I want open air and more light,
A star-studded azure sky,
The mental firmament steeped in wisdom
That will rid all complex confusion.

I retain Paramapurusa always in mind;
Upon His benediction sweetness I apply.
Dabbing white sandalpaste on me,[1] I will go on painting
Over any filth, anywhere.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019


(1340)  It patharer stupe

With bricks and stones in a heap,
My mind, it got buried
In a deeply dark cavity.

Never seeing the grass green,
Or the lines of beauty on leaves,
Lone and thronged by inert things,
In what form shall I find relief?

The human moves just like machine,
Chief watchword being to earn money.
Many a game of insincerity
Stands in the way, hard to exceed.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Lord's reply

(1339)  Alo amar alo tomar

The light of Mine, the light is yours...
The light, it is for everyone.
With light and light the world is full;
With light gloom is removed.

The light dwells in the realm of knowledge,
By the side of ignorance and illusion.
Into human mind the light penetrates;
The demons it casts far away.

A beacon it supplies on new-moon nights;
Guidance to those in the dark it provides.
On candle's lap is lit the wick;
All in the world are made bright by it.

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Monday, May 20, 2019

Pessimist's complaint

(1338)  Ami pather hadish pai ni

No trace of the way did I receive;
So toward You I failed to proceed.
Acquaintance between You and me
With odd darkness it had been concealed;
Hence, I sought not intimacy.

I was thinking maybe there was none for me,
That love and fondness was not in my destiny.
Filled with carelessness and apathy,
Worth to existence I did not concede.

In life many a spring has arrived;
Now the fall twilight pours out its dye.
I have kept myself off to the side;
With no one's hues could I become bright.

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

The one constant in life

(1337)  Ei vihan belay aj ekelay

Today, at dawn and feeling lonely,
I remembered... it occurred to me
That with You on a same light-dripping morning,
We had met on the mountain-peak,
On the mountain-peak.

Then, in that remote kadam bower,
There had been a floral sweetness and a sweetness mental.
In that mental paradise, with the chiming of obtainment,
Myself had they been binding with fetters of love,
With fetters of love.

Today, by a mound of snow the flowers have got covered;
And the pleasure garden, it has lost both form and color.
Yet still today, privately, in the psychic bower,
Your love has stuck around, full up to the brim,
Full up to the brim.

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Saturday, May 18, 2019

We are one

(1336)  Apsarader deshe ese

Having entered realm of nymphs divine,
I came to know the mind...
And having loved by crimson light,
The day I did recognize.

With green leaves and colored flowers
At the foot of blue sky's altar,
Man, mountain, and woods-elf,
One in genesis... I did accept.

Color's afterimage, eye it struck;
In bosom arose a sweet touch...
Heart's favor, an enchanting song,
On psyche I did draw.

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