Saturday, August 17, 2019

If it be Your will

(132)  Janmatithite nutaner srote

On my birthday,[1] in the stream of novelty,
Light of the new may I achieve.
Lord of Rhythm's skill in prosody,
Filled with new thought, I would receive.

What You'll grant, with two hands I will accept it;
What You'll say, in heart's core I will maintain it.
This Your life, to You alone I will give;
With Your name, let me get frantic.

The tender shoot has become leaf;
It has filled up with a reddish green.
With new power, new ability,
I want to get busy serving everybody.

No longer will I sing a song of hopelessness.
I will never deem existence as a burden.
In myriad rhythms, with sweet jubilation,
May I go on conveying Your message.

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Friday, August 16, 2019

Hearts pouring out

(131)  Nava varsa elo aji

Today a new year, it appeared
To give delight to everybody–
In fruits and blooms, in sap and leaves,
In fragrance to impassion psyche.

Those who've left for distant place,
From far off to further away,
They are still alive today
In dulcet jingle of tuneful refrain...
Now their boon is in musical stream;
May it inspire on the journey.

The spinning of six season-times,[1]
The rise and fall of polar ice—
Having arrived inside this ambit,
Life let's dispense for everyone's benefit.

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

We move ahead

(130)  Sonalii bhor jiivane mor

The golden dawn in my life,
Is it returning another time?
Countless pains, countless torments,
Countless shames— the gloom is rent.

So many eves, so many morns,
So many nights, both spring and autumn,
So much hope and expectation–
Upon tears they've floated off.

Morning's sun smiles in the eastern heavens,
The wind rises on fragrance of flowers;
With the new year, with new happiness,
Memories of affliction, they all vanish.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

In His all-embracing melody

(129)  Surer dhara egiye cale

The stream of melody proceeds,
Moves along with the life-stream.
Cyclone, storm, and thunder; tenderness,
Affection, and a friendly residence...
One and all are tied up in melody;
In melody they get frenzied.

New Year's fresh luster,
It mixed its melody with Yours.
Nothing is unmusical
In this field of cosmic sport.

I know, my Friend, that You are only near;
My load of joy and grief You have carried.
When musing-musing on Your story,
I'll float adrift upon Your stream,
In Your smile, this New Year's morning.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Prayer for the new year

(128)  Vatsar nava vatsar tumi

Oh Year, you are the new year;
On every side bring welfare please...
In the beckoning of a new morning,
With the new dawn's new light-beams.

Creepers and trees, let them be replete with green;
Wild creatures, safe and secure let them be;
And the birds, with their throats full of nectar,
In every direction, let them take wing.

Let differences among humans disappear;
Let misuse of intellect be kept from happening;
And the prowess of corrupt persons in power,
Let that be suppressed everywhere.

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He re-inspires

(127)  Ek nutaner sur aji bajlo bajlo

A melody of the new rang out today,
Making every flower sway.
Earth was dressed in fresh apparel;
Every pain or trouble was forgotten.

Today, on the path of progress no impediment is there;
Full-throated song is rehearsed in only one melody.
Today, overlooking disparity, in concert let's go forth laughing;
Come let us move together, taking everybody.

In rhythm of dance, with a pleasure immense,
In the fragrant scent of heart's pollen,
In this climate of the new year's happiness,
Oh, where is He Who made everybody frolic;
He gave excitement.

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Sunday, August 11, 2019


(126)  Ek parikramar halo anta

One rotation[1] has finished.

The days[2], they transpire;
The year passes by.
So many flowers fall to ground;
So many fruits tumble down.
The year passes by.

Through many songs with heat and beat,
Through much anxiety and flow of tears,
With my life the year did blend;
But now, alas, it's getting spent...
It slips away into obscurity.

Those who come, arrive to leave;
Those who depart, go to appear.
Those who float off unto yon blue,
They will return anew...
They will turn up in fresh beauty.

One rotation has finished.

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