Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Game over!

(1313)  Nayanabhirama prabhu

Lord and Master, so eye-pleasing,
On my eyelids when will You appear?
Upon flimsy weeping, why to leave
When the grant of holding Thee must be?

In this world not a thing is in vain–
Your divine game only tells this tale.
Those with tears for Thee,
Will their calls go unavailing?

Gently smiling, open eyes–
There's been enough of Your pastime!
Having thrust me in delusion,
Will You cede me to the dark, temporal ocean?[1]

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Sunday, April 21, 2019

The secret of psyche

(1312)  Aloke eso bhuloke

On Earth in splendor please arrive;
Just residing in heaven won't suffice.
Loving You, there are hearts in this world too;
Naught else do they know but You.

River, stream, mountain, woods, and garden,
Ever they implore You to come.
For You they occupy their lives;
They engage in Your pursuit day and night.

Minds by the many millions – human, bird, and beast –
As their very own they know You to be.
That is heart's conception in the depths of psyche;
It indeed is the worship of You only.

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Saturday, April 20, 2019

And so it happens

(1311)  Mahakash pete cay matir parash

Vast sky wants to touch the earth,
And Earth wants to get the blue azure,
The blue azure, the blue azure.
Supreme Consciousness loves the particle,
And the particle loves that Consciousness,
That Consciousness, that Consciousness.

Age after age, the love twixt tiny and enormous,
Every minute, every second, in both form and color,
It had been, it is now, and it will go on staying forever...
In history and in the hint of beauty in a budding heart,
In a budding heart, in a budding heart.

The ties of love, they have abided,
So the distance gets demolished;
Please come near, come near, Master...
I wish to see You every single moment,
Every single moment, every single moment.

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Friday, April 19, 2019


(1310)  Tandra bheunge geche

Broken is my sleep;
Lord, on Your path I will proceed.
The brightness of moonlight
I will sprinkle on the public mind.

I will smear a soothing balm on wretched bosom;
One frustrated I will fill with expectation.
My own self, for the sake of everybody,
I will take and make ready to donate in charity.

Any fog that emerges,
With firm hand I will remove it.
Any grime now gripping mind,
I will purge with bath of light.
Yourself in a lustrous shape,
Every moment I will paint.

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For whose sake?

(1309)  Meghera kena niice nebe ase

Why do the clouds descend
To get the touch of Himalayas?
Why are sky and wind both full of sweetness?
Which celestial nymph came to dress and embellish?

The tall, white mountain-peaks,
They summon whom, gazing aloft?
With its green harvest on fruit-trees,
A smiling woodland has endowed which ones?
In this environment, obsessed with Whom,
Has everyone arisen, feverish and glued?

Oh Sculptor of the far-flung universe,
This sublime beauty and fragrance serves what purpose?
For whose benefit have You lavished it,
Whose heart to capture and make off with?

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

It's a new day

(1308)  Nutan diner nutan surjya

New day's new sun,
On eastern sky it's now arisen.
Nighttime's utter darkness,
Fearful and ashamed, it's gone hidden.

Cast off slough, the dead tissue;
Bare your body to light of the new.
At your gate is splendor true,
It has come this day in new costume.

Gloom's creatures, they are far removed;
Fruitless it's become to embezzle you.
The cosmic mind, which is huge,
Recalling it, only its work do.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Time and tide

(1307)  Kaj kare jete esechi dharate

We have come to the world to go on working;
This Earth is a battlefield.[1]
Sitting and reclining, growing immobile,
It is not the flow of life.

Krsna, what You had accomplished,
What You did with discus and a quiver,
That tale immortal, that ode ambrosial,
Trickling here is the recollection.

There's no way to call it quits;
One and all move per Your attraction.
On this Kuruksetra with its Sage Vyasa,
That saga has remained ballad-filled.

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