Saturday, July 21, 2018

Circle of love

(1041)  Anek shuniya anek bhaviya

Listening to many, giving thought to many,
I have loved only Thee.
Roving heaven, hell, mountain, and cavern,
I have found just one gem.

I know that love does not heed logic;
Having loved, I crave not liberation.
I love on account of getting bliss;
Precisely this is the gist of all my knowlege.

Your work I'll keep doing as much as I'm able,
Above all else remembering the supreme devotion.
I love for the sake of giving bliss;
Precisely this is my final realization.

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Friday, July 20, 2018

Fatal attraction

(1040)  Aj cande meghe lukocuri

Now with clouds the moon plays hide-and-seek;
In that direction everyone is gazing.
So toward the sky this mind of mine goes racing.

The moonlight on river's water,
Waves aglitter it wakened.
Whatever darkness in mind's niche
Got dissipated inside it.

With the frail glow of evening's lamp,
I'd wondered why the day does pass.
Due to a summons from my moon,
Singing its song, onward it moves.

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(1039)  Nirjana kanane amare rekhe gele

You went away, having placed me in a lonesome forest,
With whose support, please say, with whose assistance?
Sitting by myself and weeping, the time, it elapses;
My heart collapses from the throes of anguish.

With the flowers their intrinsic honey abides;
But, dear Friend, You carried off all nectar mine
To some far-far distant paradise.

In the mind just one topic rises: my heartache unspoken;
With that pain is mixed an ardent eagerness...
Even by mistake, it never gets forgotten.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

No more distractions

(1038)  Eso tumi eso, amar jiivane tumi eso priya

Come, please come...
Come into my life, my Love;
Come, please come.
Age after age I remain on watch for Thee;
Make me Yours, and take me.

In Your heart, there's no space for what is vile;
In Your world, there exists no fake pride.
Like the polestar, You are ever bright;
On her way, the lost goose[1] You guide.

In what ancient time did I begin my journey,
And what unseen fate have I been chasing?
Now my eyes are tired, my wings are weary;
Bind me to the Unknown with a single string.

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(1037)  Kache ese dure sare gele kena

Having come near, why went You far away;
From this cruelty I get such pain.
In front You stood, then hid behind a veil;
Of empathy is there not a small trace?

To the treetop You raised;
Why did You take the ladder away?
The fruit of heaven You delivered;
Why sent You it adrift upon the river?
You roused from sleep a springtime blossom;
With the summer why did You incinerate it?

The camphor lamp You let go out;
Black soot is what still sticks around.
From heart bereft You removed sweetness;
As if dead, it is deserted.
I beseech a speck of mercy; I simply endure
That in Your contemplation I may merge.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018


(1036)  Tumi ele alo anle

You came, and You brought light;
The darkness, it was thrust aside.
Smilingly You told: "In fear or fright,
Thinking of Me, open your eyes.

"There is no rose without a thorn;
Without ebb tide there is no flood.
Is this not the style of Providence...
Grasping that, just move on.

"In every season I arrive;
In pain and pleasure, love do I.
I am yours, and you are mine....
All wretchedness, cast it aside."

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Monday, July 16, 2018


(1035)  Tava tare mala genthechi prabhu

For You a garland I have strung, oh Lord,
Having invested all the sweetness of my heart.
Myself I have set adrift
On water from the eyes, with Your ideation.

I have no power of austerities
Nor even weight of piety.
Thus, ever I pray for Your mercy;
Will You forsake one who is weak?

I have not any wisdom, worldly or unworldly;
With devotion my lovestring's not steeped.
Only my eyes' pain-filled tears are there;
With  guile how will You deceive me?

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