Friday, October 19, 2018

Like the moon

(1133)  Snigdha samiire ese

Arriving on a breeze refreshing,
To which flower did You give a shaking?
At the end of pride and vanity,
Whose sweetness did You take without asking?

You arrived and left without warning;
Oh the Moon, better that feels!
By dint of You having appeared,
Disquietude, it simply does increase.
But You came not for that indeed;
With form and color You delighted psyche.

Such a liila, so extraordinary,
Every minute new, continually!
In Your love, all hope exceeding,
You gave everything and asked for nothing.

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Is music the answer?

(1132)  Ele alor vane

You came on a spate of light;
Giving a sway, where did You hide?
On a wind pleasing and mild,
Fragrance infusing, You excited mind.

Still more of You everyone wants to receive;
They don't wish to let go for even a few hours.
Within mind, the sweetness that is there,
To fulfill desire, it would be poured out.

In a mode so sweet, oh come You;
Surpassing One, rectify every dearth.
With meter, lyrics, tempo, and new tunes,
Having made hearts swell, appear in fresh musical measures.

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Raison d'ĂȘtre

(1131)  Tumi acho tai mora achi

Lord, as You exist, so we exist.
With life You've filled the green grass, young and tender;
Now all of us, we but pray for Your compassion.

The azure beyond measure of the firmament,
The wrathful grandeur of the wilderness,
The woodland plants, the well-proportioned leaves...
Along with all of them, we go on living.

So that we don't keep forgetting Thee,
Under the spell of egoism's fetters and enemies,[1]
With the strength of just Your name, filling our bosom,
We will obliterate the power of sin.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

When God is the bride...

(1130)  Jar asmita shes haye geche

One whose vanity has ceased
He gains You wholeheartedly.
With everything of his You've seized,
He makes it all Your offering.

In a prison gloomy, it's You he perceives;
On evening's stars, Your love he smears.
With golden light at crimson morning,
In Your form and color he is bathing.

By his side nothing is frightening;
Loving kindness is the one song there.
Lively and broad prosperity is abiding
With ambrosia's essence, honey-sweet.[1]

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Monday, October 15, 2018

Racing joyously toward Him

(1129)  Vasante anu anute

In the Spring, for atoms each and every,
On what stream did You keep giving them a swing?
At core of tune after tune,
What sorcery did You imbue?

A drunken atmosphere, it speaks of what craving?
In the music what is missing, and what is received?
Silently and secretly,
On sweet night Your touch You kept applying.

What I've lost, that I have left behind;
What I've found, it lifts and fills the mind.
My avid heart's outpouring
Won't be held shrouded by any means.

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So that's what it's about

(1128)  Alote chayate duhkha sukhete

In light and shade, pleasure and pain,
So many lifetimes have gone by.
What I've attained, that I've mislaid;
But I've endured, hope entwined.

Storms have come, tearing to pieces,
Setting adrift my existence.
Graciously once more I've got the same...
To fill my psyche I have craved;
And, path ignored, I've gone astray...
But I don't comprehend much of it.

I've divined You now, I've found the path;
I've learned to move in radiance celestial.
That very grace provide; please give more light,
Having effaced all blemishes of mine.

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Here shines like the sun

(1127)  Aloke aloke aloke tumi esecho

With divine light You've arrived;
Like a kind sun, You've smiled.

You've made fall the old and withered leaves;
With tender green leaves You've brought beauty.
The burden of dogmatism, You've left it colorless.

Inertia's yellowed curtain You have torn;
On rosy cheeks red luster You have brought.
Speed You have filled with dynamism.

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