Friday, May 25, 2018

It's a new day

(983)  Mama madhavii kuinje puinje puinje

Swarming in this myrtle grove of mine,
Oh dear, why buzz the bumblebees?
In the kadam bower's blue lotus of mind,
Whose light is shining presently?

Within the mind a southern breeze has blown;
And in that warming wind screwpine have told:
"Keep awake, keep your eyes peeled today;
The Traveler wants to grant His embrace"

Phalgun has arrived; a fire it has lit
Upon the fruitless palash trees of forest.
Now the rains have ended with hope fulfilled;
All the fog is lifted.

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Centripetal motion

(982)  Tumi cakranemii

You are the axle;
Around You everybody spins.
I teem with emotion,
Thinking of You time and again.

Lord, come to my heart's inside;
Dwell within each act of mine.
Let both those rosy feet abide,
Yoked day and night to this my life.

If You have not a thing to speak
With the use of those two lips,
Then go on smiling silently,
Filling my heart up to the brim.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

He cares for everybody

(981)  Tumi ucchala caincala e kon mayay

You briskly surge within this awesome maya;
You're the radiant lotus in everybody's heart.
Those who have been spurned, dwelling on the street;
Regarding them, You awakened fresh sensitivity.

Please arrive stately, enter smiling tenderly;
On a gentle southern breeze, lovingly appear.
You're the flower's nectar and the moon of distant sky;
Into this mad beauty show, come with sweet moonlight.

You are in blooms and fruits, at the root of everything;
You are on both banks of the rivers racing upstream.
Unparalleled are You, the most adored and esteemed;
More dear than life, by all You are received.
In the hope of Your coming, everyone is waiting;
You fulfill their expectation, bringing love's meaning.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Not a zero-sum game

(980)  Tumi esecho bhalo besecho

You've arrived, and well You've liked;
Forgotten is all pain and every lamentation.
You've replied and sweetly smiled,
Winning the heart of everyone.

My love knows You exclusively;
It lures You through both tune and beat.
In happiness and misery, in dignity and conceit,
You may be everybody's, but You belong to me.

Your love's imprinted on flowers and leaves;
Just like a psychic bee, lonely, I long for Thee.
Mid all that's lost, You're the note promissory;
The only thing that's mine, You are my everything.

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Monday, May 21, 2018

His light

(979)  Arun rauna purvakashe

Sun on a crimson, eastern sky...
You have arrived.
Lord, You have been gracious;
You have given love.

Flower buds have spoken up;
Gone is dark night's affliction.
Bearing love the world wide,
You have lavished light.

Those asleep in their nest,
The touch of life they did get.
With giving them great happiness,
You have been enthusiastic.

With light, light, and more light,
You have filled the universe.

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

I am His, so He is mine

(978)  Alor rathe asbe tumi

On light's chariot You will appear;
Today I know with certainty.
Dispelling all the darkness gloomy,
You will render me beyond fear.

Garland in hand for Your sake,
I've been waiting night and day.
This day, at night, the right time came;
My doubts are washed away.

Counting hours, counting days,
Contemplating Your New Age,
Your melodies reverberate
On invincible lightrays.

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Saturday, May 19, 2018


(977)  Akash vatas raune bhara

"Full of merriment are sky and air,"
The One Who brought that fun does say.
"The gloomy prison in the mind–
Come now, get it pulverized."

Lagging behind, oh, I am that;
He says, "You go on holding back."
The One Who moves in front of me
Is saying, "Please proceed."

On gazing backward do I see
Torpid thought, so very gloomy.
To the front is an ocean of light,
Shining with the zest for life.

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