Sunday, June 20, 2021

I am not a threat

(1940)  Bhay pao kena asite

Why do You fear to appear;
Why do You fear to come near?
Yourself dabbed by speck of love; a dry stone, me...
Is it lest I influence Thee?

You are infinite, transcendent, everybody's Master;
Finite, I am limited; never do You need to dread.
You have given form to me with only Your form, then
From me what is there to fear?

Life and death's magic wand, in Your hand it is;
I am a ball to play with, the whole world knows it.
Please don't ever stay remote for any reason;
Mind, it frolics inside of You only.

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Saturday, June 19, 2021

In love with the sun

(1939)  Ami gulbagicay bulbuli

In a rose garden, I am the bulbuli.
Talk I don't, but I am also with speech...
I croon, and I put forth melody.

Daytimes come and go, sweetness on strings of rhyme;
In my mind, they leave behind colored dyes.
As love's repayment, under the sun gold-dripping[1]
Golden songs I sing.

I know your words, fashioned well;
For all of you I knit a golden mesh.
That netting's gold does not get seen...
A champak bud is made to bloom in psyche.

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Friday, June 18, 2021

Only by Your grace

(1938)  Calar pathe prabhu klanti jadi ase

On journey, Lord, if come fatigue,
Please do furnish zeal.
In flocks, at breaks between deeds,
Should there come misgivings,
You remove them please.

Coveting the floral nectar, insects,
Should they enter psyche's garden...
Dense rains like in monsoon season,
Should they darken the blue heavens...
You please come with a smile genial
And elicit consciousness.

Yours is the power, I am feeble;
Savior, I am Your dependent.
With desire for grace the days I number,
Please ignite a lamp of expectation.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2021


(1937)  Tomari ashe base base

In hope of You only, having waited and waited,
Ages come and go; how many I don't know.
Days-dates-moments and who comes long ago
I go on neglecting; about You I don't forget.

Upon the duststorms, reddish-brown, of summer,
Many a bamboo grove, it slumps downhearted.
From the monsoon flood-bursts of rainy season,
Lodgings float away; how many I don't reckon.

Under the soft moonlight of autumn,
Nectar drifts on pollen of night-jasmine.
In my lifetime, love makes me swoon;
I think of not a thing but You.

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Petals of many colors

(1936)  E kii surabhita spandane

Oh what is this fragrant throbbing...
You appeared inside of psyche!
Underneath silent feet, well-received,
Colored petals You let spread privately.

Before, I was not knowing, I did not realize...
I was not wanting to find You nearby.
But You came on Your own, mind You made replete;
Myself You drew into Your vicinity.

You dote on me, that I know;
I too have been drawing close.
I am time-delimited, while You have no beginning;
Still, in spite of that, You've received me.

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Okay but

(1935)  Ogo prabhu tava lagi

Oh Lord, on Your account,
The garland strung gets dried up.
You did not come, You wore it not...
And so my days pass without purpose.

Morning sun does not bring light,
And gusts of wind do not feel right,
And even darker is the dark of mind;
Like the days and nights, they suffer.

There's no harm if You don't grant embrace,
Or if You gaze no more upon my face;
At least dole out a speck of grace,
Though viewing me as trivial.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Otherwise not worth a cent

(1934)  Tomar varata baye jai

I go on carrying Your tidings;
With Your work I keep myself busy.
My everything is on account of You only;
These are the words well-formed I continue singing.

On stellar sky, like mote of dust, I have arrived;
On mental sky, hey my Love, Yourself I've acquired.
My going and coming, my weeping and laughing;
At their root is Your compassion only.

But for You I don't exist– this fact I perceive;
On strings of Your viina, a jangle I bring.
Your champak-touch, gauging scope of novelty,
Having felt that, I proclaim respectful greetings.

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