Friday, December 13, 2019

King of Kings

(1448)  Ogo rajar raja

Oh King of Kings,
Come to my home...
You're the light of hope;
I survive due to Thee.

Oh I'm the darkness 'fore Your lamp;
The dust of Your path.
A single drop of Your ocean,
Myself I'm forgetting.
Your molecule's atom I am;
I dance around Thee.

On moonlit night, I'm a chukor;[1]
In just Your thought I am absorbed.
Please come near and still more near;
Let heart be replete.

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Calling me

(1447)  Phagun kena kende cale jay

Spring, why does it go out crying?
It just keeps calling me,
And I cannot bear it...
On unfamiliar wind from a land exotic,
Weeping, weeping, calling me,
From far shore of hundred seas.

So many days, they come and leave...
Alas, Lord, there's no end to that calling.
Sitting all alone, I consider inwardly:
In what manner do I make it cease?

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

His parting blessing

(1446)  Ankhite chilo je vari

In eyes had been that water,
At the time when He left.
Bathed in tears the garland
He placed around my neck.

I have seen His eye-water;
Its drift I did not perceive.
I grasped not what the trust had been,
Intrinsic to His loving me.
Silently, He did leave;
Silence tells the story.

About Him anytime I recollect,
It matters He is out of body.
He did not forget me;
Him I too did not forget.
It would be to speak untruly
If said I have lost His memory.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Cold comfort or tough love?

(1445)  Jale bhara ankhi

Eyes full of water,
And yet you seem a fair-eyed maiden.
Please say why you bound not your tresses...
Half are fallen down, half are unblossomed,
Under the moonlight, a clump of loti on the ground.

Which Unknown Traveler had come?
He captured your heart.
He'd conquered heart and gone off;
He went away and never did return.

Now I hear that Traveler has come again;
Avoiding you He keeps His distance.
In your presence He comes not; He has not the courage;
After all, you did not forget love.

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Monday, December 9, 2019

Sentient jealousy

(1444)  Alor dhara gale ghense bale gelo amay

The lightstream by my cheek is because You left me;
To where do You drift away, leave, leave, leave?
Planet, star, and nebula, they all gaze at Thee;
Why don't You look at them... tell me please:
At whom do You peer, peer, peer?

River, hill, and woodlands each,
To be seen they want only from Thee.
To them not having paid heed,
Whose song do You sing, sing, sing?

In this flower-filled month of spring,
There is one who's waiting, desolate and lonely.
Which is that good person, in whose direction
Rather than love's wicker-tray,[1] You get filled up...
Take, take, take me please.

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Sunday, December 8, 2019

I am She, and She is me

(1443)  Apsara eseche

A divine nymph has arrived;
Toward the flower she does fly,
Fly, fly, fly.
Psyche she knows how to recognize;
Having seen mind full of love, she does hie,
Hie, hie, hie.

Flowers had wanted her from age to age.
To take as their own, with nectar they'd craved;
Now their every hope, realized it was made.
Nymph divine, with eyes open, she does gaze,
Gaze, gaze, gaze.

All hope had lain hidden inside human psyche.
Prayer and desire were at core of heart residing;
With every private thought, love was outpouring.
Nymph divine, with devotion, she does sing,
Sing, sing, sing.

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Saturday, December 7, 2019

His wondrous expression

(1442)  Amar e phulavane

In this, my plantation,
Who are You that came? You made flowers blossom.
On the withered branch, a bud You awakened;
You imbued with color, beauty, and aroma.

The rosebush had borne aught but thorns;
There'd been no slew of hues, no store of forms.
Amid her thorns, comely contours You did pour,
On this very break of day, on this same dawn.

The champak tree had lost its sweetness;
Bumblebees weren't gathered to make heard the words of love.
That tree You did decorate, You brought out its floral glamor;
Speaking in whispers, behind a veil of tales You hid.

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