Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Let me not be distracted

(1856)  Jadi nayane na dekhi tava priya chavi

Should I fail to see Your precious portrait before eyes,
Please appear inside the mind.
If Your touch on world I do not find,
Then sail upon the joy of life.

My going and coming, crying and laughing,
To You ajangle are my love-feelings.
Not a thing remains unknown to Thee;
Ignoring flaws, smile sweetly.

Hey the Great Ocean, amid Your kindness,
This my drop, its days go by.
If I go on moving, having forgotten You,
Then Your own molecule, please hold it dear.

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Monday, March 1, 2021

To Thee I sing

(1855)  Gan gai tumi shono

I sing, You please listen;
Ever since my birth a tune I am practicing;
Know that it's to sing to You.

Summer has come with a scorching heat;
And rainy season has brought water-streams;
Autumn was with dew dropping down like tears...
No fault of mine was there.

Came prewinter with night struck by frost,
And winter with extreme snow-fall;
Then spring arrived, and she allowed outpouring
Of a song along with feelings.

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Saturday, February 27, 2021

In loco parentis

(1854)  Ami parager rage naci go

Oh I dance with the passion of a pollen spore,
And to the petals I do give a tremor.
With Your love in absence of anklet-jangle,
Long-tongued am I become.

Heavenly summons having given, You then leave;
From upon the skyblue You entice me.
In creation-stasis-dissolution, You go on dancing;
Yet I sing apropos of Your ambrosial essence.

I'm a tiny flower-dust-mote, floating on sunlight;
While You, Lord Krsna,[1] You play the bamboo pipe.
Forgetting You, I had been stupefied;
Now on Your path I run along.

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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Just a few formalities

(1853)  Mane ele raun dharale

Unto mind You came, and dye You made it grip;
Then, name unspoken, You departed.
Your details, state them please:
Where You were and the reason for Your visit.
Oh, do explain to me!

On top of the mountain, static and impassive,
Snow was there in layers.
You got it melted
Through incantation's feeling.[1]

The mind, lying dormant it had been;
You applied paint on it.
With tune and tempo, rhythm and lyrics,
In it You incited dancing.

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It's a brand new day

(1852)  Ei puspita kanane

Unto this blooming garden,
You had come with a mind full of gladness
And a visage jubilant.

All the distance intervening had sailed off;
Heaven's sweetness, it had smiled inside thought.
Earth's sublime beauty and azure of the sky,
They had integrated with both the heart and mind.

Dormant was the tree, in a state of lethargy;
Stirring, it arose with a newfound glory.
The bud, soundly sleeping throughout course of ages,
Blossoming, it arose with one song after another.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

His magic matchstick

(1851)  Je agun mane jvele diye gele

The fire You kept lighting within psyche,
Putting out that fire, it became a problem.
On gaining even sandal's cool soothing,
Its burning sensation does not get forgotten.

The bloom does not bring any sweet beauty;
Mental bees have no taste for its honey.
At the night moonlit, I don't go on knitting
Rosy dreams of a place heavenly.

Yours is the magic matchstick;
Earth and heaven they are dancing to it.
Illusion's looking glass that You've built,
In it do the three worlds sparkle.

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You sweep me up and whisk me off

(1850)  Ucchala jalataraunga sama tumi ele

Like a surging wave of water You came;
Mixed with life, You went away.
Cadence of brisk river as the lure, the world
Onto Your lap upraised You took.

The tune I've rehearsed I sang not in public;
People did not know the oath accomplished.
Amid done and undone, I maintain a hundred works;
The sum and substance You made heard.

Earth got its life upon Your touch;
Upon Your pleasure, everyone is rapturous.
By Your tremendous gift in songs full of fondness,
With splendor You did pack existence.

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