Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Do stay please

(1189)  Tumi je praner priyatama mama

Oh You, my heart's dearest dear...
With jingle sweet the anklets on Your feet
Are a balm to my eyes, a peerless ecstasy.

The age of this world that's gone...
Even in that age You had been with everyone,
Oh Traveler Unknown, pilgrim without origin,
With radiance to remove the darkness within.

Please keep very close, do not go far from...
Lighting up life with Your love,
When You will stay, then too will love
And also enlightenment, oh my Sweetest One.

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Monday, December 17, 2018

Stunning symmetry

(1188)  Nayaner ghum kere niye

Having snatched the sleep out of eyes
And crammed fragrance into shrines,
Washing darkness far aside,
In the late night He'd arrived.

With clouds the sky was abounding;
With concern the air was heavy.
To tell welcome none was there,
Hopefully then Him awaiting.

He had shown up notwithstanding;
He had romped with lute a-jingling.
But quietly He did leave,
No one coming to bid Him Godspeed.

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Sunday, December 16, 2018

How can I forget?

(1187)  Tomari priitite gara

Formed out of Your love
And filled with Your song...
Even now that thought is unflawed,
Stirring me to the core.

That smile so preoccupies,
And that flute does mesmerize
With its music love-suffused...
When it calls, consumed am I.

That love gives the mind a swing;
That song makes one self-forgetting.
That splendor, having roused consciousness,
Creates a world full of light-beams.

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Saturday, December 15, 2018

He is innate

(1299)  Acho chande acho tane

You are in the beat, You are in the key,
You are in the dance, and You are in the melody.[1]
In the melody, You are in the beat.
You are in the hopelessness of ignominy;
And You are in the wounded pride, heart-filling.

On a dry riverbed in bosom of the desert,
Or on a tree-branch with fresh color,
In the love brimming with speech
At early morning's invocation...

Like unto You there is nothing;
All that I attain, it is by Your mercy.
Bearing trace of Your grace, I promenade.
With each breath of life,
With each thought of mine...

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Open up, let Him in

(1186)  Tumi esecho krpa karecho

You have come and granted mercy;
With Your smile, light You've been casting.
You have loved and shown the path;
You have brought adherence with firm hand.

The world had been engrossed in sin;
Lost were friendship, kindness, and discernment.
Then You struck a blow, dabbed with affection;
You've awakened dharmic consciousness.

With both hands You pulled back the dark curtain;
Thoroughly You laid waste to dogma.
In those psyches budding and resonant,
The place made at their core You have taken.

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

All it takes

(1185)  Tava karunar kana

A jot of Your compassion,
Those who've got in earthly life,
Coming and going gratified,
Forever has theirs been.

That loving grace exquisite,
Of which none is equivalent,
Having but gone to think of it,
Mind lacks the power to consider.

Oh that smile from heaven,
That celestial fragrance,
Your heartfelt affection,
They have got time and again.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Look at me

(1184)  Cao cao ogo priya

Look, look at me, Beloved mine;
Forget Your wounded pride.
In west the setting sun retires;
Forgive me, and come nearby.

I've arrayed my house with floral decoration;
Laying out Your seat, I am awaiting.
From fresh flowers a wreath I have strung;
With kindly eyes, gaze at me just once.

God of Light, please remove my black color;
Go on making me still better.
Filling life, infuse love's ambrosia;
Ignite a lamp within my dark heart.

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