Thursday, August 22, 2019

Our house

(137)  Beshii kichu nahi cai

We want nothing more;
We want a little love, a tiny hut,
A place to insert head in heat, rain, and frost.

Knowingly, yourself we won't slight or neglect;
As we would be kept ourselves,
So this home of ours we will tend.
We want a love-besotting, peaceful nest;
Nothing more than this we request.

In storm and gale, neath lightning and thunder,
You are a bountiful provider of shelter;
With affection, you are a father.
This same unchecked love, matchless residence,
May we obtain it forever.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Friends with benefits

(136)  Ajker ei shishutaru

This same young tree of today,
With fruits and blooms and heaps of leaves,
The hot wilderness it will veil

With sprinkling of water, with appeals of love,
We will all nurture thee.
In rain with high wind, illness and its every symptom,
We are here with you, oh Tree.

May it get covered, the barren gray;
Let it be free from desert-thirst.
Neath greenery and tenderness, may all get shade,
Any wasteland that exists in the universe.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

On birthday I realize

(135)  Janmadine ei shubha ksane

On birthday, at this time auspicious,
Full of life, with a boundless happiness,
In each molecule, in every atom,
Sway begins with new scent and color.

Spellbound with delight, to itself oblivious,
The mind of everyone is full of intense emotion.
The heart overflowing, for the sake of You only,
It moves dancing in a cadence that's enchanting.

Out of love You have come, and nearby You've tarried;
You reside in joy of all, with a lustrous beauty.

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Monday, August 19, 2019

He appears

(134)  Janama lagane

At the auspicious moment of Your birth,
Morning's luster,
It appeared in new form, with new promise.
For all desire, all attainment,
Upon smiling blue-sky came consummation.

Today, the birds, what words they do utter;
Trees are become bowed, fruits and flowers under.
Now, in the forest sonorous, on a breeze melodious,
Everyone is dancing with fresh gladness.

Today, with joy and laughter, with song and delight,
With a new gust of wind, fulfillment arrived.

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Sunday, August 18, 2019

On His birthday

(133)  Tava shubha janmadine

On Your birthday auspicious,
Morning light arrives in new form;
It smiles every moment with new implication.

Today, in both air and sky, nectar is abounding;
Effusive heart, on high tide of glee,
It floats away to somewhere.
Today, on getting bliss with rhythm seductive,
Pleasant memories are recollected.

Today, with the blue skies and cool breeze,
The birds go on singing.
The plants in bloom with flowers grinning,
They keep bearing a sweet stream.
Today, with everybody near, at the core of all,
I have discovered You inside every heart.

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Saturday, August 17, 2019

If it be Your will

(132)  Janmatithite nutaner srote

On my birthday,[1] in the stream of novelty,
Light of the new may I achieve.
Lord of Rhythm's skill in prosody,
Filled with new thought, I would receive.

What You'll grant, with two hands I will accept it;
What You'll say, in heart's core I will maintain it.
This Your life, to You alone I will give;
With Your name, let me get frantic.

The tender shoot has become leaf;
It has filled up with a reddish green.
With new power, new ability,
I want to get busy serving everybody.

No longer will I sing a song of hopelessness.
I will never deem existence as a burden.
In myriad rhythms, with sweet jubilation,
May I go on conveying Your message.

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Friday, August 16, 2019

Hearts pouring out

(131)  Nava varsa elo aji

Today a new year, it appeared
To give delight to everybody–
In fruits and blooms, in sap and leaves,
In fragrance to impassion psyche.

Those who've left for distant place,
From far off to further away,
They are still alive today
In dulcet jingle of tuneful refrain...
Now their boon is in musical stream;
May it inspire on the journey.

The spinning of six season-times,[1]
The rise and fall of polar ice—
Having arrived inside this ambit,
Life let's dispense for everyone's benefit.

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