Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Don't let me get distracted

(2838)  Kadamba tale tumi esechile

Under a kadam tree You had arrived;
In that same direction repeatedly my psyche races.
Akin to an ocean upon expanse of sky,
By a dancing row of waves everyone is excited.

You had been here, and there was a world of beauty;
Although two, atom and Huge, they had adhered.
Tiny and Great, they had been in harmony;
My heart, dam broken, yielded to no obstacle.

Barricades and blame and social calumny–
All fear I have ditched, the whole calamity.
My wish, just to gain You still more near;
Having come on mind-sky, smile at time of mist.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Awaiting Your advent

(2837)  Amar malaince phutechilo

In my floral garden there had bloomed
So many flowers, oh don't You know it?
They will drop neath sunlight's heat;
Do You not notice?

Day has departed with hopes aplenty;
Flower-petal colors have gone missing.
Fragrance and nectar have flowed into nothing;
To comprehend are You unable?

When will they arrive, those same months of spring;
They will laugh once more, fruit and bloom thrilling.
Upon a moonlit night on azure sky,
Noting love, You will give in.

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Monday, November 27, 2023

Unearned mercy

(2836)  Kata tapasya pare

After much austerity,
You have come, allowed embrace.
Many ages hope given, caused to fall many a tear;
You have kept Your promise after many, many days.

I could not believe that close by You'll appear,
You will make Your light-rays shine on me.
Happened what I didn't think– heaven's sweetness came;
You've arrived adjacent, hey the One Who fascinates.

Prayer and importunity, to nothing did You listen;
I could not make You melt by efforts one hundred.
You came on Your own, after love's pollen coating;
I've realized that a kindness You have made.

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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Bringing light

(2835)  Tomare ceyechi ami duhkher tamasay

I have pined for You in sorrow's gloom;
Upon a moonlit night, in dance and song.
In smiles of a kadam, in spines of a blossom;
Neath a sweet southern wind in gentle reverberation.

I have wanted to witness You in every situation,
On mountain peak lonesome, in fame and psychic perturbation,
On nights of mental anguish, on fine morns brightly colored
By a new crimson glow behind eastern horizon.

Wanting You means going and obtaining You alone;
To finish all desire, into thought of You it goes.
Tier by tier You let the mind be filled with love
In sweet dreams made to brim with emotion.

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Saturday, November 25, 2023

But You are here

(2834)  Tumi jadi nahi ele, vrthai mala gantha

If You are not come,
In vain garland threaded,
Fruitless my song practiced.
Day and night I stay absorbed
In Your name, hey Divine Maker.

I see You in surging light;
Your love rushes to the sky.
The Infinite's ambassador,
You are ever legend.

World exists in Your midst;
In grief it weeps, in glee it dances.
Of sorrow and happiness You are above,
A sweetness new forever.

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Friday, November 24, 2023

I am calling always

(2833)  Deke deke cai tomake

Always calling, Yourself I crave.
To listen, You obtain not...
After hearing, back to gaze,
Unable to stay distant.

I call You neath the flames of summer;
Under desert's heatwave unbearable.
With screwpine on nights of rain,
Afloat is pollen, know You not?

On autumn eves with night jasmines
In their kush-kash-colored hymns;
With the prewinter fall of dew,
A soaked earth's reprimand...

Amid the winter's inertia
Prays to You a mind benumbed;
And in garb of the spring blooms,
With You in divers forms pleasant...

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Thursday, November 23, 2023

All things considered

(2832)  Kamalvane tumi saorabha priya

In a lotus grove, You are the fragrance, Dear.
Thrilling with light, dancing You move,
Flashing a smile, the One fit to revere.

Of Your beauty no duplicate is there;
In both sky and air, You stay mixed everywhere.
The pollen of love, everybody's soul You smear
With charity's show bit by bit, the One fit to receive.

You consider everybody's plight, what they require:
A cooling breeze in summer, the winter's attire.
Eye to eye, You remain observing everyone;
Just this is my wish: Absolute devotion always give.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Under inertia

(2831)  Tandra jarima chilo ankhira taray

Upon eye-pupils there had been slumber and lethargy;
In darkness, the viewing of anything does not succeed.
With ignorance exclusively as the gloom's wellspring,
Only by Your light, Lord, Yourself have I seen.

Flow of Gangotri moves toward the ocean,
A green beauty-stream, having brought love into bosom.
Via blooms and fruits, all it fills with dance and song;
That river is shining with a splendor heavenly.

By that light gets wakened a mind-state honey-sweet;
In a jiffy, lost is any delusion or fatigue.
Amid unit consciousness You are dressed in blossoms;
Everybody goes on dancing, with a very pleasant meaning.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Words of love

(2830)  Kajala megher avasane

Ending clouds black as stibnite,
With songs many You arrived.
On rainy day's absence of sight,
You strewed about rays of moonlight.

So many games You conceive;
Heart's honey, outside You do bring...
Forgetting home, You entice enemies;
On dark-moon night You kindle light.

On sea of form, a fount of light,
Horizon, where it meets other side...
Having come slyly to that site,
You conveyed love's advice.

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Why stay away?

(2829)  Amay chere keman kare

Myself abandoned, by what means
Are You, oh Lord, remote from me?
Full of tears these eyes of mine,
For a moment, do they not cause grief?

Day concludes, evening draws nigh;
Age after age, it transpires.
A flower blooms, then to earth it falls and lies,
Inside the gloomy house of my mental agony.

My desire is not excessive;
Just the one tune getting practiced.
In that very melody is sung a hymn,
 Upon the dust of Your feet.

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Monday, November 20, 2023


(2828)  Praner aveg bhara priitir usnata jhara

Full of vital passion, exuding warmth of love,
Oh Who are You that came today into my mind?
I could not recognize, I could not understand;
Effusive I've become, but I don't know why.

Never did I see, never did I hear;
Even in dream I don't think that it I'll get so near.
Past the limit of language, upon nectar's sea of light,
Through rhythm and song, myself You did excite.

What You keep doing, through intellect I don't grasp;
By game after game why make creatures dance?
You are beyond logic– amid form, form-transcendent;
In the heart with luster sweet, in meditation You smile.

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Sunday, November 19, 2023

Source of all honey

(2827)  Tumi acho prabhu ami achi

You exist, Lord, I exist;
There exists this worldly realm.
There's an atom, there's God too;
There's trifling with excellent.

Among many flowers roundabout I stroll;
Everywhere I go, I go in honey's hope.
But I obtain all honey's bowl
In Yourself; You are immense.

With luster of moonlight, You alone are sweet;
Remote azure's moon, it is You exclusively.
What You do is only from holding dear,
Good or bad regardless.

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Saturday, November 18, 2023

But now I realize

(2826)  Kabhu shuye base kakhano danriye

At times lying down, at times standing,
House I've filled, gathering stones.
Life-stream's ever having clung to coast,
The whereabouts of sea, I did not go to seek

River's current has now gone upstream;
A high tide has arrived, psyche has revealed.
Has the ocean been remote, or has it been near–
I did not get scope to know.

Water has retired, drawn by a tide receding;
Striking mind has been the topic of sea.
A deep yearning has stirred for merging–
With that attraction, forgotten is other and own.

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Friday, November 17, 2023

Only as my own

(2825)  Ke go tumi na bale ele

Oh Who are You that came unheralded?
With Your colors You painted
Your world; You attracted it.

On the earth Your likeness is not met;
Intellect and wealth cannot apprehend.
Within mind the urge to get had been suppressed;
Did You manage to hear that fact at present?

You are in a smile; Your voice, in a flute of reed.
In form and beyond form, I hear just Your story.
Only as my very own do I realize Thee;
Flow of this high tide, is that why You permit?

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Thursday, November 16, 2023

The seasons reel

(2824)  Varasamukhar rate daminiir damakete

On a rain-loud night with lightning flashes,
Slumber rent, mind sails off to some unknown sphere.
Far is veiled in darkness, nearby can't be seen;
Seated in that habitat, through song I've longed for Thee.

Cloud after cloud has kept oozing without finish;
Earth's every color, water-masses, they have covered.
With the rains' arrival, a frog's call has persisted;
Over everyone, in heaven You keep smiling.

Lord, of Your any sport there's no termination;
Through form and color, You bring everybody's evolution.
Breaking sleep of ignorance, You open gates of cognition;
A delight each moment, with what maya You keep dancing?

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Wednesday, November 15, 2023


(2823)  Dure chile kache esecho

Remote had You been, close by have You come;
You have smiled on hope's mirror.
With both hands protracted, You've dragged me along;
Formless One You have floated upon form.

A tree with many flowers, bird in many bowers,
Engrossed in You only, calling they're attentive.
Preserving for everyone psyche's jeweled casket,
With everybody You have gone on making sport.

Those whose eyes are filled by slumber's inertia,
Sure it's just their own mistake, themselves do they trick.
Behind the curtain of their thoughts, staying hid,
Into a pot of poison nectar You have poured.

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Monday, November 13, 2023

Have You abandoned me?

(2822)  Patha ceye achi katakal dhare

The path, for how long am I watching,
On account of You only;
Have You forgotten me?
Vanished have moments aplenty,
Full of hope inwardly;
To whom will I reveal?

That same line of trees, same stars aplenty,
I've forgot when they've gone missing.
Twilight on a sky crimson-glowing,
That mem'ry dies a-weeping.

The shoreline I don't find by constantly thinking;
From whence arrived, whereto I go on drifting?
My hope and despair, and a hundred queries,
They but dance around Thee.

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Sunday, November 12, 2023

A plea for mercy

(2821)  Amar chotta mane prabhu eso

In my tiny mind, Lord, please arrive;
In a tiny mind, Lord, please arrive.
Gigantic are You, I am minute;
Nonetheless, in my home do reside.

Trifling am I, narrow the psyche;
Even so, as my own Yourself I deem.
Having brightened me with Your hue,
In sweet, charming fashion do smile.

I have neither virtue nor might of piety;
Surely no erudition brightly shining.
Only love's lotus is there with me;
As perfume on that alone, please rise.

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Saturday, November 11, 2023

Mohan, my charming Lord

(2820)  Tal tamaliir vaner majhe

In a grove of tal and tamal trees,[1]
Oh Who came, dressed charmingly?
Outdoors and indoors You made replete,
The unseen splendor far and near.

Only You are the kohl of my eyes,
Golden lotus of the lake of mind–
Water of upsurging fountain mine,
Amid a wasteland, dry and salty.

Except You I crave nothing else;
Only You, my world stocked well.
Alone, but to the earth You're wed;
By song and dance You thrill me greatly.

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I believe

(2819)  Ei alojhara phalgunii sandhyay

With this lustrous springtime twilight,
Under moonlight's bathing,
Upon gazing at Your path, by a breeze dyed,
To any mind does not come fatigue.

How many ages have vanished this way is not in memory;
Crying in the dark, many springs have gone missing.
Where You'd been and in what fashion You had beamed,
Just like that, in cadence and song You be.

I know not how many ages in like way will leave,
Or when You will arrive with love's plenty.
By cognition's resonance in mind's private cranny,
With my life the moon of distant sky will meet.

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Friday, November 10, 2023

One final mercy

(2818)  Gan bhese jay surera mayay

A song goes floating on melody's magic;
To which place unknown, who perceives...
Who knows, do say who perceives?
Nighttime moves aside, a ray of light flashes;
With new break of day's arriving.

In luster and darkness, pervading You are;
And You've gone on staying in slumber's inertia...
Afflicted and abed with decayed vitality,
In a desert's thirst finishing.

You've remained aloof from obtaining or not;
Every craving's end, You've been looking on...
Gratis with charity under form's canopy,
Formless One, through meditation You did yield.

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Thursday, November 9, 2023

In my imagination

(2817)  Manasa madhavii kuinje shyam

Krishna, in my myrtle grove of mind,
I long for You constantly.
I go on performing recollection Thine;
My mind is engrossed in Thee.

Heart's Jamuna swells with horripilation;
Flooding the two banks with Your contemplation.
Inwardly I hear, alone in isolation,
As if Who is narrating many a story?

Any other thoughts the mind fails to acknowledge;
It keeps thinking of only Your tales multifarious.
In fancy's Gokul, on a shore forgotten,
Rise hundreds of introspections sensory.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Oh Darling mine

(2816)  Dure thakileo tumi je amar

Even when staying afar, You are mine.
On Your earth have I remained,
But just with You is this, my worldly life.

Upon the bank of a fast-flowing stream,
You're touching snowy mountain-peak.
In tears from eyes and on thought's sea,
More than anyone, You are my guy.

Lord, You're in both minute and second, in jiffy;
Your love-flow in cosmos is thoroughly pervading.
Unawares, all are in attire bestowed by Thee;
You are essence of ambrosia in existential fight.

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Lord, we need help

(2815)  Manavata aj dhulay lutay

Today humanity rolls in the dust;
Remote why have You persevered?
Tenderness by stone is lost;
Have You not looked closely?

The pollen of blossoms has become static;
Sandalwood has evolved into a substance devilish.
In each nook of soul and in the floral garden,
Why have You let poison appear?

Age after age, as much the holy endeavor,
Whatever had been good, propitious thought,
All having let be crushed, moonlight's glow polluted,
Demons to dance– why are You permitting?

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Monday, November 6, 2023

No need for speech

(2814)  Ami anur chaya tomar bhumar maya

I'm a minute reflection, magic of Your great array;
To reside close to You, do I claim capacity?
Nonetheless I cherish; my weeping and my smiling,
They have dwelt all around Thee.

Every blossom that is blown inside daybreak's garden,
That painted twilight makes its mind ardent.
The dewdrop dangles to and fro with sentiment;
In You has mingled everything.

A water-speck am I, You're the moon of firmament;
Your honey floats in my breast.
No word do You speak, You only grin;
Your love has attracted me.

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Sunday, November 5, 2023

The alternative

(2813)  Tomare cahini, dure rakhite

Yourself I wanted not
Far away to keep;
I've desired in mind-deeps,
My cognition saturating.
To fathom I could not,
If I've even heard or not
That message from heart of hearts,
In contemplation of the Sweet.

You please come by degrees
Deep within my thinking,
'Pon a golden ocean beach
With time's bathing ceremony.[1]

If a view You don't permit, there's no injury;
Just in my summoning, let me get You near.
Your name and song may I sing
In wakeful state and in dream.

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Ever a mystery

(2812)  Betasa kuinje esechilo se je

In a grove of bamboo, oh He had appeared;
Due to whom, not a bit I caught on?
Identify, He let not; realize, He let not–
Any words of His own He spoke not.

Gazing at my face, He had only beamed,
Taking from the lower lip a sweetness heavenly.
Sky and wind had overwhelmed me;
And yet to recognize Him I could not.

When He did go away, by His own activity,
It was in floral dress amid a light shining.
Pleased by song, with dance throbbing,
That day's tale, still I forgot it not.

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Saturday, November 4, 2023

A flower in bloom

(2811)  Andhar nishay tumi dhruvatara

Upon gloomy nights You're the polestar;
Through Your virtue Earth is abundant.
You are with everyone, exuding nectar;
In Your name has remained ambrosia.

You inspire on the path of moving forward;
Diverse ways You offer to contend with hindrance.
In Your ideation is mixed both known and unfamiliar;
It brings satisfaction and removes hunger.

At dawn of Fall and eve in Spring,
The world is filled with love and ecstasy.
In zest for life You suffuse glee;
Privately it unites the tears and laughter.

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Thursday, November 2, 2023


(2810)  Acho kusuma suvase maner madhumase

In mind's springtime, You are with floral fragrance;
To Your attributes there is no resemblance.
On restless wind, in forest and in garden,
Sails away Your significance.

Everybody comes and goes, then sinks into an abyss;
Like a bubble makes mind dance for but a moment.
A brief visit isn't Your perpetual experience;
This seeming perception is not balanced.

Everyone keeps forgetting: known mingles with the strange;
Frenzied by samskara[1] they know not where they race.
You, the sole constant companion, go on staying day and night,
Encouraging with songs for treading the path.

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Just You and I

(2809)  Ei kusumita kimshuka kuinje

At this same palash grove in blossom,
The two of us, You and I, we had been in seclusion.
Wed to blooms ever swaying, fire had risen up,
With echoes of Your sublime sensation.

Heaven's ambrosia, a load had descended of its own accord;
Majestic, the Kaostubha necklace had been splendrous.
Vigor was overflowing from the Existential Source;
My life's Deity, furtively He had come.

The last word of consciousness is staying mixed with Thee;
Taking Your ideation, smeared by sweetness of You only–
Having forgot everything, summoning the One Only,
Holding that exclusively in memory and thought.

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Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Was I better off asleep?

(2808)  Amar e priiti shukaibe jadi

If this my love will dry up,
On mental firmament why had You appeared?
Within psyche's mirror, on a sea of sensibility,
Why had You laughed, ever watching?

Unto me You had said You will come anew;
Oft You will fill with fruits and blooms.
But in birds' chirping at a garden solitary,
Why had You infused songs aplenty?

When there'd been no awareness I've been asleep;
By that day's contemplating, what will be?
You gave consciousness and awakened yearning;
But thereafter, why did You recede?

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