Saturday, September 30, 2023

Treat me kindly

(2776)  Jhainjha jadi ase, alo jena na neve

If a rainstorm should happen,
So that light might not be quenched,
To ever go singing on Your path, Lord,
May weariness not descend.

A tray I've kept filling with such blossoms–
By their sweet scent, ardent they make everyone.
What if they, having gotten parched by sunshine,
Will they start falling, dessicated?

With all sincerity, on strings of the veena,
Melodies am I rehearsing for ages and ages.
By the touch of a hand rough and heartless,
In distress will they be rent?

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Friday, September 29, 2023

By just love

(2775)  Urmimalay sagara belay

With rows of waves on ocean's beach,
The earth You had touched.
With silver stripes on wreath of psyches,
Floral decoration You'd worn.

You fulfilled the hope of three regions;[1]
Honey did You let be poured on the sea of love.
In a nest of consciousness, at depths of ideation,
You had come into fold, hey the Charming One.

With a flow of compassion You removed grief;
You bestowed liberation through dust of feet.
By splendor of light-beams with unending speed,
Both cadence and sweetness You had brought.

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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Don't turn Your eyes away from me

(2774)  Dure jeo na arale saro na

Don't go far, don't withdraw behind a curtain;
Kindly smile in mind's grove of madhavi.
Don't turn Your face away, don't stay upset;
On life please coat a gladdening honey.

To the mortal realm You have brought heaven's nectar;
My mental casket You have filled with ideation.
You have loved, and nearby You have drawn;
Auspicious day or not, remain with me.

Under the moonlight and inside darkness dense,
Always keep me with You ever, oh my Beloved.
Humbly this I make, I make this request:
Don't forget, though frail I be, I am Yours only.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

A new day on the rise

(2773)  Dak diye diye balechile

You had told, ever calling:
"Wakened, rise all you asleep."
Mixed inside both sky and air went
This same call, like shade of wasteland-tree.

A desert's heat on sands of early morning
And in woods with grass, fresh and green...
But in a floral garb at core of psyche,
Hair-braids tied and made to swing.

Upon horizon the call went a-gliding
Behind Eastern Mountain[1], a crimson dawn rising...
To the evening sun's glow ruddy
With ambrosia of love's stream.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

An absolute necessity

(2772)  Je chande mete uthecho tumi

To the rhythm by which You have risen frenzied,
The world goes on dancing to it.
Seven regions You have pleased
Through subtlety effusive.

The earth is painted in Your colors;
Everyone is throbbing with Your implication.
Resonant with just Your reverberation,
In that ideation all become senseless.

Beyond speech and path, mind You transcend,
Compliant with both form and formless.
Through Your song of love, always eloquent,
Identifying You became imperative.

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Monday, September 25, 2023

Embrace the journey

(2771)  Tomar pathe prabhu

Master, on Your path,
An exploration of effulgence,
For my entire thirst,
It manages a finish.

Upon night extremely gloomy, it supplies the target;
On wagon of a sunny dawn, it recites tales various.
It tells "Simply you go on– there's no block, no prohibition;
Only move along, having sung the path of movement's song.

"Of path there is no starting place, it also has no ending;
On path alone, your residence– the path is your country.
Behold, in movement's rhythm neither pain nor misery;
Everything that you've attained is the path's achievement."

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Sunday, September 24, 2023

His web of love

(2770)  Balechilo ese gan shonabe se

He had told, coming He will sing a song;
In hope of Him alone I count the moments.
Day departs, close by the night draws;
I don't hear the sound of His footsteps.

A young sprout went and became a huge tree;
A crowd came through flowers and leaves.
In vain decorated I'd kept a dwelling;
I weep like a cobra absent gem.[1]

In light and darkness, crest and trough,
At His name still I rise, in dance absorbed.
A mind given by Him and a life that's His only,
Taking them I weave just His love-mesh.

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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Even when I'm missing Thee

(2769)  Tomari patha ceye tomari bhavana niye

Thinking of You only, watching just Your pathway,
I have been waiting, Dear, in hopeful yearning.
You alone are my delight, a love-filled song;
Catching just Your flow, my psyche goes racing.

Neath the light of day and in ebon of Your night,
Ever-new perception in tune and jingling do I find.
Amid blooms in varied hues on a swollen river's bank,
A psychic garland sways with feeling honey-smeared.

I have come to this world, Lord, time and again;
Of millions of me-like atoms You are the aggregate.
On my mental firmament, Your compassion sails;
With dance-significance, cadence and sweetness appear.

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Friday, September 22, 2023

The catch

(2768)  Jeneshunei bhul karecho

Purposely You have blundered;
My home You've departed.
In this cavern, become dark,
My lamp You've ignited.

Day and night I had called–
So much jasmine, dropped at dawn.
A heart set aflutter by windstorm,
Oh have You forgotten?
On eyelids damp today is alertness;
You have smiled with effulgence.

I'd been knowing You remain distant;
Just staying afar, to proximity You summon.
Only from remote, You coat with love's pollen;
imperceptibly You gambol.
But today, my mistake and my serenity,
Their removal You have granted.

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Thursday, September 21, 2023


(2767)  Tumi jakhan ele, amar kutire

When You arrived
At humble hut of mine,
Oh I, with lamps and incense,
I decorated not thereby.

Sun, having set it has left;
Lost, a colored portrait has gotten.
My all has mingled with the darkness,
On a watch[1] extremely tired.

You came with a surreal effulgence;
Whelming mind, both cadence and anthem.
You emanated love golden
At heart-core, deep inside.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Sage advice

(2766)  Asbe bale giyechile

Telling You will come, left You had;
You did not arrive.
Wiping eyes, You had said:
"No, do not cry!

"The setting sun leaves at dusk;
Again it comes in dress of dawn.
Having gotten lost, the evening star,
Star of morn, did you not see, it becomes.

"Akin to that I come and go,
Like seven colors of a rainbow.
I am leaving, saying I will come again;
For a short wait, please abide."

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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

A farewell to the Author Of Benevolence

(2765)  Jabe jadi jeo cale

If go You will, then depart please;
But don't leave and forget me.
On spreading multi-colored wings,
Unto some mount they'll fly soaring.

By rays of a dappled day's hope-light
And by the jet-ebon of gloomy night,
Both good and bad exuding life,
Stirred is an unremitting speed.

At home You dwell, outside You dwell;
What's not either, also that You've kept held.
Arrive what will, that You have checked,
The flame of wisdom's lamp igniting.

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Monday, September 18, 2023

When contemplating You

(2764)  Megh sareche cand utheche

Clouds have withdrawn, the moon has arisen;
Mind has been enthused by Your meditation.
Songs of misery and mirth's memory,
Today on the same seat have they perched.

The earth floats on a stream of moonlight;
Tethers lost, effusive is the mind.
The emptiness, with fondness fully occupied,
My gloom is concluded.

You are in the midst of everybody;
You are the ocean, firmament kissing,
Having filled to brim the seven spheres,[1]
From somewhere hard to reach, in secret.

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Sunday, September 17, 2023

I have nothing to say

(2763)  Maner majhe lukiye acho, maner katha sabi jano

Within the mind You are concealed;
Secret thoughts, them all You perceive.
To talk a bit never comes to pass;
Even before speaking, You already hear.

Of days and nights, those I've collected,
All the flower-colors' love-threads,
Tears from every eye throughout existence,
And also a tiny song, held do You keep.

In Your presence I want naught;
In Your knowledge is my all.
What You wish, do only that;
Still closer please pull me.

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Saturday, September 16, 2023

I won't be blue

(2762)  Tandra jarano chilo ankhipate

Tangled with eyelids a drowsiness had been there;
In it brimming were the drops of tear.
I'd been crying, calling all the day through;
At the path of Your arrival I had been gazing.

Day retired, came the evening star;
Rosy complexion got lost in the dark.
Withered went my floral garland,
Upon which love's pollen had been smeared.

In a lifetime, hope after hope appears;
Yet ever they remain hushed in speech.
Lord, I won't get dejected, never forgetting You;
Attuned with thought, rhythm and song I'll keep.

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Friday, September 15, 2023

No need to speak...

(2761)  Ekla chilum base sei sandhyay

On that same evening, alone had I been seated;
Without saying anything You entered.
It was cloudy, blueness did not get observed;
Meanwhile on that firmament the moon beamed.

The Rangoon creeper, unto me she'd proclaimed,
A lost heart's search had she made...
By gaining You, become sated had they,
Her hope and affection, instantly.

The river's babbling notes tell a story;
She had danced along, Your sweetness taking.
Ballads to Your love, a history of You only,
In many songs had floated with cadence and beat.

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Thursday, September 14, 2023

You had arrived

(2760)  Tumi esechile, phula vane kanta sariye diye

You had arrived.
Thorns in a floral garden, setting aside,
Amid the petals You had smiled.

A drop of dew sways to and fro;
Obeisance at Your feet, Lord, it made known.
A green blade of grass, tender and mild,
You'd sat upon it, carpet-like.

With Your smile the earth got filled;
Sensate and witless gained new spirit.
Sweetness came into a heart defeated;
Hey Formless One, beauty You supplied.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Are You manifest?

(2759)  Kusuma parage rage anurage

In the floral pollen, with love and devotion,
Lord, You're mingled with each atom.
On a restless wind, in a playful vision,
Do You float along sensory perception?

A heavenly floral wreath unto Earth You brought;
Ardently everybody You adorned.
Hearts You filled with cadence and song;
Watching with a steadfast gaze, on You've gone.

Fondness ungrudgingly You did pour,
Judging not if scholarly or uninformed.
For the sake of bringing smile to the lips of everyone,
In this world You infused beauty and flavor.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Admitting I lost

(2758)  Nrtyer tale tale esechile

With many a dance beat You had come
Unto my paltry hut,
Late upon that night rain-washed.
There'd been no oil or matchstick;
A lantern did not blaze to raze the dark.

In secret had it been, Your going and coming,
With divine game to inflate my sobbing and laughing...
Granting a mute soul leave to speak
In hurricane and hailstorm.

Advent in stealth and exit surreptitiously,
Acquisition of a flash of light momentary...
Afterward I'm singing songs, based on memory,
To forget an adverse thought.

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Monday, September 11, 2023

Time for a trade

(2757)  Raunin parii elo jiivane

In life a lively fairy did appear;
In the world love He poured lavishly;
Others are not strangers, not strangers.

Lowly or great, He sat on the same seat;
Fascinated He made every psyche.
The smiling fairy whispers, He whispers.

Upon darkness color He kept pouring;
He declared: "I see everybody...
Always I am with you, constantly;
Treat as fact: Humanity's victory will happen.

"I don't regard the atom as insignificant;
I know that Cosmic Entity is by atomic aggregate.
Eliminating all filth and fatigue of olden past,
With Supreme, make a heart-barter."

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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Outside and in

(2756)  Cayan kariya puspe puspe

Gathering flowers,
You have built this ring of honey;
You have brought a sweetness in the psyche.
Weaving with gossamer,
You have knit love's clothing.

On attracting, You've brought near those remote;
Never did You stay forgetting even the ones close.
By Your sweet touch, by Your sweet mirth,
With sweetness You have beamed.

With tender and severe both, You are glutted;
Gentleness of You, at interior it is.
Having given hardness to the bud of lotus,
Ever have You kept enveloping.

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Saturday, September 9, 2023

Such a tease

(2755)  Vishva vyapiya raye gecho prabhu

You've gone on pervading the world, Lord;
Searching, I don't find, please say why,
Do say why.
Though You're filling both the atom and cosmos;
It seems as if You're far aside.

On Your mental firmament, I'm an atom trifling,
Like a bubble on the ocean, I concede.
Having come from You, in You am I installed;
Know that finally to You I'll go and unite.

In light and darkness, at sunset and at dawn;
Looking to the front, on Your path I walk.
Absent You, there is not a place for me;
This I heed, and You agree.

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Friday, September 8, 2023

Life of our lives

(2754)  Tumi esecho esecho

You have come, You have arrived,
Anklets on feet in a dance rhythm.
Watching, You have laughed, You have smiled,
Making bright, exuding pearls.

Sky with music saturating,
Moonlit night, effusive Who is making?
In mouth pouring speech, in breast hope and mercy,
You've remained sheltering this universe.

On waves You come dancing, three worlds[1] inundating,
From no start to no finish without breaking.
Your love's contribution, Your amazing feat,
Abundantly to everyone it is dispersed.

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Thursday, September 7, 2023

You are preeminent

(2753)  Tumi kii alo chariye dile

What light did You scatter
In this my mental garden?
Blooms were blown with ardent scent,
Danced to and fro with sweetness.

On heady wind, wings wide-opened,
Fairies fly to music-beat and rhythm.
A colored world and painted mind,
Having gained You in secret.

Please don't go, remain here;
Staying abandoned psyche does not fancy.
Forgotten is all craving and obtaining;
With You in meditation I have been excited.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Next time may I bid You welcome

(2752)  Na bale ele na bale gele

Not telling, You arrived; not telling, went away.
You'd been in what artifice of game, I can't fathom.
Kindly come with intimation, welcome I did not proclaim;
Master, I failed to keep open psyche's door.

You hammered on a fastened gate;
Instantly, a deathlike sleep You did break.
"Awake, the night has gone!", You declared;
Though recognizing, You I knew not upon that occasion.

Ever You keep summoning everybody;
Some get to hear that, some do not succeed.
Through Your compassion, the darkness disappears;
Even in a dream this I never thought.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2023

You come in many forms...

(2751)  Damka haoyay man bhese jay

On a gusty wind, mind goes afloat.
Who knows to what unknown sphere?
Upon a sandy coast, seated alone,
The time goes by, star-counting.

What I've craved, that I've gained, a tiny bit;
Things I did not wish, at heels they've nipped.
To the Rangoon creepers at the mansion of my psyche,
By whose pull comes a-racing the carpenter bee.

Oh Callous One, don't You understand my tongue?
Round and round You is all of my expectation.
My crying and laughing, my holding dear,
No barrier's obstruction do they heed.

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Monday, September 4, 2023

Special delivery

(2750)  Kon se atiite, esechile esechile tumi

At which time of yore most hoary,
Had You come, had You arrived,
World entire making replete,
In light and air, with disposition loving,
Innumerable forms embracing.

In both light and shade, rhythmically You've danced;
With duel betwixt weal and woe, You have driven mad.
The solution of villainy decreed
You did show by sin's defeat.

Demonic force with its mighty prowess fierce,
When to evil it would give supremacy,
Incinerating that with a flash of lightning,
You rescue humanity.

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Sunday, September 3, 2023


(2749)  Ghor tamasay esechile

In darkness dense You had arrived;
The world You filled with light.
Looking toward the humankind,
Life's lamp You did ignite.

Having brought tune on a rhythmic tide,
And mute thoughts having verbalized,
A dance vivacious, life's blue lotus,
You made bloom on dusty earth, having smiled.

You have come, being kind,
Having painted the mind-sky;
Tiny and great, microscopic and enormous,
Dancing on a gentle breeze, they did arise.

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Saturday, September 2, 2023

I see You sometimes

(2748)  Shubhra jyotsnate ke go tumi

In bright moonlight, Who are You;
Today You came, mind to entice,
On this same night.
By snags and torments unsubdued,
Cupid's carriage You have plied.

You are self-born consciousness on endless line of flight,
The crests and troughs, with a scowl making light.
Like a heart's vital pulse in sweet bower of mind,
You have moved on, clandestine.

Hey Lord, of Your topic there's no end:
An epoch-making history that is unwritten.
Yet I go on singing Your ballad with lyrics and rhythm;
Only by Your kindness it's possible to realize.

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Friday, September 1, 2023

It makes no sense

(2747)  Tumi jadi nahi ele, asibe kena balechile

When You did not come,
Why You'd said that it will happen?
When You did not take the garland,
Why had You made flowers blossom?

In the scorching heat of summer
Wafts the wine of sandalwood.
When proximate You did not sit,
Watching, why then had You grinned?

I call to You by day, at night I weep;
On You alone I muse endlessly.
Remote, when You went on staying,
Why then had You cherished?

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