Tuesday, September 19, 2023

A farewell to the Author Of Benevolence

(2765)  Jabe jadi jeo cale

If go You will, then depart please;
But don't leave and forget me.
On spreading multi-colored wings,
Unto some mount they'll fly soaring.

By rays of a dappled day's hope-light
And by the jet-ebon of gloomy night,
Both good and bad exuding life,
Stirred is an unremitting speed.

At home You dwell, outside You dwell;
What's not either, also that You've kept held.
Arrive what will, that You have checked,
The flame of wisdom's lamp igniting.

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  1. If to leave, Lord, You are bent, my gratitude please accept. I know that I will be well-kept, and hence I must be content.