Tuesday, September 5, 2023

You come in many forms...

(2751)  Damka haoyay man bhese jay

On a gusty wind, mind goes afloat.
Who knows to what unknown sphere?
Upon a sandy coast, seated alone,
The time goes by, star-counting.

What I've craved, that I've gained, a tiny bit;
Things I did not wish, at heels they've nipped.
To the Rangoon creepers at the mansion of my psyche,
By whose pull comes a-racing the carpenter bee.

Oh Callous One, don't You understand my tongue?
Round and round You is all of my expectation.
My crying and laughing, my holding dear,
No barrier's obstruction do they heed.

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  1. To my regret, it's rarely the coveted one. And yet for You ever do I long.