Wednesday, August 31, 2022


(2379)  Mor ksudra gharer aunginay

In the compound of my tiny dwelling;
You'd arrived, oh the Fount of Kindness.
Never that could I imagine,
Empathetic without end.

With so many summer rains, I have gone on calling;
On so many autumn evenings, I have gone on weeping.
I have swung in the cradle of faith-to-despondency,
Should You take notice, showing grace for a moment.

This is inconceivable, it is unequaled;
This copious exudation is a love immeasurable.
Having turned up on Your own inside of an atom,
You entered my fold, oh the Great Ocean.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Oh the Jewel of My Eye

(2378)  Eso kache aro kache

Please come near and still more near
With a smile pearl-dripping...
Decked in flowers amid psyche,
Pouring out the nectar of amity.

Everyone wants only You,
Painting mind with Your hue...
With Your affection smooth
To fill with song and music beat.

This is not just my opinion;
It's the votary's inmost anthem...
Mental annals for a human,
Singing hope's song of attaining.

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Sunday, August 28, 2022

Krsna, both close and remote

(2377)  Tumi kache theke kata dur

From nearby how distant You dwell...
I know You see me inside soul,
So why then do You make distressed.

To find You I have gone to many lands;
I've wandered many jungles and mountains.
At many a sacred site, I've taken bath;
But I saw not the harem.[1]

With me, this Your divine sport,
It is an age-old game filled with love,
Sometimes You come close, sometimes You go far,
Ringing smiling ankle-bells.

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Saturday, August 27, 2022

Maybe sad but surely sweet

(2376)  Ketakii jaga varasay

A screwpine roused by rainfall,
With each pollen-spore its fragrance goes sailing off.

Frogs are croaking in the nut-tree forest;
Lightning grins on frenzied wind.
Amid the mind at northeast[1] corner,
A cloud dances, at Whose expectation?

Juhi dust gets drenched by water;
For Whom does the tuberose yearn?
In woodland and in garden, lonesome and secluded,
Who there seems to sing a song?

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Friday, August 26, 2022


(2375)  Tumi acho tai achi

You are here, and thus am I;
You alone are the jewel of my eye,
The lamp of life, I realize...
And so I be, for You abide.

Unknown at which long-bygone era,
I had floated in upon Your current.
With only its tune, its beat, its hymn,
Yourself have I prized.

Please don't retain me at a distance;
It's my fervid prayer time and again.
Inside heart-core with charming raiment,
Having thought on You, I caper in delight.

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Thursday, August 25, 2022

On You I rely

(2374)  Aloker pathe calite calite

Upon light's path ever to forge ahead,
At any time if come a mist,
Then by Your kindness let it be dispelled;
Endlessly with me persist.

That flower I will offer You with reverence,
So I may guard it free from insect,
Bud's nectar only will endure
From start up to the finish.

By Your light Yourself I'll see;
Musing on Thee Yourself I'll please.
Yes I am Yours, and also You are mine;
But drop am I, You are the ocean.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

To merge in Thee

(2373)  Tomare ceyechi alo chayay

I've yearned for You in both light and shadow
On shore of dawn, at sea of dusk...
In Earth's import, with grief untold
In dormant love and depth of thought.

Hey my Dear, the patron eternal,
Nectar churned, You are the great ocean...
You've endured, so all are existent
Nominally, in Your many rhythms.

Come still closer, mix amid the soul;
Eradicate the last trace of my ego...
On the road of life-flow, with crest and trough
Mindstream craves Your essence of ambrosia.

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For the love of God

(2372)  Bhevechilum tumi asbe nako

I had thought that You won't come,
To tales of the wretched You don't listen...
Those who by formal rites are adorned,
Just their plight You do not forget.

My blunder is crumbling, Yourself I've fathomed;
You acquiesce only unto love...
Not ritual worship nor offerings to idols,
Purity of mind is in Your veneration.

Social distinctions I don't accept,
And You don't want the peddling of each fraudulence...
Having shown a ray of hope, You are not dishonest;
So in You is holy endeavor made perfect.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

I am sorry

(2371)  Path cine esechilo ajana pathik

Knowing the path, the Unknown Traveler had come;
At my gate He had stood, waiting momentarily.
Him I failed to recognize, invited not once;
He went away, gently smiling.

Too late had I been disillusioned;
Opening the gate, I had raced out-of-doors.
Near and far in vain for Him I've sought;
But His garland was dropped, He wasn't there.

In life transpire many blunders;
But atonement for mistakes also happens!
Presently, I call to Him with heartfelt passion;
Could it be that invitation did not go unto His ear?

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Monday, August 22, 2022

Your objects of enjoyment

(2370)  Divya loke eso manoviharii

Heartbreaker, reach You to realm heavenly,
All the gloomy dark dispelling.
Infuse every atom with the sweetness of amity,
Whole narrowness exhausting.

Throughout ages, Earth in Your direction
Ever gazing, goes on calling with a soul song.
Oh hasten to an anxious world;
Do mold a new humanity.

Let light be brought into everyone's heart,
And make effusive with new implication.
Permeate the mind of all with bliss immense
To get You near, Mood's Wellspring.

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Sunday, August 21, 2022

You fill my world

(2369)  Aloke udbhasita tumi

You are made manifest by Your splendor,
An ocean of light immense,
Immense, immense.
You are the sweetness of heart's core,
Enchantment's love, nectar's essence.

You are the moonlit night's effluence,
Madhumálaiṋca's[1] floral fragrance.
You tear off fetters of fright and shyness,
Everyone's, by radiant belled anklets.

You have stayed pervading the whole cosmos;
Constantly within Your body caper the atoms.
All desire-and-acquire, any entry-and-takeoff,
You are everybody's entireness.

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Saturday, August 20, 2022

With Your blessing, Lord

(2368)  Tomar raune raun mishiye

My hue blended with Yours,
To go forward, that I would.
In Your beat my beat I'd merge,
Though mismatched at every juncture.

With firm hand holding Your flag,
On my own I would forge in advance,
Bearing Your blessing on my head,
Infusing strength in my breast.

Never at any time had I been solitary;
There's no fear, as You accompany.
Your deeds I will keep performing,
Your songs I will go on singing,
Waxing bright in Your light benevolent.

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Friday, August 19, 2022


(2367)  Ami cai ni tomare kache kona din

On any day I did not want You near;
Graciously You have come.
I did not discern You, to matter I'd been clinging;
You have shattered blind infatuation.

I had been occupied with only my own self,
Seeking elements of pleasure in sensory objects.
Rotating vision, eyes having opened,
Inside my arid heart, You have instilled love.

My ego was an immense weight;
It's moved along a crooked road, went not straight.
But You, having shown the way and set on the path,
You have made me human.

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Alone no more

(2366)  Uttal moha jaladhi ghire

Infatuation's billowy ocean, besieged,
Master, it had held me for so many days.
There was none to label mine;
My veena has kept singing just my own tale.

 In my vicinity You arrived on silent feet;
Psychic buds You made bloom in hues aplenty.
With rhythm and lyrics in sonance enchanting,
Hey Stranger, my intimate You became.

By logic and reason never can You be caught;
You get apprehended exclusively through love.
Like hope's creeper You are dangling in every heart;
Latent in You alone is that hope with smiling face.

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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Show Yourself

(2365)  Tomare ceye tomari kache

Having wanted You, only Your presence,
To an unknown place my days are sailing.
Golden are those days but can't be saved
In golden cage of my psyche.

Yourself I adore, so You alone I appraise;
In thought of You I survive night and day.
Contemplating You, experience of Yourself,
My mind longs to gain peace within Thee.

Behind matter have elapsed ages aplenty,
And many days of this brief life are passing.
Master, no more delay, there's not much time;
Please display Your kind mercy.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

I don't want to hold You here

(2364)  Nandanavane ese cale gele

At a pleasure grove You arrived and then left,
Whereto, please say where.
Graciously, embrace You'd granted;
Gone away, day passes in tears.

Had You not granted embrace, it's a kindness;
Who has power that will make You held?
Those abrim with egotism fall down bent and broken;
They don't find peace in the least.

Dearest, You are equanimity's foundation;
You keep purging all the gloom of infatuation.
Mid thunderclaps, in hurricane and tempest,
Coruscates Your light-beam.

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A mystery

(2363)  Na janiye esechile

Unannounced You'd appeared;
You departed without warning.
Your love, the song immortal,
Around Earth, You did fling.

World You've formed out of love;
Unique is the affection.
Amity's boundless ocean,
You keep playing hide-and-seek.

With song You filled psyche;
You drove wild with tunes aplenty.
The three realms[1] You set swaying,
Making fall ambrosia heavenly.

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Monday, August 15, 2022

You are my only sunshine

(2362)  Tomar asar tithi bhule gechi

I have forgotten the date of Your coming;
I forgot You not, my Darling.
Flowers of Your garland have dropped off;
Unshed was the sweetness of the wreath.

With You that nectar You had brought,
You'd poured it out amid heart-core.
With just its bliss in every pore,
The dance of existence did not cease.

In this same birth You arrive and depart;
You shower honey on the light and the dark.
Giving the mind sway, You laugh and mark;
In past I did not grasp this history.

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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Adorn my love

(2361)  Ankhir taray theko tumi priya

In eye's pupil, You please stay, Love,
Near to me night and day;
May there be no fear of Your loss
Amid the storm or hurricane.

In sorrow and grief, in mourning's utter pain,
Under a wasteland-heat, red with rage,
Relief I do not crave, listening in case
Your ankle-bells play.

I have affection, I want nothing, Love;
Please let there be sweetness at heart's core.
With that sweetness may be granted an embrace,
Fondness charmingly arrayed.

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Saturday, August 13, 2022

His bliss is contagious

(2360)  Jiivan asave chanda tumi

In the wine of existence, You are rhythm,
Sweet and gentle touch of love.
In flower-buds, You're aroma,
Hymn sent upward without reservation.

All want to get close to Thee,
To go with You, in Your company.
Thinking of You, in thought of You only,
Does anyone not get satisfaction!

You are waiting at the root of everybody,
On a riverbank with affection heavenly.
On nights of new moon gloom or of moonlit gleam,
Overflowing exudes Your elation.

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Friday, August 12, 2022

My hopes and dreams...

(2359)  Paye dhare paye dhare vinati kari

Catching feet, catching feet, I entreat:
Please don't go, You, please don't go.
Many a day I'd been waiting for Your coming,
Please don't tear my bud of hope.

The tree that had been watered,
Had risen full of fruit, buds, and flowers.
Muse on it, think about its emotions;
Fruitless don't let it devolve.

From crimson dawn to blushing dusk,
Each moment's passed in just Your thought.
Don't dash those hopes of mine with dejection;
Make them fruitful by holy effort.

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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Next life I will do better

(2358)  Puspe puspe tomari madhurii

In every bloom is just Your sweetness;
Nectar oozes from each pollen spore.
Upon mind's mirror You I did not search for,
Who binds all with the string of love.

Filled with honey, You are vastly pleasing;
On the earth You have poured affection's heap.
Remaining inattentive at my crude, remote region,
Yourself to my home I failed to summon.

Even when I forgot, You did not forget;
Behind the screen of eyes, me You did not neglect.
Absorbed in my thoughts, seated in seclusion,
On that alone I now brood, revisiting oft.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Courage of my existence

(2357)  Phul bale deke se priiti pratiike

Loudly a bloom proclaims: "By that Symbol of Love
Breast filled I'll let be kept!
A thunderbolt's frown or insects by the thousands,
From any event I won't tremble in dread.

Day comes and goes in only His reverie;
Night thickens with only His beauty.
Having forgotten Him, lost the rhythm,
To survive I'll not be able.

My life, it revolves around just Him,
With only His memory at each instant.
In that sweetness, on that speck of sheen,
I will go on floating every moment.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Of Thee I sing

(2356)  Tomar tare jiivan bhare, geye gechi jata gan

Because of You life is filled;
Whatever song I've gone on singing,
Heart-core's anguish is my story,
Keepsake of existence needy.

I know not, the time to listen,
If You have or don't have it.
And yet blown is a bud of hope;
Like dew a pearl is dangling.

This prayer, my tale, please do hear,
Anxiety in lyric speech;
Of You and me, of You and me,
Ours is unbreakable unity–
Love's pull, awakened let it be.

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Monday, August 8, 2022

Please come close

(2355)  Ogo priya balte paro

Darling Dear, oh can You speak:
What's the reason You stay hiding?
The world's light is in Your beauty;
Why then fog do You smear?

Those who ask for You in meditation,
To tell privately a narration,
Their tale taken in consideration,
Why don't You appear?

Everyone's Beloved, everyone's very own,
Novel for eternity, that is You alone.
Of You not a thing is old;
With new fondness do call please.

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Sunday, August 7, 2022

He is unique

(2354)  Kusuma kanane madhura svanane

In a flower-garden, with pleasing reverberation,
Fragrance You have furnished fully.
You've dispensed heart's distillate of nectar immense,
Swimming cross an ocean of sudden jeopardy.

Lavishly, all You gave with hand smeared by affection;
For Yourself in exchange, You asked no string of offerings.
You've remained kissing the sky, above everything,
Upon knees I bow before Thee.

Within eyes a boundless smile, on lower lip a magic reed,
As if to say: "I love everybody wholeheartedly",
You consume the mass of darkness in all souls abiding.
One's own like You is no one else;
Everybody dances around Thee.

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Saturday, August 6, 2022

One without a second

(2353)  Bhuvane bholale manke raunale

The world You enticed, mind You made bright;
Unparalleled, Peerless One.
Everyone wants to receive You in their heart;
Sweetest One, You are the Sweetest One.

With moon and star, with nebula of faraway location,
And with the person close at hand mid ocular fog,
You are with everyone, You dance in rhythm and beat,
Dearest, Dearest, Dearest One.

Your light flashes in a mental room studded with gems,
Mid thunderbolts with aerolites, tempests with strong winds.
You smile in floral pollen, everybody holds You dear;
You are my Deity, my Intimate Lord,
Nearest, Nearest One.

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Friday, August 5, 2022

My Lover is unique

(2352)  Maner gahane saroruha vane

In mental depths at lotus bower,
That same bee,[1] he had arrived.
Humming as if he poured affection,
Surging was the pond of mind.

Classing this bee does not succeed...
From whence he came, to where he leaves,
Having instilled devotion through rhythm and melody,
With many colors bright.

Finding a likeness to the bee does not succeed...
He wakens inclination with unspoken speech.
Song gets sung in a throat unaccompanied,
Those notes transcending time.

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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Getting past the disguise

(2351)  Kajal kalo ankhir pare

Black kohl on eyes,
Whose portrait floated in?
Any rays of light from the horizon,
In that portrait only they got mixed.

Filling that portrait is a smile;
And so that portrait I do like...
On it alone I muse day and night;
My psyche it did rivet.

Remaining hid is His disposition;
To get His depth by intellect is burdensome.
But He becomes one's own through love;
Unwavering is that form cosmic.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Hunger no more

(2350)  Prabhu tomar namer bharasa niye

Master, taking Your name's trust,
I'll navigate the unplumbed sea.
Obstructive pebbles having crushed,
Your song I'll go on singing.

Head held high and facing forward–
With a hand bearing Your standard,
Worn on brow triumph's tilak,
I'll create a new humanity.

I won't remain with undecided mind–
Everybody's appetite must be satisfied,
In every life ambrosia multiplied;
Right of survival I'll concede.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

His mysterious grace

(2349)  Tumi ele alo jharale

You came and shed effulgence
At this, my floral garden.
Color having scattered, love having wakened,
Who knows where You went.

Understanding style of affection, it is hard;
Shines sometimes from close-by, sometimes from afar.
On occasion a drop, on occasion an ocean,
Every moment You don a dress.

I've achieved, even by force saying so cannot be;
Lost am I, lost am I, in mind always fear.
Thine is the victory, from stellar space I hear–
Floating on the wind it descends.

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Monday, August 1, 2022

Never boring

(2348)  Andhar hrday alo kare

Into my dark heart, illuminating,
Oh Who came, Who appeared?
With trance of ideation, to an unknown city
Myself You carried, lavishing melody.

Supernal is Your movement in rhythm;
All Creation is imbued with Your hymn.
Your radiant splendor is imperishable;
In its cradle the world is made to swing.

For Your affection, I have no comparison,
Always novel and a great agitation.
It fulfills sacred endeavor
With a liveliness billowy.

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