Friday, June 30, 2023

You light up my life

(2688)  Tumi esecho madhu hesecho

You have come and sweetly smiled;
Mind and heart You've made them bright.
Songs You've sung, You've been so kind;
With many tunes a row of lights You ignite.

Having been within psyche, latent You are there;
Night and day the dancing forest-peacock seeks.
From behind a mental screen, coated with woodland-beauty,
You dispense fragrance on the garden of mind.

Since untold eons You're the ocean of compassion;
On a string of waves You float in from someplace distant.
Always You are near, of liila there's no ending;
What You do, that alone feels right.

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Thursday, June 29, 2023

The story You create...

(2687)  Koti koti pranam nao mor

Please accept my billion prostrations,
Oh the Cosmic Director.
Nebulae sway neath Your feet;
What to speak of sun and stars.

A heap of moonlight floating in the vast sky,
Upon the mental mirror it confers a smile.
At dark fortnight that same moonlight,
Where do You hide it, emanating liila?

Smeared on the bloom I see both pollen and nectar;
Within psyche they portray a sweet obsession.
Through sunshine's fire, also they wither away;
Strangely surprising is Your chronicle.

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Always shine before my eyes

(2686)  Hariye giyechi ami

I have lost the way;
I've lost the way sometime long past
Master, having come, the path please manifest.
Considering intellect, I am insignificant;
Graciously, consciousness awaken.

When and whence I'm coming here;
Along a forest track I'm going where?
Even start I know not, also end I do not see;
Hey Traveler, please furnish me Your target.

From break of day about me You are cognizant;
I have gone on sailing upon only Your current.
Yours alone am I, although I be trivial;
Why are You ignoring this fact?

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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Your refrain

(2685)  Gan geye geye esechile tumi

Ever singing You had come;
You did not accept the path's any hitch.
Inertia You've demolished, You have climbed on high;
The song with practiced tune did not quit.

That melody You have strewn o'er the universe;
Throat's speech You gave to person after person.
Distinction twixt foreign and own You made us forget;
A garland strung with love You disseminated.

Master, the people tell: You appear, You depart;
Your coming-and-going, never does it pause.
Like this, You arrived and also went;
Hence the crying and frenzy in happiness.

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Music's contemplation

(2684)  Gane bhara ei vasudhay

On this same earth with songs replete,
Unto which unknown place the mind goes sailing?
It does not want to admit blocking walls,
Heeds not any static creed.

Blaring out go on the horns of Providence distant;
With resounding elegance everyone is equal.
Taking everyone along, looking at the side of all,
Everybody's language floats on fancy.

What had been and what departed;
All that stuff it's good just to forget.
What I'll do today, what I will ponder,
Cordially receiving songs that report sings.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

It's just the two of us

(2683)  Madhup aji kii katha kay

The Honeybee, in mind right now He speaks what words,
At a lonely place having arrived in my flower-grove,
As though in ears what would He make heard?

For His sake into the bloom honey I'm infusing;
For Him alone a song with tune I am practicing.
On His path holy rice paintings am I tracing,
But the Ruthless One, He looks not in that direction.

After showing up privately in my mind,
Says He: "Became the morn did your dark night.[1]
No more incessant your eyes, should they cry;
For You obtained My introduction."

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Monday, June 26, 2023

My only proviso

(2682)  He anirvan, kena aso nako

Hey the Undoused One,
Appear to me, why You don't?
For You I yearn wholeheartedly;
How do You stay remote?

Day and night musing on Thee,
From eyes runs an incessant stream.
At morning sweet and night aggrieved,
Behind black fog, why You withhold?

From me there is no admonition;
What You wish, go and perform.
Declaring homage I tell oft:
Keep me near, keep me close.

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From Him nothing is secret

(2681)  Je madhu jaminiite basechinu mala hate

On the sweet night I had sat, in hand a wreath,
Oh Who are You, came close to me?
Recognize I could not, rank You did not inform;
By hint You made it known there lies a story.

With evening's love night-jasmine's wreath had been framed;
I proclaimed: "Your grace this does beseech."

You replied: "I have come, yourself have I loved;
To calls within mind I am listening."

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Saturday, June 24, 2023

I tire of playtime

(2680)  Kiser ashe raibo base

In hope of what will I stay seated
When arrive You didn't?
Mango bud and floral shoot,
Afloat on tears they departed.

Garlands by day I have strung;
A welcome-tray I array at dusk.
At midnight with clap of thunder,
Gone in flames was longing's altar.

I've heard said that You are merciful;
The evidence in actions just doesn't fit.
Little is not due to playful tricks;
The lamp of hope You extinguished.

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What is it about this world that draws me here?

(2679)  Sukhe duhkhe ami tomay bhalabasi

I am in love with You in sorrow and in happiness;
For You I laugh and lament.
You are my dark bosom's gem,
The moon afloat upon mind's firmament.

I know not in which age of yore You'd appeared,
Making bright a new Creation's dawning.
Even still that splendor, it drifts on unfading,
Razing the entire temporal impediment.

In the One are many, of many You're a compilation;
Taking the many along is this Your world.
Mixed with light and darkness, You've stayed loving;
I arrive racing, drawn time and again.

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Friday, June 23, 2023

You make all the difference

(2678)  Candana surabhi niye

With fragrance of sandal,
The world having enthralled,
You came today, dressing in charming garments;
Where had You been hidden?

Human and animal, bird, vine, tree and shrub,
For ages, they have gone on singing Your report.
You had been distant, in some mansion of heaven;
Now having come near, with color You brightened.

Nobody possesses any might or strength;
With just Your power, for You they pray.
They covet Your kindness, a tiny speck of love,
With that grain mind dances, spilling o'er the edge.

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Thursday, June 22, 2023

Outside brief but inside lasting

(2677)  Megher deshe hathat ese

Come asudden in cloud-realm,
Which Lightning did sport?
He departed, fame unspoken;
Even though come in form, the world did not accord.

I could not discern His identity;
About that too I made no inquiry.
Astonished, I thought not a thing;
Later came all questions.

My eyes having excited,
That Lightning went and hid.
A magic only His, the visit,
It endured within mind's interior.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Triumph's message has arrived

(2676)  Raunin parii aj haslo go haslo

A vibrant fairy laughed today, yes He did laugh.
In the forest silk and cotton trees, a-swaying they began;
He did laugh, yes He did laugh.

With infatuation's sloth they had been unconscious;
Influenced by that sway, roused was their attention.
The darkness went away, came a dawn golden-colored;
All chimeric bounds were smashed, yes they were smashed.

Fairy says: "Hear My words; I have come for everybody.
Nobody should waste time, not even momentarily.
Even if you be confused, never panic out of fear;
Victory's bugle, yonder it resounded, yes rung out it has."

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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

You came for me

(2675)  Keka kalatane vana vitane

By device of peacock-call, under forest canopy,
With songs aplenty You'd appeared.
I'd been seated, rapt in my thoughts only;
Those songs through ears You made me hear.

Oh I had been by trance absorbed,
Baptized in body, mind, and vigor.
Closed has stayed the gate of thought;
Unlocked that got by key and melody.

You had thought about my plight;
A shake You did provide at inmost inside.
All You made me forget, the One You made me realize,
On end of blind attachments bleak.

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Monday, June 19, 2023

Fearless I should be

(2674)  Tumi je amar andhar hiyar mani

You're the gem of my heart gloomy;
I could not recognize Thee,
I could not perceive.
How close were You, yet so remote;
Looking, I did not see.

Downcast was I inside my tiny home,
Passing the time with self-made woes.
Eyes snuffed out by huge tear-flow,
No solace did they heed.

You are with, letting be known as my own;
On nights of ebon, why then dread I undergo?
So much in You has dwelt the Dharmic Hero,
Why this I did not savvy?

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Sunday, June 18, 2023

Only love

(2673)  Diip jvelecho alo dhelecho

Lamp You've lit, light You've poured;
You are free, You are flawless.
Near You've tugged, delusion crushed,
Hey Sadashiva, terrible but innocent.

Knowing You by learning does not work;
Worldly fame, it does not allure.
Those You want, to them You yield;
Hey the Transcendental One, perfectly enlightened.

Mind's articulation beyond comprehension,
Hey the Unfettered Phenomenal Exception.
Having come in mundane fashion, having just loved,
Hey the Unobstructed One, You apportion kindness.

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Saturday, June 17, 2023

Around You how do my arms go?

(2672)  Tomake peyechi ami

Oh Yourself I've received
In the light's flowing stream.
I've obtained amid psyche,
At home heavenly of deities.

Holding I want to maintain,
For endless time, ever and always.
To forsake, mind does not wish,
Even a bit, by any means.

You have shown compassion;
Any sadhana, it was not.
Having granted unearned mercy,
You descended to permit apprehending.

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Friday, June 16, 2023

A grain of sand at base of sea

(2671)  Sandhyabelay balukabelay

At sundown, on a sandy ocean shore,
Seated on the ground, about You I reflect.
What motley cosmic portrait
Have You gone on painting, hey Providence?

In Your mind's eye You have witnessed
Many times a mountain subsides, star plummets.
Nebulae aplenty go sailing off, unattended;
They keep singing paeans to Your excellence.

The wildly intoxicated elephants,
With what strength how much movement they effect!
Along with them, You listen to spores of flowers,
Butterflies, their chronicles.

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Thursday, June 15, 2023

Springtime ornaments

(2670)  Vasanta aj elo vane vane

Spring came today in woodlands aplenty;
It arrived in psyche.
Bud and green leaf have appeared
On invitation of it only.

The branch that was leafless,
Figure lost, it had wept.
With only beauty's wares in heaps,
Every moment does it beam.

Earth, under the snow's cover,
By decay it had been filled.
All inertia disappeared
With the floral jewelry.

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He comes for all and for all time

(2669)  Andhare tumi andhare esecho

In darkness, You have come in darkness;
A flood of light You have brought.
No one knew, no one understood;
Nobody guessed.

In the dark with body, mind, and spirit,
Gloomy, the humankind was aslumber.
On the face of everyone light-rays You lavished;
Termination of a sleep delusory happened.

With a floral wreath and a pleasant swing,
Like a garland of beams on a temporal journey,
Yourself You came, the way You did exhibit;
You maintained a lasting accomplishment.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

You and You only

(2668)  Jeo na jeo na, mor aro katha ache baki

Please don't go, oh please don't go;
I have still more words to say.
If right now You were to leave,
Alive with what do I remain?

How much has a zephyr whispered into ear;
What is the web that the skyline weaves?
Though unmindful was effusive heart to prestige,
Do You know that specific tale?

At scent of night-jasmine on autumn eve,
Psyche has been overwhelmed by happiness sweet.
The mind is replete, ambrosia is gushing;
That, pray tell, with what do I veil?

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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

My yearning was not strong enough

(2667)  Svarna pradiip jvele ami

Myself, a golden lamp setting alight,
I had sat on that evening.
Then, with the altar's floral necklace,
Wish had been to adorn Thee.

The evening star said to me:
"Getting thus does not succeed.
Lamp, wreath, and altar are external;
In the mind flashes that ruby."

Ineffective passed the night;
Extinguished went my gold light.
At nighttime's end Venus said:
"Again to heaven gone has He;
The lack was in sincerity."

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Monday, June 12, 2023

Gone are winter's clouds

(2666)  Eso eso dhyane

Come please, appear in meditation;
In my life please come.
I am counting days, watching for Your arrival
At the Spring's beginning in this sweet month.

In nighttime's dream I see just Your form's beauty;
On an azure sky rises only Your cloud-pageantry.[1]
In thoughts of You it goes to some place remote,
The mind seized by a tune, with keynotes of a song.

On moonlit night drifts only Your sweet murmuring;
On my mental firmament Your jangling sound I hear.
At Your implication, the cirrus clouds[2] shed a glow
In every nook and cranny of heart-core.

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Sunday, June 11, 2023

By Your grace

(2665)  Arupe chile tumi rupe esecho

Formless had You been, into form You've come;
You have filled the world with splendor.
Unto You I pay tribute time and again;
On the earth ambrosia You've poured.

In this world of form when I look anywhere,
Not a thing but You am I able to see;
In atom and molecule You are overflowing:
You alone are even beyond thought.

Providing refuge none but You is there,
And so all selfish pride falls breaking,
Sprawling in this faith at Your feet:
You reign with a stream of compassion.

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Saturday, June 10, 2023

This world is ours to make

(2664)  Bhanu bhore balechilo more

The sun at dawn had told me:
"Fear of dark why be afflicted by...
I'll brighten you with crimson beams;
Gone has the night, oh do arise!

"With chirping have the birds been crazed;
Flowers laugh with pleasing wares.
Honeybees, dancing they make haste;
A petal's pollen ever you perspire.

"Oh do proceed, ignoring past exhaustion;
On the new morn, view in a new fashion.
Sing today songs of the Ever-Novel One;
Mold the world along fresh lines."

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Friday, June 9, 2023

In every life and afterlife

(2663)  Rupe raune bhara e bhuvane

To this world with form and hue replete,
Time after time You have arrived.
On darkness You've traced lines of light;
In the midst of wilderness You've infused life.

Very many cyclones and gales have reached;
A black fog has wanted to envelop and conceal.
Yet nonetheless Your splendor is unfading;
You have let the ebon be nullified.

However many more eons will come and leave,
They too will be lost in time's gaping cavity.
Many a nebula will vanish, it will disappear;
But all things You have kept within mind.

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Thursday, June 8, 2023

The curse of vanity

(2662)  Etadin jare ceyechinu

For so long, the One I'd craved,
Was it He Who'd come to my dwelling?
He had been far away due to vanity,
But that I did not grasp instantly.

Through eyelids briefly I peer,
But on them were drops of tear.
Along with moonlit night's dream,
He cast not a glance at me.

At time of going upon journey,
I had stood, in hand a wreath.
"At night's end on a vernal breeze,"
Told He, "I'll come repeatedly."

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For our every deficit He compensates

(2661)  Dahana jvalay candana tumi

In burning flames You are sandalpaste;
Heat You bring to the polar chilliness.
A desert's aridity attains verdure;
On a fractured breast stream of hope descends.

Anyone's further needs You perceive,
So all know You provide the water of mercy.
A goad You impose upon vanity;
The wheels of Your chariot do not rest.

Those who cherish You, those who don't relish,
Everybody comes, hoping for Your closeness.
Hence, ruled by welfare, with a smile You present
What is not obtained through all of that defect.

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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Father knows best

(2660)  Tomar dvare prarthana kare

Having prayed at Your gate,
Myself I deceive...
What You wish, please give to me.
The play of Creation, a cosmic assembly,
It's Your composition, my Lord Holy,
Same feat only for the sake of everybody.

Everybody knows You as their own;
Yourself they demand in happiness and sorrow.
Heeding no impeding wall's embargo,
They set aside vanity.

Will I crave even what I don't apprehend?
What's the purpose and to what extent?
My intellect is imperfect, I confess;
Please consider carefully.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

A blissful conformity

(2659)  Matta pavane nishiitha gagane

With heady wind on the night sky,
Had a tune playing arisen?
You'd been at an unknown spot in this heart of mine;
Attainment's ambition had got fulfilled.

Amid dark clouds the moon had dipped under cover,
But it had been peeping out every so often.
The mental peacock, forgetting close and distant,
Through dancing it had been bewildered.

Clouds went away, arrived a stream of effulgence;
Peekaboo twixt moon and clouds ended.
By bashful mien in smiling dream,
Another shape surrendered.

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Monday, June 5, 2023

Into mind we must go

(2658)  Tomare peyechi pranera pradiipe

By heart's lantern I've found Thee
In the mind's sweet honeybee
On cloudy night's cadamba tree.
As much as I've sought outward,
That much I've been discouraged.
I did not gain by decorated altar,
With golden lamps of ghee.

On Earth I've come time and again,
Your quest to make...
Not once did You grant embrace–
Hard to grasp, Lord, is Your game.
Today, the mind You entered stealthily.

I talk about Your wish,
Go on singing Your panegyric;
From the path I deviate never.
I stay absorbed in meditation, telling beads.

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Philosophically wrong, devotionally right

(2657)  Akash jethay chonya sagare

Where the sky is touching sea,
At an ocean of light-beams,
On that same horizon, that same frontier,
Lord, Yourself I seek.

I know there's not a blue-sky terminus,
And so with sea there is no touch.
But foolishly I go on thinking wrong
Time after time, even knowingly.

Mid the core of heart You are there,
On a formless litter in form's clothing.
Ringing out in the whole heart are strings
In a jangle that is Yours only,
Yourself always surrounding.

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Sunday, June 4, 2023

On love's call

(2656)  Phuler vane bhomra elo

In a flower's garden the Bumblebee arrived;
Oh please say why, please say why.
In the arbor of mind that blossom was
Effusive with the scent sublime.

Snow and frost, a stormy gust of wind,
A blow had come of mist.
Along with my thought,
Bud of love had survived.

Came the Bumblebee unexpectedly,
Suddenly, unheralded and unspeaking.
Heart's nectar the Strange Lover,
Emptying, taking He retired.

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Saturday, June 3, 2023

He always sees to our welfare

(2655)  Andhar hiyay tumi alo

To a gloomy heart, You are the light;
Hue of black You nullify, black You nullify.
An arid wasteland making green,
Nectar's fragrance on it You apply.

The vine that has withered, the bud that has plunged,
Those whose beauty has got lost by burning light of sun,
The honey of their bosom, their heart's friend and lover,
He restored their language and expectation bright.

The fallen and the sinful, Your grace they go on begging;
Knowing or unknowingly, everybody races toward You only.
Like a bee comes by a flower's side, hoping for nectar,
Gazing at what is propitious, You are fine.

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Friday, June 2, 2023

Again and again

(2654)  Bare bare asiyachi tomare khunjiyachi

Repeatedly I am coming, searching for You;
Far away, Lord, You have gone on staying.
All the lowly actions, any hatred, fear, and shame
You have kept my eyes surrounding;
Was it so Yourself I did not see?

In splendor You are coming, on a cirrus You've departed;
To beauty You are yielding, at laughter You have fallen.
I had been unmindful, in blind-attachment deeps.

Within mind having peeked furtively,
Myself You have told understandingly:
With the wares of love ever You accompany;
Momentarily I failed to see, I did not hear.

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Your mysterious grace

(2653)  Dheu esechilo ajanar

Of Unknown had come a wave;
What had been and what then happened,
Hard it is to fathom Your game.

Dust-grayed, I'd been in a wayside cranny,
Taking pains sandalpaste applying.
Seems like Someone told in both my ears:
"Remote became all your pain."

Mesmerized, I continued;
Could not ask oh Who are You.
What I'd been, what I turned into,
Ebon's gloom, it went away.

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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Love is the key

(2652)  Sandhya samiire maner mukure

On an evening zephyr in the mirror of mind,
For the first time Yourself am I seeing.
Having come a moonbeam, it had said with a smile:
"Simply by having loved, I am receiving."

Beauty, virtue, and knowledge, about You
Nothing can they ever cling to.
By love's chain You go on staying tied;
This essential truth I am fathoming.

In respect to greatness, though I am bereft,
Nonetheless, life is full of Your sweet scent.
With that same fragrance by both day and night,
A jeweled lamp ablaze I am retaining.

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