Monday, October 31, 2022

My light's gone dim

(2443)  Se esechilo se esechilo

He had come, He had come;
Why oh why did He go off?
Pray tell, you all, what was my fault;
What offense have I committed?
The full moon, oh why did it
Go hidden behind cloud's curtain?

About Him I muse constantly;
I rise and fall for just His glory.
In that love there is a sinking,
And the heart swells up.

Visits to the realm earthly,
They take place recurrently.
And yet why do the eyes weep;
Oh what did happen?

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Sunday, October 30, 2022

My mind on Thee

(2442)  Ganer dali sajiye tuli

A tray[1] of songs, arrayed I offer up respectfully
Unto Thee, eagerly awaiting advent.
For Your sake I am composing,
And I am rehearsing often.

On these songs of mine is coated love;
A memoir of my life is in these songs.
It paid no mind to if a day was auspicious,
Or to any earthly impediment.

When gone were the snows and summer fires,
Arrived a motley-flowered springtime.
Naught it deemed virtue or vice,
External or inherent.
It is there, unparalleled like the pearl,
Having filled an oyster shell.

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Saturday, October 29, 2022

No scope for vanity

(2441)  Sur dile tumi priya

You gave a tune, oh my Love;
Inside throat You've given song.
Kindly revoke it into ear;
Just Yours is this performance.

Nothing have I to call it mine;
Everywhere I gaze You are rife.
Yourself contemplating, myself lose I;
Life of my life You are.

In cadence and beat please stay with me;
Heaven's sweetness into them keep pouring.
Via light all my blemish please conceal,
Retracting self-assertion.

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Friday, October 28, 2022

Please come my way

(2440)  Mala genthechi ghar sajiyechi

Garland have I strung, home have I decked;
Coating sweetness with a paint of rice,
I am waiting in the hope of advent.

I know not when that break of day will smile,
When crimson-colored will become my eastern sky;
But all the gloomy dark will go far aside–
You'll arrive, myself adjacent.

No devout effort is unproductive;
Your love's stimulus is with it.
Spreading out is fantail psychic;
I pray just a bit of kindness.

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Thursday, October 27, 2022

My singing takes to goal

(2439)  Gan geye din cale jay

Singing a song, days disappear,
To make You hear,
For Thee, oh Lord, for Thee.
If You hear or do not hear, I don't perceive;
You listen please, craves this psyche.

Inside heart You exist, outside also You have been;
The fervor of my psyche, only You have fathomed.
By just Your pulse, an echoing reverberation,
Toward You mind is racing.

All of heart's couplets, unexpressed-suppressed grief–
All the sorrow of not getting, getting of perplexity–
In lyrics I go on talking, failing song I've no means;
By song only, with this hope: I will gain near.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Harvesting honey

(2438)  Bhomra elo phuler pashe

The Bee came adjacent to a flower;
Her petals moved aside.
A closed door was opened;
Nectar's load, overflowing, it arrived.

That One she wants, she obtained Him
In heart hushed and unburgeoned.
At each black-clouds' interstice,
Was a love-tryst with the light.

The Bee states: "Yourself am I with;
Invisible had I been.
To give a shake the heart amid,
A song I go on singing, time after time."

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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

All I need

(2437)  Dola diye jay duhka bholay

He goes on cradling, distress He makes forget;
He gathers near, oh Who is He?
Without acquaintance, in the heart He appears;
He does not say how He is pleased.

Constantly of missing, missing, I get dread;
Carefully by covering I safeguard hence.
At the shrine of ideation, in the mansion of psyche,
Smiles He neath a southern breeze.

I don't hanker to know His particulars;
He has stayed filling my heart.
I have found Him, and spellbound have I been;
By merit and demerit I did not see.

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Monday, October 24, 2022

A lesson too late for the learning

(2436)  Canpa bakuler mala hate

In hand a wreath of champak and Spanish cherry,
By the path I'd been standing and waiting,
Expecting Your coming.

By the time You arrived the night was dense,
My garland of flowers, tarnished then.
Cosmetics upon eyes, with wet tears
Were they combined resultantly.

I won't thread another thick string of flowers,
Nor will I organize a welcoming basket.[1]
Holy rice painting with fantasy,
Into one will I weave.

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Sunday, October 23, 2022

You pick me up

(2435)  Tumi esecho bhalo besecho, mrdu hasi diye man kere niye

You have come, and You've held dear.
Tenderly smiling, captivating mind,
Your own You have made me.

I'd been counting minutes, passing time awaiting advent,
Hair bun braided and kohl etched.
Combining affection with everything mine,
You've bestowed a bud's honey.

I have nothing more to wish for;
Constantly have I stayed in Your contemplation.
Through a love echoing in devotion with a smile,
A new mood You've awakened within psyche.

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Saturday, October 22, 2022

What's my flaw?

(2434)  Kata path calechi kata gan geyechi

Many roads I've walked down, many songs I've kept singing;
You did not observe, nor did You hear.
About You I've kept thinking, day and night continually;
But You were not able to perceive.

Mounting light's chariot, You have gone ahead;
Nebula, planet, and star You have penetrated.
A meteorite's tiny parts You have sprinkled;
But about me for a minute, You did not think.

You've peeped into mind's hard-to-reach corners;
My stream of pulsation You've taken and measured.
Playfully You've been dancing, crying and laughing You have traveled;
Upon psyche's mirror why did You not appear?

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Friday, October 21, 2022

Just one victory

(2433)  Je klesh diyecho more

That trouble You have given me,
Oh Lord, repeatedly,
On account of just that, about Thee
Day and night I've been thinking.

I know all is but Your liila,
Sensory perceptions strange and novel.
For that reason, in that play intoxicating,
With both heart and mind I've been drifting.

Gone by have many a month of spring;
They have brought so many tidings.
Eyes are opened and forgetting everything,
Your arrival I am eagerly awaiting.

Getting beaten brings a sensibility
To those with life filled by things worldly.
And so every moment, knowing that only,
A love-song I have gone on singing.

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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Break of day

(2432)  Alokatiirthe tumi ke go ele

At the sacred shrine of light, oh Who entered?
Unto every mind and heart You gave a jerk.

With each footstep of existence,
On each circuit by dawn's rising chariot,
Everyone You lifted up, everyone You cherished;
Everyone's inmost feelings You did discern.

From no one are You remote, a stranger to nobody;
Forgetting You signifies losing own identity.
Oh the Gem of Wisdom, echoes You stir inside heart,
Having washed off all of life's fatigue and dirt.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Even though we don't know You, Thou art our refuge

(2431)  Kusumakorake jata madhu chilo

In a flower-bud, as much honey as there was,
The Bee came and took, then went off.
It's unknown Who He is, oh that smiling Lover;
In the blink of an eye, He captivated heart.

The Honeybee has not come to those blossoms
When their petals have been tarnished.
They've been weeping neath storm-winds;
What occurred, they couldn't fathom.

In those flowers till today there is nectar;
So they've gone on singing in both mind and heart:
"Please come, hey Honeybee; come, hey Peerless One;
Hope's tendrils, make them bulge."

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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Through Your fragrant music

(2430)  Amar maner mainjusay

Into the tiny box of my psyche,
Hello You, oh Who came this evening?
From the remote blue sky with Your beauty,
Inside nebulae it brings throbbing.

The world is set trembling by Your majesty;
On Your love existence is wakened from sleep.
Inanimate come racing to the side of animate;
Both the two in unison, Your song they sing.

In Your mystic word the sound of music rises
With a tempo, tune, and beat in modes assorted.
On sweet-scented pollen, on smiling devotion,
With a cosmic nectar it goes floating.

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Monday, October 17, 2022

A mere glimpse

(2429)  Sakal duyar khule dile prabhu

The whole door You opened wide, Lord;
Through a window gleam arrived.
On eastern sky with crimson glow
A close was there to ignorance and vice.

There had been dogma's grimace;
Superstitions, there were millions.
Once they met up with Your glow,
Ebon's creatures moved aside.

Hey the Avatar of Light, Refuge of Everyone,
With kindly intuition flows Your stream of thought.
Stricken or caressed, beneath sun or shadow,
Your love, it is bright.

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Sunday, October 16, 2022

A soothing balm

(2428)  Tomar kathay tava karunay

By Your guidance, by Your kindness,
My days run along.
Never is the cadence lost
Upon movement's course.

Where the thread of movement leads, I know not;
When at last it ends, that too I've heard it not.
Through swaying it proceeds with sweet implication;
The mind races on that thrilling sensation.

Whatever mundane disrepute or putting to shame,
Flames of desperation: hatred or disgrace,
They all sail away on Your contemplation,
In Your meditation or fixed concentration.

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Saturday, October 15, 2022

The next best thing

(2427)  Eso prabhu eso tumi

Come You, please come Master;
Decorated is the temple.
Every minute, every second,
Yourself mind has contemplated.

I'm surrounding with tender leaves;
With flowers I have strung a wreath.
An altar on the sandalwood of psyche
Has remained sweetly scented.

Act of waiting from the days of yore
Is craving and attaining of devotion.
Please stay distant, do not come;
Within love You're adjacent.

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Friday, October 14, 2022

Every cloud's silver lining

(2426)  Ainjan enke jaladera

Clouds having traced antimony,
Today the rain is coming,
Refuge of hearts suffering.
To a dry bough came verdancy,
And the world turned juicy.

With beat and tune tear-stream comes down,
Ignoring lightning's frown.
Ever striding in the mind's great house,
What's the expectation after stretching feet?

Seated alone at niche of home, I get by and muse:
Whom do I pull close, whom do I discontinue?
Deep inside the psyche with a raga of clouds,
Faraway retires the despondency.

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Thursday, October 13, 2022

If You but wish

(2425)  Virat tomar bhavanay

On thought of You, oh the Great,
All narrowness sails away.
A trifling drop becomes the sea;
Upon a speck of Your grace.

Now each and every grain of sand diminutive,
At core of it too is an implication of power.
By virtue of that very strength, and by Your will,
The form it takes is a million planets.

By only a single flash of Your grin,
The whole world has run mad with a thrill.
In passionate devotion, asleep or awake,
With love for You it capers and serenades.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Agony's mystery

(2424)  Ashar pradiip mor niviya geche

My hope's lamp has got extinguished
In this cyclone, in this whirlwind.
Lamp to light, in hand a matchstick,
This dark room of mine, You please enter.

Looking in my direction there is no one else;
Hearing my plight other actor I don't get.
By ignorance circled am I, tears falling from eyes,
With pent-up grief, afflicted heart does languish.

A thunder rumbles at northeastern niche;
With stream of sleet, it fetches panic.
Nonetheless, rending despair is confidence,
As if Your grace, even now it spills.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2022


(2423)  Ahvan kari tomare, aj alor nimantrane

Yourself am I inviting,
Now with the light summoning;
At My house you please appear.
With flowers in tender leaf and with buds smiling,
I have decorated tier by tier.

As to arrangements do I make no flaw;
Only open have I kept the gate of heart.
Through window, upon air free-flowing,
A sweet scent I've kept replete.

"In mind, whatever buds are piled there,
Full have they stayed with sweetness of honey.
At Your touch, they will blossom happily;
Yourself having pleased."

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Monday, October 10, 2022

My Guide through life

(2422)  Tomake ami bhalabasiyachi

I am loving Thee;
I'm alive with You only.
At each moment in this tiny life,
Holding to Your path I've been walking.

Light's beauty You have scattered;
You have shown the path to dull people.
In both grief and happiness You've attended;
This wee bit I'm understanding.

Intellect and intuition, the scant You have given,
To work You've put its paltry little.
With auspicious thought You've contented–
You, the perpetual companion I am knowing.

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Sunday, October 9, 2022

Dance upon my head, Lord Shiva

(2421)  Iishan konete beje utheche visan

Sounding from the northeast corner, a horn has arisen;
What are the words it wants to speak?
Hey Shiva the Destroyer, what's the reason You have danced?
Shooting stars You make plummet, trembling.

You are dancing tandava, vice having jolted,
Propelling a deaf luster's chariot ahead.
What You do and why, oh the great Lord Shiva
Uncomprehending, stunned eyes merely go on watching.

Mass of matted locks left unbound, open and unrestricted,
Master, You've become filled with rhythm.
On dance's each musical beat, it goes forth,
The sound that roused; in it light is flashing.

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Saturday, October 8, 2022


(2420)  Kamalanikare sandhyasayare

Mid a throng of water-lilies at twilight's lake,
Whose fragrance keeps on floating?
From close-by, I fancy He's gone faraway;
Eyes catch no sight when places distant going.

It's my imagination: near and far;
Does Your anything arrive or depart?
By the light of intellect, eyes looking I stay;
I fail to consider: Intellect is at Your mercy.

You had come from some beginningless state;
And You keep sailing on a stream of always.
Birth and death, the firmament's horizon,
In my conception, where do they disappear?

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Friday, October 7, 2022

A love that's pure

(2419)  Mane chilo asha mor bhalabasa

In mind was a hope: My love,
It will bind Thee.
I could not conceive: In my floral string
The blemish of a worm will persevere.

Gem of the Ocean, You are the dearest;
Star of the Heavens, You are the brightest.
Holding on to You by wisdom or energy,
From everybody ineffective it will be.

Abiding will go on my love,
For endless time, with a hope inside bosom.
Upon reflection, I ask of You privately:
In the heart, when will You appear?

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Thursday, October 6, 2022

I just like to plead

(2418)  Gan geye jai tomake shonai, shono ki na shono tumi nahi jani

To You I speak, a song I go on singing;
I don't know if You hear or not,
But blissfully I sing.

At no time are these the words of merely one person;
It is the feeling of humanity's psyche, Lord.
Pain and grief of everybody, an array of heart's honey,
I proclaim at an altar to Thee.

This is my request: the topic please accept;
In the song's concept is not a thing to dread.
By talking I get pleased, nothing more do I need;
You gave language, You gave tune, so I go on singing.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The bottom line

(2417)  Asar ashay jug cale jay

Hoping for advent, an age has gone by,
Word having given, why did You not arrive?
Dried is the garland, what's the searing fire?
By the mind it got burned, don't You realize?

Why go on furnishing such a declaration?
Why oh why do You cajole via hope's deception?
By a heart unspeaking, despair awakened,
Made to cry, what's the gain, please reply.

You can go on doing whatever is Your wish;
From me also there's not any contradiction.
But with no victory nor defeat either,
Futile anguish why do You provide?

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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Flying blind

(2416)  Ami gan geye geye cale jai

A song ever singing I run along;
I don't know if You listen or not.
In depths of mind whatever's there,
I keep nothing hidden.

In many conditions my bud goes on remaining;
It does not get to blossom, a flower becoming.
Many a tune arrives, then sails far away;
I don't know if You perceive or not.

Yet could it be twixt concept and language, Dear,
A space continues, hard-to-cross, intervening?
From a thought all gets not brought into speech;
I don't know if You agree or not.

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Monday, October 3, 2022

Love fulfills

(2415)  Tomare bheve ekii anubhave

Having mused on You, with such perception
Mind and heart got satisfied!
Love You did lavish, You suffused affection;
All defilement was set aside.

Ocean of Compassion, my Beguiling Paramour,
You made overflowing the pitcher of heart.
Surrounding me, outside and in,
With fragrant ecstasy, a bright glow arrived.

I'll go on contemplating evermore;
Your words rend all webs of infatuation.
At Your touch will sway in mirth
A gem lively upon mental sky.

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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Born of Thee

(2414)  Kii na kare giyechile manave jagiyechile

What had You gone and done with the humans You'd awakened?
Hey Lord Shiva, the Controller, most respectful greeting.
A human race barbarous, with ecstasy You filled;
And from the earth You set the heavens trembling.

Impassable, the turbulent sea of vice and ignorance.
Becoming a ferry, You arrived as savior of everyone.
Base or great, all understood, like a revelation:
You consider everybody's story.

You had come in ancient past, You've stayed in song and ideation
At the deepest niche of psyche with emotion's undercurrent.
I do not forget You, to forget I am not able,
Hey the Self-Born Deity, Essence of Empathy.

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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Perseverance furthers

(2413)  Varsanasikta e sandhyay

With this pluvial evening,
On the rain screwpine spores go sailing.
Moon is hidden by the clouds, but still in mind is seen:
Ambrosia it showers ungrudgingly.

In gloomy nest the peacock weeps,
A luminous moon not having got to see.
Active with trumpet-roar are bolts of lightning;
And in tongue unknown, frogs keep calling.

The far-flung outer space is beckoning;
It educates to break constrictive boundaries.
Forgetting everything, mind hankers for the One Only;
It abides in thought of Him exclusively.

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