Sunday, October 2, 2022

Born of Thee

(2414)  Kii na kare giyechile manave jagiyechile

What had You gone and done with the humans You'd awakened?
Hey Lord Shiva, the Controller, most respectful greeting.
A human race barbarous, with ecstasy You filled;
And from the earth You set the heavens trembling.

Impassable, the turbulent sea of vice and ignorance.
Becoming a ferry, You arrived as savior of everyone.
Base or great, all understood, like a revelation:
You consider everybody's story.

You had come in ancient past, You've stayed in song and ideation
At the deepest niche of psyche with emotion's undercurrent.
I do not forget You, to forget I am not able,
Hey the Self-Born Deity, Essence of Empathy.

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