Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Never will I believe...

(2902)  Tumi jiivaner dhruvatara

You are the polestar of life;
To You alone am I looking, I am looking.
By Your contemplation mind gets satisfied;
My pain and sorrow I have been forgetting.

Through light-beams to me You call;
But You're not vanquished by the dark.
In the past You'd been, and today You are;
This I understand: You dance in ecstasy.

You are not hardhearted, also this I believe;
I know not why it is You don't come near.
Filled with anticipation is my tiny psyche;
Made to throb, a song I've gone on singing.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

If You go

(2901)  Jeo na jeo na, priitidor chinro na

Please don't go, go You not.
Thread of love, rend it not.
Leaving me, oh Darling, go not.
Upon the grass a dewdrop is coated;
By stroke of foot, mop it not.

Sun-god of morn, my bosom He enters;
Inspecting neath crimson light He grins.
He tells words of love, ever novel;
Scorched by sun let them be not.

In reeds and high grass, He awakens rhythm;
Mind He fills with fragrance of night jasmine.
Everyone in the whole world sings Your hymn;
This, do You know it not?

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Thursday, January 25, 2024

Heaven on Earth

(2900)  Tumi esechile man bhare dile

Arrived had You, mind You suffused,
By Your kindness undeserved.
There had been avid desire, absent enterprise;
And yet You arrived with a bit of heaven.

Your amazing play, I cannot comprehend;
On the use of intellect, I'm beaten at each step.
Even the getting lost I do not acknowledge;
In accustomed patterns I'm immersed.

Reservoir of qualities of portent precise,
The Creation entire, it obeys Your desire.
Lord, You are the essence for everyone alive,
With light and with darkness, in this world.

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With gloomy night You give a fright

(2899)  Kena gele cale, phele amay

Why did You go away,
Deserting me?
Even still the stars exist, toward me have they gazed;
But the night, a swooning it brings.

You're with everybody, pervading night and day,
Enriched in prosperity and in anguish pained;
Have I been a burden to Thee?

Your amazing play, I can't comprehend;
Sincerely I wish that with me ever You may dwell.
Taking not my sorrow, coat You a happy sweetness,
In hope, both bloom and fruit suffusing.

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You light up my life

(2898)  Tumi mor jiivaneri diipalok

You are the lamplight of my existence.
Having given warmth and rid the dark,
All grief and lamentation, You let it be forgotten.

As the lit matchstick, You've gone on ignited;
As the flight of storks, upon sky You have risen.
By the heaven in mind that You've created,
Let that sport divine on earth be ageless.

Frontal dark from own shadow dwells not within mind;
Ever and always You protect me, eye to eye.
Hey my wary Beloved, on all sides
You make bright the endless realm.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Did You have to leave?

(2897)  Utala pavane manovitane

On a restless wind under mind's canopy,
Oh Who are You that appeared,
The earth to please?
Yourself I did not know, I'd been fast asleep;
I heard not what You did speak
To go on giving heart a swing.

Coming unannounced, You went without speaking;
You left just a dazzling flash of memory.
With rainbow colors You did brighten psyche,
Yours to take and make me.

Perhaps You'd said again You'll reach;
My world You'll pack with light-beams.
The myrtle bud, honey-filled it will be,
By Your love, my Dearest Dear.

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Don't get perplexed

(2896)  Karunar dhara dhele dile tumi

A stream of mercy You conferred
On the whole earth ungrudgingly,
In every home, for everybody...
Those deprived, those stigmatized,
May they not dwell in life worldly.

Vigor You infused amid the inert unit being;
With much fervor and many accessories...
From sky and wind, on color-shedding evenings,
With a might unearthly in diverse melodies.

That memory of You has continued flowing;
Ever it has swung in a cradle, Yours only.
Contemplating You alone, forgot is the misery;
Around You exclusively it goes on dancing.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Oh to be free

(2895)  Akash kandiya bale tarara mala

"A garland of stars," declares the weeping sky,
"For Your sake, in my breast I have kept holding.
The light You provide, You cherish everybody;
Privately, You whisper into every ear.

"In the cosmos, You are the Soul unique;
So Yourself, one and all yearn to receive.
Sorrow to forget, they would blend with Thee;
A heart swollen floats upon eye's tears.

"I have not the knowledge of measuring time;
You and I exist, ever You belong to me and I am Thine.
I don't know when it began, this desire of mine
For a lovers' tryst, free from tiredness and fatigue."

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Monday, January 22, 2024

As You have gone away

(2894)  Esechile mane gopane

Into mind privately You'd come;
To some unknown place You've gone with a smile.
In just Your meditation, on Your recollection,
Mind goes sailing far and wide.

By day I remain gazing skyward;
Blockade, the ocular flow of tears disregards.
I don't know what will or won't work;
An effusive heart swoons, agonized.

I don't recall how many ages have elapsed;
How much treasure has got lost, I know not also that.
I've gone on performing unbroken sadhana
On Your exquisite beauty, on Your splendor bright.

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Sunday, January 21, 2024

In Him we die

(2893)  Ei shishire bheja sharada prate

On this same dew-soaked autumn morning,
One Unknown Traveler did appear,
He arrived, oh He appeared!
In charming eyes there'd been sweet grin,
A reed pipe enthralling on base of lips;
In a wink He captivated everybody.

Him I could not recognize initially,
And He did not identify Himself to me.
Infusing melody through my heartstrings,
He captured seat at core of psyche!

I cannot forget Him, never and by no means;
On gloom of dark-moon night, I won't face defeat.
Inside of me I see Him repeatedly;
Arranged like this, oh why did He let it be?

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Saturday, January 20, 2024

You are effulgence

(2892)  Ghumiye parechilo cand

The moon had fallen asleep;
Darkness had thickened and drawn near.
This topic had arisen oft in psyche:
"Who is mine except for Thee?"

On exterior was gloom, on the inside light,
A light Your advent did ignite.
Therefore with You feels so fine,
Hey the Couturier, sweetly enchanting.

A wee bit of inner light, it came outside;
The entire world was brightened.
Via just Your light You got witnessed,
Always a surprise, hey everyone's Darling.

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Friday, January 19, 2024

By wink and nod

(2891)  Bhevechilum ekla achi

I'd thought that alone am I
In this enticing universe.
Through hint and gesture,
In my mind a ruckus You stirred.

Mind had forgotten firmament–
A wreath of stars, dawn's manifestation.
The southern wind gentle and pleasant,
Gazing at the stars as well, Yourself admits.

Mind had forgot its budding self–
When it was dancing to and fro on honey-scent.
In the grandeur of hue-and-form's loveliness,
Viewing that too, with me Your affection is.

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Thursday, January 18, 2024

To Thee I sing

(2890)  Pranam ami janiyechilum

Obeisance had I made known
By way of songs aplenty.
That style of motivity was my only wealth;
With keynotes and melody it was replete.

I know not if You've managed to hear or not;
I don't care a jot if to hear You did not want.
Bringing forth all of life's ambrosia,
I am pouring it at Your lotus feet.

Unfailing Your reputation, a love perpetual;
Undying Your abode, a splendor ethereal.
And so to You I sing a hymn incessant,
Having forgotten all and any vanity.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

How long will my exile persist?

(2889)  Ganer e malakhani

This humble garland of song,
I have woven for You only,
Night and day ever awake, for ages aplenty,
Carefully to make You wear.

Upon these blooms is coated my love,
A memento of many births, much affliction.
I've composed a hymn, soaked in gloom and frost,
Suffused with affection, on a string.

Dear, this garland will stay around Your neck;
This sweet-scented fragrance, may You ever accept.
Please just keep in mind myself,
The one whom You have kept outlying.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Spiritual practice

(2888)  Praner majhare khunjechi tomare

Within life I've searched for Thee;
You have yielded through the song.
I know not if You're near or far...
You've gone on being delightsome.

You I've sought upon sky, inside breeze,
Zealous and obsessed in holy site's vicinity.
To countries most far-flung I've gone to seek;
But I got not Your reaction.

There's no need of searching far away;
Amid the mind You have been seated always.
Flawless sadhana is attainment's thought;
In Your form one becomes lost.

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Monday, January 15, 2024

His peculiar love

(2887)  Bujhi na kii je halo ke jena mane elo

I don't grasp what happened, Who came into psyche;
Color having brought to mind, He did recede.
He did not permit knowing what was His story,
Why in this very style He had appeared.

Good had felt the Ray of Light, on sky had been;
Where did He go missing, on a southern wind?
He went, telling: "Forget you, I did not;
What filth was there, do mop and fling."

Each day as it passes, that mem’ry does flash;
Alas, by my side, afresh He came not back.
With hope am I awake, for ages waiting on;
In this fashion, why in mind a stir gave He?

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Sunday, January 14, 2024

Darling Mine

(2886)  Akashe ankhi mele

Upon sky, eyes agape,
Oh Who is it you're awaiting?
You are gazing, eyes unblinking;
Of Whom have you gone on thinking?

Him you seek, He's unfamiliar;
He remains unknown forever.
Whoso goes to know, she gets lost;
Have you not heard this story?

He loves, but remote He stays;
He moves, singing songs in a tune strange.
On mirror of psyche He grants embrace,
When you have craved at thought's dwelling.

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Saturday, January 13, 2024

With You by my side

(2885)  Eso prane eso dhyane

Come into life, come into reverie;
Come into my inmost being.
Come as specter, come as maya;
Come with alluring threads, binding.

Fetters and enemies,[1] those that ringing have kept,
Yourself remembering, for me they hold no dread.
You will stay, and stay will I;
No one will remain in between.

In the past what I had been, I don't perceive;
Again I am moving, what more is there to be?
Just this I realize: You are here with me,
Like the smiling face of mercy.

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Friday, January 12, 2024

You provide confidence

(2884)  Amar e pratiiksa

This my waiting,
Oh I know, Love,
It cannot be unavailing.
The posy had bloomed in form and scent,
That fragrance, beaten it won't be.

Floral pollen floats unto azure distant;
The end of its journey, where is that?
It's got lost, that can't be said;
Sacred effort it has gone on making.

You exist, I exist, and there is a passage Yours;
Along that same course goes my psyche's chariot.
Age after age, that movement is my only treasure,
What fulfills each and every longing.

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Thursday, January 11, 2024

My cynosure

(2883)  Tomari patha ceye, tava bhavana niye

Only Your path observing,
Your contemplation taking,
I know not how much lifetime
Cleaving has gone of mine.
I remember just Your way;
I count only hopeful days.
It dances round You solely,
Happiness-and-sorrow's rite.

You simply smile from afar,
But by that grin You rid the dark.
I know that myself You regard,
Ever my own, hey the One I prize.

Close by why don't You come?
Even the least gap is not borne.
Having appeared in psyche, speak of love;
The memory of agony is set aside.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Ever a mystery

(2882)  E pather shes kothay, shes kothay

Of this path where is the end,
Where is the end?
There is no terminus nor start even;
Got amid became a problem.

Path have I been walking for ages aplenty;
No chronicle told that to me.
From where I'm come, to where I go on drifting,
Why flashes the light ahead?

This perambulation, when will its end be?
Birthless and endless is the One Whom I seek.
There is no use of time, vessel, and a country;
He is transcendent, but hidden in existence.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Your scent are we

(2881)  Chande chande nece calecho

You have gone on dancing in many a rhythm;
With aroma You are filled.
On gentle wind You have grinned;
A pleasant honey You have coated.

On melody and nectar's essence along sails
Just Your sweetness; myriad ways it sways.
Each instant is a form with exquisite grace;
In mind You've come, hey the One Largehearted.

Upon Your exterior, there is naught;
In Your mental realm has dwelt everyone.
Only what You think, that alone is Your creation;
Songs heart-touching You have chanted.

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Monday, January 8, 2024

Despite everything

(2880)  Jadi kanthete bhese gan nahi ase

If in the throat a song comes not a-floating,
By my side oh do appear, notwithstanding.
When on my mental sky dwell clouds densely dark,
Hey, kindly smile, emanating light-beams.

Most important is to make You satisfied;
But if that is not sustained in a measure high,
Then, hey the Radiant One, forgiving and courteous,
Please take Your seat in splendor unbodied.

I will go on wanting You all the time;
Dismissing any filth or sin of mine,
Oh You, graciously to let me cling,
On mind's mirror arise please.

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Sunday, January 7, 2024

Absent Your light

(2879)  Cai jata bhule jete nahi pari bhulite

Much as I want to forget, I cannot ignore;
Rising atop Eastern Mount,[1] Your luster flashes.
Packing a house with light, the fondness-shrouded body
Goes to Your mountain, to the downpour of sweetness.

What's stayed amid the mind, has stayed behind and in front;
It's there in wealth and penury, oh does that get forgotten?

In the past it had been with, even still it's along;
Having stayed whole life beside, close by it will go on.
In a huff momentary, not looking in its direction,
Having thought to neglect that, oh how hard was it!

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Saturday, January 6, 2024

After so much misery

(2878)  Diiner e kutire takao phire

Look anew upon this hut of one who's wretched,
Oh the Savior of the World;
For You only am I waiting,
I am waiting.
On a restless wind at mental garden,
Hey Donor of scent and hue,
Stay not apathetic please.

To the distant azure days go away;
Month and season race to a place where lost are they.
And yet I am alert, awake for ages and ages;
Yourself I hold dear.

I know that pious effort is not without use;
Hey the King of Kings, desire devout You will conclude.
With honeyed wine, please arrive at life's fete,
Annihilating all the gloom in a jiffy.

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Friday, January 5, 2024

It must be love

(2877)  Amanishar tamasa bhediya

Piercing a new-moon night's gloom,
Torch in hand, oh Who came,
Oh Who are You that came?
Do You love, I had mused...
Is that why You've kept dark at bay?

River-like I've moved ahead;
Upon a stream I've set afloat all torment,
Any stigma that to bosom I have taken,
Everything accumulated on the bank.

Toward Your isle this river migrates;
Oft in spate, oft on wane,
Ever wittingly, untroubled always,
The great union's altar, at its base.

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Thursday, January 4, 2024

Just thinking of You

(2876)  Niil akashe bhese chilum

I'd been afloat on a blue sky;
Musing on You was I that day,
I that day.
I had obtained amid the mind
The formless You in a garb strange.

Ignoring difference between self and other,
To my throat I took and lifted up,
Unblocking dam of all inertia,
Your song, hey the New Always.

Not a thing do I desire;
Let preference lurch ever behind.
Leaping o'er obstacles, both low and high,
Into untruth wretchedness will fade.

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Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Tiny though I be

(2875)  Canpar kali bale jeo na more bhule

The champa youngling states: "Don't forget me;
I'll go on scattering scent.
I'm a bud, I'll be a blossom,
Upon branch I will sway back and forth;
On a garland having come, your mind-state I'll make forget.

"Day and night, one story only,
Just one hope, one worry;
I will dance through ever-floating pollen.

"On the edge of forest, my dwelling,
Affection is moving with me;
I will keep you full of beauty and merriment."

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Tuesday, January 2, 2024

You call, and I comply

(2874)  Amar manane bhaver bhuvane

In the realm of thought, in my thinking,
By name did You summon me.
You told: "Do not cry, don't feel lonesome;
Every moment I accompany.

"Across this world, no one is unattended;
Within life for all time, I am associated...
In the depths of mind, secluded and solitary,
Just by having sought, obtained is My sighting."

Even today I hear the echo of that call;
That, I can't ignore, no, no, not at all...
On moonlit nights or in dense darkness,
On days evil or propitious, good or foreboding.

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Monday, January 1, 2024

A simple person, I

(2873)  Tumi eso gane eso dhyane

Oh You, come in song, come in meditation;
Come at my fervent invitation.
I've composed a hymn, tune I have practiced;
Night and day I am waiting to make it heard.

All the petals of my mental bloom,
Become anxious, in Your meditation are consumed.
Coming near, having grinned, You, the Charming One,
Make complete my ceaseless and deep contemplation.

How to summon is unknown to me;
Hence I fathom not devotion's formalities.
I hold You dear, and affection I'm expecting;
You might not love me, but please dwell in my heart.

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