Sunday, January 7, 2024

Absent Your light

(2879)  Cai jata bhule jete nahi pari bhulite

Much as I want to forget, I cannot ignore;
Rising atop Eastern Mount,[1] Your luster flashes.
Packing a house with light, the fondness-shrouded body
Goes to Your mountain, to the downpour of sweetness.

What's stayed amid the mind, has stayed behind and in front;
It's there in wealth and penury, oh does that get forgotten?

In the past it had been with, even still it's along;
Having stayed whole life beside, close by it will go on.
In a huff momentary, not looking in its direction,
Having thought to neglect that, oh how hard was it!

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  1. To go without it is like being blind, but worse for having poked out my own eyes.