Saturday, July 30, 2016

To ether and beyond

(573)  Bhave bhara akashe bhavatiita sakashe

Into ether, largely dreamy, transcendental nearly,
I go on pouring out the sweetness of my mind.
On the strings of my lyre, in the song of my life,
Without Thee, Lord, there's absolutely nothing.

Companion For All Time, take me with You day and night;
By Your inspiration, I am full of radiant light.
Allure Of The Infinite, I drift with the finite pollen;
Please let me assimilate into Your Great Beyond.
By chasing after You, by recognizing You only,[1]
Inside my heart, I will surely realize Thee.

In hope of touching the Cosmic One in microcosmic sky,
Forces of introspection and sublimation[2] do I galvanize.
From form to formless, with hearty will to move,
All the lines of finitude I lose.

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For whose sake

(572)  Ankhi bhara chilo

My eyes were filled
With tears of love.
I did not want to disconnect,
I did not want You to forget;
But I had to let You go,
My heart heavy with sorrow.

Those tears of mine packed yearning;
In them was a proud mind's plea.
I cannot comprehend what made You depart,
Rendering desolate the heaven of my heart.

My mental bloom was full of honey,
Accumulated for You only.
My Lord, You left and went so far away,
Controlling the universe for whose sake?

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Forever Anandamurti

(571)  Shayane svapane jagarane

Awake, in dream, and while asleep,
You are always near to me.
Thinking of You I grow pensive,
Attaining bliss concurrently.

From afar, the celestial flute, it plays
Within my heart in a rhythmic strain.
Having dispensed my life's sweetness,
Filling and uplifting everyone,
My mind now prays for Your compassion.

When You I did not recognize,
Even then You were part of my life.
In that very melody of yesteryear
Was infused the honey of novelty,
But now my mind dances to a new beat.

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

For as long as it takes

(570)  Nayana meliyo

My eyes You've been opening,
Slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly.
My love is so much I never forget Thee;
So why do You cast me adrift in tears?

I've kept waiting with my door opened,
Your seat arrayed with flora, incense, and lights.
Come into my home, take Your place in my home;
Please be so kind as to stay in my home...
For a little while, Lord, for just a little while.

Always I'll remember Thee;
Engrossed in Your name and song I will remain.
Hearing and thinking of You exclusively,
I'll go on living for Your sake...
Forever, my Lord, irreversibly.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

His stride

(569)  Akash aji dilo dhara

Today, I[1] could hold the sky
In my eyes, oh, in my eyes.
You arrived today, yes, You arrived;
You came on feet both soft and light
In Your stride, yes, in Your stride.

Buds appeared on withered branches;
On dried up streams, rapids descended.
A desert became full of flowers,
For Your reception, yes, Your reception.

In the dark clouds, color prevailed;
And peacocks fanned their lovely tails.
A barren mind, it got pregnant
With Your conception, yes, Your conception.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

When jasmines fall

(568)  Tomare dekhechi jabe sharada prate

When I saw You on a morn in autumn,
The jasmine flowers[1] had fallen.
Eden's garden was wildly fragrant,
And minds were filled with bliss.

In a stately gait, You appeared rhythmically;
And You stirred everybody with tune, tempo, and beat.
You poured love onto anxious minds;
A desperate world found You close by.

Your charming smile You sprinkled on the air;
The sweetly pleasant wind was its remains.
From place to place floated that smile;
And, with its touch, each atom came to life.
Earth rose up laughing; Earth rose up dancing;
The jasmine flowers had fallen.

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Monday, July 25, 2016


(567)  Rudra tomar ashes krpay

Rudra,[1] by Your boundless grace,
Life was stirred and filled the universe.
In the sea of light came a tempest.
With sportive illusion this earth You made;
And in that game, You gave the gift of our existence.

To big or small You don't give priority;
In Your mind, everyone coexists contentedly.
Coated with Your heart's affection,
All have bathed in dazzling splendor.

Rudra, there is in You severity;
It is that strictness which sustains everybody.
With that strictness and its sheltering umbrella,
You've brought a flood within the ocean of ambrosia.

Rudra, only You know how to care;
Cosmos-embracing, You are great!

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Justice now

(566)  Kajala meghe vajre deke

From dark storm clouds, calling with thunder,
Who are You that came on a new-moon night?
In fearsome guise, with what kind of hope,
Did our merciful Lord invoke a lovers' tryst?

The neglected people's lamentation,
By some means it did reach Your ears.
The demons, their bow-twanging,
You came to make that end.

Those who by money or acumen's might
Exploited others through much deception,
You poured ashes on their ambition;
And You bid everyone to do likewise.

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Just one thing

(565)  Ja tumi cao go prabhu

Oh Lord, what You require,
To give it all I agree;
Just grant to me those rosy feet.
Amid naught but Your designs,
Enmeshed in all Your deeds,
Only You in my mind will I keep...
Just grant to me those rosy feet.

In Your vast, cosmic attire,
All the stars and planets dance;
They cast a billion rays of light...
Just grant to me those rosy feet.

On eyes full of affection,
Devotion's collyrium
You've constantly been smearing.
With words that trickle honey,
Emitting nectar from Your face,
You've gone on stirring mind's domain.
Please remain inside my heart,
Forever dressed in charming garb;
I've taken refuge of You only...
Just grant to me those rosy feet.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Cosmic beat

(564)  Aji bhuvana bhara anande

Today the world is filled with bliss.
I've wanted You, and now I've got You;
I am in Your presence.

On Your smile hearts get replete,
And eyes shine in Your bright splendor.
With Your resonance on a lonely earth,
My hopes dance to the new beat.

With the sweet chime of Your implication,
Throbbing hearts heed no taboo.
All my love has been consumed,
Caught up in Your contemplation,
Dancing round Your rosy feet,
In the cosmic beat.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ever and anon

(563)  Alor dharay tumi bhaso

On a stream of light You arise,
And with kindly charm You smile;
You give love in the sweetest style.
Not omitting those who don't think of You,
For everyone You remove the gloom.

You were, You are, You will abide;
You reign as Lord of eternal time.
Boundless and profound is Your game;
And it won't ever terminate.
Even those who aren't of help to You,
For everyone You are of use.

At end of day when dusk descends,
Companions go home to their residence.
Just You alone remain behind,
All around, on every side.
Even if one hears Your call but does not respond,
You speak sweetly ever and anon.

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Everywhere and everything

(562)  Ruper majhare tomare peyechi

In the midst of forms, I've found You;
Oh, Formless One, You are consciousness.
Amid conceptions, I've seen You;
Transcendent One, You permeate thought.

Ocean waves crash sprawling
Beneath Your rosy feet.
Oblations of thought are laid
Always at Your altar's base.
You were and are and will go on
The source of light, Effulgent One.

When the Spring assortment of flowers
Falls and covers the surface of earth,
When prewinter's[1] chilly wind
Plays its fickle game in distant heaven,
Then even under such conditions,
You are the perennial Majestic One.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Come again please

(561)  Manira dyutite phulera hasite

With the laughter of flowers and luster of gems,
You had entered my delightful garden
In a month of Phalgun, long ago forgotten.
For many an age, everything forsaken,
Awaiting Your return, I've counted the days.

How many southern winds have blown and gone;
How many fragrant sandal trees have fallen.
How many evening stars have vanished;
How many days have passed unnoticed.

My mental sweetness has been lost;
Dried up is my stream of thought.
A lute is wailing in my mind:
Come back, Lord, due to Your own virtues and not mine.

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Monday, July 18, 2016

His light ray

(560)  Alojhalamala purnima rate

On a dazzling full-moon night,
I got You inside my mind
With the jingling of lyre strings.
On a cool breeze in a pleasant dream,
I saw You adorned with flowers
Mid the rustle of a woodland vista.

In my mind-sea, the waves went wild;
In Your color they were dyed.
With Your company, they received
Ample nectar to sate their yearning.

Your light-flash cast a crimson glint;
And all my gloom, it was extinguished.
With Your touch had floated away
Saḿskár[1] accrued over many an age.

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Sunday, July 17, 2016


(559)  Ami tomare bhulite pari na

I can never forget Thee;
That I don't conceive.
On sad dark nights, You're my companion;
Nothing resembles Your affection.

You are filled with apprehension, a heart that has been lost;
Yet You are covered in sweetness, my Transcendental Lord.
Even the one who goes astray under a spell of delusion,
You do not neglect even such a person.

You are the kindness of the human mind;
You are the beauty of the sinfree heart.
Even if one becomes drunk, besotted with vanity,
Repeatedly, You guide unto the path of morality.

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Friday, July 15, 2016

The good fight

(557)  Dhara dite cao na jakhan

When You don't hanker to get caught,
Why then make this divine sport?
Those who are in love with Thee,
You fill their eyes with tears.

Those who may, at break of day,
Sing Your praise 'neath eastern sky...
And those who light lamps for Your sake
In evening's crimson twilight,
Why do You kick them away,
Keeping afar, drawing aside?

I carry on in hope of getting Thee,
Dejected, I've kept up the fight.
This hope of mine is not futile;
Even this gloom, pierced it will be.

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

No taboo

(556)  Tumi je amar nayanera mani

You are the apple of my eye;
Ere now, that I could not recognize.
You were within and all around me,
But looking about, I did not see.

Hurricanes came, then too came gales;
In the heavy rain, everything floated away.
Yet, from me You did not separate...
By my side You stayed, night and day,
But I was not aware.

You dressed my unattended wounds;
Stripped of respect, honor You returned.
You don't despise anything...
Out of disgust, no distance do You keep;
But I did not pay heed.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A wagtail's salvation

(555)  Tumi dur akasher dhruvatara

You are the polestar of the distant sky.
Through Your mercy the path is traced
By those who have gone astray in life.

Passing forest and mountain, in storm and quake,
A timid wagtail soaring in the heavens,
She advances, wending her way by Your grace,
In any circumstance, her only salvation.

If a heart be anxious from pain or grief,
In every misfortune, it always finds shelter.
With a tender touch and a smile that's sweet,
Rapidly, having neared, You remove the trouble.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016


(554)  Nam na jana ke tumi ele

Who are You that came, oh Nameless One,
Giving the call of distant heaven,
For those who heed or don't heed dogma
Singing a song that shatters bondage?[1]

Banishing the pitch-dark fog,
You set ablaze a string of lamps.
Ending distinction twixt familiar and foreign,
You filled a rainbow with beauty and love.

Good or evil, black or white,
You shower love's light on everyone.
Breaking the bounds of friend and alien,
You treated all alike, making everybody shine.

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Song and dance

(553)  Nrtyera tale bhuvana matale

You thrilled the globe with a dance beat;
You set us afloat in music's melody.
In a mind-grove at edge of psyche,
You put in motion a quivering.

Come still closer in touch with earth,
Once You've burnished its form and color.

Unseen and unstained You ever remain,
But You poured sweetness inside of me.

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

A flood of love

(552)  Pasara bhariya praner parash

Brimming with wares is Your vital touch,
Pulsating new beauty and melody;
You had brought profusion of love.
With a cool and damp, most pleasing breeze,
And with the sweet scent of melodic stream,
You had brought profusion of love.

The psychic peacock broke out dancing,
Energized by that touch of life.
Dark clouds, they were prone hospitably
To overlook the guest[1] of the day;
You had smiled with music on Your lips.

In Spring, beguiled by magic sweet,
The heart drifts far into the blue.
In Your strong light of morning,
A restless mind does not look behind;
With such loving caress You had blessed.

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Saturday, July 9, 2016


(551)  Madhura hasite phul photayecho

With a sweet smile You've made flowers blossom,
Made bees assemble in every direction,
On the bosom of Your all-embracing world.
With love and affection, life You've awakened;
In the realm of form, You fetched consciousness.

By Your charming glance, spattering affection,
Celestial ambrosia was profusely given.
Bringing to psyche's mirror a pleasant emotion,
With the rumbling of clouds everyone was summoned.

Amid the darkness, by Your cosmic conjuration,
Light sparkles in a star-studded composition.
Inside every pore, with streaks of form,
The formless came into the field of thought.

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Friday, July 8, 2016

With folded hands

(550)  Patha bhule jabe caliya esecho

When You've gotten lost and strayed,
Then kindly stay awhile at my place.
And if by chance You glance at me,
Then look my way meticulously.

Ages have elapsed and lifetimes passed;
Your silence, it has made me anxious.
Still, I've not let hope's flower wither;
Faithfully I've waited with palms folded.

In the sea of form, a flood has come;
A garland was adorned with mental buds.
The nectar in those buds, fruit it has borne
By Your holy touch, my dear, dear Lord.

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Thursday, July 7, 2016


(549)  Eso eso priyatama

Come, please come, my Most Beloved;
Make my hard heart like a flower.
Shine Your light, and dispel darkness;
Come, please come, my Most Beloved.

Flowers that do not bloom on solid stone,
Let them blossom now within soft loam.
Fruits that grow not inside arid heart,
Array them in a comely, verdant garb.
Set me to tasks of Your preference;
Humbly I make this plea in reverence.

For long, I don't do any of Your duties,
And I don't wear clothing to Your liking.
I know not which deeds are wrong or right;
Today please pardon this flaw of mine.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Dancing alone

(548)  Khunjiya berai tomare sadai

Constantly seeking You, I promenade
In a mental garden, oh my boon companion.
Kohl-painted and affection-coated,
My eyes do Thee anticipate.

Every plant is bowed with fruit;
All are kneeling at Your feet.
Fragrant flowers, with drunken passion,
Are wrapped in sweetness, expecting You.

The sandal grove emanates aroma;
The cuckoo sings a melodious tune.
A gorgeous peacock, anklets ajingle,
Fanning his tail, he dances alone.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016


(547)  Rudra tomar uttal tale

Rudra,[1] with your surging beat,
The waters of sea grew fierce.
On withered branch, a bud did sprout;
On dry riverbed, a flood came down.

The garland held by defeated hearts has returned;
Our wicker basket[2] has filled with lost flowers.
To the rhythm and tune of songs long forgotten,
Our psychic lotus swayed the realm of heaven.

Everyone heard the message of novelty;
A new world was fitted with canopy.
Flush with fresh service to society,
Instantly, Earth's cadence was thrilling.

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Monday, July 4, 2016

With sympathy

(546)  Tumi shvet shatadale spandita kare

Creating a flutter in guru chakra,[1]
You have arrived like the sun.
Stirring a liking within the mind,
You smiled in the crimson light.

Flowerbuds blossomed with a thrill,
And lovesick hearts arose capering.
With gentle touch of Your sympathy,
You've given songs their melody.

You bestowed feeling upon the insensate
To those fast asleep, life's zest You gave.
With a smile both tender and alluring,
You have drawn everybody near.

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Real and unreal

(2786)  Dyuloke bhuloke bhariya rayecho

You've been filling the earth and heaven;
You even reside in a blink of the eye.
To search for You is not to retire
To some holy river, ocean, or mountain.

Making Your place in a niche of mind,
My spirit You have brightened.
Asti, bháti, and ánanda[1] given,
They are flooding me with delight.

We cannot think of aught but You,
Your thought haunts us in front and behind.
Those who'd go somewhere, be they low or high,
Forget distinctions; they prove untrue.[2]

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

And so I love You

(545)  Tumi aksara ajara avinashii

You are immutable, ageless and immortal;
On Your sweet lips, there is a smile always.
You follow Your own path, ignoring every obstacle;
Night and day You keep engaged in Your divine games.

Without distinction and with no hatred or neglect,
Your kindly eyes are glazed with tenderness;
And that is why I cherish You so much.

However bad a sinner, there's nothing You don't see;
But with ambrosia-coated heart, You summon everybody,
Their stains Your golden splendor to consume.

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Friday, July 1, 2016

And yet I fret

(544)  E kii tomari liila tomari khela

Oh what is this, Your divine sport, Your game!
Despite Your being great, inside each atom You reside;
Even as a raft of form You sail, formless You remain.

In refreshing winds or in the depths of mind,
In flower pollen or in the blue-blue sky...
On reflection, I find nowhere that You are absent;
You worry anyone engaging in such speculation.

Your love is limitless and perpetual;
Both big and small You exalt.
So don't discriminate; onto Your lap please take,
Your gentle lotus-hand dispensing grace.

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