Saturday, July 30, 2016

Forever Anandamurti

(571)  Shayane svapane jagarane

Awake, in dream, and while asleep,
You are always near to me.
Thinking of You I grow pensive,
Attaining bliss concurrently.

From afar, the celestial flute, it plays
Within my heart in a rhythmic strain.
Having dispensed my life's sweetness,
Filling and uplifting everyone,
My mind now prays for Your compassion.

When You I did not recognize,
Even then You were part of my life.
In that very melody of yesteryear
Was infused the honey of novelty,
But now my mind dances to a new beat.

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  1. Even when we don't realize His presence, still He is the source and embodiment of all our bliss.