Monday, July 25, 2016


(567)  Rudra tomar ashes krpay

Rudra,[1] by Your boundless grace,
Life was stirred and filled the universe.
In the sea of light came a tempest.
With sportive illusion this earth You made;
And in that game, You gave the gift of our existence.

To big or small You don't give priority;
In Your mind, everyone coexists contentedly.
Coated with Your heart's affection,
All have bathed in dazzling splendor.

Rudra, there is in You severity;
It is that strictness which sustains everybody.
With that strictness and its sheltering umbrella,
You've brought a flood within the ocean of ambrosia.

Rudra, only You know how to care;
Cosmos-embracing, You are great!

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