Monday, July 18, 2016

His light ray

(560)  Alojhalamala purnima rate

On a dazzling full-moon night,
I got You inside my mind
With the jingling of lyre strings.
On a cool breeze in a pleasant dream,
I saw You adorned with flowers
Mid the rustle of a woodland vista.

In my mind-sea, the waves went wild;
In Your color they were dyed.
With Your company, they received
Ample nectar to sate their yearning.

Your light-flash cast a crimson glint;
And all my gloom, it was extinguished.
With Your touch had floated away
Saḿskár[1] accrued over many an age.

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  1. The day will come when our longing is fulfilled. It may last for a minute or maybe for eternity.