Saturday, July 29, 2017


(801)  Tumi amay bhalobesechile

You have loved me,
But I don't even look Your way.
You gave to me everything,
But I give nothing in exchange.

In the midst of pitch-dark fog,
Holding my hand, You've shielded me;
But on Your wounds from pathway thorns,
No liniment do I smear.

In sorrow and mishap, when my heart is tried,
The nectar of solace You have lavished;
But in Your workshop of cosmic sacrifice,
I don't contribute to Your service.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

My one and only

(800)  Tomare ceyechi sure rupe rage

I've glimpsed You in tune and form and color;
I've got You through devotion.
I've felt You with a thrilling shiver;
I've floated on Your fragrant dust.

On a throne above the known and unknown,
You've been sitting, smiling cheerfully.
All my ambitions, all my acquisitions,
They rise upon Your lyre-strings.

You're the one I hold most near and dear;
In Your absence I have no one else.
With heart and mind, both given by Thee,
For Your grace prays my experience.

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Blissful obsession

(799)  Tumi je amar prabhu

You are mine, Lord–
The quintessence,
The star in my two eyes.
In joy and grief, tears and laughter,
You're the fullness of my heart.

In my life, in its bowered garden,
You are Spring everlasting.
In my heart, in privacy and silence,
Constantly I kneel before Thee.
Coaxing tears and coating with affection,
You leave me consumed by love.

Yielding everything, relinquishing desire,
Engrossed in Thee am I.

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Love, love, love

(798)  Dhele paranera madhu

Pouring out heart's sweetness,
Lover of the Universe,
You I would embellish.

With each and every body, each and every atom,
I will keep attending, I will stay as one.
I'll be one with each and every body;
I'll be one with each and every atom.
So I won't find You've gone elsewhere,
I'll remain in unison with Thee.

You are the life force of earth,
The true worth of this world;
You're the light of the whole universe.
Renouncing everything, for Your sake only,
I'm in love with Thee...
I've loved You exclusively.
Renouncing everything, I have loved;
For Your sake only, I have loved.
So You stay tied to me with a strand of love,
That's why I have been in love with Thee.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Your humble servant

(797)  Tomare bhalobasi tomari lagiya

I love You; and for Your sake,
To do anything, I am prepared.
In but Your music and Your love sublime,
To invest myself, I've become Your acolyte.

The living's load of troubles borne upon my shoulders,
I proceed along Your path; not even once do I desist.

With life's lamp and Your staff in hand,
The flame I've obtained time and again, to You I pay homage.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017


(796)  Tomar liilay tumi prabhu

In Your liila, You are the Master;
Still You've come within our grasp.
Perhaps You prefer to keep hidden,
In spite of that, You are beheld.

With You constantly in abode
On earth and sky and heaven,
In worldly dust and celestial realms,
You're pleased to be both seen and known.

A mild wind blows, the moon's arose,
When strewn about are clusters of moonbeams.
Life is pierced by the world of dreams;
You've learned how to make Your existence known.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Needless tears

(795)  Svapnabhara rate

On that dream-filled night,
Slumber on my eyelids,
I saw You, saw Your light divine.
For Your sitting beside and speaking with,
No one was there that night resplendent.

You pulled back a latch and came inside;
Through a window, my life entered the room.
Alone I'd been sitting in deep, dark gloom;
That was suffused by Your refulgent light.

Everyone is Yours, to me You told...
"No reason is there for sinking into weeping...
Those whose eyes shed tears perpetually,
They cry purely from yearning to realize their goal."

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Smiles in paradise

(794)  Ami tomay cini na go prabhu

Oh I don't know You, Lord;
And yet I love You even so.
The utter kindliness of Your form,
The smile in paradise, it makes unfold.

Under a gentle breeze in company Yours
On a moonlit night exhilarating...
In that fond fancy, I get peace;
With just that hope I come to earth.

Rowing this boat both night and day,
I bow to touch Your feet with hands fatigued.
Yielding everything, I'd offer Thee
Flower assortments, my psychic bouquets.

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Friday, July 14, 2017


(793)  Kabe tumi asbe bale

Will You not come to me shortly...
Expectantly, I've been waiting.
Deprived of mate and in mental pain,
My heart is filled with grief.

The rush from Your divine touch
Vibrates the entire universe.
Flower buds cannot keep still,
Aquiver in that sweet tremor.

You are the Master, the Sweetheart of all;
Please receive the ardent love of everyone.
In Your gala of light, the world is swung,
Made bright by Your cosmic play of form.

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Friday, July 7, 2017


(792)  Bhalobaso jadi eso

If You love me, please do come;
But if you think only of good and bad traits,
Here You won't find good, not even a trace...
My good traits don't exist at all.

Full of thorns is my garden...
No flowers here, just sundry buds.
Those buds will bloom should You appear;
On their seedpods please take Your seat.

In me there is no love or devotion;
In the air wafts not my heart's pollen.
Should You touch me, there'd be vibration;
Please smile upon a fragrant upsurge of emotion.

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Thursday, July 6, 2017


(791)  Ele mohana tale

You came, bringing a beat that is alluring;
With tune and tempo You wove such a web of magic.
You departed, going and taking souls somewhere,
Leaving without giving any final notice.

A distant nebula smeared with paste of sandalwood,
That's where mental peacocks spread their wings.
In arbor after arbor, neath a canopy of aphorism,
Into mind-shrines so much nectar You exuded.

Oh please come upon an insane breeze;
Let my mind's honeybee chase after Thee.
Getting You, I would sacrifice a tiny, obsolete memory,
Heart's agony, retrieved from the shore-rending sea.

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

You rise

(790)  Ruperi alote rupatiita prabhu jago

Formless Lord, You rise with lovely effulgence;
You rise with unflagging splendor.
Watching for Your arrival...
Many creatures stay awake night and day;
You rise on sleepless eyelids.

In song I send salutation toward the Eastern Mountain.[1]
On this crimson morn, with Thine advent coveted,
Please come in secret, come with silent footsteps...
Holding a bouquet and also a lotus stalk, You rise.

From the scriptures, stories of Your virtues I keep hearing.
With my naked eye, I can see faint traces of Your beauty;
But I have loved You well, so please cast more light still...
Please make me complete in Thee... You rise.

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Wake up

(789)  Ajana pathik ogo

Oh, my Unknown Passerby,
In love with You am I.
On earth You lavish vital effulgence,
Removing the clutter of utter ignorance.

The seven colors on sun's chariot
Are in the eastern sky of Your mind.
Their beauty rises, floating on our eyes...
They are what brightens everybody's life.

In earth's bosom, stricken with drowsiness,
Is a brilliant upheaval in all directions.
Having made us conscious, smiling You move on,
Drifting within Your limitless macrocosm.

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(788)  Hrdaya vidarii marama niunari

Having pierced my bosom and wrung my heart,
On what chariot of beauty did You depart
With fire and wind toward the blue yonder...
Into some far, far-distant star cluster?

Alone You arrived on a brilliant cascade;
The riches of my heart You won and took away.
Darkness impervious was inside my mind;
But, with Your own hand, ignited was a golden light.

You have left, but the scent of honey lingers;
On the lids of my blind eyes, light-stripes are etched.
Day or night, when there's a sweet and mild breeze,
Filled with pleasant memories, Your love accompanies me.

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Theory of everything

(787)  Sakal bhaver adhar tumi

You are the base of all my thinking;
With Your names, oh I get tipsy.
Ever I would obtain Thee,
Privately upon my eyelids.

The world is full of Your forms;
The mind rejoices in Your colors.
To receive the mantras You utter,
Music came into the world.

The heavens filled with Your effulgence
The first day that it came to earth.
All of the darkness was abolished,
Barred jail gates to unfasten.

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Saturday, July 1, 2017


(786)  Esecho amara hrdaye esecho

Inside my heart You have come, You have arrived.
Inside my heart stricken by flaming fire,
With cooling wind, You have arrived.

Amid the desert heat, in ferocious war outfit,
With thunderclaps upon my proud bluster,
You've infused a flower's sweetness.

A withered blade of grass weeps in despair and ignominy;
Bereft of tears, it's without language, without speech.
Now that total loss is over with the joy of acquisition;
You've filled it with a melody in strains of the universe.

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