Saturday, July 22, 2017

Love, love, love

(798)  Dhele paranera madhu

Pouring out heart's sweetness,
Lover of the Universe,
You I would embellish.

With each and every body, each and every atom,
I will keep attending, I will stay as one.
I'll be one with each and every body;
I'll be one with each and every atom.
So I won't find You've gone elsewhere,
I'll remain in unison with Thee.

You are the life force of earth,
The true worth of this world;
You're the light of the whole universe.
Renouncing everything, for Your sake only,
I'm in love with Thee...
I've loved You exclusively.
Renouncing everything, I have loved;
For Your sake only, I have loved.
So You stay tied to me with a strand of love,
That's why I have been in love with Thee.

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