Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Graceful feet

(105)  Vasanta pavane liilayita carane

Today, in the spring air, on graceful feet,
I will dance like a fountain of water.

On a cloudless sky, with clear eyes,
I will paint sympathetic sweetness.

Today, I go forward in Your rhythm;
I am redolent with Your fragrance.
Laughing, I stroll with joy,
Coloring the path red with kinshuk[1] flowers
For You, my intimate companion.

Today, there is no hindrance to progress.
My heart is threaded into Your garland;
My song is concordant with Your melody.
Today, in the sweet notes of the cuckoo's call, my all—
It flows toward the One
To Whom homage is offered.

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Here comes spring

(104)  Nrtyera tale tale nrtyera chande

In the cadence and rhythm of dance,
Here comes spring, here she comes.

The fog-shrouded trees are asparkle;
With new leaves and flowers, they smile again.

Bedecking her whole body with ornaments of wildflowers,
Spreading her unloosed, disheveled hair across the sky,
Spring makes haste in the rhythm of the purvasha[1] dance,
Embellishing nature in this month of sweetness.

Billows of vernal breeze arrive as the warm ocean smiles;
Departed geniality returns.

The source of that geniality, the source of that splendor—
The thought of Him always arises.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Spring love

(103)  Vasanta aj jaglo

Spring has awakened today,
In mango buds and mimusops, cotton flowers, parul, and palash,
And also in the unbidden, uninvited wildflowers.

Come, Lord, we will all
Move in cadence with Your beat,
Conforming our rhythm to Your will,
In this fresh atmosphere,
Intimate with everyone.

In a grove filled with golden bauhinia,
A cuckoo has burst into song about the ever-new.
Today, in the sweet fragrance of flowers, that song,
It flows toward You,
In pure love.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hail to the king

(102)  Ashoke palashe nava ullase

Among the ashoka and palash trees, in fresh jubilation,
The king of seasons comes today.

On the vernal breeze, in a ceaseless dream,
Flower pollen wafts.

He has come with the fragrance of blossoms,
All disseminating sweetness.
Throughout the universe, in warm air,
The lamp of life is lit.

With a flash of color by Your majesty,
The earth is flooded with joy.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

At winter's end

(101)  Shiiter shesete nava pata ase

At winter's end, new leaves appear;
Old ones get shed.
Spring has come to the door
In the cadence of dance.

Prancing with plaits aplenty,
Braids get disarrayed.

At winter's end, flowerless trees
Get loaded with buds.

Expecting the snow to melt,
Every sapling peeps out with a smile.
In their nests, the birds sing Your song,
All sporting new attire.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

A new disposition

(100)  Kamalanebur varne gandhe

In the color and fragrance of oranges,
You've come today with a new disposition.

Stirring blizzards from snowdrifts,
You have brought an arctic chill.

And for You there is no respite—
You bring tremors, immense and incessant.
Today, with a song of frost evoking shivers,
You go on playing Your divine game.

Moringa flowers are hanging on.
Jujube trees are laden with fruit.
Those lying in hibernation today—
Do You consider their condition?

On this silent, lonely winter midnight,
You are engrossed in a transcendental state.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The visitor

(99)  Bhavi niko asbe tumi shiiter rate

I never thought you'd come on a winter night,
On a rainy winter night.
You came very close,
Though I did not tell you to come so close.

Outside the wind was biting;
So all my doors were bolted.
Cracking the bolt, I did not ask you in—
To come inside my house.

Your eyes were lifted toward my face,
But who knows what you wanted.
I did not notice that you were offended;
Not once did I request you to speak.

You left and went far away,
Making the lonely path your companion.
Heedless of the biting wind outside,
I never invited you to stay at my house.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The face of God

(98)  Shiit asiyache sathe aniyache

Winter has come, accompanied by
Drawings of colorful flowers,
Flowers without fragrance or nectar,
Under the pale light of the sun.

When the sun was near, I would think
This unbearable heat can no way be endured—
The dreadful Lord would be gracious
To bring showers.
But when sun was near, it was better—
That is what I think today.

Listen all my brothers, listen—
The distant sun will again come close;
Do not worry at all.
In earth's winter, with songs of hope,
We paint portraits of the ever-new.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Without a word

(97)  Shiite shiuli kena phote na

In winter, why don't the night jasmines bloom?
Why don't the lilies speak?
No, no, no, they don't utter a word;
From the cold they have recoiled.

Those who remain abide in Your presence.
In earnest, they all long for You.

Today, earth's denizens feel overwhelmed.
Shivering, have they recognized You?

The mental flower has bloomed with a hundred tips.
They remain hushed inside the mind.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Winter and the ascetic

(96)  Shishirsikta kharjurviithi

Drenched in dew, the line of date-palms
Sways precariously.
Winter has come to freeze with frost,
Constructing new glaciers.

Birds and beasts race away
Unto far-off places
To preserve their lives and to get heat,
In hope of a fresh sun.
Gentle water lilies no longer blossom
With their blushing sweetness.

Tell me today, at whose beck
Was this trembling roused from sleep at dawn?
This colorful earth has become barren,
Resembling the disheveled form of an ascetic.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

In hope of death

(95)  Candanaviithi kuyasay dhaki

The vista of sandalwood trees is shrouded in mist,
Which obscures the light of dawn.
You have come with a new type of presence,
Assuming an awesome form.

Cloaking familiar paths in darkness,
Concealing all sweetness,
Another winter has come,
Bearing affliction.

On the other side of darkness,
Sunrays are suddenly suspended...
But only for a moment.
When the Lord of Light opens His eyes,
Black fog dissolves into the limitless.
Brothers, winter has come; so light is dim.
It gets better and still better.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Winter bewilderment

(94)  Shiiter kanpuni niye ele

You came bringing winter shivers.
Lord, who are You?
What is this beauty of Yours?
Green fields are covered in snow.
Lord, Who are You?
What is this sweetness of Yours?

In the biting north wind,
In a nook of a leafless tree-lined path,
A maxim is written with odd beneficence.
Alas, what is this wretchedness of Yours?
What is this stinginess of Yours?

In blizzard, the heart shudders—
Creepers and herbs lose all charm,
Singing such a strange song.
Amid love, what is this callousness?

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Answering our call

(93)  Hemanteri dhaner gandhe

With the smell of rice at end of autumn,
I remember the harvest festival day.
The crop was offered with devotion,
In supplication of You.

The sky is filled with stars;
The breeze is mild and sweet.
The river is flooded, a deluge
Streaming in a hundred directions.

In the sky, in the water, and on land,
Everything today is sparkling.
On every visage, a sweet smile
And a crown of joy is worn.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Adorning the adored

(92)  Hemanta aji prate eseche

Today, in the early morn, prewinter[1] has come.
Bathed in frost, it has come.
Why did it come, why did it come?
To help adorn You, it has come.

It brings dahlias and chrysanthemums
And laughs in the golden hulls of paddy.

It brings the sweetness of pomelos
And laughs in the colorful orange trees.

It brings the fragrance of jujube flowers
And laughs in the sap-exuding date palms.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Toward a new world order

(91)  Shes hemante himel haoyay

In the frosty air at autumn's end,
Why do the lilies not blossom?
Around nectarless flowers,
Why do the bees not congregate?

In the jungle, lilies might not blossom;
Yet, in the mind, the lotus blooms.
Around flowers, bees might not congregate;
Yet, in the mind, bees do assemble.

In the doleful melody of autumn,
The forest is replete with songs of woe.
Still, anywhere, when thinking of Him,
Even a bit of pain does not remain.

Sweet scents might not abide;
But a sweet fragrance is proclaimed.
With His blessing, we will create
A new world order.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Your touch of life

(90)  Hemante mor phuler saji bharbe go

In autumn my flower basket, oh it will fill—
It will fill with Your touch of life.

The flowers are all withdrawing,
Disrespected and neglected.
Those among them who remain—
Oh, they will wear many colors;
They will wear Your touch of life.

On trees, with names unknown,
All the birds in their tiny nests—
Oh, they will accept Your name as their own;
They will accept Your touch of life.

In Your mind I exist;
I integrate my color with Your color.
Blending my melody with Your melody—
Oh, it will exude ambrosia;
It will exude Your touch of life.

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Some flowers do

(89)  Kichu phul cay hat barate

Some flowers want to thrust out their hands
To retain autumn forever.

The touch of winter has not yet come.
Autumn is not departing.
Tree leaves are not yet falling.
In this climate, I sit and sing:
"Let me always feel You near."

The harshness of winter has not yet come.
My breath is still not floating before my eyes.
Orange groves are not bright with color.
In this climate, I sit and ask You:
"Why do You always keep on saying 'I go, go, go'?"

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Prewinter contemplation

(88)  Hemante shirshire haoyate

In the bracing prewinter breeze,
It is He who comes, He comes, there He comes.

In the garden, jasmine flowers are dropping—
Where have their morning blossoms gone?
The chrysanthemums reach out arms,
Inviting Him with many a smile.

Rosebuds are blooming.
The swaying magnolia's heady aroma fills the air.
And buzzing bumblebees, full of hope,
Drift skyward.

In the cloudfree sky, stardust sparkles.
All the stars are alert for His arrival.

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Patience and determination

(87)  Kata janamer pratiiksa pare

After waiting so many lifetimes,
Your advent has occurred.
Today, Your advent has occurred.
Your advent has occurred.

How many floral garlands have withered?
How many flower buds have fallen?

How many days were written off in weeping?
How many nights were lost?
The banks of my heart are now inundated—
Today, the Lord of life has come.

Vacillating between hope and despair of attainment,
How many decades passed in vain?
When the firm resolve to realize arose,
Only then the door did open—
Your closed door did open.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Secret love

(175)  Tomara gopana katha

Tell your secret
On this blissful day.
This day is filled
With hymns to the ever-new.

Everyone is my nearest;
Everyone is my dearest.
Cherished love songs
Make lives abundant.

By His grace, now, the earth
Sings in fresh musical styles.
For all creatures, the rise and fall of tone,
In various keys, make them swoon.
Today, in every pore of every mind,
Hope is replenished from tune to tune.

The brilliant, earth-enthralling light
Enkindles life after life today.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Knowingly or unknowingly

(174)  Amar manete tumi sabar manete tumi

You are in my thoughts; You are in everyone's thoughts.
Everyone in Your mind craves only Your refuge.
The lofty mountain prostrates before You, it seems—
To find peace, it prays for the dust of Your feet.

However high I may aspire, forsaking You I achieve nothing.
From You I have come, and only You I go to meet.
All Your divine sport, all Your hide-and-seek,
Races toward infinity, carrying all conjointly.

Those who remain forgetful of You plunge into oblivion.
Those persons lose themselves in utter ignorance.

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