Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Toward a new world order

(91)  Shes hemante himel haoyay

In the frosty air at autumn's end,
Why do the lilies not blossom?
Around nectarless flowers,
Why do the bees not congregate?

In the jungle, lilies might not blossom;
Yet, in the mind, the lotus blooms.
Around flowers, bees might not congregate;
Yet, in the mind, bees do assemble.

In the doleful melody of autumn,
The forest is replete with songs of woe.
Still, anywhere, when thinking of Him,
Even a bit of pain does not remain.

Sweet scents might not abide;
But a sweet fragrance is proclaimed.
With His blessing, we will create
A new world order.

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  1. Here, Baba takes a song about the end of autumn and transforms it into a powerful, revolutionary song with just the final three words.