Monday, September 15, 2014

Winter bewilderment

(94)  Shiiter kanpuni niye ele

You came bringing winter shivers.
Lord, who are You?
What is this beauty of Yours?
Green fields are covered in snow.
Lord, Who are You?
What is this sweetness of Yours?

In the biting north wind,
In a nook of a leafless tree-lined path,
A maxim is written with odd beneficence.
Alas, what is this wretchedness of Yours?
What is this stinginess of Yours?

In blizzard, the heart shudders—
Creepers and herbs lose all charm,
Singing such a strange song.
Amid love, what is this callousness?

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  1. In this song, the contrasts of winter become a vivid mirror of human bewilderment with the divine. Such anthropomorphism is a common literary device, but rarely is it employed with such poignance and finesse.