Friday, September 12, 2014

Adorning the adored

(92)  Hemanta aji prate eseche

Today, in the early morn, prewinter[1] has come.
Bathed in frost, it has come.
Why did it come, why did it come?
To help adorn You, it has come.

It brings dahlias and chrysanthemums
And laughs in the golden hulls of paddy.

It brings the sweetness of pomelos
And laughs in the colorful orange trees.

It brings the fragrance of jujube flowers
And laughs in the sap-exuding date palms.

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  1. Here, Baba takes a late autumn song and endows it with a subtle spiritual touch. In Baba's creative lyrics, prewinter, the dry season, becomes a conduit between man and God, beauty and ecstasy.