Friday, October 31, 2014

Within this ambit

(131)  Nava varsa elo aji

A new year came today,
Giving joy to everyone.
By fruits and flowers, leaves and sap,
It elated the mind with fragrance.

Those who have gone to a distant place,
From far to still farther,
They live on
In the resounding nectar of melody.
Today, in the stream of melody, their blessing—
May it inspire movement on the path.

The rotation of six seasons,[1]
The rise and fall of polar ice caps—
Within this ambit,
Let us dedicate our lives to the welfare of all.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

New year, new joy, new life

Sonalii Bhor performed by
Satyasandha Hazarika
(130)  Sonalii bhor jiivane mor
The golden dawn of my life,
Is it appearing another time?
Countless pains, countless laments,
Countless shames— the gloom is rent.

So many eves, so many morns,
So many fall and spring nights,
So many hopes and expectations—
Swept away on a stream of tears.

The morning sun lights up the eastern sky.
The air is suffused with flower fragrance.
In the new joy of the new year,
All memories of affliction dissipate.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The stream of melody

(129)  Surer dhara egiye cale

The stream of melody goes forward,
Advancing with the stream of life.

Hurricanes and thundering affection,
Love and sweet habitation—
All is bound in melody;
In melody it's immersed.

The new light of the new year
Has blended her melody with Yours.
Nothing is out of tune
In the realm of divine sport.

Abiding friend, I know You are near,
Carrying the weight of my pleasure and pain.
When thinking of You,
I float on Your current,
In Your smile on the dawn of a new year.

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Let it be

(128)  Vatsar nava vatsar tumi

Year, you are a new year.
You bring universal welfare.
Beckoning with a new beginning
Are new dawns for new people.

Let the trees and creepers be plushly green.
Let the wild animals be secure.
Let the birds fill their throats with nectar,
And in all directions let them take wing.

Let the differences among humans disappear.
Let the wastage of intellect be prevented.
Let the power of destructive forces
Be vanquished everywhere.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The new

(127)  Ek nutaner sur aji bajalo bajalo

A melody of the new rings out today,
Making flowers sway.
The world dresses in fresh apparel;
Gone are all heart's troubles.

Today, no obstacles impede our progress.
Our spirited songs are sung in one tune.
Dismissing all differences, united and laughing,
Come, let us bring everyone forward together.

In the rhythm of dance, with boundless bliss,
In the fragrant aroma of life's pollen,
In this atmosphere of new year's delight,
Where is He who for Whom every heart capers,
Every mind hankers?

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Monday, October 27, 2014


(126)  Ek parikramar halo anta

One rotation[1] is over.

The days[2] flow on;
The year goes by.
So many flowers fall;
So many fruits drop.
The year goes by.

Through many ardent songs,
Through many anxious tears,
With my life the year did blend.
Alas, today, it's lost;
It passes into oblivion.

Those who come, come to go;
Those who go, go to come.
Those who float into the blue yonder—
They come again.
They come in new form.

One rotation is over.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Who has come?

(125)  Aj akashe tarar mela

Today, in the sky there's a festival of stars;
The world is enraptured.
In the flower fragrance of the thrilling air,
Everyone is filled with glee.

Today, a stream of light is flowing;
In joy, the nightingale sings.[1]
Today, with the sweet jingling of rosy feet,
Who has come, filling my heart?

Today, a stream of nectar is flowing;
In joy, the three worlds[2] sing.
Today, coating all fervor with sweetness,
Who has come, filling my mind?

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Silvery, sugary clouds

(124)  Sharat tomar surer mayay

Autumn, your magical, musical tones
Have thrilled both the sky and the air.
The loosing of nectar from the blue yonder,
Has colored the life of this world.

Rivers that are full of water,
Vegetation that is green,
Fruits and flowers that sweetly scent
Have inspired a golden dream.

In the silvery, sugary clouds,
All hopes are awakened—
All aspirations race apace.
Everything dances toward Him.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Stately she comes

(123)  Sharata oi ase oi ase oi ase

Autumn, there she comes, there she comes, there she comes—
Autumn, stepping in measured cadence of dance,
With stately meter,[1] she obliges the earth.
Autumn, there she comes, there she comes, there she comes.

Autumn is not only in the sweet scent of night jasmines.[2]
Autumn is not only in the rafts of white clouds.
Autumn comes in life; autumn comes in mind.
Enchanting the world, autumn gladdens the heart.

Autumn is not only in the fragrance of pomelos.
Autumn is not only in the swaying rhythm of kusha.[3]
Autumn comes in life; autumn comes in mind.
Enchanting the world, autumn gladdens the heart.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

As dewdrops evaporate

(122)  Pathik tumi ekakii ese

Traveler, You came alone
In the wee hours when night jasmines[1] drop.
Seeing my door closed,
You stood beside the road.

In sleep, muddled are my eyes.
Some things I see; some things I see not.
So, damp from the dew at end of night,
You left at dawn, drifting off, inchoate.

The jasmine creepers at my gate
Convey Your message even now.
As dewdrops evaporate,
They remain alert for Your return.

If at that time my door had been open,
If a few words had been privately spoken,
That autumn late night, in His melody alone,
Floating aloft, I would have dissolved.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Autumn garlands

(121)  Sharata sakale shishirete dhuye

On an autumn dawn drenched in dew,
I threaded garlands of night jasmine.[1]
I would adorn Your feet, Lord;
With this desire I have come.

Floating in the sky above, some white clouds,
Coated with honey, were moving.
Swaying in fragrant delight
Were the laughing lilies.
Seated in that atmosphere, in ecstasy,
I threaded my garlands.

My garlands are not just strung
With fallen jasmines I picked up.
A song of love and a love for dawn
Are woven into each petal.
The whole morning, neglecting all work,
I threaded my garlands.
With but a meek smile and love,
For You I have brought them.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Free yet captivated

(120)  Sharadaprate mor ektarate

With my one-string lute on an autumn dawn,
In the fragrance of night jasmine,[1] mind is lost in song.

In a pleasant, gentle breeze,
On dew-dampened earth,
With cadence and dance, the world speeds.

Today, on the path of light, clouds do not inhibit;
All birds are spreading their wings in the blue sky.
In this unobstructed atmosphere, in this new love of life,
My brimming heart, to where does it flow?

Today, torrential rains are abating;
Emergent land wears new garments.
Twixt heaven and earth, in pleasant sweet-scented raiment,
Who are You, magnanimous Lord, close to everyone?

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Friday, October 17, 2014


(119)  Megh tumi kache eso

Clouds, please come near—
We crave rain, more rain.
Green paddy seedlings are withering;
There is no water, not a single drop.

Today, the lemon blossoms are not filled with nectar;
The custard-apple buds do not bear fruit.
Pomelo flowers are not imbued with fragrance.
From this unbearable drought we beseech relief.

The kadamba[1] blossoms are all falling;
The tuberose[2] flowers do not bloom.
Our earth is getting scorched by the heat wave—
Where may we find the cool of monsoon?

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Onward and upward

(118)  Varasa eseche bharasa eseche

Monsoon has come; hope has arrived.
The chatak's[1] thirst has been quenched.
Withered grass, made gorgeous green,
Assumes the form of carpeting.

Rain patters to the ground,
As if heaven's ambrosia drips down.
To trees lost sweetness is restored;
For animals new life is found.

Come, let's rush toward the goal
With invincible spirit and boisterous song.
Looking back or sleeping in—
Today, all inertia is gone.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Monsoon neohumanism

(117)  Varasar dine sabakar sane

On this rainy day, along with all,
Let us go forth in harmony.
If progress is not your desire,
Reclining, tell the tale of a fallen leaf.

Today, all are stirred by the beat.
With the sound of peacock calls,
A reticent earth proceeds, dancing,
Garbed in bewitching verdure.

In this elated, grand assembly,
In this universal air of excitement,
With passionate discourse and jubilant song,
Let us uplift the lives of everyone.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Monsoon love

(116)  Varasa eseche niipanikuinje

Rain has come to the kadam[1] grove.
In the cane grove, dancing and dancing,
All the peacocks are stirred by the beat.

With vibrant songs from lyres playing,
A world without meter gets new life.

Jasmine fragrance wafts in the wet air.
Mind pollen beams out of pleasant fascination.
In cadence with the huge happiness,
Every half-dead tree is reanimated.

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When heaven's gate opens

(115)  Varasar rate tumi esechile

On a rainy night You came
In the garden of tuberoses.[1]
I was in a huff,
In my bolted house.
In a tiny nook, I bode.

Storm after storm came.
Blow after blow was felt.
Still, throughout the night, You kept awake
At the music concert.

Torrential rains came pouring down,
Gust after gust was felt.
Yet, throughout the night, You kept awake
In a sweet love chorus.

For a stormy night you came
In the garden of tuberoses.
I was unaware,
In my bolted house.
The tuberoses, they took notice.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Clouds and ankle bells

(114)  Keka kalarava mukharita prate

At dawn, peacock calls resounding,
Who are You who came with ankle bells on Your feet?
Jingling more sweetly than a hundred lyres,
Your body was swathed in the splendor of clouds.

Today, the palmyra and betel-nut palms have donned new beauty.
The fragrant kadam[1] grove is laughing.
A gentle breeze, dispersing pollen of screw-pine flowers,
Floats toward the blue yonder.

Today, the frogs hop about in frenzied glee;
Alongside, the jasmines— who knows what they speak!
Bashful kaminii[2] flowers, shedding fragrance,
Glance at the players time and again.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ode to summer

(113)  Vishakhatanay vaeshakh tumi

You are Vaesháka,[1] son of Vishákha.[2]
You have come with the radiance of Bhaerava.[3]
On each and every earthly atom,
You have imposed Your destructive flow.

By dust storms, all is now turned gray;
Verdure's beauty is well-nigh destroyed.
On the burning soil and withered grass,
You rapidly imprinted your season's identity.

The river's water flow has dwindled.
Cloudless nights are flooded with stars.
The one at whose pleasure everything exists—
You have brought Him in marvelous form.

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Friday, October 10, 2014


(112)  Iishan konete megh jamiyache

In the northeast, clouds are gathering.[1]
Terrible winds are blowing.
Today, the nor'westers[2] have come.

Bay windows are shut fast.
Alarmed by the sound of thunder,
All now stay indoors,
Listening for rain's dance.

So many cherished trees are getting uprooted.
Damaged fruits drop and drop.
In gale and in hail,
Birds who've lost their nest, how they do weep.

Midsummer, in the form of thunderbolts,
The awesome Lord, He dances so wildly.
At sea, ships in great terror
Are tossed by the waves.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Symbol of hope

(111)  Venukar van kii katha kay

What does the bamboo grove say today?
Alas, grieving her fallen leaves,
She responds to what she sees with mute face.

She has lost her verdant allure,
All grace blasted away by dust.
In the cane and kadam[1] groves,
A pleasant breeze no longer blows.

Awesome Lord, what's Your game,
The cruel sport in murderous heat?
How far away is the music of rain,
With desert thirst, the pied cuckoo[2] ascertains.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Both hands full

(110)  Griismavakashe se yadi ase

Should He come during my summer break,
I'll offer flowers, both hands full.
I'll offer flowers, only flowers.

Under the crimson sky, beside morning magnolia,
Let Him bring His rhythmic, rosy feet.

The cuckoo still speaks a few words
At dawn when the south wind blows,
And a nightingale on her palash branch chirps
That the riverbed is almost dry.

Ashoka blossoms are dropping fast and all but fallen;
The silk cotton trees are almost full of seeds.
Grape clusters flourish, row after row;
And in the overgrown hiptage bower,
Bumblebees hum on obtaining flowers.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The secret of summer

(109)  Bandhu tomar gopan katha

Abiding friend, Your secrets—
Whisper them into my ears,
Into my ears.

The summertime agony of all—
Explain it to me in Your songs,
In Your songs.

Flowers that have bloomed are getting scorched,
And unopened buds are falling.
Curtailed is the flow of rivers,
Steam rising into the air.
Is this pain only mine, or is it everyone's?
Is this not Your affliction everywhere?

The restless grass wants to awake,
But it does not rise for fear of burning.
In the heat, the icebergs
Drift in tears.
Is this pain only mine or is it everyone's?
And is this not Your affliction everywhere?

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Monday, October 6, 2014

On to summer and back to Him

(108)  Raodrer kharatape

In the grueling heat of the sun,
In the scorching heat of summer...

Evening jasmines and gentle winds
Bring some coolness,
But the mind craves more.

From their load, mango tree branches stoop;
With row upon row of fruit, rose-apple shrubs droop.
None can endure this extreme heat—
Ever the mind says so.

Breezy nights and fragrant flowers
Bring some relief,
But the mind craves more.

All the countless hardships over countless rebirths
Seem to have fused in summer.
Oh awesome Lord, send down rain—
Ever the mind says so.

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

On this spring night

(107)  Vasanta aj haslo

Spring shone today.
On earth there is only cheer...
In the fair glimpses of flowers,
In the sweet nectars of flowers.

Today, let us hasten toward heaven
With the rhythm and song of peacocks and cuckoos.
Let us remove all impurities
As the birds give their call on this spring night.

Today, the king of seasons arrived at the door;
Today, the flower buds were fully awakened.
Let us cast aside all inertia,
Embracing the passionate ever-onward flow of life.

With the touch of life, everything smiles;
On only His current, everything glides.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Who came... and where did He go?

(106)  Phuler saji sathe niye

Bearing a flower basket,
Who came, oh who came?
A garland of songs in hand,
He drifted away on a melodious stream.

The bakul and bael want to open their eyes;
The ashoka[1] is captivating.
The bumblebees are inclined to surrender,
Intoxicated by the sweet fragrance.

The stars of the distant sky twinkle.
The pollen of flowers floats in the air,
Blending with the pollen of life.
The entire universe has grown bright.

Waiting for a long time,
I kept hoping for whose arrival?
This morning, by His own hand,
He rocked the cradle of spring.

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