Sunday, October 19, 2014

Free yet captivated

(120)  Sharadaprate mor ektarate

With my one-string lute on an autumn dawn,
In the fragrance of night jasmine,[1] mind is lost in song.

In a pleasant, gentle breeze,
On dew-dampened earth,
With cadence and dance, the world speeds.

Today, on the path of light, clouds do not inhibit;
All birds are spreading their wings in the blue sky.
In this unobstructed atmosphere, in this new love of life,
My brimming heart, to where does it flow?

Today, torrential rains are abating;
Emergent land wears new garments.
Twixt heaven and earth, in pleasant sweet-scented raiment,
Who are You, magnanimous Lord, close to everyone?

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