Monday, October 20, 2014

Autumn garlands

(121)  Sharata sakale shishirete dhuye

On an autumn dawn drenched in dew,
I threaded garlands of night jasmine.[1]
I would adorn Your feet, Lord;
With this desire I have come.

Floating in the sky above, some white clouds,
Coated with honey, were moving.
Swaying in fragrant delight
Were the laughing lilies.
Seated in that atmosphere, in ecstasy,
I threaded my garlands.

My garlands are not just strung
With fallen jasmines I picked up.
A song of love and a love for dawn
Are woven into each petal.
The whole morning, neglecting all work,
I threaded my garlands.
With but a meek smile and love,
For You I have brought them.

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