Monday, October 13, 2014

Clouds and ankle bells

(114)  Keka kalarava mukharita prate

At dawn, peacock calls resounding,
Who are You who came with ankle bells on Your feet?
Jingling more sweetly than a hundred lyres,
Your body was swathed in the splendor of clouds.

Today, the palmyra and betel-nut palms have donned new beauty.
The fragrant kadam[1] grove is laughing.
A gentle breeze, dispersing pollen of screw-pine flowers,
Floats toward the blue yonder.

Today, the frogs hop about in frenzied glee;
Alongside, the jasmines— who knows what they speak!
Bashful kaminii[2] flowers, shedding fragrance,
Glance at the players time and again.

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