Monday, June 30, 2014

The wretched of the earth

(46)  Era kannay bhaunga rudhirete rauna

Downtrodden,[1] they have broken into tears.
Having lost all, they are crushed with despair.

They are without vigor, without ambition,
Without spirit, without direction.

Come, let us bring them to bathe in light;
Let us restore their confidence;
Let us abolish all their deprivations—
With heartful, loving embrace.

The suffering of one is the suffering of everyone.
This earth belongs to all.

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Baba's exposition:
Those downtrodden people, whose lives are filled with weeping, who have no aspirations, whose existences have no charm of vitality – let us guide them on the path of light. Let us educate them. Let us fulfill their demands and their needs. Let us restore their lost dignity. With our hearts overflowing with love, let the sufferings of each be shared by all, for this world belongs to us all.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Life eternal

(45)  Bakula gandhe madhuranande

With sweet bliss and the fragrance of bakula flowers,[1]
He came in the rhythm of a honeybee.

"Beyond the end there is a beginning—
The end is not so" He said.

The stream of life is eternal and interminable.
Even in a desert the stream is not lost.
In Your momentum, in Your speed,
In Your current, it flowed on.

All afflictions and all obstacles—
Those iron gates have been shattered.

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Baba's exposition:
The Lord came with the fragrance of the bakula flower and with a wave of sweetness, with the rhythm of the honeybee. In His eternal movement there cannot be any full stop. When we say this is the last point, then we see that it starts once again. A river may dry up amidst the desert, but the flow of life will not dry up, even amidst the desert of obstacles. O Paramapuruśa, when You are with me, no obstacle can stand before me as insurmountable. Even iron gates will crumble to pieces when Your grace is with me. O Lord, stay with me.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pinnacled intellect

(44)  Ar kono katha ami mani na

I won't heed any other words—
I don't want to heed them, no I do not.

I go from darkness toward light,
Racing from chasm to starsong,
Bearing with me the pains of all minds.
I won't hear any other words—
I don't want to hear them, no I do not.

I move toward You in the rhythm of dance,
Singing to You of life filled with sweetness,
Bearing with me the tales of all minds.
I won't know any other words—
I don't want to know them, no I do not.

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Baba's exposition:
Ignoring all obstacles and pebbles along the way, I am moving together with the minds of all people on earth, with all their pleasures and pains. And, at the same time, I want to remove their pains and sorrows as I move ahead. I am moving towards You and You alone. So I will listen to Your words only, to no one else's. I will accept no one else but You. And I do not want to know anything else.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Onward ever onward

(43)  Tomra ja khushi tai balo

Whatever you may say,
I will march on without halt.
Proceeding without pause,
I will speak out but never beg.

The sky is filled with clouds of silver;
The breeze sways on a palette of reeds;
The night jasmine emits a flood of fragrance;
The dewdrops quiver with joy.

I have not found the one I am seeking,
But I know that He is seeking me.
With my songs He is stringing
One small garland.

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Baba's exposition:
You may say whatever you like, but you must know that mine is a pauseless march. I go ahead without pause. And whatever I say, I say straightforwardly and without any sentiment. I am always, under all circumstances, outspoken. In all directions, nature is bountiful and beautiful, full of love and full of melody. And, amidst this natural beauty, I am simple and straightforward. There is no curvature in me. I am in search of a particular personality, and I know that personality is also in search of me. And I also know that these tiny songs of mine have been accumulated by Him. He is preparing a garland out of my songs.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Getting to know You

(42)  Tomare peyechi

I have had You with me...
In the cheery crimson light of dawn,
In the warbling in the lotus garden,
In the morning breeze, in the waterfall,
In the lonely forest paths.

In the ups and downs on the path of progress,
In the laughter of dance, in rhythm and melody,
In sweet memories, in heartrending songs,
In everything heard and thought...
I have got to know You.

I have loved You, I have brought You close
In resonant dreams and reflections.

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Baba's exposition:
Along the path of progress, the movement towards the goal is not a straight and plain road. There are so many ups and downs. O Lord, You have been with me during the ups and also during the downs. In my pleasures, You were with me in the smiles on my face; and, in my pains, also You were with me in the tears in my eyes. You have been with me in all circumstances and in all conditions. You never leave me. You are so near to me. You maintain the closest proximity to me. You are my closest friend.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Knowing You, knowing me

(41)  Andhar periye apani esecho

From the other side of darkness You came—
You came into my life.
Disregarding merits and demerits, You loved—
You loved me.

In my small mind You infused desire;
With petty thoughts You kept me inert.
Yet in Your greatness You also taught
How to make You my own.

Thinking of You, remembering You,
You allowed me to know myself.

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Baba's exposition:
One can have a rough idea, a microscopic idea, of God only when Paramapuruśa desires it. Without His desire, nothing can be done. Even a blade of grass cannot move without His support, without His order. You came from beyond the veil of darkness, and You loved me without caring for my qualifications and disqualifications. This is nothing but Your mercy, and that is why I say that You are mine. And You have taught me how to know You. You know, everything is the object of Paramapuruśa. Paramapuruśa is the Supreme Subject, the Supreme Subjectivity. He cannot be the object, for He sees everything. He is the subject, and the entire universe is the object. But Paramapuruśa Himself teaches the microcosms, the human beings, to make Him their object. That is, during sádhana, the sádhaka becomes the subject and Paramapuruśa becomes the object. Such a vast entity cannot be the object; He is the subject. But He Himself has taught that: "During sádhana you should accept Me as your object." And He has further taught that: "If you know Me, you will know yourself also."

Friday, June 20, 2014

You and I

(960)  Tumi dhara dile

You let Yourself be held
By this my heart.
You filled with hope my heart,
Which was an abode of despair.

What was covered in darkness
Is now encompassed by light.
So why do You still bind me
In finite identity?

What was covered in petals
Is sweetly encompassed by love.
So what part remains unrealized
In this transmutation of consciousness?

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The sweetness of You

(40)  Campaka vane dakhina pavane
In the magnolia grove, on a southern breeze,
You came today with the resonance of music.
With the resonance of music You Yourself came.

The unspeakable pangs of loss—
You have made us forget all deprivation.

On the path of movement entwined with memories
Oscillating between hope and despair,
The flute of love constantly sounded—
Everything was filled with the sweetness of You.

In the flowing stream of effulgence,
In endless ways, You graciously revealed Yourself.

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Baba's exposition:
You have come into this world with the resonance of music in endless ways. You have manifested Yourself in innumerable styles and forms with rhythmic sweetness and beauty. And all pangs of loss, all disappointments and weaknesses, have been forgotten. According to Your wish, because of Your unfathomable kindness, we have been able to know You, hear You, and see You in these endless ways. If You had not wanted it, how could we have attained You? What else can I call it except Your grace?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

To remember You

(39)  Tumi asiyacho shata janapada vahiya

You have come, passing through so many habitats,
Filling countless throats with melody.
You have come, crossing so many nebulae,
Dancing in countless rhythms.

Through Your blessing the world has received life.
Through Your incantation the world has received mind.
Through Your limitless charity, Your compassion,
The world has learned to sing and dance.

Without You there is no song; without You there is no dance.
Countless mantras exist to remember You.

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Baba's exposition:
O Lord, You came here passing through so many habitats and habitations, and filling up countless throats with melodies. You have come here crossing through so many nebulae, galaxies, and milky ways; and You appeared before us, dancing in so many rhythms. The world has received life from You and mind from You; and the world has learned how to sing and dance from You. Without You there cannot be any song, without You there cannot be any dance. So many incantations and mantras, are just to remember You.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rainbows and honey

(38)  Se je eseche mor hrdaye guinjariya

He has come, and there is a humming in my heart.
Nectar is overflowing; honey is percolating.
The unseen God has appeared in my mind,
And everything is glowing.
Honey is percolating, percolating.

In such fascinating raiment He has come.
With such heart-melting smiles He laughs.
His light touches the clouds of my afflictions,
And rainbow colors fill the mind.

In this universe, all songs, rhythms, and melodies
Are to receive Him in mind and heart, bestowing blessings.

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Baba's exposition:
He has come, filling everything with nectar, making everything glitter with radiant light. He has come, dressed in new garments. And now I see this world in a new light. On the clouds of the pains and agonies of my mind, His presence has been reflected like glittering sun rays. And, as a result, rainbows have been created. When His light touched my sorrows, I was filled with the play of rainbow colors. And now I feel as if honey is percolating from all the corners of the universe.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Once upon a time

(37)  Bhule jaoya bhore sahasa samiire

In a gentle breeze on a forgotten dawn,
You showed up on my mental mirror.

Emitting golden light,
Casting sweet fragrance,
Dispelling all darkness,
You appeared like a budding flower.

Daubing the pollen of life,
Painting a picture of novelty,
Proclaiming a thunderous message,
You shattered all fetters.

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Baba's exposition:
You came into my life. When You came I don't remember. But this much I know— that once You came in my life. You came with a golden light, spreading a sweet fragrance. And because of Your radiant appearance, all dark clouds disappeared. All the pains and agonies of my life were removed. You appeared in my life like a pure flower. And with Your appearance, there was a flood tide of new vigor in my being. All my bondages were broken to pieces.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Curtain call

(36)  Sabar bandhu sabar apan

Everyone's abiding friend; everyone's very own self—
You are everyone's goal of life.

On a dark night, You are a festival of light—
On an arid route, a fountain of water.

When everything has been revealed,
Then what use is Your hide-and-seek game?
Lord, come into my heart in Your true identity,
In a flow of sweet compassion.

On Your path, glittering with light,
Don't think to conceal Yourself.

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Baba's exposition:
Paramapuruśa is always with everyone. And not only is He with everyone, He helps everyone in all circumstances, whether good or bad, sinner or virtuous. He is just like a fountain of fresh water in the desert. He is just like a festival of light in a dark night. Now, when this fact has been known to all, that You are the helper of all and no one can be without You, then You no longer remain unknown. Regarding You everything has become known to all. So now there is no necessity of this hide-and-seek play with us. Come in the forefront, and proclaim Your true identity, saying "I am Paramapuruśa"; and don't play hide-and-seek with us any longer. And You know, one can hide only in darkness or in a closed place. But the path You have shown to us is glittering with light, and there is no dark place on it. So where will You hide Yourself on that glittering path? It won't be possible now for You to play hide-and-seek with us. So please give up this particular habit of Yours; it is a defective idea. The days of playing hide-and-seek are over.

Friday, June 13, 2014

The call of total attainment

(35)  Akash vatas sudhaniryas

The sky and air exude ambrosia—
Krśńa summons from the clouds.
In my heart sweetly sounds
The Páiṋcajanya conch.[1]

Such a strain of dance and song;
Such a flood of effulgence in my heart—
I have transcended all bounds on hearing
The call of total attainment.

With no direction in this sweet song,
How does the summons guide me?
Between the lines it is He
Who keeps calling me.

After darkness, light.
Suddenly my life is fulfilled—
My whole heart overflows
With divine sound.

Sarkarverse article
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Baba's exposition:
Paramapuruśa, who is also known as Lord Krśńa, has come so close to me; and I am listening to the sweet music of His flute. This flute sound of Paramapuruśa, this internal sound, is the oḿkára sound. Because of my coming in close proximity to His divine presence, I hear that divine sound; and I find that the sky, the air, and everything of this universe has been filled with divine nectar and charged with divine fervor. I hear that cosmic sound of that cosmic flow. Now there is nothing left to be attained. Everything has been attained.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Under Your eyes and beneath Your feet

(34)  Tomar nayan tale sab kichu nece cale

Under Your eyes everything capers.
Beneath Your feet the universe flows.
Days long past, songs onetime sung,
Words once spoken – all merge in You.

Many times I came, danced, and sang.
Many persons I loved, many veils of Maya I tore.
Many games I played while moving toward You;
In this flow of movement, they turn to dust.
Nonetheless, that dust cannot forsake You.
In Your rhythm, it drifts toward immortality.

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Baba's exposition:
Whatever one thinks, whatever one sees, whatever one says – all these expressions are rhythmic expressions. And these rhythmic expressions come from You, remain with You, and go back to You. Whatever was said millions of years ago, was sung or was expressed, all is still there in the storage of the cosmic mind. No vibration is lost forever. Do not think that anything is lost. Nothing is lost. Nothing dies forever. And that is why all the rhythms of this universe – all the celestial rhythms and all the mundane rhythms – flow towards You. You are the ultimate goal. You are the supreme desideratum. Everything moves towards You. Everything moves towards the supreme source of immortality.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lost and found

(33)  Tomar name tomar gane

In Your name, in Your song,
My inner self was lost.
The traveler wandering in the dark
Has found the fountain of effulgence.

The bewitching atmosphere with illusory ties—
If she comes to bind me—
With a sweet smile I will say to her,
"I have smashed your prison walls."

All living beings are respectable;
Accept my humble salutation.
All minds are incomparable;
Accept my homage.

I have come in the flow of attractive movement,
Like nectar in a flower blossom.
Today, the enchantment of Your name calls me
To forsake all former bonds.

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Baba's exposition:
You know there is eternal movement, eternal velocity, with each and every entity, whether animate or inanimate. Nobody comes into this world knowingly. All human beings come unknowingly in the process of eternal movement, just as nectar comes within a flower. Now, after coming here, when I came in contact with Your name and with Your song, I was so overwhelmed that I have lost myself. I have lost my identity.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My avid mind

(32)  Ucatana mana na mane barana

My avid mind acknowledges no barriers—
It only wants to go toward Him.
Why oh why such a desire?

Pollen blanketing the earth, chirping in the bower,
The days of honey gone by—
With all the sweetness in my mind,
Still I lose myself in Him.

There were so many words, so many thoughts,
So many unvoiced wounds to my pride—
Today, with all that blending together,
Why do I still rush toward Him?

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Baba's exposition:
There are so many charms, so many objects of fascination on this earth; but the accumulated force of all these sweet worldly attractions is far less than the attraction for Paramapuruśa. Before this supreme attraction all other worldly attractions fade. The mind wants a closer affinity to Him; and no charms, no attractions, no fascinations of this mundane world can create any obstacles on the path. Now there remains the eternal question: why is the cosmic attraction so powerful and irresistible? Why is the call of the Great so great?

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Who has appeared... and why

(31)  Kon timirera par hate phute uthecho

Who has appeared, piercing the darkness,
The polestar of my life?
From what heavenly realm have You brought
A stream of divine nectar to this earth?

Come, Lord, in life's essence,
Come, Lord, in mind's flame,
Come, Lord, in heart's kadamba
Make this world sweetly fragrant.

Come, Lord, in life's melody,
Come, Lord, in mind's lyrics,
Come, Lord, in heart's rhythm—
Stir those who are aslumber.

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Baba's exposition:
You have come from the other side of darkness and brought with You the divine nectar for this earth from the other world, from the supramental world. You have come in the very vitality of my life. You have come in the fragrance of my heart. You have come in the flame of my mind. And You have made this universe fragrant. O Lord, with Your presence, let the entire universe be aroused.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Without Your grace

(172)  Tava krpa bina amar taranii

Without Your grace, my ship
Sails adrift on a shoreless sea.

Any other words I am unwilling to hear.
Any other knowledge I am unwilling to receive.
I only want You to come near enough
For my two hands to clasp.

I fear the vanity of action.
I cannot tolerate the conceit of knowledge.
So come quietly and sit beside me
That I may gladly get the nectar You exude.

In You alone is action; in You alone is knowledge.
On obtaining you, all is obtained.

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Devotional determination

(171)  Manamanjusa mor satata jagiya ache

My entire mind remains ever alert,
Watching the path on which You come, my Lord,

Come closer and closer in song and dance;
The door of my heart is never closed.

Come, Lord, amid incense, candlelight, and sweet flower pollen—
On gentle dew drenched with love and devotion.
The steady flame of my lamp is constantly alight
To offer árati before You, God.

Let storms blow in and thunderbolts rain down—
My lamp can never be extinguished.

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