Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rainbows and honey

(38)  Se je eseche mor hrdaye guinjariya

He has come, and there is a humming in my heart.
Nectar is overflowing; honey is percolating.
The unseen God has appeared in my mind,
And everything is glowing.
Honey is percolating, percolating.

In such fascinating raiment He has come.
With such heart-melting smiles He laughs.
His light touches the clouds of my afflictions,
And rainbow colors fill the mind.

In this universe, all songs, rhythms, and melodies
Are to receive Him in mind and heart, bestowing blessings.

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Baba's exposition:
He has come, filling everything with nectar, making everything glitter with radiant light. He has come, dressed in new garments. And now I see this world in a new light. On the clouds of the pains and agonies of my mind, His presence has been reflected like glittering sun rays. And, as a result, rainbows have been created. When His light touched my sorrows, I was filled with the play of rainbow colors. And now I feel as if honey is percolating from all the corners of the universe.

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  1. I have learned this song in the training center. On top of the incredibly inspiring words and melody, I never forget the zeal of the visiting dada who taught us the song. He suggested to look closely at the meaning of PSs, just as you look at a masterpiece poem. He showed us to appreciate that in this song the 2nd verse is about the personal experience and the 3rd expands it to cosmic scale.

    ONe line stayed in my mind ever since: "He has painted rainbow colours on the clouds of my pain". Well, here the translation is somewhat different... I like the way I learned...
    Ananda Jyotishrii